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SPA Sensations 4 inch Foam Topper

Apparently looking at the reviews, some are good and some are bad. Mine is bad, I got a queen size topper. I see 2 layers. Some 2 inch standard yellow foam that easily squishes down to nothing when pinched. There is also some greenish type of memory foam about 1 inch, but far from High Density in my opinion. That's not the worst of it though. The center of the mattress is compressed. The memory foam never raised. It comes vacuum packed in a plastic bag folded up into thirds. Like a sleeping bag. I opened it up and laid it out for a week before sleeping on it giving it time to expand and"rise". (generally 48-72 hours). It was still flattened out in the middle. I thought maybe it needed some help in it's rising. I decided to try and sleep on it for a week. Hoping to break it loose. Release it's hold and rise up, especially in the middle. It is still flattened out and squished. Perhaps they come from different manufacturers. It is not as I hoped it would be. Good luck in trying to squish it bag to send it back.
Before - after a week by itself expandingAfter a week of sleeping on it.
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Almost Perfect.

It's very very comfortable. No more tossing and turning for me, and for my husband, he loves it even more. He's had back problems from construction so for the past 3 years he's been a very short sleeper. He'd rather get up from bed and do something than be uncomfortable but ever since I purchased this topper he's been sleeping longer than me. It really amazed me. The topper came with a smell that didn't last too long, maybe 5 days and it wasn't as strong as i expected it to be. It was bearable (and I'm pregnant). 4'' was more than enough for us to not feel the springs in our mattress. which is awesome. Only thing is, the full size topper is slightly larger than my full size bed. So, when we move around the bed a lot the mattress topper easily starts to hang off the bed from any corner. Especially when you don't have a deep-pocketed fitted sheet for the mattress. And you will need one since the topper is pretty thick. I don't like that we have to deal with that but the pros outweigh the con and i will recommend it to anyone.
Here you can see how thick it is, and also how its bigger than the matching size.I undressed my bed so you can see

Not as pictured

I ordered a pair of these for two twin beds. They are for a pair of twin beds I have at a summer cottage. One of them is perfect and I am very happy with it. The other one is lumpy and I believe is a 3 inch, not a 4 inch mattress. Also, the covers are different, although I don't think this is a big deal if the toppers were the same. I also think this was a returned item because it did not have the Spa Sensations packet of information attached to the outside of the bag. I will be returning and reordering one of them and will hopefully receive one that matches the one I am happy with. This will be cumbersome as I doubt I will be able to fit this back into the original packaging. It is annoying to have to go through this and if I do not receive the correct topper next time, I will return the good one as well. If they were both the same, I would have given this 5 stars for sure.
This is the bad one. Easy to see the diff.This is the good one.
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Poor Quality

Based on the overwhelming positive ratings, we decided to purchase this topper for our Cal King bed. Order processing and home shipping was great. Upon opening the package, there was almost no odor noticeable. However, it could be seen that the item had been compressed so tightly that some parts of the mattress topper looked like they had been run over flat by a steam roller. We set the topper out on a spare bed and gave it a week to restore to its advertised size. Sadly, less than half expanded to 3", a few places along the edge got up to 3-5/8", but a good part of the sleepable area remained hard and just plain didn't expand. My guess is that the manufacturer compresses these toppers quite tightly, shipped to the USA on a slow boat from China, then eventually find a home. Memory foam just does not respond well to being tightly compressed and left in a box too long. If you happen to get 'fresh' stock you may have better luck (ideally 90 days or less in a compressed state). But if you get 'old' stock, the memory foam may have become damaged. I noticed that the Date of Delivery (to Walmart) was left blank on the box. So we'll be taking this back to Walmart, since it didn't live up to its advertised description. (See my attached pictures.)
Averaged about 3" in better spots along edgeCentral uncompressed (sleeping) areas after a week
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Wow!! So comfortable!

