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194 reviews | 3.9 out of 5

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194 reviews | 3.9 out of 5

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1-20 of 194 total reviews
1-20 of 194 reviews
Super Stay 24 color

Customer review by LauKay

4.0 stars 8/28/2016 by LauKay
by LauKay

This is an good product and could be even better providing there were more of the ultra-moisturising lip balm included. The color stays but you need to reapply the balm frequently. Please consider selling a tube of just the moistuizing balm. Thanks!

Love it but...

Customer review by RahCo

5.0 stars 8/18/2016 by RahCo
by RahCo

I've used this lipstick for years and people actually think my lips are tattooed because the color never fades. But I've noticed that my favorite color "Keep it red" is not the pinkish tint it used to be. It's more red than pink and I miss it!

Super Stay 24 Lip Color

Customer review by Estrela

3.0 stars 8/9/2016 by Estrela
by Estrela

I really like this lipstick, but the only problem I can't never use the whole thing ! The brush doesn't reach the top and the bottom of the container. It's so frustrating ? Can you please change it so I can use the whole thing ?

This is the Best All Day Lip cover Ever!

Customer review by lnbcrafter

5.0 stars 8/8/2016 by lnbcrafter
by lnbcrafter

SO SIENNA I love this all day lip cover. I don't worry about my lipstick all day or need to reapply. I need color to my face or I look tired or sick. So Sienna is my go to lip color because it blends with my colors of clothing.

Amazing - does last!

Customer review by ktcuv

5.0 stars 7/28/2016 by ktcuv
by ktcuv

This product is true to what it promises! It really does last all day & doesn't fade, I don't know how people say it doesn't. Maybe it doesn't hold on some peoples lips? But I LOVE this! Doesn't come off when you eat or drink & isn't sticky. LASTS!

Love It, but...

Customer review by pearle

5.0 stars 7/8/2016 by pearle
by pearle

I absolutely love this lipstick! I can put in on the morning and it lasts all day. Unfortunately, my favorite - Continuous Coral, must have changed formula because it is much lighter that before. I will continue to stick with this line - it's great

Love this product but...

Customer review by Outdoorsgirl

4.0 stars 7/7/2016 by Outdoorsgirl
by Outdoorsgirl

The only problem I have is I run.out of the sealer before I am done with the color. Do you sell just the sealer so I can continue to use this product? It would be nice.

The only lipcolor I have used for the last 6 years

Customer review by Adrivmoraes

4.0 stars 6/30/2016 by Adrivmoraes
by Adrivmoraes

I love the fact that I can put it on in the morning and come home with a nice color in my lips at night. It is amazing and it changed my life. I love the colors. My favorite one at the moment is amazing heather (120). My friends are all using it.

Don't waste your money, it's not worth it.

Customer review by basanchez25

1.0 stars 6/21/2016 by basanchez25
by basanchez25

This product is not worth it. The colors are beautiful, but they do not last at all. The texture is odd, it starts getting "crumbly" towards the inner part of your lip after a little while. If I could give it no stars, I WOULD- Super disappointed!

Repeat performance

Customer review by junerena

5.0 stars 6/12/2016 by junerena
by junerena

I was deplaning a flight, & a flight attendant asked my lip color and that it looked good on me. I shared that it is Mabelline 24 and now she and others have started wearing


Customer review by Lanisan

5.0 stars 6/8/2016 by Lanisan
by Lanisan

I love this lipstick, its the best ever -definitely longlasting!!! BEST EVER!!!

Best long wearing lip color I have ever used!

Customer review by Mariachiflute

4.0 stars 10/13/2012 by Mariachiflute
by Mariachiflute

I love the range of colors and the non-sticky gloss top coat. As almost everyone has mentioned, the only problem is with the top coat which comes off all the time and runs out before the color does. Substituting just any gloss doesn't work since it may interact with the color and take away its long wearing property, but I have had luck using Avon's Glazewear in any color as a top coat in a pinch without losing the long wear of this product. Other competitors have made similar longwearing lipcolors, but they flake on me. Not this one. Superstay lasts all day with perhaps one reapplication. IT is best not to apply this product without a mirror because it is very unforgiving (hard to wipe off excess or color outside your lipline) unless carefully applied. I also often use a lip liner underneath both to help outline the lips and alter the color just a little bit.

One of My Favorite Lipsticks

Customer review by dccurly

5.0 stars 4/26/2016 by dccurly
by dccurly

This is definitely one of my favorite brands of lipsticks. I love the beautiful variety of colors and it's long lasting results. It definitely lives up to what the advertisement says it does. I highly recommend.

True Color Stay

Customer review by JRen

5.0 stars 4/25/2016 by JRen
by JRen

I have tried all sorts of supposed color-stay lipsticks and glosses and this is the ONLY one that truly delivers! It's beautify and doesn't make your lips look all dried out. It remains beautiful!

The ONLY long-lasting lipstick that works for me.

Customer review by Racheldarling

5.0 stars 3/30/2016 by Racheldarling
by Racheldarling

I have searched far and wide for lipstick that lasts as long as this brand. Not only does it last long, but it doesn't smudge. The ONLY thing I wish was that there was a better selection of really-red shades.

What happened to 070 On and On Orchid

Customer review by LHEALEY

1.0 stars 3/23/2016 by LHEALEY

I have used this shade for years. I ordered 4 tubes to stock up as I cannot always find it in the store and I was out. What I received is a COMPLETELY different shade. What happened????

super stay 24 color #065

Customer review by Jocelyn

2.0 stars 3/19/2016 by Jocelyn
by Jocelyn

This product is not up to standards of other 24 hour products. As soon as you eat it comes off. I am very dissapointed, as I love, love, love the color!


Customer review by Snowfazam12

4.0 stars 10/8/2012 by Snowfazam12
by Snowfazam12

It's the LipStick that the models, celebrities, runway girls wear. The only 2-Step 24 Hr. LipStick. Just put on the color, let dry a few minutes, apply sealer, gloss and go. No transfer, feather, crumble, fade. Convenience with a great price, available at Wal-Mart locally. Comes in 30 fabulous colors. I personally own many and wear them. I love the color selection. The dark deep reds do not seem to give your lips the dried out feeling . Whereas the lighter colors, some of them give a dry feeling to your lips when applied at first and on through wear. The color and gloss sealer needs a bit of a moisturizer or such in the mixture for this to not happen. Otherwise from that, I can not be without them. I love the long wear and not having to keep continuing to re apply throughout the day.

The most reliable lipstick around!

Customer review by jetty5253

5.0 stars 2/11/2013 by jetty5253
by jetty5253

I've been using this product since it came out. When new products come out I always try them but I always come back to this one! It is the most reliable lipstick on my makeup table! They have all the right colors and when you put it on it's on for the whole day or night, you don't need to worry if the lipstick fits in your purse of did I forget to bring it with me to reapply. NO NEED! When you look in the mirror in the ladies room, you will look just as good as you did when you left the house! now that reliable... I do agree they could use a redesign on the container, it doesn't snap closed tight and the gloss side often comes off. We also could use more gloss product too, but that won't stop me from using this product. Maybe they should bring in some new colors too!

LOVE the product, but......

Customer review by Donner and Blitzen

4.0 stars 2/15/2016 by Donner and Blitzen
by Donner and Blitzen

I love this product! Stays put all day AND night if necessary; but I have run out of top coat WAY before the colour! PLEASE increase the amount of top coat and make this the BEST long lasting colour on the market!!

Donner and Blitzen
1-20 of 194 total reviews
1-20 of 194 reviews