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Superstay 24 Color

Customer review by Peer

5.0 stars by Peer

I have been wearing this lipstick since it came out, you changed the case on it but it's still the same to me except that the clear lip gloss keeps slipping out (needs to be more secure). But I absolutely love it! Wouldn't wear any other lip color! I do have a hard time finding my colors, stores are always out of them! Thank you!

I love all products

Customer review by ieda

5.0 stars by ieda

I´m from Brasil, these lipsticks are divine and fulfill what they promises. Sadly is so expensive to buy all Maybelline products here.

Superstay 24 hour lip color

Customer review by Dakota01

5.0 stars by Dakota01

I love this product I have a habit of biting my lips so most product must be reapplied often, I do have to reapply once during the day but the color is true and doesn't fade run or staian your teeth. Highly recommend

Absolutely the BEST

Customer review by moushka26

5.0 stars by moushka26

The colors last and last; the gloss refreshes it quickly. I get six hours wear with no fading or unevenness. Several makeup artists I know carry these their kits. Wildberry is my go-to, every day color. I will repurchase as long as it's available.

Great product.

Customer review by lg2013

5.0 stars by lg2013

I LOVE this product - LOVE IT. Stays and lasts for a long time, does not come off, it is great being able to go out, eat out, and not worry about lipstick. Fantastic Price. Just bring a color expert with you when you buy.

Absolute best lip color!

Customer review by Melly010

5.0 stars by Melly010

I used to use a competitor's similiar product but I didn't like the sticky gloss. I tried the 24 Hr.color and loved it. I love the balm. I've tried traditional lipstick but I hate having to reappy throughout the day. 24 hr. color lasts all day!!

best lip product ever

Customer review by Gabbey

5.0 stars by Gabbey

lasts the longest, best color selections of any of the other long lasting formulas I have tried

apply and fly

Customer review by Ginnylee

5.0 stars by Ginnylee

I wear this when I know I won't get a chance to stop to check my make up. A light coat for a nice tint and it will last all day.

Wow. Just. Wow!

Customer review by hfwindy

5.0 stars by hfwindy

After years of using and being frustrated with a couple of the early two-step lipcolors--after trying and hating all the others I tried--I didn't hold out much hope for this. What a surprise! It goes on nicely, color stays just about forever--usually through meals, and, when it does wear off, it does so smoothly. It's not nearly as drying as others I've tried, either. One trick that makes a world of difference is to use a very thin coat.


Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars by An anonymous customer

I wear it everyday.I own 4 different superstay lip colors for different occasions, beautiful vivid colors. My favorite part of this lip color is that i hardly ever need to reapply. Another great thing about this product is that it makes my lips feel weightless and flawless. :)

An anonymous customer
Outlasts Dental Surgery

Customer review by Georgia85

5.0 stars by Georgia85

If applied properly is won't budge. It even lasted through a root canal therapy with no transfer to the dentist's glove. My fave is "Day to Night Brown" & it does just that (and then some). I'm a makeup artist and this is now a staple of mine.

Best long wearing lip color -- EVER

Customer review by wenfin

5.0 stars by wenfin

I'm a firm believer that EVERY woman looks a million times better with color on their lips. A year ago, once my favorite brand of long wearing lip color discontinued their line (Paula's Choice) I called customer service to complain and they promptly recommended this brand. Kudos to them for recognizing how wonderful this product is! I now have 10 different shades of Superstay and cannot be more of an advocate. It lasts, doesn't flake or dry out your lips. I put it on first thing in the morning, everyday, and never reapply. It's the best!

Awesome Lipstick

Customer review by Angel_Slayer

5.0 stars by Angel_Slayer

I personally love this lipstick, while the shiny part of the gloss wears off a little sooner than I would like, the color stays for hours. Even eating and drinking won't remove it.

Finally, a great stay-on lip stick!!

Customer review by littlejns

5.0 stars by littlejns

Thank you, the 10 hour lip stain did not work well for me. I LOVE this lipstick! Not drying like the others I've tried. Well done!

Fantastic! Color that lasts and lasts!

Customer review by Pdonovan

5.0 stars by Pdonovan

Go buy this product now! It is great. With my fair skin tone, I need the color and this product is awesome! I love it!


Customer review by dearlins

5.0 stars by dearlins

i just bought this lipstick in 110 .... the color is nice! i put it on in the morning then lastnight when i went to wash my face before bed...IT WAS STILL ON!!! I love it!!!! want to try some more colors!

Good Stuff

Customer review by Blue

5.0 stars by Blue

I love lip color and I work in healthcare so I can't be reapplying at work so this works great. I plan to purchase more shades in the future.

LOVE THIS...hate the white cap

Customer review by falina

5.0 stars by falina

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!!! I have several different shades and love the shimmery effect. Please do something about the white cap! It keeps falling off, on all sticks, gets lost in my purse or falls on the floor, ewwwww. Thank you!!!!!


Customer review by Shinediamond12

5.0 stars by Shinediamond12

It lasts for quite a long time. I don't even have to reapply it. This is a great product

Lipstick is GREAT!!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars by An anonymous customer

The 24 hour lipstick is the best I have ever used...I have almost every shade and am happy with them all. I love the fact that it does not feather or smear and does not come off unless I want it to. I highly recommend this product.

An anonymous customer
1-20 of 145 total reviews