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1-20 of 336 reviews
Impressive Machine!

Customer review by Deb

5.0 stars 9/20/2012 by Deb
by Deb

I have beige berber carpet in the den and rough Italian tile in the adjacent kitchen. Took me awhile to realize that dirt from the kitchen floor (that could not be seen) was making my beige berber very dirty. Rented a steam carpet cleaner, but was not happy with results. Cleaned the carpet again after buying the Proheat 2X Cleanshot and was shocked at how black the water was! Not only did the carpet look better, but it was softer. I have used it to clean the rest of the carpet in my house, and used it to clean up carpet stains at work. Both had old set in stains that I had all but given up on ever getting out. I was amazed at the job the Proheat 2x Cleanshot & the 2x cleaning formula did on those carpets. My only problems have been with the flow meter and the spray tip. I realized (after consulting the Bissell website) that the problem was me, not the machine. This machine has more than paid for itself! Best tip - always use recommended Bissell cleaning formula for this machine. I love the 2 I recommended below. They are fantastic!

South Carolina
Proheat 2X Cleanshot Pet- doesn't spray

Customer review by James

2.0 stars 7/29/2012 by James
by James

I've had a Proheat 2X Cleanshot Pet floor cleaner about two years but have only used it a few times for light residential use on new carpet. After each use I thoroughly cleaned and flushed the machine and lines. I recently tried to use it and it no longer sprays. I followed the instructions on your website to check the pump (its not the pump) and the spray tip nozzles. I even removed and replaced the handle per the trouble shooting instructions. It appears there must be a wiring issue between the water spray trigger and the pump. It works just fine for the hand held tool so I assume it's in the wiring within the handle from the trigger to the pump. Prior to having this spraying problem, the machine performed well. I'm looking for additional troubleshooting instructions. Is there any other instructions a person can use to fix the problem? I would prefer to fix it myself and avoid the cost of a repair center since I don't feel I have received anywhere near the value of the original cost of the machine and shouldn't have to bear the cost of the repair due to the minimal use.

Comment from Joe - 8/1/2012

We agree James. If your ProHeat 2X is spraying through the hose but not to the floor, check to ensure the spray tips at the base near the brush roller are clear. To clean the spray tips at the base of your machine, please review the following: Remove the Water Tank Assembly from the machine. Remove the right side red (or white) spray tip out of the base of the machine. Then take a pair of pliers and a rag or towel, pinch the metal hose clamp and pull it away from the red (or white) spray tip enough to take the pressure off of the hose to remove the spray tip. *Make sure to leave the metal hose clamp on the hose.* Next, gently stretch the hose out of the machine and lay the towel under the spray tip. Take the solution bottle (with water not solution in it) and put it in where the clean water tank plugs into the base and turn the SmartMix Dial to water rinse. Turn the unit on and depress the trigger for 3-5 seconds. If it sprays, reassemble the spray tip onto the hose and back into the machine. Repeat with the left side spray tip. Also, remove the handle completely and re-attach. Once the handle is re-attached, re-attempt to spray. If these suggestions do not solve the problem, please have a technician at a local BISSELL Authorized Service Center inspect your machine. BISSELL warranty will cover issues with your machine not spraying. To locate your nearest BISSELL Authorized Service Center follow this link:

Bedford, TX
The PRO Heat Bissell is the BEST

Customer review by kwchef3

5.0 stars 7/13/2014 by kwchef3
by kwchef3

I used this machine for the first time when I was moving, I borrowed it from my Niece figuring it would do a passable job on the carpets to brighten up the place, and save $$$ on a professional company. Well let me tell you it was FANTASTIC!! Now my Niece being a lot younger and not mechanically inclined, had used this machine for 2 yrs...she has a dog, so lots of hair in the rollers, but it still worked fine for me but not top notch. I took the time to clean ALL PARTS and reassemble...WOW! I reminded my Niece that this is a CARPET/FLOOR cleaner.....NOT A Vacuum. Most of the comments on this site deal with plugged nozzles,no suction, and on and on. Basic's: Vacuum your carpet FIRST, then mix your cleaning product PER THE INSTRUCTIONS ...more is NOT BETTER! Pre-treat hard soiled area's. empty tank often and flush out then continue. There is no reason for you Folks saying it clogs or has no suction or does not clean...all of these problems are " OPERATOR ERROR" I am ordering my own unit this evening as I am moving again, but also have 1 rental unit to clean sometimes. The investment in this machine is such "a no brainier" your silly if you don't.

