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Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster, Blue

Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster, Blue

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<li>Age Range: 14 years and up</li><li>Blaster, 2 tactical rails, 12 high-impact rounds, magazine and instructions </li>
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Nerf Rival Zeus - not for the little ones!

received this item from the Walmart Spark Review Program for no compensation - just an honest review. The Nerf line-up just keeps getting cooler. This ain't your 70's, 80's, or even your 90's Nerf gun, either! To my knowledge – this is Nerf's first use of the new ammunition that looks like really small gumball sized golf balls. Rated ages is 14+ - and let me tell you – this is pretty close to the sting level of getting hit with a paint ball – just no longlasting welt afterwards. The Rival 12 round magazine is cool in that it allows for speed loading your ammo by just holding the magazine and pushing it down over your ammo 1 at a time. Really quick – really easy. The ammo really flies – with claims of over 100 feet per second and we believe it. It easily flew 100' as well (and in our basement – it bounced off the opposite wall and had enough power & velocity to bounce and roll all the way back to us). It is no wonder that the Rival face masks were made – I'd hate to get hit in the face with one of these Rival foam balls. In my opinion – the facemasks should come with the gun – they are that vital if you are going to shoot at anyone else. There is a hidden clearing jam port located on the bottom side of the Rival Zeus – if open – your gun won't fire – so make sure it's closed. The Rival ammo is shot through the motarized wheels of the Rival Zeus that give the ammo a backwards spin and loft – which propels your tragectories even further – no immediate loss of height on your firing – instead – it lofts for the first 20-40' then begins to settle down. My biggest grip (besides the sting of getting hit) was that it took 6 C cell batteries. Even buying cheap no-name batteries – that rings you up an additional $7, let alone nobody every keeps C cells around the house – we had to make a special trip to the store to buy some. These 6 batteries add A LOT of weight to the gun too – making it top heavy. The only other issue is the Rival Zeus magazine tube is confusing to load into the Nerf gun. After a night of using it – I still was loading it upside down more times than not. A different color or sticker saying TOP could easily fix that (we will place a sticker or use a sharpie to remedy this issue). To our knowledge – as warned in the directions – the Rival Zeus magazine tubes are not compatible with the Rival Apollo magazine tubes – that just seems like a bad call on Nerf's part. Cycling though your ammo took longer than expected too. Firing requires depressing the motor button for a second or two to ramp up the speed – then depressing the fire button. After each shot – you have to wait for the motor to get back up to speed before firing again. Included pop up sights were handy and the top front rail allows for installation of additional accessories (sights or other pieces). The Nerf Rival Zeus is definitely not for little kids – but for teenagers! It is powerful – and fun. The motor is loud too – but with that much power – you'd expect that! The trigger lock/safety was a nice safety measure too!


This is a great Nerf gun, and certainly the best and most advanced one that I've ever had experience with. It's very powerful, with a velocity of around 100 feet per second, and a magazine capacity of 12 rounds. It's also very accurate, as far as Nerf guns go. Though not a true bullpup design, this is a bullpup style toy weapon. It's a bit too short for an adult to shoulder shoot, but probably just right for young kids. Adults will find pleasure in firing from the hip, or with an outstretched arm position, similar to firing a pistol. This model fires small foam balls, as opposed to foam darts. Darts tend to fly better that balls, but the MXV-1200's high velocity makes up for that, and then some. This is definitely the most accurate Nerf gun I've ever shot. The overall construction is very high quality. I was concerned, at first, about this being a battery powered unit, after having many bad experiences with battery compartment doors either falling off and getting lost, or finding that the tiny plastic tabs break away, preventing the door from staying shut. Such is NOT the case with the MXV-1200! The battery compartment is a separate piece, similar to a magazine, that slides into the body of the gun and is retained with two captive screws. This actually adds even more strength to the already rugged structure of the body. In addition, the weight of the 6 'C' cell batteries is distributed along the length of the gun, making for a really well balanced design. One downfall is that the ammo is more expensive than previous designs. The best deal I could find was a 25 round package at Walmart for $6.20, although they are currently out of stock. This thing is so fun to shoot, I can certainly understand why that item is in short supply! Overall, I'd say the Nerf MXV-1200 is an excellent value, and I give it two thumbs up!

Powerful & fun!

