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I love it
I am very particular to try out new water. The bottle is sealed very well. It will not leak even if you wish you to carry it for travel purpose. Water taste good. There is no after taste. I love the spout of the bottle. Its very easy and convenient to drink. Bottle is thick and generally I do not re use plastic water bottles but if you wish you can reuse it for 1 more time. I do not see any complain about it . My 4 year old can open the other water bottles easily but it is tough for him to open this bottle. Its good in a way.
<ul><li>Introducing a new canvas for artists. LIFEWTR series 9 features three limited-run label motifs designed by Calder Kamin, Khalil Chistee and Emma Balder </li><li>Note you may receive Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 art labels.</li> <li>Includes (12) 700 ml flip cap bottles </li><li>pH balanced purified water with electrolytes added for taste. Packaging may vary</li></ul>
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I love it

I am very particular to try out new water. The bottle is sealed very well. It will not leak even if you wish you to carry it for travel purpose. Water taste good. There is no after taste. I love the spout of the bottle. Its very easy and convenient to drink. Bottle is thick and generally I do not re use plastic water bottles but if you wish you can reuse it for 1 more time. I do not see any complain about it . My 4 year old can open the other water bottles easily but it is tough for him to open this bottle. Its good in a way.

Fun Bottles, Clean Taste

I love the design of these water bottles. The illustration is fun and the sport top is easy to open and close and I love using these during a workout. This water doesn't have any taste at all and just tastes like clean water. I also tested the pH levels with special drops and it tests neutral, which is good. They are also the perfect size for cup holders and holding.

Love the bottle

I am normally not a fan of purified water. But I figured I'd give Life Wtr a try since it has added electrolytes and is ph balanced, and what could it hurt trying water? You can tell the water is purified, I prefer spring, but it doesn't have the aftertaste I find in just plain purified water.

The bottle shape and size is perfect for taking on the go with you. The bottles are 23.7 fl oz - to get the recommended 8 cups of water a day you'd need to drink about two and a half of these. Which isn't too hard with the really nice and convenient flip top cap. When you close the cap it stays very securely closed. There are no leaks when the bottle is turned upside down and with your thumb on the cap opening and your hand around the top of the bottle it is super easy to open with just one hand. The spout it a great size and you can either just turn the bottle upside down to drink or even give the bottle a little squeeze to get more out at once.

The only thing I'm not fond about with these bottles is some of the artwork on the bottles. It's really cool that they feature artists on the bottles and some of the designs are really eye catching. I really like the abstract color/shape design. But there is one with sick looking zombie people and I am just really not a fan of it. I am going to keep these bottles and refill them to take with me but the bottles with that design will stay home, it's just creepy and weird. But I understand that Pepsi Co changes the art on the bottles every now and then so I can't hold it too much against them.

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Great tasting water!

I'm pretty fussy with my water and definitely have my preferred brands of water. There are certain brands that I won't even buy. I like my water to not have any taste to it what so ever. Unlike other foods or drinks, great water is based on its absence of taste. Some waters don't taste as clean and pure as other waters do. It's hard to explain but if you have tasted many different brands of water or even different tap waters, you know what I'm talking about. Not all brands of water are created equally. This Life Water is purified using reverse osmosis and PH balanced (the PH ranges from 6.4 to 7.4), so it's very refreshing and will keep you hydrated. On a hot Summer day nothing beats a ice cold bottle of Life water. The case comes with 12 of the large 23.7 oz bottles and the bottles have the flip caps, so they are easy to drink when your on the go. Life Water is a premium water that has a pure clean taste to it and is my go to brand of water. Plus these bottles have very bright eye catching packaging, so what more could you ask for. I would highly recommend this water!

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One of my new favorite bottles of water to buy!

Great tasting water. I love the fact it has added electrolytes without it being "flavored water." The artwork and design of the bottle is new and refreshing. I also really like the flip top on the bottle. Overall, I really like the taste of this water and I highly recommend it!

