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This product is the best.

Customer review by happymom

5.0 stars by happymom

This product works wonderful, great for accidents. My daughter has very sensitive skin and its hard to find products that don't break out her skin.I would recommend them for all moms.

Aberdeen, MD, USA
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Great product

Customer review by avasmommy2010

5.0 stars by avasmommy2010

Pull ups are a great way to help with potty training! They are a must have!

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My daughter loves them!

Customer review by Melx3

5.0 stars by Melx3

We started potty training my daughter a little late because she didn't seem interested and we didn't want to force her. She is the youngest of the kids and I think she finally became interested because she would pull her pants down and say she needed to go. I bought the girl patterned pull ups and she fell in love with them. She knows that she doesn't want to get the characters "dirty" so now she runs to the potty to go! A very great purchase.

California, USA
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Great product!!

Customer review by Angie80

5.0 stars by Angie80

My daughter is being potty trained at this time and these pull ups work great. Never had issues with the product leaking.

Wilmington, IL, USA
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Wish we could find the monster pull ups

Customer review by debbie

5.0 stars by debbie

My 3 year old granddaughter wants the monster pull ups in the worst way. We have been to every store that sells them since they started to advertise them multiple times and we still cannot find them!!! I have seen more tears than I care to!

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best training pants ever

Customer review by amc2010

5.0 stars by amc2010

i love these training pants they are great for potty training

Cadillac, MI 49601, USA
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Holds up great

Customer review by Gatlin108

5.0 stars by Gatlin108

my little one loves these, they hold up very well when they forget to go to the potty and fit like real underwear.

Tampa, FL, USA
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Customer review by lizzy

5.0 stars by lizzy

my daughter LOVES!! minnie and when she seen these she really wanted to try to go potty they helped me out alot and so easy to take off

Houston, TX, USA
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Customer review by AZmomof2

5.0 stars by AZmomof2

I absolutely loved these while I was potty training my daugher. I liked how she could easily pull them up and down herself, how there was a wetness indicator to let me know if she had an accident, and how there are the easy open sides that could be closed back up again. She loved that they were like "big girl panties" and that they had her favorite princesses on them. Thanks to these I was able to get her potty trained in less than a week.

Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Great for potty training

Customer review by Adud333

5.0 stars by Adud333

My daughter feels like a big girl in these!!!! Love them

Birmingham, AL, USA
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Great product

Customer review by Goodmomma

5.0 stars by Goodmomma

I love these pull ups my toddler is two and just about fully trained we only really use these now for car rides and day trips at home she's in big girl underwear the only thing I don't like is you keep changing the design of them not the picture but the actually design I like the ones with the easy pull tabs on the side and I can never find them

Barrie, ON, Canada
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Great product

Customer review by Jenn

5.0 stars by Jenn

This is a great product. I love the fact that they fit my son very well. He's tall and lean! Also, he loves the design. Love it! Thanks so much.

Chesterfield, MI 48051, USA
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20 Months

Customer review by kiki211

5.0 stars by kiki211

Huggies Pull-ups are the best in my book for on the go. So far my daughter has had no accidents and i love the stretchy adjustable sides. She knows exactly witch package to pick off the shelf because of the Minnie Mouse. Thank you Huggies <3

Yonkers, NY, USA
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Very Helpful!

Customer review by sdspaulding80

5.0 stars by sdspaulding80

The Pull-Ups are very helpful & durable! They helped my toddler learn to not get wet. She loved having a dry day and seeing all her designs still on there. It was very useful through our potty training stage!

Kingwood, TX, USA
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Awesome Pull-Ups

Customer review by minnie

5.0 stars by minnie

This product is extremely helpful when potty training. My daughter loved them and she was so excited to be in big girl!

Montevallo, AL, USA
Potty Training!

Customer review by MCOLLINS1221

5.0 stars by MCOLLINS1221

Potty training can be a task for not only the child but the parent as well. As soon as I bought my 3 year old daughter the Minnie mouse/Princess Pull Ups she was going potty all the time!!!! I knew she was ready but was still in diapers. It has only been a week and have noticed a great improvement. I am on my first pack and am not sure if we should continue onto another or buy underwear. Maybe to keep a pack on standby for nighttime and long outings. Although I do not want to encourage going in the Pull Ups. I don't believe we have had any accidents so far and if she is going at nighttime it is holding it in rather well. The design on the front makes her proud that she hasn't gone all night and wants to go first thing in the morning! Although I am sad that my baby girl is growing up, I love the fact that I will not have to buy diapers anymore!!

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Customer review by sadibabyx39

5.0 stars by sadibabyx39

My Daughter loves her pullups, she thinks theyre just like panties.

Hagerstown, MD, USA
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Customer review by xolmandimarie

5.0 stars by xolmandimarie

I worked at a preschool for over a year and this product was great! The kids loved them because of the designs and wore them for nap time. Nap time had quite a few accidents but also helped the kids who were just learning to wake up if they had to use the bathroom. The easy rip sides were great for clean up! I will be using these on my own daughter when she's big enough!

Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
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The Best Pull-Ups on the Market

Customer review by Tiff2010

5.0 stars by Tiff2010

Not only is the design super cute but I love the way these pull-ups feel compared to Pampers. They are much more comfortable and absorb much better. The Pampers Pull-ups feel cheap and are too bulky. Pampers also can not be put back together if the side rips. Huggies can!

Zephyrhills, FL, USA
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She loves them, she love them not?

Customer review by p31lady

5.0 stars by p31lady

She loves them & so do I! My little girl just turned 2 but she has shown that she was ready to be potty trained since before 12mths. She couldn't stand the way a dirty diaper felt on her bottom so she'd take it off & demand to be changed. {smh} So we began the potty-training process but it seemed to be too much work with the diapers. It took too long to take them off so she'd end up having accidents on the way to the potty & she didn't like to lay down so I can put the diaper back on etc. etc. As to the pull-ups where you just slide them off & on. & she loves to point out that the picture hasn't faded. The designs excites her & they're so cute, giving the big-girl panties effect. She isn't fully potty trained just yet we are definitely close. Thanks for making this process easier on us.

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1-20 of 164 total reviews