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Customer review by dssb

5.0 stars by dssb


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Customer review by JoyWake

5.0 stars by JoyWake

A gorgeous model made to really high-quality. The silver bricks give this a grown-up and attractive appearance when complete and it was a really fun build - quite tricky at points to get the parts to pivot symmetrically. The booklet was really interesting and filled with facts about the tower. My favorite thing? You can choose the label for your tower in English OR French. Magnifique!

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Excellent Addition

Customer review by DJC85

5.0 stars by DJC85

I recently purchased and built The Eiffel Tower product. I can say I am extremely pleased with the product. Fun to build and larger than the other landmark series products and I would recommend it to anyone who purchases products fromm this range. A fantastic addition that means I have purchased all the landmark series products that are available. Cant wait for the next landmark whatever it is, but Ido hope they release one soon as I love them.

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Loved It!!!!!!!

Customer review by Mikey3802

5.0 stars by Mikey3802

Best Lego Architecture next to the White House! This is a huge one, but amazing!

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C'est magnifique...

Customer review by werdna0

5.0 stars by werdna0

What a great model this is. It's the first architecture set I've had - not been convinced of the value of others - but this is so elegant, perfectly proportioned and it really authentic looking. Buy it, you'll, er, amour it

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La tour Eiffel

Customer review by Tenshi

5.0 stars by Tenshi

Great Model, nice tower. Just not really mad about the colour. I would like to see it in a sandstone colour like the actual tower.

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Not 10181, but.....

Customer review by Legocanine

5.0 stars by Legocanine

...its a very nice addition to the architecture series. The 10181 is the large Lego Eiffel Tower that was retired a while back. To me, it is the definitive Lego set. This newest Lego rendition of the Eiffel Tower is a nice, little architecture set. While it doesn't capture the design of the Eiffel Tower like 10181 does, its a lot more budget friendly and fits nicely in with the rest of the architecture series. The build is creative but not that challenging. If you pay attention, you wont have any problems with the stability of the towers lower level. I had serious doubts about this set before I built it. I was prepared to offer one of my sarcastic reviews. But, the actual build resulted in me having a much more positive attitude towards this product. I've seen the Eiffel Tower in person more than once. While the color of the set is a bit off, the final result is a nice, fun representation of the actual structure.

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La tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower)

Customer review by wuzzerz

5.0 stars by wuzzerz

This is a good quality set in many ways. First off, I thought it was cool because they had an option if you want the nameplate in English or French. Second of all, it is much larger than the other architecture landmark sets. (1 ft) It is a repetitive build at times, and you spend some time at the end of the build trying to center the tower on the base. There are few special pieces (just nameplate and bendable rods for the arch towards the bottom) It was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be but still a fairly easy build. The price is fairly reasonable but, as all of the other architecture sets, a bit on the expensive side. I say just to buy it and give it a try.

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One of the better ones

Customer review by GoldenLego225

5.0 stars by GoldenLego225

This set for me, having all of the other Architecture series ones was by far one of the best. It's not something simple like the Empire State Building but not nearly as complex as the larger of the sets. The Eiffel Tower is a very good middle of the road set that uses some great building techniques to pay homage to a classic piece of engineering and architecture.

North Arlington
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Not bad!

Customer review by general682002

5.0 stars by general682002

This design is pretty well made without much of a difficulty! I do quite enjoyed it!

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Great Purchase

Customer review by Bonomo1

5.0 stars by Bonomo1

The Eiffel Tower is amazing! I loved building it. Some parts though were a little annoying. It was annoying when I was trying to add some parts or adjust it, it would brake a little. Overall great purchase!

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French Wonder ... The Eiffel Tower

Customer review by Toftsy

5.0 stars by Toftsy

This is the 6th model I have constructed from the Lego Architecture range. Sits on the usual base with striking black edging with the lovely choice of English or French worded nameplate. What I particularly loved about this one was the superb design, so cleverly put together. Probably one of my favourite models to build as the way it takes shape during construction really leaves you in awe when completed. Looks fantastic with the rest of my completed Architecture range.