I could not be more pleased with with our new memory foam mattress topper! It's soft and luxurious and I love love love the way it conforms to pressue [picture attached]. I can't imagine finding a better one for this price! My husband and I can not wait to go to bed at night! Negative reviews have mentioned the smell, size and firmness. Sure, there was a smell - until I sprayed the topper with Febreze. In all honesty, I can't believe that others didn't think of that. That's all it took for the smell to disappear completely. So as soon as you get it out of the packaging, spray it with Febreze. Worked like a charm! As far as the size of it (someone said it was too short) - our queen size was a perfect fit - no shortage or excess at all and a queen sheet covered it nicely. It is firm but it's not 'hard' at all. It's wonderfully supportive and sleeping on my back or stomach, I don't even need a pillow! We did NOT have to wait 24-48 hours for it to fluff - after just 20 minutes, it was already fully fluffed and ours DID fluff up to 4 inches :) Maybe we just got lucky, but it was pretty much awesome [picture attached]. If your worried about this purchase, don't be! I would buy it over and over again and I highly recommend it to anyone.
After just 20 minutes out of the bag!Ahhh the memory foam :) Lovely.
I bought this memory foam for my bed.. I have used memory foam before and was very satisfied. Until now. The green part of the memory foam was COMPLETELY flat. The green part of the memory foam NEVER expanded to the proper size. I am disappointed, but will use the product
Only the end expanded,not the middle where needed mostVery lumpy
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big mistake

i thought that im not stupid but check the pics what i bought
We would like to assist with a replacement, under our 5-year manufacturing warranty. Please contact us at or call us at 800-613-1225.

Product not as described (at all)

When the 4" memory foam mattress pad came in the mail there was no brand packaging or anything, just in a clear bag, in a box. When I finally unboxed the item, it was only about two inches thick, and already had a very noticeable stain on it from the factory I'm assuming. The material was comfortable, but not quite memory foam through and through. I then gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried to see if it would expand to 4". It has been about a week and the pad is still a measly 2" thick. Product was NOT as described and there was no actual brand packaging to ensure me that there wasn't a mixup at the shipping warehouse. NOT HAPPY, WALMART. P.S. I sleep 2 in a king sized pillow top and am a 6'4" 235 side sleeper. If the product was 4" like it was supposed to be it would have got 4-5 stars. Mattress topper had no harsh chemical smell, went right from the box to my bed to see if it was worth keeping. The answer is NO
Stained already, brand new... Hmmm seems legit...
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Did not expand

After 4 days, the pad (advertized as 4 inches) is 3.5 inches on some edges but still 1.5 inches in the center with a few lumps of expansion here and there. Apparently this had been left compressed for more than 90 days and now will never expand to full size. I will be returning it. I see some reviewers said their pad expanded with no problems. They may have been the lucky ones who received a pad that had been compressed for less than 90 days. Lucky them.
4 Inch Spa Sensations hard center
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I ordered a 4. Inch topper and recieved a 1 inch instead. Very discusted. I took a picture as proof. It wad a gift and i was mortified. I took a pic and did it with measuring tape. I paid for 4 inches thick. I told my nephew tp throw it away i was so embarressed. I order everything from wallmart. No more.
One inch. I paid for 4. I wasnt driving to pa. To get it back and return and bring back t him again. Not worth it. Very upset and discusted.
We would like to assist with a replacement, under our 5-year manufacturing warranty. Please contact us at or call us at 800-613-1225.

Awesome topper

Delivered by date as promised, and in the Spa Sensations package dated Apr 2016 from Walmart Dist. Undamaged. I opened the pkg did just as the instructions read. The topper had no smell, I didn't even have to wait for the topper to sit for any length of time, therefore, I was able to immediately put onto my bed. Sleeping wonderfully!!!
I should return it but because it is so big and bulky I won't. Just wanted let others know what to expect if thinking about buying this topper.
After 8 days and the gel foam still has not expanded!
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Oh Bill
This is a WONDERFUL mattress topper! My husband was the one who originally wanted this mattress topper and now i'm so in love with it, I don't want to be without it. I don't know how I ever slept without this on my bed. It is very comfy, you sink right in, and you'll never want to get out of bed. We did had a problem trying to STRETCH our sheets over the mattress and topper but we ended up having to purchase some deep pocketed sheets. As for the smell. Anytime you purchase a memory foam product you are going to have this "smell". It's not horrible and I have a sensitive nose. My husband and I took it out of the package, and layed it flat to air out and also to let it fluff up. It probably layed out for about 8 hours and then we slept on it that night. I did smell it while I slept that night but it wasn't so strong that I couldn't sleep, but by the next night I couldn't smell it anymore. Don't let the "smell" discourages you from purchasing this mattress topper, you won't be disapointed.

Great for the price!