Denver, CO, USA
Wonderful Results on 16-year Carpet

Customer review by DonnaMae777

5.0 stars 4/27/2012 by DonnaMae777
by DonnaMae777

Our apartment carpet was cleaned 8 years ago by professionals. Ground in dirt turned out black on off-white normal carpet. The carpet was so cold and wet for several hours after their so-called cleaning was completed. I decided that we purchase the Bissel ProHeat 2X CleanShot Deep Cleaning System, rather than getting a rental cleaner. This weekend, my husband decided to do a couple of short passes side-by-side in the entry way. We were astonished at how much dirt was ground in, from the brown water that he emptied. He did very slow strips until the water appeared clean. The carpet gleamed white and dried up within a half hour, because there is a built-in dryer in the unit. Like new, we are so impressed at these results. I'd recommend this product to anyone who wants a thorough carpet cleaner!

Anaheim, CA, USA
This is a remarkable product!

Customer review by reggie

5.0 stars 1/26/2012 by reggie
by reggie

I bought this vacuum last month since we had a painting job done in the house and was surprised it was delivered fast. My husband and I smoked in the house so you can imagine the stains it will leave all over, the house is all carpeted except the kitchen floors which is a different type of carpet. We just used it last week and wow all stains were gone (including my hair dye stain). We used to rent a vaccum before but it was too spendy. Now we have our own and I can say it was a perfect deal. The only thing thou was it was kinda heavy for me since my built is just about 115 lbs at 5'2. And you have to be patient and really follow instructions as per the manual and you get good results. Everything works fine for me even the tools.

Las Vegas, NV
Carpet looks like new!

Customer review by Angie

5.0 stars 4/30/2012 by Angie
by Angie

We just used our new ProHeat 2X® CleanShot® Deep Cleaning System over the weekend and were so thrilled with the results. With a house full of pets and kids, our cream colored family room rug looked more like a brown rug. A few weeks ago, I was ready to get new carpet installed but agreed to give shampooing a try. I'm so glad that I did - we pre-treated and then used the shampooer and are now back to a cream colored rug! It did take a lot longer to dry than I expected but I think I just need to make a couple more passes next time to suck more water out of the rug. We're tackling our basement carpet next weekend - looking forward to seeing the same results!

Media, PA
Beat up my carpet

Customer review by admany2

1.0 stars 5/14/2012 by admany2
by admany2

I followed every direction to the letter when using this carpet cleaner. As I was cleaning an area of the carpet a lot of "tufts" of he carpet kept coming up. So much so that I had to keep stopping to remove it from the cleaning path so it would not clog the machine. I stopped after doing one area and let it dry to see what was happening. The carpet was very rough where I cleaned it and the texture was now different than the rest of the carpet. This machine was killing my carpet. My carpet is not a cheap one and is a high quality brand. I do not recommend using the carpet cleaning machine. I returned it at once after this episode.

Comment from Joe - 5/22/2012

If little clumps of fuzz and hair are deposited on your carpet this is normal. They are from the dual action rotating brushes removing loose carpet fibers, pet hair, and debris that is entwined in your carpet. Additionally, if you are using a recommended BISSELL carpet shampoo, you may notice a stiff texture to it upon drying. This goes away upon vacuuming as well as the small clumps of fuzz that may be deposited. So, there is no need to worry as your machine was working properly.

Las Vegas, NV
Glad I got the model 9500!

