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15 reviews | 3.3 out of 5

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good product

Customer review by prettydude

4.0 stars 5/15/2013 by prettydude
by prettydude

I purchased Rock n Roll it's a great shade ,I only use one coat for a nice sheer shine , two coats definitely dose the job if your looking for more color and three really intensifies the color either way you go your going to end up with a nice end result... I noticed a few comments saying the product is sheer or light and took more then one coat for desired look , so I would like to share a product tip I noticed @ the top of the page ... Application Tips For best results, use your favorite Sally Hansen base coat on clean, dry nails. Shake gently. Apply 2-3 coat, letting each coat dry before applying the next one. Finish with your favorite Sally Hansen top coat for maximum shine and to make manicures last.

new York
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Do NOT recommend this product

Customer review by lovehardasnails

1.0 stars 7/22/2013 by lovehardasnails
by lovehardasnails

This product it was very... Liquid- watered down. I shook then applied it evenly but it was mostly water with some areas thick bubbles. Never dried completely. I love hard as nails clear but will not buy the color ones again. Glad I tried it before giving the 2nd one purchased to my friend. I would have been ashamed. Please test your products before sending to stores. It makes your brand name less credible. (I have a degree in marketing).

Would recommend to a friend? No
Completely not worth buying.

Customer review by Kunie

1.0 stars 7/21/2013 by Kunie
by Kunie

I just bought this product yesterday and when I came home and tried the product it was very... Liquid- watered down and the product wasn't at all the right shade. It was really light and took forever to dry along with that it only lasted about half an hour with wear on it. It chipped and cracked this morning and I had to take it off and re-paint. I do NOT recommend this product.

Phoenix, AZ, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Kit

Customer review by JackB

1.0 stars 4/17/2013 by JackB
by JackB

Purchase for my wife, I rate this product ZERO, but had to give it one star to post it. This product should be removed from the market and refunds should be given to those who purchased them. The instructions are poor the product started to peel off ater 1/2 hour. The 30 second lamp is a joke the nails stood tackie for about a 1/2 hour. Save your money don't buy the produce.

Torrance, CA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Average, just wished the brush was thicker

Customer review by Smurfs

3.0 stars 1/26/2014 by Smurfs
by Smurfs

I have to agree that this nail polish is a little watery, so you do have to put on 3+ coats. The more coats you put on though, the longer it takes to dry. Anyway, the color is great, but the brush is really thin. I have to stroke my nail almost 5 times just to cover my nail. Overall, this is kinda like a generic brand nail polish.

New Hampshire, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Pretty colors, but doesn't last long.

Customer review by amandasues

3.0 stars 1/26/2013 by amandasues
by amandasues

I have three different shades of this product, anyways every time I wear them I always get compliments for the colors (Mighty Mongo, Rock candy, and Firm fig) but they do however chip very quickly, doesn't even last 12 hours. So I am a bit disappointed.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Artsy and Individualistic

Customer review by param87

5.0 stars 6/5/2013 by param87
by param87

I love to showcase my personality with my nails. I selected the Ice Queen version of this Hard As Nails product and felt I had the "stars on my hands." This product is guaranteed to please providing the promised amount of glitter to attract attention.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by kaitlynlee

1.0 stars 12/9/2013 by kaitlynlee
by kaitlynlee

i bought four of them to try them out, worst mistake ever!!!! they are so watery and so bad. i am so glad i tried them out being giving them out to a friend. i now use them out for ombre and dotting nail art. would not purchase again!!!

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Totally Loveable

Customer review by MegaDocious

5.0 stars 2/3/2013 by MegaDocious
by MegaDocious

I have this polish in No Hard Feelings and its amazing. It's really long-lasting, dries fast, a good quality and looks good on my skin tone. I'm always looking for more colors in this line. Unfortunately my resources are scarce :(

Nassau, The Bahamas
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Great Wear

Customer review by Kate23

5.0 stars 4/14/2013 by Kate23
by Kate23

I work with my hands and there was minimal wear. By the end of work my tips needed a slight touch up, but there was no cracking or chips! I love it and can't wait to buy more! I purchased tough taupe and limestone.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
great colors, great wear time.

Customer review by ecchi

5.0 stars 6/10/2012 by ecchi
by ecchi

i love this line! it's where most of my colors come from. my absolute favorite polish to wear is #670, teal steel. i have two bottles of it i love it so much! wear time is really long too. hardly ever chips!

Virginia, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Perfect polish

Customer review by suepitou

5.0 stars 8/4/2013 by suepitou
by suepitou

This is one of my favourites. It goes on very easily and smoothly. I've only ever used it on my toenails so I don't know how long it lasts on fingernails but it lasts at least a week on toes.

Toronto, ON, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Some problems

Customer review by notbritneyspears

3.0 stars 11/18/2012 by notbritneyspears
by notbritneyspears

I bought Bad To The Bone, and although it was a beautiful color, it was a little too thin and watery. You could barely see the color until the third coat!

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Didn't like it

Customer review by Agus

2.0 stars 1/16/2014 by Agus
by Agus

I bought two of these but they were too watery and you have to put 4 or 5 coats. Do not recommend this

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Would recommend to a friend? No
good product unique colour

Customer review by preet

5.0 stars 5/9/2012 by preet
by preet

i love sally hansen nail colour collection. my favourite colour is # 51

Would recommend to a friend? Yes