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30187 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

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30187 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

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Only thing better is NO TAXES!

Customer review by fairwinds401

5.0 stars 4/11/2014 by fairwinds401
by fairwinds401

Let me start by saying that I really, really like the TurboTax software! I've been using it for many years and there is none better in my opinion. I get the deluxe version every year and am very pleased with it. The only snag I hit this year was on the initial loading of the disk. It seemed to start, then just went blank!?!? I have windows 7 and I had to do a "compatibility" load in xp. Not sure why??? This is the same computer I have used for the past 2-3 years and have not had this problem before. Maybe it's just a glitch on my computer, since it is aging. As for the State software, it really bugs me that I have to manually go into it and make my military retirement "non-taxable" for the state. Seems to me that you folks should know this and shud incorporate this into the State software. I think I remember this from last year as well. If I'm doing something wrong I can't figure out what it is. But, overall, as I said earlier, I am extremely pleased with the TurboTax software package.

Enterprise, Alabama
Using TurboTax is EASY

Customer review by Taxpayer920

5.0 stars 4/24/2014 by Taxpayer920
by Taxpayer920

TurboTax is very good for those who need help with their returns or for those who know what they are doing but just want an E-Filed return provider. The return is checked for math, logic, and input errors or omissions that are detected from other data that you entered. Of course, remember the no program can detect errors of omission that you omitted intentionally or just forgot to enter but had no effect on other parts of the return. I have used it for years and find it to be very good for the price. It is updated every time you open your return or start the program, if you choose to accept the updating process, which you should do, for your own protection. The updating is a very important process as the IRS does change forms and processes all the time. The fact that you can get a tully printed copy of all the calculations if of great benefit to you if want to review the entire content of your returns and their methods of determining a final number that goes into the actual filed return.

Northern IL
Updates are a pain

Customer review by DRXX

4.0 stars 4/14/2014 by DRXX

I have been using Turbo Tax for over 10 years & have always been a BIG supporter of this software, talking many of my friends & family into using it. This year, for the first time in my history of using this software, the update feature was redesigned, in my opinion very poorly. Previously, when launching the software, the first thing it did was "check for updates". No you have to realize that the updates are not automatic & you have to choose the update feature from the online menu & run them yourself. If you are a new user, this is probably no big deal, but for a long time user like myself, it was a big pain & took me about 1/2 hr of searching through the on line support before I found a previous question with the proper answer...all in how you word your searches, I guess. After I ran all the updates, of course, the software was it's normal wonderful self & I was able to complete several tax returns using it with no further issues. PLEASE make the updates run like they use to!

Chicago, IL
Did not qualify for electronic filing???

Customer review by BummedWithTurbo

2.0 stars 4/5/2014 by BummedWithTurbo
by BummedWithTurbo

During the error checking stage, TurboTax claimed that it was a mistake to have a W2 with 0.00 in Box 1. Due to this error, I was not able to file electronically. I had multiple W2s from the same employer since I worked in two different states. The employer put all Federal Income in Box 1 on the first W2 and 0.00 in Box 1 of the second W2. The income for each state was separated on the individual W2s. This seems correct to me, since if the same income was in Box 1 on both W2s i would being paying federal taxes on the same income twice. The ability to file electronically is one of the key reasons that I buy this software. Since I can not use this feature, I do not feel that the software is worth the price. There should be a disclaimer that states that free federal electronic filing is not available for all users. This seems more like a bug in the software to me, and not an IRS restriction. Of course, if I was an expert on the tax code, I wouldn't be using this software in the first place.


Customer review by POWERMAN1959

5.0 stars 4/3/2014 by POWERMAN1959

Not a hit on TurboTax; however, I suggest that if you are preparing an 'itemized' form, use what you had prepared by a tax professional from the prior tax filing year for a "reference" point." In other words, let's say that you already filed taxes for last year #2012#; install TurboTax and 'try' to enter everything just as they walk you through it. When you are done, compare with what a tax professional prepared. You will be surprised! If you have errors, then it most likely is something you added/omitted that threw the numbers off. This is what happened to my wife and I. This way, you will understand what TurboTax is asking you. I have been using TurboTax for over ten years! So far, so good. My wife loves it too! Actually, I turned the 'reins' over to her after the second year of using TurboTax, and she insists on using it. Trust me, after the first few filings using TurboTax, you will understand A LOT about what the IRS is looking for, and how to avoid making blunders that could cost you!