No taste, nice size and flip top water bottle

So this is PH balanced water, and it has absolutely no taste - which is a good thing. I am not sure what the benefits of PH balanced water is, but it tastes just fine and comes in a good size , slim bottle, so easy to fit into cup holders in the car. I like the flip top so when I am on a road trip, I am not spilling it everywhere.

Hi LexBuyer, we're so glad you're enjoying LIFEWTR! Thanks for the review!

Crisp fresh tasting water

Life water taste great. It has a very clean fresh taste. Nothing like tap water. I usually buy Dasani and this water is just as delicious. It's absolutely refreshing and you won't be disappointed. The bottle is 23.7 ounces compared to 16.9 ounce bottles of Dasani. Each bottle is nicely decorated with artwork. The top of the bottle can be twisted off to drink or you can use the flip top that makes it like a squeeze bottle which my little one liked. The size of bottle will fit in back pack water bottle slot and car cup holders. Everyone in my home enjoyed the taste and found this water to be very refreshing!

Tastes ok. Love the cap.

These purified waters are ok tasting. Not the best that I have ever tasted though. I like the different artwork on the bottles. My favorite thing about these are the flip top cap. That way you don't have to touch the part that you put in your mouth,with your hands. It says it's pH balanced~Electrolytes for taste. I'm guessing that means there are added electrolytes. But I can't say for sure. Ingredients include Magnsium Sulfate and Potassium Bicarbonate. The bottles are big at 23.7 Fl.oz. I would prefer a smaller bottle option. Otherwise it gets warm.

Great Taste

23.7 oz bottles = great!

This water has a great crisp taste to it. I've had some bad tasting water before, but this is really good. I like my water cold, so I chilled a bottle for a little while in the freezer, and it was so refreshing when I drank it. I follow a ketogenic way of eating, so I like to purchase water with added electrolytes to give me an occasional boost.

I like the art on the bottles, too. Not that that matters much, but it's good marketing.

I love the fact that each bottle has a well designed seal on the cap. You'd definitely know if a bottle had been opened or not.

The only downside is that the package I received was opened and there were only 11 bottles of water included. If I'd paid for this, I'd be a pretty upset customer.

Overall this is great tasting water and I'd definitely recommend and purchase (probably in store) in the future.

All drinkable water is life water

This water tastes like any other bottled water, even generic store brand water. The thing that is a bit distinctive about this water is the bottle. I suppose it looks hip and trendy. Seems like they are advertising it as some sort of special formula and not as purified water from a plant in Pennsylvania. I do like that the bottle is tall and skinny. At 23.7 fl oz per bottle, it does have more water than the basic water bottle. But, a lot of other bottled water companies have this type of bottle. The top is not the easiest to open. My 66 year old mom needed my help opening her bottles. All in all, it tastes good, but for the price, give me store brand bottled water any day.


This is probably the best bottled water I've had in a while. It's like a sports drink, but without the flavors and sugar, so it it is just so refreshing. It doesn't taste like anything but water, but it still has the electrolytes you look for in a sports drink.

Also, these bottle designs are awesome. Granted, they are still plastic, and hopefully a company will figure out biodegradable ones some day, but for now, these are great. The designs are so vibrant and fresh, and the top pops make it re-usable for a while. Granted, it gets refilled with regular water, but I still appreciate that it's reusable. The top goes on and off securely, but easily.

Great water bottle. I definitely recommend!

Great water

I just got this 12 pack of water and i like it alot.

I just joined a gym 2 weeks ago and have actually been bring these with me. I like the quick flip sports top a lot when working out. Makes it easier than unsrewing a lid to stop moving and drink from so I do not spill water all over me. I can definitely appreciate that. I love that they hold almost 24 oz. It definitely helps keep track of your water intake if you have a hard time with that like myself. I've had no leaking problems at all. The water is great. Sounds crazy I know, but some brands have like an oily taste in the water. These do not. I'm picky to not drink a couple of brands due to the weird taste. So i am very happy about that. Overall, I have been completely satisfied with the water and the bottles. I also like the neat imagery work on them. Keeps it fun and is easy to spot your bottle from someone elses.