Customer review by pep-indiana

5.0 stars 6/18/2012 by pep-indiana
by pep-indiana

I have used the 9500 3 times in 6 months(different carpets), and it is amazing! The fluid-flow indicater and rinse-only mode make this unit the best model and worth the extra money. The long hose is a bonus. I use the Pet Cleaner solution and it does great. The unit is easy to use and fairly easy to clean. This unit does better than the professional cleaning I have had in the past, and better than the Bissell canister unit that I had for 15 years. I cannot give the 9500 enough praise. If you follow the instructions and learn how to use and clean the unit, you will be glad you spent the extra money to get the features on the 9500.

Indiana, USA
Great to have in your cleaning arsenal!

Customer review by fjmarchese

4.0 stars 1/31/2012 by fjmarchese
by fjmarchese

The ProHeat is a great product to have and to use. The first I brought it home, I cleaned my dining room and living room. It was the first time that was done in 3 years. The unit performed equally well on the normal pile and the berber. The color of the rugs after cleaning became brighter. It was also a pleasant surprise to have a clean smell when you got down on the floor. The single tank concept is a great innovation. The only improvement I would make, and the reason I did not score 5 stars, is to change the way the front nozzle attaches to the main unit. It would be better to have a snap type connection instead of a screw.

Lumberton, NJ, USA
RIP, ProHeat 2X (12 years old)

Customer review by junebug

5.0 stars 7/7/2014 by junebug
by junebug

I am very saddened to have to say goodbye to our Bissell ProHeat 2x, Model 9200. We have had it for 12 years. We used it heavily and often. It was so reliable! The only problem that I had was a suction problem in our new home. I realized that it must have gotten damaged in the move, and, sure enough, the plastic part for suction had snapped and broke, so it had hardly any suction. I used gorilla glue on it and original suction returned. I am getting ready to order my second one! I sure hope the quality is still consistant. I think that checking the front end for damage should be noted for anyone that has suction problems.

Middletown, DE, USA

Customer review by ken

5.0 stars 5/21/2014 by ken
by ken

I have had this machine for years now.i bought it when it came out.never ever had a problem.i vaccuum my carpet very very good before use.i also rinse out dirty water compartment throughly before filling bladder and using again it takes time but the results are better than any professional carpet company in my opinion.i also tear machine down completely and rinse whole machine out let dry check for worn or hair debre in machine.i love this a matter of fact im buying the new one.and giving this one to my first one I had before this one I gave to my mother and still works like new.

reno, nevada
This cleaner does what it says it will do!

Customer review by Connie57

5.0 stars 1/16/2012 by Connie57
by Connie57

I've had my ProHeat 2X for a couple of weeks now. I've used it for both carpet and upholstry. I was amazed at the amount of dirt that was removed from my carpet- even from the living room floor- which we hardly use. It even took a stain out of the bedroom carpet that was here when we moved in! Next, I cleaned the upholstry on my sofa and recliners. Again, I had no idea how soiled they were until I saw the dirty water that was pulled from them. The drying time is much quicker than when I hired a professional carpet cleaning service. The ProHeat 2X pulls the water and the dirt right out.

Brookhaven, MS
Tired of Trying

Customer review by Linda88

1.0 stars 5/2/2014 by Linda88
by Linda88

This Bissell ProHeat 2X that we got works great when it works, but it evidently has a complex water distribution system that clogs much too easily. I clean the machine religiously after use, but the next time I go to use it, it fails to distribute the water and Bissell Cleaning solution to the carpet. This time I even had to give up after 1 1/2 days of trying to fix it. I felt like taking a sledge hammer to it. I took it to our local shop for repair. I am fed up with this product. I understand Hoover makes a much better machine.

