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Philips SDV2940/27 TV Antenna Ac Power Adapter

Philips SDV2940/27 TV Antenna Ac Power Adapter

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sweet antenna
WORKS nice - comes with 20 feet of coax which probably way short if you want to mount on roof, Philips could have used the high grade RG6 stuff - Mine is attic mounted and found that if you turn it horizonal so it lays flat rather then standing up vertical like in the pictures it picks up better The instructions don't indicate what is the front and how to point it - so experiment. Got numerous more digital stations picked up then expected
Most helpful negative review
not for me
did not work good for my tv. i didnt know that it only was good for 20 miles. i was hopeing it would work so i dont have to buy a outside one. might be good for someone else. wish walmart carried outside ones.
Most helpful positive review
14 customers found this helpful
sweet antenna
WORKS nice - comes with 20 feet of coax which probably way short if you want to mount on roof, Philips could have used the high grade RG6 stuff - Mine is attic mounted and found that if you turn it horizonal so it lays flat rather then standing up vertical like in the pictures it picks up better The instructions don't indicate what is the front and how to point it - so experiment. Got numerous more digital stations picked up then expected
Most helpful negative review
not for me
did not work good for my tv. i didnt know that it only was good for 20 miles. i was hopeing it would work so i dont have to buy a outside one. might be good for someone else. wish walmart carried outside ones.
Philips SDV2940/27 TV Antenna Ac Power Adapter
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sweet antenna

WORKS nice - comes with 20 feet of coax which probably way short if you want to mount on roof, Philips could have used the high grade RG6 stuff - Mine is attic mounted and found that if you turn it horizonal so it lays flat rather then standing up vertical like in the pictures it picks up better The instructions don't indicate what is the front and how to point it - so experiment. Got numerous more digital stations picked up then expected

MANT940 Comparative Review

I am comparing the MANT940 to the RCA Flat Panel HDTV antenna with Preamp, and an older Philips UHF Plate with Rabbit Ears, all sold in Wal-Mart. I have done a lot of testing of indoor antennas and the top two have been the Philips amplified silver UHF plate with rabbit ears and the RCA Flat Panel with Preamp. This review compares the performance of these two against the MANT940 Indoor/Outdoor UHF antenna. I am evaluating performance on one Hi-Band VHF channel as well as those UHF channels for which the MANT940 is designed. Test Conditions: RF Channel Numbers (not remapped, these are the actual RF channel frequencies) UHF: 59, 56, 50, 34, 31, 19, 16. VHF: 13 (Hi-Band VHF) Distance to Transmitters: 27 miles Antenna Height: 14', second floor bedroom. Antenna Orientation: Horizontal, front of V pointing toward the stations, setting on wooden dresser. Coax Length/Type: 6', RG-6 (not using supplied 20' coax) Splitter: 2-way Philips to the two tuners listed below Test Tuners: DirecTV AM21 OTA Add-on for H21-200 Sat Receiver Sanyo 37" 720p HDTV Antenna Specifications: Philips amplified Silver Plate/Rabbit Ears: UHF/VHf Combo RCA Flat Plate with Preamp: UHF/VHF Combo Philips Amplified MANT940: UHF only. The Review: On Feb 17th our local NBC affiliate moved from UHF 19 to VHF 13, and reduced power from 500,000 watts to 35,000 watts. Most consumers in our area lost this station if using indoor antennas, including both of the UHF/VHF combo antennas listed above. Measurements were made with the antenna in the best position, i.e., signals were maximized for each antenna. Percentages are from the DirecTV AM21, Bars are from the Sanyo 37" TV I am going to focus on the the problem channel, 13, because all 3 antennas did a good job on ALL UHF channels. Signal quality on all three antennas on UHF was good enough that there was no pixellation and no drop outs. In other words, the picture was perfect and the signal was both strong and stable. Percentages were all greater than 60% (UHF), many reading between 80 and 90 percent. The Philips Silver Plate with Rabbit Ears could not receiver channel 13 without pixellation. The signal was not stable, and no adjustment of gain or orientation would produce a signal greater than 35 to 45 percent, or about 1 to 2 bars on the Sanyo The RCA Flat Panel with Preamp was even worse. Signal levels were one bar or less on the Sanyo, pixellation was nearly constant. DirecTV receiver showed 30% or signal not found. The MANT940 surprised me. With the antenna laying flat (horizontal) and the narrow side of the wedge pointing toward the transmitter, I was seeing 80% signal quality on Channel 13. The Sanyo showed 4 bars (out of 5). I changed the orientation to vertical, and signals dropped precipitously. (on all channels) I then proceeded to measure the signal quality (in percent) for all channels: MANT940 > RCA FLAT PLATE 59: 100% > 82% 56: 90% > 78% 50: 100% > 100% 34: 88% > 74% 31: 100 > 94% 16: 78% > 68% 13: 80% > 30% Conclusions: 1. The MANT940 is a superb UHF antenna, even if used indoors at a distance of 27 miles. (with our local terrain) 2. The MANT940 works amazingly well on RF channel 13 (Hi-Band VHF). 3. There is a significant chance of success with HI and MID-BAND VHF for this antenna if mounted outdoors. LO-Band VHF (Channels 6 and below) is going to be problematic. CAVEATS: 1. I did not use the supplied coax. It is very poor quality. I used a much shorter length of RG6, thus reducing losses significantly. 2. I do not expect the MANT940 to work particularly well, and certainly not indoors, for RF channel 5, which we will have to suffer on June 12, when it changes frequency (and drops power) from RF Channel 59 to RF Channel 5 (Lo-Band VHF) FINAL TIPS: 1. Outdoors is best. 2. Use good coax, even if indoors 3. Orient Horizontally, with front of wedge pointing at transmitters. 4. Don't set on a metal surface (lay horizontally), like a metal shelf, if used indoors.

