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228 reviews | 3.9 out of 5

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228 reviews | 3.9 out of 5

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1-20 of 222 total reviews
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Glitches, Glitches and more Glitches

Customer review by TwinMom2012

4.0 stars 3/3/2015 by TwinMom2012
by TwinMom2012

I bought my twins both a Leappad Ultra for their 3rd birthday. My daughter I got the bundle that had headphones, case, gel casing, etc. and my son I bought the Leappad Ultra and gel casing. I thought that the controls and potential for use was awesome. It has a virtual pet, games, educational stuff, music player, BUT the loading screen takes FOREVER. Downloading apps takes FOREVER and sometimes when I turn the Leappad on, an already downloaded app won't show up and I have to download it AGAIN. When watching videos, they are very grainy, slow to load and 2 times out of 3 the video crashes after 30 seconds of watching. Selecting things with either the stylus or your finger is hit and's not very accurate. The frustrations with this product is making me wish I just spent the extra money on another tablet for them. For the amount I paid, I was hoping it would at least be relatively fast. These problems are on both Leappads so I know it's not just me.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Leapfrog does it again!

Customer review by hhferg

5.0 stars 8/27/2013 by hhferg
by hhferg

I feel like every product that Leapfrog comes out with just keeps getting better. They really know how to gear their games and products for kids. My kids got the new Ultras several weeks ago and they really love them. They feel like they have their own ipads but they are so much more kid friendly and durable. I love how educational all the games are, unlike with the ipad you can really fill those things with pointless video game apps which kids tend to gravitate towards and have no educational value. All Leapfrog products have taught my kids so many skills and basic things like alphabet and it's nice to have something educational that they can play when Mom needs some downtime. I feel like it loads a little slowly and sometimes it turns off for no reason, but other than that we've had no issues. It's nice that it has a safe WIFI so that you can download apps straight to the Leappad.

Lehi, UT
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Disappointing Christmas

Customer review by Veema

3.0 stars 12/26/2013 by Veema
by Veema

Our kids have grown up with the Leap Frog products and we had not had a problem until Leap Pad Ultra. We were told that an I Pad or some thing like this would be good for children with Autism. So we wanted the look of an I Pad with the durability of the Leap Frog product. My 5 and 6 year old received their Leap Pad Ultra for Christmas. Set up was a breeze. After the initial set up the instructions are to turn off the device and restart. 1 out of 2 is not bad. The first device never came back on. All we got was connect to computer. We connected to the computer and nothing ever happened. We did this several times throughout Christmas day, 7 hours later and we were still receiving the same response. "Connect to Computer." The second device worked fine after the initial setup. Needless to say we had a very sad 5 year old on Christmas day. Hoping we can get a new one soon.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Nice Upgrade from the LeapPad 2

Customer review by BalancingHome

5.0 stars 9/2/2013 by BalancingHome
by BalancingHome

My 4 year old was already obsessed with the LeapPad 2 and I really had a hard time thinking of how it could be better. The LeapPad Ultra doesn't disappoint. The screen is a fantastic size--think iPad mini. The wifi access makes learning endless. Instead of blocking what comes in--LeapPad only allows the good stuff in. Wifi access allows for peer to peer play so you can play friends or classmates in education games. I also love that the LeapPad Ultra comes with the chargeable batteries built in and a LeapPad Ultra charger. The stylus is built in better, sliding completely in a hole for more convenient storage. My 4 year old spends hours drawing on his LeapPad Ultra, which he never did on the LeapPad 2--I think the larger screen is the reason. He really loves his LeapPad Ultra and will play on it for a long time independently. I cannot wait to explore more games.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

Customer review by hlaney

1.0 stars 1/16/2014 by hlaney
by hlaney

My sons brand new LeapPad Ultra won't turn on anymore. It is fully charged but when we push the power button, nothing. Before it stopped working, anytime he played a game and would press the HOME button to play something else, the screen would freeze or have strange lines on it. Before that, everything was so incredibly slow, it took forever to update and connect it to our account, and when he would start a game, it took a while to load. My daughter's pink LeapPad Ultra is also very slow, but so far, her power still works. I wanted them to have these instead of ipads. I thought having LeapPads would help them learn responsibility in taking care of expensive items. I am very disappointed in this product. It was expensive for what it is and even more so for how little it works, and the downloadable apps are expensive as well.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Extreemly limited toy.