Comment from Lisa - 5/5/2014

Thanks for your review. We're sorry for your difficulty. BISSELL has a great FAQ section to help. Please click at this link: If you need help with warranty, see this link:

Modesto, CA, USA
Bissell Proheat

Customer review by Alex

5.0 stars 2/3/2012 by Alex
by Alex

Living near the ocean and having just had the street completely redone in front of the house, we dealt with dirt, salt and sand. My sand colored berber carpet was really dirty after 3 years. This machine did an excellent job of cleaning. The 2X solution is amazing. My 20 year old kitchen carpet has been cleaned by "professionals" and has never looked this good. This is the third carpet cleaner I have owned (rented a few in between) and it does the best job of all. Easy to fill, easy to empty and a nice long cord.

Cocoa Beach, Florida
Heart sick

Customer review by Sam

1.0 stars 12/25/2015 by Sam
by Sam

Bought two because we liked it so much first gave up ghost 6 months ago. Went to use new one and the water won't mix with soap only soap comes out. Of course now you don't make it and since we didn't try it first we are just out of luck. Christmas Eve and nothing to clean the carpet with. I think the Scrooge visited not Santa.

Comment from Lisa - 12/30/2015

Sorry to hear it's not working, Sam! Give us a call, we'd love to help get it working again. 1-800-237-7691.

Rockford, MI, USA
This is the best

Customer review by Jerry 65

5.0 stars 3/1/2012 by Jerry 65
by Jerry 65

Used my cleaner today. It was nice. Read your instruction book before you ever start and watch the videos. They will help you understand how to operate it better. This is my 2nd Bissell cleaner I have had. There have been so many better improvements made to this mechine and it works so much better than my old Bissell. Cleans so much better. Could not belive the dirt I got out. Our carpet is 5 years old and it looks like new again. You get what you pay for in this machine. Easy to fill and empty.

Comment from Joe - 4/2/2012

Thanks for the compliments Jerry 65. Here are links to the great videos you mentioned. (This is a simple maintenance video)

Jerry 65
La Junta, Co.
This product does a good job.

Customer review by Marie

5.0 stars 6/4/2012 by Marie
by Marie

It does a great job after you learn how to use it - I think that the instructions on how to use the carpet cleaner was lacking. If you had an extremely dirty carpet like mine, it was a lot of work but it did a great job of cleaning up juice and milk spills that had been there several years and just kept reappearing. I cleaned the carpet about two weeks ago now and the spots have not reappeared. The trick is in going over and over the bad stains and then rinsing and rinsing and rinsing.

Cleans my carpet and upholstery beautifully!

Customer review by lindamcb58

5.0 stars 1/17/2012 by lindamcb58
by lindamcb58

This is the best carpet cleaner I've owned. I like the hot water feature that keeps the water hot/warm! The quality of cleaning is great! And my carpet, if done correctly doesn't stay wet like the professional cleaning service I used once did! I have children and animals who make messes sometimes. It's easy to get out and clean what needs to be cleaned. My children hit it and broke some pieces on it. I was able to go on this site and order what I needed. Would buy it again and again!


Customer review by Dually

5.0 stars 9/15/2012 by Dually
by Dually

My wife and I were trying to clean our living room carpet one evening, a month ago, so it would be dry in the morning. Our old carpet cleaner,also a Bissell, died again after about 10 minutes for the third time. I was not about to pay anybody to fix it again so we went to a 24 hr store and compared the Bissells to the Hoover. We decided to give Bissell one more chance and bought the Proheat 2x. We have been very happy with the machine and all our carpets are now clean. Thank you.

Midland, MI, USA
Suction on Bissel 9500 Pro Heat

Customer review by Karaokesam

5.0 stars 7/22/2014 by Karaokesam
by Karaokesam

I see where some people are talking about not having or losing suction. Mine did the same I kept looking and feeling around till I notice that air was being sucked in around the tap where you turn from floor to tools, I sealed it with duck tape and it worked find, all I have to do is order a new tank lid and it should be good as new, If you are losing suction turn it on and feel around till you can tell where it is losing suction, Buying a part sure beats buying a new Machine.

Columbia, SC, USA
1-20 of 336 total reviews
1-20 of 336 reviews