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Nobis 7" Quad Core Gms 8gb Black

Nobis 7" Quad Core Gms 8gb Black

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Nobis 7" Quad Core Gms 8gb Black
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Very fast, quad core-ddr3 memory

I have been building computers and laptops for years, I have a ms surface and Toshiba thrive I use, I bought this after seeing the price and specs. the speed of this puts my older $400 Toshiba thrive to shame. You can't go wrong, if this was made here you would be paying a lot more money-don't know how they do it. comes loaded and has HDMI

$69? You can't go wrong! Decent little starters.

Have not gotten to the nitty gritty just light dl'ing and surfing but I am a pretty heavy tech user so I do know what to look for. Know that when you buy this it is a 7 inch tablet. I saw people complain about the size....well when you order a small fry, you get a small fry. The speaker is decent. Viewing angles are just OK but you aren't going to get a true screen viewing from any angle for less than $200+....I also own an Acer Iconia a500 which gives excellent viewing at $389 (love it, bought the nobis to keep my 4 year old away from it). Processor is OMG fast. All of the inputs as and outputs the big boys have expandable memory big plus. All in all its a great addition to the pile of tech stuff in your home. I would not pay the $120 tag price but for $69 or even $89..... Its worth it.

Surprisingly good!

I had my doubts as to whether or not this product would even work out of the box. However, it does and functions better than expected. We have an ipad and asus tablet to compare it to so my wife and aren't noobs to this kind of tech. Let me begin by saying this tablet is mainly for kids/teens or first time users. It does work but I would not suggest this item for any major league tech savvy individuals. Ok then. The Nobis tablet is well worth the price ( I paid $69 cyber week). It has quite a few bells and whistle absent from your typical bargain price tablets. Quad core processing ( a little slow but fast enough), an HD screen, 8GB of memory (minus some preloaded app space taken), a micro SD slot, front and back cameras (ok quality), a HDMI mini port, and standard stuff like headphone jacks. That's a lot for a bargain basement item and guess what it all worked out of the box. It is roughly as fast (nah, a little slower) as the asus while browsing the internet and it has a picture quality that far exceeds the price. It doesn't have a high profile redna screen but it is clear and well lit none the less. We have not experienced any delays in the touch screen so far and it would seem to register motion gestures about as well as any tablet I've used. The product is really light weight and has a solid enough build to warrant a below $90 price tag (it is not sturdy enough for long term expectations). The preloaded apps work well and there isn't too much bloatware but it has a micro SD slot for expandable memory to make up for that. Did I mention it can use a run of the mill cell phone charger. That's right you can use the same car charger and phone chargers around your house to power the system up. This was a pleasant surprise for me. So far, this appears to be an excellent purchase for the children in our family. Keep in mind this review is based on a fresh out of the box experience. I cannot vouch for any longevity with the devise so I suggest you get the protection plan for this one. It will cost you less than $10 for 2 years of protection. So, if in a few days or weeks this baby turns out to be a dud or it is dropped by one of your youngsters you can just run it back to the store and receive a refund, replacement, or pay a few extra dollars for an upgrade. I have only put my hands on it a few times because it is a gift but thus far I am comfortable with giving it a 4 star rating. I'll come back when I find out more.

Good Buy

I was trying to decide between this tablet and another that was in the same price range. I decided on this one because it is Quad Core, so far I am very happy with it and am glad that I chose this one. It does very well with Netflix, the picture is very clear. I have not had any trouble with lag or it not wanting to turn on like I did with another tablet we had. Overall I think it is worth what I paid for it.

Poor graphics

Tablet seemed to work fine except for the display. There graphic quality is the shortcoming of this product. If you angle it just a little bit the screen appears monochrome, a little more and it fades out completely. I do not mean it literally fades as in a power loss but rather the viewing angle is so narrow that it appears to fade away. My wife has had a 7 " nexus for about a year so I thought I was getting something comparable. It is not. I hope this helps someone.

Hoping I just got a defective battery

I bought this for my son for Christmas. I Opened it on Christmas eve to make sure the WiFi etc was programmed for him Christmas morning. I fully charged it then wrapped the present. Christmas morning my son loved it and it seemed to be a really great tablet. Then about 25% battery life, the thing just shut down and the battery will not hold a charge at all. I'm planning to return it today, maybe for a different brand.

Will not Charge

Nice looking tablet, but no volume key.... volume is not loud enough to use without headphones. Loaded a couple of apps with no trouble, but when the battery life depleated it would not charge again. I tried to contact the e-mail address listed in the instruction manual, but my message was rejected. There was no telephone number available in any documentation that came with the tablet. I wanted to try a factory reset, but had no idea how to perform on this unit since there was no volume button, and there was nothing anywhere that I could find to actually contact tech support. Very disappointed in the tablet and the service that should have been provided. I barely was able to return it and had difficulty doing so at the store even though I had printed all the required documents and return information.

Bought three and only one actually worked;

Not sure what went wrong but one of our units didn't work at all; started with a white screen and never would start up, and the other gave out after only a day. Very unhappy grandchildren and now I have to figure out how to get these items changed and purchase others. Not the positive outcome I was hoping for.