Customer review by Nikole

3.0 stars 1/10/2014 by Nikole
by Nikole

Info I wish I knew prior to purchase. Wi-Fi only available at your home not in any Wi-Fi hotspot. Extremely limited web experience. Only Preloaded web material available. Same videos, pics and stories come up every time. The few pre-chosen websites included are not searchable which is vey frustrating to any child with previous computer experience. Most current flashplayer not installed and unable to be installed. The only site that is a true internet experience is the site that sells more apps. None of my Sons favorite sites included. All 3 included websites require reading...except for app site. The apps and cartridge games that you buy are very good, but can all be played on the less expensive devices. If I knew this I would have bought the cheaper game player and a tablet instead. I think this company needs to put out a fix for the leappad ultra and allow a broader web experience for kids. At least let the limited sites you included be fully functional. Not very smart to include sites that are only partially functional because this is very frustrating for children and their parents. I feel so bad for my 4 year old who keeps bringing me this pad to "fix the website" or show him how to "do it right".

NPR, fl
Would recommend to a friend? No
Fantastic product, fantastic programs!

Customer review by emtsr

5.0 stars 8/24/2014 by emtsr
by emtsr

This was a purchase for fun and for education for my 5-year-old granddaughter. She has literally been squealing with delight over every single program! The quests are fun and incite thinking, the language and reading programs are productive, and I haven't yet investigated any math applications. The parental safeguards seem well thought-out. It does seem a bit heavy to me, but I guess this is due to its larger size and battery pack. It comes with a wide assortment of applications, and giftcards to download more can be purchased in stores and online, and make great gifts! I only hope that these computers last longer than a cell phone! There is no bedtime struggle now, as my granddaughter is allowed to take it to bed as long as she is quiet. Definitely worth the price!

Metairie, LA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
2yr old and 4yr old enjoy it lots.

Customer review by TCRegina

4.0 stars 1/3/2015 by TCRegina
by TCRegina
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

My 4yr old has a LeapPad2. Has enjoyed it for the last 2 years. I can say it's provided a decent foundation for reading (preloaded "The Letter Factory" show is excellent for this). Just bought the Ultra for my 2yr old, and an HP tablet for my 4yr old for Christmas. (Turns out my 4yr old thinks the LeapPad Ultra is way better than the tablet and wants me to do an exchange). On the Ultra vs the LeadPad2 the screen is bigger which is nice, the touch pad is more sensitive and takes some getting used to, and wi-fi is nice. I would recommend these to anyone with young children because they are educational, the children enjoy them, and they stand up to a lot of toddler abuse. My only wish was that there would be more learning apps that were not so commercialized (ie. Disney, Nickelodein, etc.)

Regina, SK, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Every day
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
It is JUNK!!

Customer review by CallMeMom

1.0 stars 11/14/2013 by CallMeMom
by CallMeMom

I don't write reviews, but I am so disappointed in this product I felt I had to do it. I have had the LeapPad Ultra a little over a week. It seemed fine at first, then it got slower and slower. Nothing would download on it. I wasted a whole download card. It just kept saying that the downloads were pending. It wouldn't even download the software that was supposed to fix the problem! The screen would freeze and it would have to be powered off to fix the problem. A few times half the screen would look scrambled. It took forever to load the home screen; my child would lay it down and leave it until the little noise it makes when the screen pops up would go off so you knew it was finally finished. Sometimes the screen wouldn't open what you touched on until you touched something else to open. It is a wonderful concept, the product just has too many problems at this time. I hope that Leap Frog is able to optimize this product and bring it to it's full potential. It would be a great product if they did. Right now, it is very disappointing for my child and frustrating for me. I am glad that some people seem to love it, but in my opinion until they work out the problems it is just junk. I wish there was a way I could not even give it one star.