Great Reception

We have been on DishNetwork for 8 years. But, we didn't view but about 10 out of the 250 channels that were on the package, but we had to get the expensive package just to get the few channels we did watch. Then, Dish wanted even more money & a 2-yr commitment to get HD channels! And, even more money to receive local channels. So, with all networks going digital & most HD, we decided to cancel our satellite service to try over the air (OTA) viewing with a digital antenna. My husband installed this antenna at a high point on the side of the house (1 story) toward our local channel locations. They're about 17 miles from our home. And, we're surrounded by tall trees. We get great very clear reception from all our local channels. The amplifier makes a big difference. However, we do have 1 channel that sometimes doesn't receive signal. But, we don't watch it much anyway. So, later, we may try installing the antenna on mast to get it above the treetops. But, really, we haven't missed DishNetwork at all. We get great HD picture & sound for free!

A great antenna!

This antenna for the price is an excellent choice to use with your digital converter boxes. I had my cable turned off and decided to go with (free) DTV using the Magnavox converter boxes I also bought from Walmart. I needed an antenna, and I did a lot of shopping around. When I saw this one I decided to give it a try. I had it installed in less than 10 min. This included mounting it to the eave on the outside if my mobile home. This antenna provides a clean crisp picture, and pulls stations in as far as 45 miles away with a 90 percent signal! Definitely worth the money.

For outside use

The Phillips MANT940 Indoor/Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna works pretty good outside. Just place the antenna up in the horizontal position with the narrow end pointing in the direction of the transmitters. This will product the most amount of Television Channels. Hear at my house in Port Orchard I am receiving at least 30 Channels out of Seattle, Washington. To extend the amount of cable between the Panel antenna and the power amplifier just add a gold plated female in line connector with extra television coax cable.

Great HD Reception

I bought this antenna to supplement my satellite during bad weather. I get way more channels than I expected. HD channels look clear and crisp. Installation was a snap.

Why pay $70/month for cable?!?!

I decided after much deliberation to try HDTV over the air to see if I could get a signal and drop my $70/month cable bill. I realized after analyzing my TV watching habits that about 85% of my viewing was the local networks. I read reviews of different HDTV antennas, researched the locations of the towers relative to my house, and found several favorable reviews for this unit in the Central Florida Region (some on!) - so I decided I would give it a try. Living 39-41 miles from the orlando towers I didn't know if I would have any luck. As an initial test I zip tied the unit to my 6' ladder and placed it in my back yard. I 'aimed' it laying flat at the towers instead of the normal vertical orientation as some reviews recommended this way. I estimated my visual line of site using google earth and drawing a line from my house to the 'center' of the orlando TV towers. I hooked it to my 56" panasonic HDTV using a separately purchased phillips quad shielded 100' RG6 coax cable I also purchased from walmart and proceeded to scan for channels. after some time 44 'DTV' stations were found (38 orlando and 6 tampa ~61 miles)! Signal strength varied so I 'tweaked' the aim to get ~77% signal on the weakest station 2.1 (WESH-2 NBC). The tampa stations were marginal at best, but since I am on the side of a hill I have to penetrate earth and building where I have almost direct line of site to the Orlando towers. Success! and it looked great on my TV. Switching between the ATSC antenna HDTV tuning and the brighthouse scientific atlanta HDTV DVR on the same stations showed negligible differences in visual quality. This is most likely due to the difference in the MPEG2 rendering engines between the TV and DVR, and their respective visual cleanup algorithms (think anti ailiasing, MPEG noise reduction, and color correction). So with initial success I moved on to 'splitting' the antenna to 2 TV sets. I used my DTV $40 coupon and purchased the magnavox converter that walmart stocks, and then used a high quality coaxial splitter. Hooking in the converter box and splitting only yielded a slight signal drop (5-7 percent) and I tuned in 38 stations on this TV. So I then decided I would go for it, and mounted the antenna on my roof, ran the coax in the attic, and split the TV's there. Initially I did not get the same reception, so I fiddled with an additional distribution amplifier - that did not help (prob due to no FM trap). I then decided to try different antenna orientations and discovered that standing vertical with it 'aimed' at the towers yielded the best results. I did lose the marginal tampa station, but get 38 orlando stations at 78-100% signal (most are 87%+)! I have it split between 4 TV's now, 2 using the zenith DTT901 box (which is much better than the magnavox BTW) one with the ATSC tuner and the other with the magnavox. I am using a high quality 4 way phillips splitter, and RG6 I pulled and crimped myself to all the sets. So for $70/month I can have a bunch of more channels I watch 15% of the time, or for a one time investment of that amount (coax and antenna) I can watch 85% of my TV for free. That's a no brainer for me. of course I also have an additional investment of $60 for a HDTV video capture card that I put in my windows media center edition PC for DVR capability. I have this hooked to the panasonic as well and it works really well. I Highly recommend this unit! Works for VHF and UHF - best when stood up. Here is a summary: Location: Clermont, FL 34711 Distance from towers: 39-41 Miles (Orlando, FL) DTV Stations: 38 Televisions: 4 Signal: 78-100%