Do not waste your money and your time

The Nobis quad-core was working like charm for three days. I was so happy, I thought it was better than the Hisense Sero Pro 7 or the Nexus. After 4 days, the Nobis keeps rebooting by itself and couldn't charge. I try to reset it, nothing works. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! THE NOBIS COULD BE A GREAT PRODUCT. ON THE LONG RUN IT MISSES MISERABLY ITS EXPECTATIONS!! FAILURE AND FAILURE AGAIN!!


I received this with a half full battery charge so I decided to put some games and apps on it for my 6 year old before I wrapped it and put it under the Christmas tree. My initial thoughts were this tablet is awesome, especially for the price. It was easy to use, nice screen, easy setup. Well I left it to charge for an hour after downloading the apps, came back and the screen wouldn't work. You could tell the backlight was on and it made noises when you touched the screen, but nothing showed on the screen. I returned it to the store the next day for a full refund and bought my son a Nook HD instead.

Bad Tablet

Looking at the product description and price, I thought it was a value product. On the first day of usage I felt the screen brightness was not sufficient enough. At the end end of second day, I got a warning sign on Battery, meaning the Battery totally died. So Tablet is unusable now. Packing it up for return.

Poorly made. Looked like and awesome deal.

I bought three for my grandchildren. Within a day or two one of the tablets didn't charge correctly, the other two have defective screens and are unusable. To have all three fail within two days tells me that these are a extremely flawed product. I am going to have to return all three tablets. Although I chose (Used every few days) they have been unusable).

Charging Port disappeared ????

The charging port fell down inside the tablet when we tried to charge it. I am hoping it was just loose in the one we got and not an issue with the manufacturing of this product. I can not at this time rate this item until the replacement one arrives, seeing as how we really did not have much time to use it. I can say that the price seems like a good deal, it is light weight, it fits nicely in the case we purchased for it, and from what little time we had it going it seemed very user friendly. I would suggest purchasing a micro SD card for it so there is more memory on it for all the apps.

Only a one time use!

I thought when we first opened it that it was great! When the battery started dieing is when we realized it wasnt. I couldnt get it to charge and it appeared like the wrong adapter because it did not fit snuggly!A sad Christmas day for my nine year old!

Didn't want a tablet but glad I bought one!

I only bought a tablet because my main computers are down (my fault) and, although I have a temporary computer, I need something to use comfortably while having my computers repaired. I have Fibromyalgia and have gotten clumsy so I managed to take out a desktop and netbook. I bought the netbook thinking it would be light enough for portability but I was wrong so, here I am with a tablet. I placed an order for a tablet online, just two days before finding this one. This one had better specs and a lower price as it was on the daily specials. I love it! It's fast, lightweight, and, I can use it as my Bible. Set up was extremely easy. I'm also very pleased with the size, 7". Anything bigger would have been a little too bulky for my tastes and my purse. When I need a larger screen, I'll use a computer. The cons, there appears to be a manufacturing error as the total space listed on my tablet is only 4Gb instead of 8Gb. I was so excited about having a new toy that I forgot to check before I got into using it. I have contacted the manufacturer (you have to email rather than call) and am awaiting a reply. If they can't resolve the issue, I'll return it to Wal-Mart and I pray they will have a replacement in stock to send me. Also, the cord on the charger is extremely short, I have 2 cell phone chargers that fit and the tablet recognizes them as being connected but it doesn't appear to actually charge from them. I guess this could be a good thing because it means I'm forced to take a break from it while it charges. However, it does charge quickly and has great battery life. I attempted to time the battery life but I'm a little forgetful. It does heat up while charging so never place it on a soft surface without adequate airflow while charging.

D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival)

When I received the device it turn on, but non of the operating system functioned. Really light weight, the body of the device felt really cheap. If you have children use this item I would recommend a protective case along with it. I am not exactly sure how long this item would have lasted, due to the way the item looked and felt. I purchased a different tablet through Wal-Mart, which cost a little more and the differences are apparent. Wal-Mart staff did an excellent job returning the item and returning my money.

Ok for someone learning.

My main issue with this Tablet was, I only installed 7 apps then tried reading a book on it and was told my memory was to low. There are a lot of pre-installed apps on it that in my opinion that are not necessary.

Not what I expected

I bought 2 of this tablet as a gift for my nieces. First thing is that I've got 2 tablets with only 4GB instead of the 8GB of the product description. Second one of them stopped charging after a day of use. I would not buy this product again.

Dont buy

Bought this for my 7 year grandson and tablet never worked. The day I received it in the mail I turned it on . Nothing but a white screen with black lines, returned it to the local wal mart and bought different brand.

Bought three two failed took them all back

Two out of the three tablets that I bought, within coupe weeks of use they decided to not take a charge. The third one I didn't even give it a chance to fail I'm not recommending this product to anyone unless you like taking the product you buy back every couple weeks to exchange it because it won't last a complete month of use. I bought them for my children ages 7 through 10. If they can fix the charging issues then I would say that they are perfect for the price and effective for the use of a child. Have a happy day!
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