My nephew was super excited to try out the Nerf Rival Zeyse MX V_1200 blaster. It comes complete and is easy to figure out how to put the batteries in. I was surprised that it takes 6c batteries, but it is a pretty powerful when shooting the balls. My nephew uses it for fun with the neighborhood kids. It does misfire sometimes or a ball will randomly fall out the end, but all & all, it fires well and shoots the ball with an impressive velocity of 100 feet per second! The motor is a bit noisy so I suppose if you were playing a hide &seek type of game , this need blaster would not be ideal to sneak up on anyone ( noisy) . It is easy to operate and self explanatory . The design is a bit bulky but not so much that it is bothersome. It comes with 12 golf sized balls that are easy to load. it is also very sturdy and has a quality feel to it, not flimsy. It can withstand high impact gaming fun. If playing serious nerf gaming, you will need extra magazines, but for back yard fun it comes with all you will need. I would recommend purchasing this nerd blaster.

Surprising little Nerf gun

I wasn't expecting much of this Nerf gun at first by the fact that it only uses small foam balls. Then finding that it takes 6 C batteries, so off to Walmart to get batteries and more foam balls which came with another tube like magazine that the gun uses. I put in the batteries and nothing for a while, then it finally started whirring. There is a button you hold that starts it whirring and then you pull the trigger and if fires, fast, far and accurately. I was surprised how fast and far it does shoot the balls. Of the different types of projectiles used in different Nerf guns, these are by far the softest ones to get hit by. It is a smaller, more compact, but solid feeling gun. It is not hard to take out or put in the magazine, but it is different and takes a little getting use to. The balls easily load into the magazine. I highly recommend this as a very safe fun toy that works very well and so far the batteries have not gone dead as well. They have been playing with them constantly and never had a jam or problem yet.

Fun for a wide age range

Out of the box, the first thing you need to do is insert 6 C-cell batteries (not included), which requires a small, flat-head screwdriver to access the battery magazine. Then you load up to 12 rounds in the ammo clip and you're ready to go. Takes about 5 minutes to set up. The ammo is Nerf foam balls coated in a bright yellow rubber; they look like golf balls, dimpled, but are about half the size of golf balls. The bright yellow color made the ammo easy to find after firing. There is a safety switch to lock the trigger. The Blaster makes a noise similar to a vacuum cleaner, which the kids enjoyed. I was impressed at the velocity and distance of firing. We used the Blasters in a very large backyard, yet still managed to lose two ammo balls over the fence into a heavily wooded lot next door. After that we stood at the back of the yard and fired toward the house. Many shots hit windows, screens and bird feeders without any damage to those items. I would recommend, however, if you're planning to battle and shoot one another that you wear eye goggles. There is a sliding door on the right side of the Blaster that let's you access and clear any jams. We had one ball jam due to removing the clip before all ammo had been fired. My 6 year old great-nephew quickly figured out how to remove it. Just remember to close the slider once you've cleared the jam or the Blaster won't fire. This is definitely more advanced and cooler than the Nerf toys of old. And while it is recommended for ages 14+, my younger great-nephews had loads of fun playing with it. I'd definitely recommend the face mask (sold separately) or eye goggles if planning to shoot at one another instead of targets. I'd also recommend purchasing additional ammo.

Fast Blasting Fun

The Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster arrived and as we were excited to bust it out and use it we found that it was missing the rail part of the gun that holds the batteries. After contacting Walmart I was advised to contact Hasbro. Hasbros Customer Service was wonderful and quickly sent out an email with a return label for the gun. Once they received the Nerf Rival Zeus back they immediately shipped out a replacement. The turnaround was quick and the process was really easy. The gun itself requires very little assembly before you are ready to use it. The Blaster does require batteries which adds a little bit of weight to the gun but it does not make it cumbersome. Once the batteries and rail are in place we loaded up the Nerf Blaster "ammo" and got to firing. The Nerf ammo balls are soft and lightweight. They do not fire very far and definitely will not hurt if you are hit by one or three. The reloading process is easy to do before getting back to firing. The Blaster itself is larger than most other Nerf guns which would make it difficult for smaller kids to use but pre-teens and up can hold it and use it just fine. I would definitely recommend this Blaster for anyone in the market for a little fun.

