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Product not as described (at all)

When the 4" memory foam mattress pad came in the mail there was no brand packaging or anything, just in a clear bag, in a box. When I finally unboxed the item, it was only about two inches thick, and already had a very noticeable stain on it from the factory I'm assuming. The material was comfortable, but not quite memory foam through and through. I then gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried to see if it would expand to 4". It has been about a week and the pad is still a measly 2" thick. Product was NOT as described and there was no actual brand packaging to ensure me that there wasn't a mixup at the shipping warehouse. NOT HAPPY, WALMART. P.S. I sleep 2 in a king sized pillow top and am a 6'4" 235 side sleeper. If the product was 4" like it was supposed to be it would have got 4-5 stars. Mattress topper had no harsh chemical smell, went right from the box to my bed to see if it was worth keeping. The answer is NO
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Not as pictured

I ordered a pair of these for two twin beds. They are for a pair of twin beds I have at a summer cottage. One of them is perfect and I am very happy with it. The other one is lumpy and I believe is a 3 inch, not a 4 inch mattress. Also, the covers are different, although I don't think this is a big deal if the toppers were the same. I also think this was a returned item because it did not have the Spa Sensations packet of information attached to the outside of the bag. I will be returning and reordering one of them and will hopefully receive one that matches the one I am happy with. This will be cumbersome as I doubt I will be able to fit this back into the original packaging. It is annoying to have to go through this and if I do not receive the correct topper next time, I will return the good one as well. If they were both the same, I would have given this 5 stars for sure.
We would like to assist with a replacement, under our 5-year manufacturing warranty. Please contact us at or call us at 800-613-1225.
I bought this memory foam for my bed.. I have used memory foam before and was very satisfied. Until now. The green part of the memory foam was COMPLETELY flat. The green part of the memory foam NEVER expanded to the proper size. I am disappointed, but will use the product
We would like to assist with a replacement, under our 5-year manufacturing warranty. Please contact us at or call us at 800-613-1225.
I ordered a 4. Inch topper and recieved a 1 inch instead. Very discusted. I took a picture as proof. It wad a gift and i was mortified. I took a pic and did it with measuring tape. I paid for 4 inches thick. I told my nephew tp throw it away i was so embarressed. I order everything from wallmart. No more.
We would like to assist with a replacement, under our 5-year manufacturing warranty. Please contact us at or call us at 800-613-1225.

Just alright

Had about a month now. It's a harder then I thought it would be. I don't sink into the mattress like what I imagined. It moves around on my bed too. Everyday I have to push back the foam mattress it slides like an inch and a half over on the other side of the bed. It's better then my hard mattress. I'll give it a 3 star
I should return it but because it is so big and bulky I won't. Just wanted let others know what to expect if thinking about buying this topper.
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Fantastic topper

Bought this as a gift for my sister. Within an hour it was fully expanded with very little to no smell. She has been sleeping like a baby since she received it. I purchased a separate mattress protector for her and she is thrilled. Thank you very much for a great product.

Wow!! So comfortable!

I could not be more pleased with with our new memory foam mattress topper! It's soft and luxurious and I love love love the way it conforms to pressue [picture attached]. I can't imagine finding a better one for this price! My husband and I can not wait to go to bed at night! Negative reviews have mentioned the smell, size and firmness. Sure, there was a smell - until I sprayed the topper with Febreze. In all honesty, I can't believe that others didn't think of that. That's all it took for the smell to disappear completely. So as soon as you get it out of the packaging, spray it with Febreze. Worked like a charm! As far as the size of it (someone said it was too short) - our queen size was a perfect fit - no shortage or excess at all and a queen sheet covered it nicely. It is firm but it's not 'hard' at all. It's wonderfully supportive and sleeping on my back or stomach, I don't even need a pillow! We did NOT have to wait 24-48 hours for it to fluff - after just 20 minutes, it was already fully fluffed and ours DID fluff up to 4 inches :) Maybe we just got lucky, but it was pretty much awesome [picture attached]. If your worried about this purchase, don't be! I would buy it over and over again and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Two herniated disk and spinal fusion

My husband had two spinal fusion surgeries and I have two herniated disk. We considered spending thousands for a king size memory foam mattress. When I got online I checked Wal-Mart because it is my FAVORITE place to shop. Well I had no clue that they had such amazing items for sale online only. When the foam pad arrived it was heavy and it was difficult to maneuver by my self, my husband did need to help me. Luckily we have deep pocket sheets because with our pillow top mattress and then the memory foam pad my mattress is really thick. Our first night on this mattress was okay and I believe it is because we were use to the old way the pillow top caved in. Well the second night I made sure to put on my favorite sheets and I had the bed all tucked in and comfy. I slept all night long and did not wake up with any pain. I LOVE this memory foam topper. It is not solid memory foam, it is about 2 and a half inches memory foam on top and one and a half regular foam below. The cover will be a bit difficult to remove for washing if necessary. I put a mattress protector cover on top the foam pad to avoid needing to remove the cover very often. I completely suggest this item 100%!!!! I have not needed an epidural for a year. My husband is a totally different story and he has other issues.