A Very Good Product

This HDTV antenna exceeds my expectations. Right now, I have it indoors, on the basement window ledge, in my rec room, but when the weather gets better, I will put it outside to get even better reception, if that's possible. Without it, I was only getting 5 HD stations. With it, indoors, I'm getting 16 HD stations. I am at the least, about 15 miles from the nearest stations antennas. I'm also picking up more UHF stations than before. I am very happy with this product.

A Good Product

I just installed it in my studio apt. On a wall mount behind my TV. I don't have a cable box. So I just installed this Philip MANT940 directly to my Sony HDTV which capable to receiving digital programming. I'm living in downtown in Bay Area. And there're allot of buildings are all around my apartment building. But my stations are from around 3-60 miles away. I can pick up the signal about 34 digital channels which is about the same as my cheap rabbit antenna... *BUT the thing is this Philip MANT940 has: - A much much better 'strong' signal (95%-100%) - A better image quality—very crisp and clear, shaper, and better colors. - A better receiver (I put it on a floor behind my TV and it's still picked up most of the channels!) - A very well slick design and great function. A small unit and easy to move around or rotate setup. - Easy to installing - Indoor/Outdoor - A thoughtful array of accessories - Not that expensive compare to other brands Overall, I'm pleased with this product.

not for me

did not work good for my tv. i didnt know that it only was good for 20 miles. i was hopeing it would work so i dont have to buy a outside one. might be good for someone else. wish walmart carried outside ones.

Solid performer

I tried using the antenna inside the house to see if it would work. Due to the house being wrapped in foil insulation it didn't work well. I then mounted it near the peak of the house with it aimed towards the 4 HD transmitters 20 miles away. Perfect picture, only needed minor tweaking left and right to lock in solid picture..... probably around 90% as noted in the TV set-up menu. Compared to competitor products at over $100 this performs as well if not better.

Philips MANT940 Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Does a good job on all digital broadcasts from Kansas City & channel 11 out of Topeka. It doesn't do very well on analog. I had to move it to the very north end of my house near a window inside & carefuly aim it. I live near the top of a hill. If I was lower down it might not work, because of distance & line of sight.

Excellent Product!

This antenna is amazing. This product exceeded my expectations. It comes with everything you need to start watching FREE HD. It took me less than 15 minutes to set up indoors. The picture and sound quality rival any cable or satellite picture. I was even able to receive a total 66 channels in my area. I was extremely satisfied with easy to understand directions. I highly recommend this to anyone. I will never again pay for TV.

Solved the problem

While trying to get over-the-air Hi-Def broadcast, most indoor antenna units worked, however all had to be moved depending on the specific location of the transmitting direction. With the Phillips MANT940, initial set up required moving around, however once set up, I was able to recieve all the channels offered in the Salt Lake City area without further adjustment of the position of the antenna. Very pleased for the $40.00 price tag.

Great Product

I live in San Jose Area. I put this Antenna out side wall of the house, next to my second floor window. This Antenna pick up more than 20 Digital Channels. Including Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC... the picture very clear, much better and more channels than Comcast Basic Service that I used to paid $15 a month. but no UHF channel. With this antenna I can watch Prision Break, CSI, House in DTV. If you need 100 channels, this antenna is not for you, if you only want to watch local News, Sport and CSI, go for it.