Paris, TN

Customer review by UTTransplant

2.0 stars 4/3/2014 by UTTransplant
by UTTransplant

After years of using TurboTax, the 2013 tax year experience was one rant at the computer screen after another. Entering deductions requires multiple screens that simply verify repeatedly. There was no way to enter a fourth entry on my W2 under a title "P". The eFiling was a disaster. Repeatedly "failure to transmit" messages with no discernible reason why. Then I shut everything down and restarted only to get a screen that had me start re-entering my name and address from the front of the tax form and telling me there was no data in my completed form. I couldn't close that because it seemed to threaten to alter or wipe out my 2013 tax files that I had already saved, so I had to leave that up and re-open my 2013 tax form that luckily brought up the completed form and eventually transmitted the eFile. Also, pre-checking the eFile box for whether I want to eFile my state return when there is a not insignificant fee to do so really annoyed me. This is probably the last year of Turbo Tax for me.

Salt Lake City, UT
Long time satisfied user of Turbotax!

Customer review by rds2013turbotax

4.0 stars 4/13/2014 by rds2013turbotax
by rds2013turbotax

I have used Turbo Tax for many years. An overview of what has changes since last year is most helpful. The choice for guided step by step and guide myself is great! Here are a few suggestions: I spent a good bit of time gathering documentation about casualty deduction and education deduction only to realize I didn't get to claim either. (I did get to claim education credit). Learned similar lesson on Medical expenses a few years ago. Seems like an up front calculation (instead of at the end) during the interview steps could have saved time. Would like better guidance on how to claim purchases of new items donated to charities (like Toys for Tots). It's Deductible seems to cover only used items. Also, would like to enter my dependent children's W-2's in same interview session and have Turbotax handle reporting combined or separately. Note, I selected Student under family life below because I have a son who is college student. Not sure if you meant just me - I am not a student.

Hoover, AL
Can be improved

Customer review by dmcmd

4.0 stars 4/11/2014 by dmcmd
by dmcmd

Each year when I use TurboTax, I encounter a problem. Often, a solution is available through the help centerand this year, I needed it 3 times. Sometimes, though, a problem arises which seems to be a flaw in the software and there is no practical way to get a solution. This time around, the software forced an additional contribution to my HSA, attempts to override were input but triggered a loop in the review that was impossible to get out of. Following help center recommendation, I tried to 'cancel override', but there was never any option presented where I could do this. I went back twice and redid the HSA contribution and eventually accepted what seems an incorrect calculation. So, I think there should be a support mechanism through which users can report what they consider to be software errors. You will undoubtedly get a lot of mistaken reports, to which you can respond with boilerplate "we checked and it's OK" answers. But it will make the software more bullet proof (and audit proof).

I'm In Love With Turbo Tax

Customer review by THarry

3.0 stars 4/14/2014 by THarry
by THarry

Tax time is usually a very painful and miserable time for my husband and I. We have a Tax Debt for a previous year and therefore, our refunds are never sent to us, rather they are applied to our Tax Debt. Understandable. However, this makes finding out how much of a refund we are due very depressing. We make things even worse by waiting until almost the very last minute to submit our taxes. The stress of printing the forms, preparing the taxes, copying the final returns and forms, and getting them to the PO is always so overwhelming! Not this year! Because I decided to spend the money on Turbo Tax, I was able to prepare and submit our taxes in an afternoon. No arguing, no stress, and we are actually going to sleep together tonight instead of one of us on the couch like most years on the night we finish our taxes! Thank you Turbo Tax for adding peace and tranquility to Tax Time for my husband and I! The price paid for your product is overwhelmingly worth every cent! I am a TT customer for life!

Carson City NV
IRA trustee to trustee HSA distribution

Customer review by MetsFan1969

4.0 stars 4/5/2014 by MetsFan1969
by MetsFan1969

The program requires IRA to HSA distribution to be entered on 1099-R. The problem is the IRA trustee is not required to file a 10099-R and didn't in my case. The IRS only requires the distribution to be entered ob 8889 line 10 as per publication 590. Turbo Tax will only allow entry of the distribution through the 1099-R data source which was never issued by the trustee. If you override directly to 8889 you cannot file electronically which NY requires. On the positive side support provided a work around and guided me through the process step by step, Actual content was provided for the explanation sheet. The process was not unlike those I experienced with a professional Tax repairer when the program they were using needed to be coaxed. Still, I am not a believer in filing forms not required by the IRS. I was so uncomfortable with the filing I elected to purchase the audit protection. Turbo tax should address the programming to address this issue. Fortunately the distribution is a one time deal.