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Customer review by cdrrlr12

5.0 stars by cdrrlr12

This is an awesome set! It can really teach you more things that you can look into.

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Very nice little set

Customer review by LachieD

5.0 stars by LachieD

I purchased this Eiffel Tower because I love the Architecture series and I love the Eiffel tower itself. It was a great build and it was surprisingly tall. All of the metalic pieces that were included really made it look very nice. And as always the architecture instruction booklet was excellent full of facts and beautiful full colour pictures of the Eiffel Tower. I also loved how on some of the instruction pages was a little fact on the tower itself just like in the LEGO ideas Ghostbusters. This was my first LEGO architecture set and it sure does deliver! Great as a decorative item on your desk at work.

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Customer review by LucasSteuber

5.0 stars by LucasSteuber

This set is VERY highly recommended. I'm really impressed with how true to the real thing this model is, especially considering its size, and it relies entirely on traditional LEGO bricks rather than sets like the Space Needle, which I didn't like as much because of the (admittedly minor) complaint that a rod needed to be bent. Another point is that this looks very "finished" and solid when built. The flat pieces along the sides of the structural supports are a great touch. From a distance it's actually hard to tell that this is even a LEGO model instead of cast pewter or similar, and it's always a great conversation starter in my office. This would be a great first choice for anyone wanting to start building the Architecture sets, and a great addition to any experienced builder's collection.

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Customer review by ChiTownLegoGuy14

5.0 stars by ChiTownLegoGuy14

This is one of the more challenging Architecture sets that i have come across. The finished product is sturdy and eye catching. Definitely worth the money. You build it in three separate sections and the bottom and middle sections are a little difficult to connect. Now I just need a girlfriend to take to the restaurant on top! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Fine decoration

Customer review by Cesuto

5.0 stars by Cesuto

I would strongly recommend this as a first LEGO to anyone. It's very much fun to build, and I can recommend trying to build it without instructions. The inner parts are obviously impossible to figure out, but it was still great fun. The tower is a perfect present, as it can be kept as a decoration. It's not too big to fit anywhere, but large enough to be seen. If you've ever been to Paris, it could be a nice memento on your desk ;) The pages in the manual rip of easily however. So treat it with care. This was my first LEGO in 20 years, and it hooked me immediately. I'm now the proud owner of several sets and I dream of more :)

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Beautiful representation

Customer review by Cntrychic

5.0 stars by Cntrychic

I loved completing this set last night. It reminded me of visiting Paris about 15 years ago. This was my first experience with the architecture series. I appreciated the historical facts and background. The directions were slightly more advanced than those of other sets allowing me to attach many pieces at once. I hope to buy other sets of places I have visited and then add as I see more landmarks. I also greatly appreciate that Lego is family owned, what a great enterprise!

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Lego Eiffel Tower

Customer review by HAJilani

4.0 stars by HAJilani

So, at long last, Lego has made An Eiffel Tower. Will it live up to the expectations? We'll see. Part I- Build: I build this set in about 30 minutes. However, this was probably because of the fact that I was at the time on a brownie induced sugar rush. To the average Lego builder, I would say it would take 45 minutes, maybe more. The build has almost no technic and is worth the time. The tower is built in three parts: base, middle, and top Part II- Structure: The tower's base is very sturdy, and so are the separate sections. However, the three sections (base middle and top) don't go together very well. Every time I even touched it, the middle section would fall off, taking the top with it. The top fell off too, under any pressure. Overall: If you want something to play with, don't get this set. If you want something too display, though, this set is pretty impressive at a foot tall. However, just know you'll be putting it back together a lot. Score 7/10

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Customer review by George40987

4.0 stars by George40987

This was minutes of fun as I kept building my masterpiece. Definite recommendation for others.

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