Wear Protective Gear! Awesome for Big Kids(Adults)

You should have seen my husband's face when this package came in the mail. He was like a little boy with a new toy. It took him about 5 minutes to put it together. He did have to read the instructions. Yes, ladies, my husband actually read the instructions when it came to something he wanted. This does take size C batteries, which happens to be the only batteries that we do not keep on hand at home. Once it was ready, he chased the kids around the house. We found out right away how powerful it was. It made my 5 year old cry. He stood in the hall way and shot it into her bedroom. The force was strong, even 15 feet away. I have had to ban him from shooting at the kids. But, when the kids had a chance to get him back, I helped hold him down. One of the features that he loves about this gun is, as fast as your finger can pull the trigger, this gun will shoot. The aim is very excellent. He can shoot targets with pretty good accuracy(Kids). There is an older kid range of use on this product for a reason. Please be careful at what you shoot, because these little balls do hurt. Overall, I think this is an awesome family fun gun. You can teach your children about responsibilities when using it, and set up some rules. Everyone loves it and we have to get the kids some for themselves, because the husband took this one. I think it is well worth the money. Just keep batteries in stock.

The kids loved this!

The Nerf Rival Zeus Blaster arrived well-packaged, with clear instructions for assembly and use. This gun is very well constructed. The gun is a nice dark blue and bright orange. This gun is sort of like a paintball gun, except it shoots out soft squishy ammo instead of messy paint. The balls are bright yellow, so they are easy to locate. My son is only four, and most of his cousins are quite a bit older. So when they come over, they don't have much to keep them occupied. The video games only have two controllers, so to avoid bickering, tossing the kids outside to play is ideal. The Nerf Bow and Guns are their new favorite outdoor activity. This gun takes 6 C batteries, and it has excellent battery life. The kids played with this non-stop for two weekends, and the batteries haven't had to be replaced yet. This is a really nice toy, and I expect that the kids will get years of fun out of it!

Pretty awesome

My kids and even husband have been enjoying using this Nerf gun. Although I feel the only downfall is it takes batteries it's pretty cool. I like toys that don't really require batteries.

Very Cool Toy!!

It was kinda difficult for me to put it together but my son's uncle installed it with no problem. I heard it gearing up after you install the 6C batteries it sounds soo exciting. Nice effects! I Iove that the balls are for children safety, it's not too hard. Very great toy when you have a exploring and imaginative nine year old. He loves it. I heard about this product but this was the first time experiencing it. Neat toy, I even decided to give it a try. Love it!!

A New Spin on NERF

Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster has added a whole new spin on today's action toys. The blaster will encourage your children to get up off the couch and return to the great outdoor (or even the basement) and get some good old fashion exercise. I know that it did the teenagers in my family.. This Nerf Blaster weighs around 3 pounds, giving it just enough weight to allow the user to balance the blaster for easier and more accurate aim and shooting experience. The blaster requires 6 C batteries. With the battery power the small (approximate 3/4 inch balls) go flying thru the air at a great speed headed toward its target. And with the bright yellow colored balls they are quite easy to retrieve and reload. I would recommend purchasing the Rival Mask that is sold separately or at the very least a pair of safety glasses just for added eye protection and a parent's peace of mind. I like the fact that it has a trigger lock, tactical rails and ambidextrous magazine release. It comes with 12 high-impact rounds, but I would recommend getting extra of the impact rounds so that they can play even longer before they have to retrieve the ammo to continue to play. When getting this for your teen, I would recommend that you get two so they can play with a family member or a friend adding to the Nerf Blaster experience

Powerful and not for kids

When I first got Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster I was surprised how big it was. It weighs about 3 lbs. so it would be difficult for a little kid to handle it. Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster is rated for kids 14 and older and in that case they should be able to handle it. One factor that increases the weight is 6 C batteries that are required to power it up. The gun comes with 12 round magazine that is easy to reload pushing just one round at the time. Rounds are soft gumball sized balls but are durable. This gun fires at the speed of 100 feet per second and it does sting quite a bit when you get hit, comparable with paint ball hit. It is great for target practice as long as you are not the target. I wish it came with a face masks for protection, but as far as I know you can buy the masks separately. There is a bit of noise when you push the trigger which is expected in a powerful motor. It is a really cool toy but I strongly suggest some protective attire if your pain tolerance is low.