Didn't help any at all

After waiting almost three weeks for my online "Site-to-Store" purchase to arrive at our local store, I finally broke down and bought the exact same item at the store (before the online item ever actually arrived). The performance of the unit was no better than the rest of this experience. We live approx 45-50 miles from Cincy & 25-30 miles from Dayton. I even "elevated" this indoor/outdoor unit, but this unit's reception was never even as good as several older "rabbit ears" we already had been using. I'll probably try some less expensive, "indoor only" amplified unit as my next experiment. Returning not only one, but TWO units was almost humiliating, especially considering the negative results.

Not worth it

We got tired of the high dish and cable bills and decided to go back to free tv. After reading the reviews of this product we really thought it would be the one for us. We have been having really bad storms and wanted to make sure we could turn on our TV's to get up to date info. We had tried another model on one set and were disappointed. So we went to this one. Set up and and found not even get a sound out of it as to if it was working. Tried for picts trying all around both inside and outside up high. Laid it flat and then upright nothing. Packed it up to be returned to store. We will be getting a old type of antena that can handle HD.


I purchased this for my sons' TV in his apartment. I tried it on my set first, because I was curious to see how it would perform against my DB8 Multi-Directional HDTV Antenna. I put it on my main set and did not mount or took the antenna outdoors. It perform great for just being in the house and not on a long cable run. On my other antenna I cannot receive my local PBS channels well due to where I live, but this unit brought it in well when I found the right spot in the house. I am curious now to see how well it will perform mounted on a mast outdoors. Now in my sons' apartment I mounted the antenna on a speaker floor stand. It performed well and was able to find 7 digital and 5 analog after trying several places in the room. I do recommend this antenna. Works well in an indoors setting, but keep in mind that where and how far from the stations transmitters you live will affect the receiving abilities from any antenna. If you are mounting in or outdoors with a long cable run, be sure to install a cable like RG6 or better.


i installed this antenna on an existing roof mast formerly occupied by an old fashioned multi element antenna. Im about 20 miles from the local antenna farm and the signal was not very strong in any direction . The instruction book does not include references to what is the actual "front" of the antenna that should face the transmitters so there is a lot of trial and error when tuning it. the included cable is RG59 and is not suitable for long runs as it looses signal , i replaced it with RG11. To Phillips credit they do make it clear on instructions that RG6 is recommended cable type. I was only able to get a few channels and way less channels than from a bowtie attic antenna. i live in an urban area where there is a lot of multipath signal interference so a omnidirectional may not be the best choice for me, but i was not expecting the results with the MANT940 to be so dissapointing in comparison with my existing non-amplified attic antenna. summary The good; -very small -includes all hardware for mounting on mast or wall -looks very nice and high tech -low price the not so good; -omindirectional design performs poorly in built up areas with multipath. -included cable is rg59 -instructions are very poor and lack detail

Over rated

A previous review claimed reception of stations 45 miles away, so I gave this antenna a try. My home is 47 miles NNE of East Peoria where the transmitters for our 6 local stations are located. Setup took about 5 minutes and I temporarily mounted the antenna on a tripod for stability to determine whether it would receive any HD digital channels. It picked up only 1 digital channel, located between E. Peoria and Bloomington. I rotated the antenna by increments and used the 'auto-program' function of my HDTV to locate channels, about 2 dozen times, picking up as many as 5 analog signals (4 weak signals in E. Peoria and 1 strong signal in La Salle). . The one digital channel could only be received when pointed to the south but the image pixelated occasionally and the audio dropped out sporadically. Turning the antenna to a horizontal orientation as recommended by another reviewer made no difference. . With the strongest of the analog channels tuned in, I rotated the antenna while observing the TV picture/sound and managed a good picture of the channel in La Salle, IL (15 miles due East), but also noticed that the flat surface most people have assumed is the 'front' of the antenna, isn't necessarily the best pointing angle. Looking down from the top of the antenna, it appears wedge shaped and I found the best picture occurred when the pointed edge was aimed at the tower. Go figure. . Using Wikipedia to learn about our local digital HD channels, I found that the 1 digital channel the antenna received broadcasts at 1000kWatts, which is up to 40 times more powerful than the other 5 local channels. By the same token, the 4 local E. Peoria analog channels the antenna received (however with a poor grainy picture), were all over 1000kWatts. . Conclusion - this uni-directional UHF digital antenna is a good buy for customers within 20 miles of a cluster of high-power antenna towers. Farther away or with low power transmitters, this is not the antenna for you. For antenna recommendations, try AntennaWeb.

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