SPA Sensations 4 inch Foam Topper

Apparently looking at the reviews, some are good and some are bad. Mine is bad, I got a queen size topper. I see 2 layers. Some 2 inch standard yellow foam that easily squishes down to nothing when pinched. There is also some greenish type of memory foam about 1 inch, but far from High Density in my opinion. That's not the worst of it though. The center of the mattress is compressed. The memory foam never raised. It comes vacuum packed in a plastic bag folded up into thirds. Like a sleeping bag. I opened it up and laid it out for a week before sleeping on it giving it time to expand and"rise". (generally 48-72 hours). It was still flattened out in the middle. I thought maybe it needed some help in it's rising. I decided to try and sleep on it for a week. Hoping to break it loose. Release it's hold and rise up, especially in the middle. It is still flattened out and squished. Perhaps they come from different manufacturers. It is not as I hoped it would be. Good luck in trying to squish it bag to send it back.
We would like to assist with a replacement, under our 5-year manufacturing warranty. Please contact us at or call us at 800-613-1225.

Did not expand

After 4 days, the pad (advertized as 4 inches) is 3.5 inches on some edges but still 1.5 inches in the center with a few lumps of expansion here and there. Apparently this had been left compressed for more than 90 days and now will never expand to full size. I will be returning it. I see some reviewers said their pad expanded with no problems. They may have been the lucky ones who received a pad that had been compressed for less than 90 days. Lucky them.
We would like to assist with a replacement, under our 5-year manufacturing warranty. Please contact us at or call us at 800-613-1225.

Comfy sleepy time

I really like this topper, it fluffed up nicely in one day and finished expanding the next day even though I slept on it after only 24 hours. It had no odor whatsoever when i took it out of the packaging. The mattress cover that comes with it is so soft, I almost wish I could sleep directly on that. I suppose I could but then I'd have to wash it often and although it has a zipper for removal it's a job I'd rather not tackle more than I have to. I did put a regular mattress pad over to give it extra protection. My favorite sheets don't fit on my regular mattress very well so I just put them on the topper and that seems to be working good so far. I'm a big guy and I've read that big guys and full size memory foam mattresses aren't a good match but this works really well for me. I noticed a difference right away in that I don't feel pressure points on my arms and hip. I like to sleep on my side and it was really comfortable. Normally I move around quite a bit at night, first one side then the other then back again. I didn't move around as much, I think I only changed position once. I did read that some people were able to sleep on their back with this topper so I tried it. I like to sleep on my back but then I wake up with a terrible back ache. I tried it with this topper but after about an hour I felt that twinge in my back, I think if I were a regular sized person it might have worked. Another thing I like is the topper doesn't get hot like my mattress. My regular mattress seems to absorb body heat but the Spa Sensation stays the same, that was really nice, I felt fresher in the morning. I did lay this on top of my regular mattress and I like having the little extra height. I've had beds on the past that were higher and I like that, it's easier to get up from. The only negative I have is the topper did move around a bit, probably from me rolling over, my regular mattress did the same thing so I think I'm going to get some of that rubber mat stuff you can line shelves with to protect glasses to see if that will help keep the topper from sliding. Other than that I'm really happy with this.

This is not for heavy people despite other reviews

I bought this memory foam topper to go on top of my too firm mattress. First, this is not at all 4" thick. Second, this has very little memory foam, this should be called a foam topper. Third, I am overweight, size 18, and I sink to the mattress while the foam around me raises up. I decided to top this topper off with a padded mattress cover and that still didn't make a difference. This topper is maybe for laying on top of a sofa bed or something. The packing was nice, nice cover on it, easy for me alone to carry and unroll, but not at all comfortable for anyone over 200 lbs. I just read that memory foam is useless for heavier people if it is less than 6" think, you need to look for 2-3lb denisty. I wish I could send this back, but that would be virtually impossible to suck all of the air back out of it and squeeze it in that small bag. Not a good buy for me!
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Did my homework!