Long Island, NY

Customer review by RSeattle

4.0 stars 4/13/2014 by RSeattle
by RSeattle

this is the third year in a row I have had problems that the program says there is an error in my 401k data but provides no accurate explanation of the error or how to fix it - the error message every year just says the maximum that can be contributed is $17,500 even though the number I fill is is less than that. I do not understand how this same bug can still be there after 3 years - your message board is full of others who are having the same problem, yet ever year I have to struggle to figure out how I can override your program and manually fill in data in various forms to be able to file my taxes (worst is that the program refuses to let you file with this error, so in past years I have been in a panic as I faced filing late because the program refused to let me file - this year I made sure to file early to avoid that problem, anticipating that the same error would still be in your program). I seriously considered using H&R Block's program this year and probably will next year to avoid this.

Seattle WA
Can be significantly Improved

Customer review by Audabati

3.0 stars 4/8/2014 by Audabati
by Audabati

If you are not savvy in tax matters with time and access to IRS publications (with their bureaucratic sterile language). Turbo-Tax is not much help either, as it "parotts" the same IRS words (no value-added). Although considered SME, I use the long-winded time consuming option of "step-by-step" to reduce error risks only to find that I took "the wrong fork in the road". Its Deductible borders on being a joke. If you have to sign off in the middle of the process, signing on again will get you to a data set that you may have not seen before!! One data set accepts three levels of donation conditions (good, medium, poor) and the other data set accepts only the first two states. The prices in the two sets are vastly different. God help you if you need live support, life becomes a very dark place trying to find a "Human" to talk to. This seems to be a hallmark of the Intuit corporation regardless of what it peddles: Turbo-Tax or Quicken. Pray for serious competition to take hold.

New York, NY
Didn't file my return on time

Customer review by dmajerovitz

3.0 stars 4/25/2014 by dmajerovitz
by dmajerovitz

My BIG complaint is that I filed my taxes and my son's taxes but only my son's were submitted. I only discovered this when he got a refund check today and I wondered why we had not gotten ours, which was filed first. I went back to the program and saw 'was not printed or filed' even though I had a printed copy, a saved PDF, and had hit the file button. Granted I should have realized the email did not come through but I got several for his taxes and misinterpreted. Now we probably owe penalties. A second issue with Turbotax is with the help. For more complex things, it refers you to the IRS publications which are not always clear. It would be better if explanations were offered so it could be totally self sufficient. It also does not compute the review of the Alternative Minimum Tax for you, which doesn't make sense to me. Why would I have to re-enter things and re-do the prior year's tax for just this one form, when the program used that data already for all the rest of the forms and calculations?

Brooklyn, NY
Will never use again

Customer review by Allen9987

1.0 stars 3/10/2014 by Allen9987
by Allen9987

I've used TurboTax for many years, but this will be the lost. In the early days I could use the program and have a good idea on how it was filling out the forms below. As the years went by the connection between EasyStep and the forms got further away. Today its to the point where the answers go into this black box and you have NO idea what is going on. For example, when you import tax information from a broker, or bank, there is no way to display this information to see it or check it. The data just "magically" gets to the forms it needs. Great when it works, but many times I have a need to change information, and good luck with that. In the end it took far more time to figure and override TurboTax, than if I just figured out from scratch. I need a program that guides me through the forms, not one that tries to out-think me while at the same time using data from questions that are less than clear. In an effort to become "smart" TurboTax has gotten very annoying and dumb.

Double Entry Problem

Customer review by SFFTN

4.0 stars 4/15/2014 by SFFTN

Overall the experience was great. Saved money and got bigger return. But a dividend and a separate stock sale, long term capital gain, loss, were entered accurately manually and entered from import from Quicken with my bank as the broker. Two problems there: 1. The information from Quicken 2012 did not specify my bank as the broker, it was assumed by the program. 2. I would hope that Turbotax would be able to Identify identical or nearly identical amounts and ask if they were the same transaction. I found the problem on a detailed review of the preview before filing. Got me another $400 in refund. I have used TurboTax before and been very pleased with it. I am confident that this glitch will be fixed on future versions. I had an IRA rollover Qualified Charitable Distribution and would have liked to include the letter from the charity to clarify where the money went. I wish we could include PDFs of supporting documents as I have always done with my paper tax returns.