Great water and nice bottle design

I've never been into buying overpriced bottled water but I tried this and I really like it. It doesn't TASTE like anything whatsoever like your tap water may have. When I open a chilled bottle of this water I can absolutely chug the whole thing at once. Normally when I do drink water, it must be flavored but for some reason I really like this one. I really liked the way this bottle looks it has fun and bright designs on the bottle and the top is great for sharing the water without actually putting your mouth on the bottle. The kids normally don't like water either but for some reason the whole 12 pack disappeared in two days.

Fun Art

The packaging is very eye catching. I love all of the different bottle in the pack and you can even get the artist information on the website listed on the bottles. I love the flip top to drink. This is much more handy than twisting a cap on and off every time you want to take a sip. This is also more kid friendly.

I was not impressed with the water. It is purified thru reverse Osmosis and then added magnesium sulfate & potassium bicarbonate for taste. I did not think the water was any better for taste. I personally do not like added chemicals to my drinking water.

The recycle code is #1, which means the bottle is polyethylene Terephthalate and BPA free. Also, we are a gluten free house and this is not labeled as a gluten free product. Since I do not see any indication that there is gluten as added, I assume it is a possible cross contamination. So if you are sensitive, you should contact the manufacturer.

Love the bottle and the art for sure, just not the best bottle water.

I LOVE the design of these bottles!!

These bottled waters did not taste any different than other bottled waters I've tried in the past. I do like the design of these bottles and they appeal to me more than similar brands. I like the variety of colors and pictures on them. They come with 12 bottles to the pack. Each bottle is 23.7 fl oz or 1.48 pt or 700 ml. My favorite part of this product is the sports spout type lid. You just push the top upward and it looks like a sports water bottle. I also like how the bottle is clear and I feel it displays the art designs better that way. The bottles are recyclable so I feel that is a huge plus for me personally, because I want to leave as little waste as possible for future generations of this world. I feel like I would purchase these in the future as long as they are competitively priced.

We're so happy to hear you're a big fan of our bottles! Thanks for your review., and be sure to stay inspired!

Bottled Water

I like the taste of this water and I'm pretty picky about my waters. I also really love the pop top on them bottles. If that's the case, then why only 3 stars? It's water in a plastic throw away bottle. I recommend people use reusable bottles any day over bottled water.


I totally love this product. It's very refreshing and the taste is remarkable. The bottles are durable, have convenient lids and I absolutely love the different designs on them. I would definitely recommend this product.

Thanks so much for your review, MrsWhiteDeals! We're thrilled to hear you're enjoying LIFEWTR.

Great Tasting Water

This water is very refreshing and clean tasting. Unlike a lot of other bottled water this one does not have any funky aftertaste. The bottles are beautifully decorated. Each bottle can be reused if desired. This is my favorite brand of water.

Hi there, we're so glad you're enjoying LIFEWTR! We really appreciate your review and feedback, and we'll share your comments with our brand teams!

Life liquid

I am absolutely in love with this water and very good the taste is excellent, the size is more than enough the design of the bottle is so coloring and fun at the beginning it looked so difficult to open the cap but after analyzing the cap became very easy and secure so you definitely not going to have any spill wherever you carry the bottle of truth that highly recommend this watermark.

Hi TISAMA, we're so glad you're enjoying LIFEWTR! Thanks for the review!

Unoffensive taste

I was prepared to dismiss this water. For reference, I despise Dasani. I was ready for this to taste like that.

I was pleasantly surprised to have this water completely quench my thirst after an intense Barre workout.

The bottle is adorable. And I'm sold on the electrolyte messaging. Also, since I try to adhere to a ketogenic diet, I'm always looking for ways to keep my electrolytes in check. Often, that means adding salt to my meals. But it seems like this water is fitting the bill.

It tastes great and looks good.

I like my water at room temperature. And this tastes great at room temp.

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