What a Blaster

Whoa great blaster motorized and it really shoots fast and hard . At 100 fps the rounds are easy to hit your target . Great for play and target practice . If you use it to combat be sure to use head and face protection . It is motorized so you need C batteries .There is an easy load magazine and 12 high impact rounds . There is a trigger lock , use it too . The magazine is good for either hand to release . It comes in two colors red or blue for competition that could be very intense . This would be for a 14 year old or older as it is very intense . The Zeus Blaster is Nerf but it is not soft or light weight it is a very combative blaster with great shooting features . I found it's handling easy and the hand fit good. If you think it is a little kid toy you would be sadly mistaken , it is a serious blaster. Great gift for older kids .

Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster, Blue

I gave this to my son last weekend and he loves it but this blaster is for a 14 and up my son is 12 and handles it just fine. The magazine is easy to load and comes with 12 rounds high impact rounds. The magazine is easy to load. The blaster does require 6C batteries that are not included. The blaster does require 6C batteries that are not included. My son owns several different blasters and this is by far my favorite out of all of them. Any child would enjoy opening this gift on Christmas morning , you will be the bomb if you get this for your child, my son says I am the bomb, lol.

Definitely a big boy toy

I got this as part of the walmart spark reviewer programme and I gave it to my nephew as it says 14+. He really enjoys it and he and his friends take turns because they dont have one yet. The boys really enjoy it and seem to have lots of fun. I do need to get the proper mask though for eye protection but otherwise I am glad I chose the Nerf Rival Zeus.

Great firing speed lots of fun

Best toy for a boy lots of fun good build quality.

Nice, but not

This Nerf gun looks really cool. It is pretty light and is a really cool color blue. When we first opened this up, we, the whole family, were really excited to play with it and check it out. Cons: The gun takes SIX size C batteries. The gun is very 'testy' and did not work for the first 30 min. We tried moving the batteries around (even though they were brand new), we tried pulling the triggers and messing with the place where you load the 'bullets' and nothing seemed to work. My husband fiddled with it and decided it was just a loose wire or something. Gave it a rest for a few minutes and tried again and then all of a sudden it worked. Extremely LOUD. I would not recommend to anyone who does not like loud toys. It is really loud. The "bullets" are actually balls and I can see them becoming hard to find for replacement purposes in stores. The "bullets" are softer balls and they tend to bounce off things, people, walls, etc, and very easy to get lost because they do bounce and they also roll. Pros: It shoots pretty far and the balls are soft, so they do not hurt.

Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster, RED

I received this gun through Spark Reviewer. This gun holds 6C cell batteries and that makes this gun heavy. It's a great gun once you figure out how to use it. We had some complications with the buttons but soon figured it out. We got the red one not the blue one. The little Nerf balls it shoots can hurt a person if they are too close to them since they are powered by 6 c cell batteries. Over all it's a nice gun to have and play with. My son loves all kind of Nerf guns. My husband used this one in the Nerf war against the boys. The yellow balls are bright and can be seen in the yard after you shoot them which is a plus.

Great Toy for Teens

The Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster in Blue is a fun toy. My 15 year old nephew enjoyed it so much I got him a red one so he and a friend can battle with them, using safety glasses of course. They are going to encourage some other friends to get them so they can play in teams. Features include a trigger lock, tactical rails and ambidextrous magazine release. It comes with 12 high-impact rounds and I was pleasantly surprised that they do fire with enough velocity to let the kids have fun with them. But of course they need to protect their eyes. He initially used some goggles we had, but I do plan to purchase the Rival Mask that is sold separately as it complements to Blaster and the kids think it looks cool too so it makes sense to purchase that. This is definitely an outdoor toy as the high-impact rounds are more rubber like than I first thought before seeing the item in person (one is exposed for touch in the packaging) – I thought the rounds were more foam-like as the original Nerf balls. But it makes sense that they need to be a harder material to attain the velocity needed and not be “totally lame” from the kids' perspective. It does seem like a pretty good toy for teens, but it gets expensive when you consider multiple blasters and masks.

Lots of fun

I got this blaster and another one thinking that my son and myself could have gun battles in a fun safe matter. The balls are rubber so they probably wouldn't cause much damage. We haven't really been able to have a battle yet as I had problems with the second blaster. This blaster is battery operated and takes six "C" size batteries, that is one draw back of this blaster. I will say that this blaster shoots the rubber balls out fast, so they might sting a bit and I would be careful shooting them indoors around fragile items. This blaster does have a good long range shooting distance which could be good for a gun battles. However it is kind of loud, which would make it hard to sneak up on anyone. Also I am not sure how easy it will be to get replacement balls if they get lost, I did not see them at my local Walmart.
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