Middle TN
0 does not equal blank

Customer review by Understanding

2.0 stars 4/12/2014 by Understanding
by Understanding

The federal taxes went well. However, after paying to file the state return electronically, the program threw an error essentially complaining about state withholding on a 1099B. Given that I had none, I was confused. Apparently, when asked about the state withholding I had entered a zero. Some program expected a blank. Help identified the cause of the problem, but the method to find where I had entered the data. I could not locate where I had entered the errant 0 by retracing my steps using the step by step method. After a couple of frustrating attempts in the 1099B section, I finally went to the tax forms and overwrote the value, by deleting the 0. To add insult to injury, although I had originally selected direct withdrawal to pay the state taxes that were due, filing the state electronically again had not saved this selection, resulting in a payment form printing for the taxes due. I guess I'm mailing the state a check despite intending to pay using direct withdrawal.

Efficient Tax Prep

Customer review by sfb1

5.0 stars 4/8/2014 by sfb1
by sfb1

This is roughly the 20th year I have used TurboTax to enter data and file my tax return. I appreciate the downloading of previous year's tax data, the prompting for tax situations I might have missed, the ability to add/delete/change data input, the ability to look at "what if" tax situations, the explanations and/or links to further information on a topic that Turbo Tax provides. I like the reviews T Tax provides and the ability to file my taxes electronically without worrying that I am forgetting to mail in an important form. I could do without the sales pitches for other T tax related products. Also, it would be nice if you are NOT importing data, you could answer the question ONCE instead of each time you enter data into a certain category [I am particularly thinking of interest and dividend income here]. Overall, I am very pleased with TurboTax. It has made tax filing much easier than in the years of manually preparing a return [several times until you get it right]!

Okemos, MI
one hour and done

Customer review by RaymoreGrillman

5.0 stars 3/16/2014 by RaymoreGrillman
by RaymoreGrillman

Have been using Turbo Tax for years and feel more security doing it at home. I have walked by some tax prepares at those in-store curtain cubicles. Some don't look trustworthy enough to have my personal information. There is where your next TV ad should be focused on. Show a couple standing in line at the tax preparer's curtain at a store. The couple is looking at the preparer (first appearance is a little questionable#, they can hear the confidential conversations and thinking to themselves about identity theft. They leave the line to go buy the TurboTax software. They are at home and in few minutes, within the security of their home they are all smile how easy TurboTax is to use #while the TV is on in the kitchen and there is a news report on identity theft) the couple hits the submit button and feel a sense of relief. There is your million dollar TV ad for free. I would be happy to be in the commercial. Thanks TurboTax for making Income Tax Reporting easy and secure.

Raymore, MO
good but confusing

Customer review by kelliann

4.0 stars 10/12/2014 by kelliann
by kelliann

One of the most common things people do is file an extension. They usually send some money with it. For years TT has sent me in crazy circles looking for where to enter the money I sent. Starting with the next edition, provide a place on a main streen where you can enter what you sent. As it is, you have to guess that it might be an estimated tax, even though you know you did not send in estimated quarterly taxes, and then you have to scroll down to find there is actually an extension section. This is WRONG,. Put it right out front, not in a sub menu! The other problem I have is going around in circles and circles every time you want to back up or want to see what something is,. You could get done in a quarter of the time if that did not happen. You don't dare choose the "guide me" navigation, and even the "do it myself" navigation does this to some extent. These two things alone mean I spend hours doing what should take me 15 minutes if I have all my stuff together,

Met our needs in an atypical year.

Customer review by NedLeonard

5.0 stars 4/12/2014 by NedLeonard
by NedLeonard

This was a more complicated tax year for us than ever before. I was laid off at the quarter-year mark, we began drawing from our 401(K) IRA account, we incurred extensive legal fees in challenging my employer's presumption that they had not discriminated in letting me go, we continued contributing to our college savings account, we began paying college tuition, and we incurred significant out-of-pocket uninsured medical expenses. And we pre-paid estimated income taxes to the Feds and State to avoid a potential penalty. TurboTax walked us through it all the way capturing every tax law jot and jiggle, in addition to the usual detailed personal deductions related to charitable giving. We've sometimes wondered if TurboTax was overkill back when our tax situation seemed more simple. But over the years we've become familiar with TurboTax and confident in its approach. Gone are the days sitting at the desk with calculator, pencil, and typewriter self-preparing. TurboTax is at the top of my "useful apps" list.

Arlington, VA
1-20 of 17822 total reviews
1-20 of 17822 reviews