I waffled for months over whether or not to buy a new mattress or just buy a topper. My head was spinning after reading so many mixed reviews of multiple brands of the "mattress-in-a-box". You know the brands, they all seemed to pop up at the same time. The prices are outrageous (close to $1000 for a full-size bed). I don't have that kind of money. I decided on a 4" topper, and again, after reading many reviews, I narrowed my choice down to this one, Spa Sensations 4" memory foam topper. The reviews were predominantly positive, and at the price of $115 with free delivery, I was willing to try it. It arrived on time, free 2-day delivery. It was easy to get out of the box and plastic bag. I put it on my bed and gave it time to 'expand', but it didn't need time. It assumed the full 4" almost immediately, corners too! It did not give off any odor at all. The underside of the topper has some rubbery strips that keep it in place on top of my old mattress. That's a nice feature not mentioned in the online description. It has given my old mattress new life. It is very very cushy and comfortable, and I seem to be sleeping better in that I'm not tossing & turning like I usually do. One thing that's different about memory foam though, is that you just can't slide or scoot out of bed, the foam sort of grabs you. If this is bothersome, (and to me, it's not, it's just an adjustment) you could put a mattress pad on top of it. Overall, I'm very pleased with the quality for the price, and I look forward to going to bed each night.

Great comfort at a low price.

Originally when I bought this foam topper I was skeptical, but for the price figured why not? I can honestly say that I have slept much more comfortably and awoken with much fewer aches and pains in the morning. I followed the advice found in another review and allowed the topper to open and air out for more than 48 hours in a separate room. Although it had the appearance of not being completely restored to the full 4 inches when I placed it on my bed, it has been comfortable and provided incredible sleep since day 1. I would highly recommend this topper to anyone considering it. Having previously purchased $2000 mattresses, you could buy one of these per year and be penny wise and much more comfortable!!

Finally sleeping deeply!

We love this topper! :) We wanted to cheaper alternative to a firm bed therefore we put this on our box springs. It works great, my husband's back stopped hurting and I sleep very deeply since we had installed it. Followed the instructions about not laying on it for 48 hrs, the mattress all evenly expanded and we will not be returning this. :)) ZZZZZZZZZ

Worst quality; not the same as described

I should have listened to the 1-star reviews written in 2013. My experience is exactly like theirs. The product I received was a joke! I have never seen such horrible product and so different from what was described on the website. It was a cheap foam (thin) plus a cardboard (blue color) on top of it. It did not expand. The package arrived looked damaged (or repackaged). It was at most 2 inches and it's uneven. It got a wavy appearance. I was so surprised that it was so different from what was described on the website. (I do own a good memory foam bed and this product I received is certainly not a memory foam .) I did not try to sleep on it. I packed it up immediately to return to Walmart. I then went to Costco and got one that is good. Even though Walmart has good customer service, it is still a humbug to have to do the return: talking about effort, gasoline and time wasted in the process. I hope Walmart would do some quality control of the products on their website. I am very unhappy about this experience and am spending time to write this review to save others from wasting time+money to do the returns.
We would like to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase. Please contact us at or call us at 800-613-1225.

Just what I wanted

Using this as a top mattress on a hospital-type bed for my elderly mom. provides comfort and helps prevent sore spots. Flexible so does not interfere with bed position movement. Size is perfect - twin Xtra long. I also have the same topper on my guest bed - regular twin size. So comfortable. Saved me from buying new mattress and springs. Nicely covered and stitched for stability. Couldn't be happier.

Like sleeping on a cloud

We could not afford to replace our mattress with a memory foam mattress, but were tired of tossing and turning all night on our hard mattress. We ordered the Spa Sensations 4" Memory Foam Mattress topper. Walmart had the best price on this item. It was delivered as promised and we unpacked it, rolled it out and slept on it the first night. It was the best nights sleep we've had in ages. We sank in and got 8 hours of restful bliss. It fit under our mattress pad and sheets just fine. I would not order the thinner one as it is only partially memory foam and you want at least the amount with the 4" topper. We are very pleased, and highly recommend it.

Sleeping on a cloud

This is my second Spa Sensations topper I have bought. The first one I bought for my queen size bed 1 1/2 yrs ago. I love it so much! I sleep better, my back doesn't hurt in the morning and it is a lot cheaper than a full size memory foam mattress. I am moving in with my dad who has a twin bed for me, brand new and hard as a rock, so I ordered a second topper and had it sent to his house ready for me for when I get there.
We are thrilled to know you are continuing to choose our company. We're sure the topper will assist in a better night sleep at your dad's house :P Thanks for the nice review!
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