Southern US
Would recommend to a friend? No
Very Disappointed :(

Customer review by Skyke101

1.0 stars 12/29/2013 by Skyke101
by Skyke101

From looking at the box, you would think it has a whole bunch of Apps and things to do (10 Apps, plus one more "Free" App when you register it). WRONG! It has a camera feature with photo fun, voice record, art studio, clock, calculator, notepad, music player that only plays the couple of songs that came with it and whatever else you buy from the website, and a calendar. Then, the one App that was my free downlaod was an eBook. It made it sound like the App would help teach my 4 year old how to read...HAH, far from it!! And that's it! The only other stuff on there are a couple icons for searching for more stuff to buy and a welcome screen. I should have forked over the extra bucks to get my little one a bigger Annnnddrrooiid device.

Goodyear, AZ
Would recommend to a friend? No
Feels like a real tablet but durable, very fun

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 9/5/2013 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I'm loving this Leappad Ultra for my son. I'm not looking for him to master an iPad because to be honest, it would end up shattered. So this is perfect because its durable while still making him feel like he's being a "big kid" using an iPad. The internet connectivity might be my favorite thing about this, it lets my son connect to a kid-safe internet. The apps are just as great as LeapPad2, just a bit of a better camera. One cool thing about this one is the peer-to-peer capability but my son is too young to use it but I'm sure we'll be using it in the future. All in all, we have been really pleased with this because it feels and acts like a tablet but still maintains the durability and youthfulness of a toy.

An anonymous customer
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Kids go crazy for this device

Customer review by ShoppingQueenBee

5.0 stars 11/14/2013 by ShoppingQueenBee
by ShoppingQueenBee

I bought the leappad because my 5 year old is always trying to pry it out of the hands of other little kids. I see kids playing this device all the time and they can't put it down. My child isn't any different.  I opted for the leappad ultra (vs leappad 2) because it has rechargeable power. I've heard from other moms this is a must have because batteries run out super quick on these devices. Second this device is bigger than the others (7 inches vs. 5) which I think is more practical and will let my child grow with the device. Third it has wifi access this means I'm no longer limited to buying games in stores but I can do it directly with the devices (just like other real size tablets, except this one is kid friendly!). It's also comes with free games to start. Last, I see this leappad as an alternative to real tablets. I've heard of other moms who buy their kids a real tablet. I like that this one is geared toward kids and has kid friendly apps. Also, I don't have a ton of money to be buying my kids a tablet. $150 for a leappad or $400 for a tablet? Hmmm... To me the Leappad is the winner.  Last, Walmart delivered this device to me same day, free of charge! It made the shopping experience that much better. Thank you Walmart!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
Can not search the internet very misleading!

Customer review by momson

3.0 stars 12/27/2013 by momson
by momson

We are still on the fence with the Leap Pad Ultra, we purchased for our 5 year old son for xmas. We definetly feel mislead especially about the internet/WIFI It definetly has had some let downs ... Our son has been wanting a tablet for quite sometime so that was our plan to get him one for xmas but then I seen the add for this and read the overview and seen it had WiFi so we thought it would be more kid tough. So we decided this was a good option he could still go on the internet to Disney Junior etc. To our surprise the internet is a joke says leap search but all it is, is preloaded videos. You can not access the internet, only to go to the App site and the silly leap search which is nothing, which really upset us. My son asked right away and had to tell him that you can't access the internet. Another reason this upsets us is if we wanted him to just access games etc we could have just got him the other versions for way CHEAPER!!! I agree about the Apps that are supposed to come with it we were expecting more and most of them are useless to a child. Ours seem to be fast enough but it is touchy sometimes the screen doesn't want to work. Now our Son is attached so its not like we can return it. If we had known but of course there were no reviews on here then we would have just bought a tablet

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Awesome buy

Customer review by Principalmomma

5.0 stars 12/31/2014 by Principalmomma
by Principalmomma

My parents bought this for my three year old son for Christmas. I wanted him to have a device, but was concerned because his older sisters have an iPod and iPad. I wasn't sure if this would captivate him. I WAS WRONG! He loves his leap pad. The ten apps that come free with it were not too exciting, but there is a great variety of current apps available at the App Store. I am so happy not to have to deal with cartridges. This is a super product. I have not downloaded movies as I want my son to be an active participant. My eight year old who has an iPad is asking for a Leappad for her birthday now. Thank you leap frog for making entertainment education !