For the price, this was a great product- I don't think you can get 4" memory foam anywhere else this cheap. HOWEVER, here are some things to consider: 1) It's not like the egg-crate foam toppers- it is much firmer and overtime (couple of hours) molds to your body... so don't expect it to be nice and cushiony right away. 2) It STINKS! (at first) We took it out of the bag and laid it on top of the bed and opened the windows, and turned the fan on and let it air out for 3 full days and nights before we could sleep on it, and a couple of weeks later- there is still a faint smell to it... which will go away eventually- but be prepared. 3) it adds height to your mattress, so be ready with the sheets- we luckily had extra deep fitted sheets that still worked, but regular sheets will no longer fit thanks to the added 4" SO- if you wanted a memory foam topper and a little more support for your back or make your mattress last longer- then this could work, otherwise, get a fiberbed- they are softer and don't smell.... :)

Worth every penny!

I bought this pad about a month ago since I am 7 months pregnant I needed a way to help sleep better and I have got the best rest since. I could have used it for the last few years, but now it is essential. Even my husband sleeps better and there is so much less tossing and turning going on and even when one of us does it does not bother or shake the other. I couldn't find this mattress pad cheaper for the size anywhere else and for the price it was well worth the money. I have read some say the was a bad oder, but although it smelled a little odd it was gone within an hour or so. I highly recommend if you are even just thinking about it do it, and if you don't like it you can always return it, but I seriously doubt anyone would. I have read reviews of those who say it's too firm and others say it's so soft, realize it gives support on pressure points so it is both, firm where it needs to be and soft in other areas. I had bad hip pain that is now completely gone from the firm support, yet the pad is extremely cushiony to lay on.

Excellent - Very Comfortable Would buy again

Excellent, while it was vacuum packed it popped open in minutes, all corners and entire mattress took full form in extremely quickly. I have purchased other memory foam mattresses that never took full form in the corners, etc. Had a bit of a odor that quickly went away. The cover came with the foam enclosed, so there is NO work once removed from the bag. Some people noted they wished they could put it back in the nice bag it was shipped in. Mine was so tight that I had to cut the bag open so I could not use it again, but I wanted a memory foam mattress, not a bag so I did not care at all. We used it in our camper and 2 different people slept on it and both said it was very comfy. We did put it on top of camper coushins and did not use it on a hard surface so I can't provide an opinion for putting mattress on a hard surface and sleeping on it. I would buy this again and recommend it to family and friends and I would purchase it again, and will be buying in the twin size.


I purchased this for my mother she was in a car accident and had bad back problems. Then just recently she would wake up with her hip hurting on the side she was laying on so bad she would have to flip to the other side and she said about an hour later she would wake up with that hip hurting, she would do this several times a night. So I thought I would buy one for her I did read all the reviews before i bought it. I was alittle hesitiant on buying it because i saw some people said they didn't expand to the 4 inches. But with WalMarts (easiest) return I thought i'd give it a try. I am SO glad i did. My Mom said it has help so much I asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 - 10 being the best How well did it work for you. She said a 10. It did expand to 4inches at least very close to it. I didn't measure it but it looks around 4". So If You are hesitiant Don't be at least give it a try. And for the price you can't beat it. I am going to buy one for my husband and I, when i lay on her bed it is sooo comfy.
I purchased this item on the strength of the reviews but I didn't get what I read. Since my mattress isn't as comfortable as it used to be and causing neck and back ache, I decided on this mattress. I received the foam mattress and followed the instructions. The smell as everyone talked about was there but went away after a day or so. My problem is as if I was sent a returned foam mattress and resold. One side of it has an indentation as if someone layed there before and made a permanent dip. I turned the mattress around and it was ok for a day or so but then the foam created a dent so I'm laying in a hole as if I didn't have the foam on the bed. I'm wondering how I can return the mattress for a refund because it wasn't worth it if I was sent a previously used item which is disgusting to even think. Everyone doesn't feel the same as I do but I put a lot of faith in the reviews which everyone should. Guess I got a lemon.
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better than expensive brands

I did a lot of research before buying this mattress cover, and this one is rated better in consumer studies than all those pricey foam toppers. Even though it's cheap, it performed better in the short term than even the thousand dollar models! The only disadvantages are: the pad is so thick that you will probably need special fitted sheets to cover the mattress, and there is no info on long term durability of this product. I would assume that the more expensive models last longer and keep their shape better, but I don't know. I've had mine for a couple of months and it's wonderful. Had a VERY hard bed, and this makes it much more comfortable. Unlike other models, this one does NOT make you hot at night, either. For the first week or so, the pad will SMELL, but you just have to air it out for a couple of days. It's normal. Smell goes away.
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