Queen Creek, AZ
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Junk! Save your money, get something else

Customer review by Jenwazz

1.0 stars 11/21/2013 by Jenwazz
by Jenwazz

My 5 yr old received the LeapPad Ultra as a birthday present from her grandparents. We've had it a week and it's already crashed several times and it takes forever to load anything. My daughter gets frustrated and puts it down a lot because it'll freeze up in the middle of a game. I'm also not very impressed with the apps that come with it. It comes with 11 apps but nothing she can really use or wants to, a clock, a calculator. I dont think these should be considered exciting free apps. I wish I would've brought it back to the store when it came in the mail and bought the tablet I wanted. I would not waste your money on this tablet, it's junk!

San Antonio, TX
Would recommend to a friend? No
A Little Advanced for a 2 year old!

Customer review by Bumblebee1958

4.0 stars 11/27/2015 by Bumblebee1958
by Bumblebee1958
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

I bought this LeapPad for my granddaughter who turned two this week. I thought she could first learn to use this leapPad and eventually graduate to an Ipad when she got older. As my daughter is a teacher, she explained to me that its too advanced for her age. It says 3-9 but she is very bright and I thought she would learn as she went. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with the product just a little too advanced for her age...I most likely will buy it again when she is 4 and can understand it better. My daughter said you have to log in to it and that's a little advanced for her. Nothing wrong with the product itself!

Mount Pearl, NL, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
Stops Charging

Customer review by Cntrygirl267

1.0 stars 2/8/2016 by Cntrygirl267
by Cntrygirl267

my son loves this Leap Pad Ultra XDi the only problem is that when you charge it and take it off it stopped holding a charge. We didn't have an option to buy the warranty when we got it. I haven't gotten a hold of the manufacture for this product yet. I am very disappointed. It is very educational and my child has learned to write his ABCs with this tablet. The problem I don't like is that it stopped worked the night I purchase the most expensive game yet.

Bowling Green, Kentucky
Would recommend to a friend? No
Such a great upgrade from the LeapPad 2!

Customer review by KandaceMichelle

5.0 stars 8/7/2013 by KandaceMichelle
by KandaceMichelle

This is such an amazing tablet! The screen size is phenomenal! Both my kids love that it is the same size as my Nook. It has 8GBs of memory where as the the LeapPad 2 only has 4GBs. The Wi-fi is a great feature. Its nice to not have to get to a computer to download apps. I also love that it has LeapFrog approved websites. I don't have to worry about what my kids are doing on the internet. I love that the kids can look at the app store, but in order to purchase the apps, you have to put in your pin. The peer to peer feature is awesome. My kids love being able to play games together on their own LeapPads!

Chesapeake, VA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Needs to be fixed

Customer review by motorcyclegrandma

1.0 stars 8/6/2015 by motorcyclegrandma
by motorcyclegrandma
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

Received the leap pads ultra a month ago, one of them needs to be fixed. The apps disappeared for some reason. I have not had time to take it into the store to have it checked. My daughter had to leave it behind when she went to Manitoba to her dads. I did not know I would have to purchase games/apps for it. I am really not happy with this product. It does not offer any free games or apps. And my oldest daughter is too old for it. It does not offer anything good for her. She only played with the camera and making videos. What I read on-line is not what I got. The reviews and product information was what I expected but not what I got

Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
Great concept but needs work

Customer review by Singlemomof1

2.0 stars 8/9/2013 by Singlemomof1
by Singlemomof1

I was so excited to get this for my son! I had plans to take it on the plane to Hawaii with us. The only problem is that the leap pad ultra runs very slowly :( my friend has the leap pad 2 for her girls and said she loves it because its so quick and the girls don't have time to get distracted or frustrated while changing games. My son losses interest while the screen is changing from one app to another. When using the touch screen it takes FOREVER to get to what you want. I wish I had just got the leap pad 2 :( hopefully leap frog can perfect their next model before putting it on the shelves.

Would recommend to a friend? No
1-20 of 222 total reviews
1-20 of 222 reviews