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116 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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116 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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1-20 of 114 total reviews
1-20 of 114 reviews
My Samsung Galaxy Note

Customer review by Gamergirl06

4.0 stars 10/30/2015 by Gamergirl06
by Gamergirl06

I bought mine for college a few years back and it has been great to use for my artwork and notes. I love the system and the tablet, they're beautifully desiged and well thought out. The cons are the ram- I run an 8gb system and running apps like Terraria and Brave Frontier tend to slow down my tab considerably. Also, the os has only gotten bigger over the years and the space it takes up can be devoted to many other things, after all, for an 8gb tablet, three gbs is a lot of room. Lastly, after consulting with a family friend with the same talet, we've run into a recurring problem. The tablets battery tends to fry itself or tire out and die after a year or two. I am replacing mine in the next few days in fact. Overall I love the product, I just wish I could change a few things. I hope this was helpful!

Pomona, CA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Portable tablet, for office use.

Customer review by Prdola

4.0 stars 10/30/2013 by Prdola
by Prdola

This is a great tablet and one of the key players in the 8/7 inch line up. It is fast responsive and the Wacom pen is a great addition. The screen resolution is on the lower side but the screen is crisp and perform well. The Samsung included the split screen option for two apps to run same time, it is cool feature that comes to use sometimes and it is big help. Battery life will need some improving, may be it is the android operating system but the winner in this is the ipad. I will get on max 6 hours of use. On the other side the memory card slot is a big plus. I have the att version of the tablet and there is no updates as of now which makes me bit sad. Seems like the carrier do not plan anything yet and I hope it will get corrected. I would like to also point some issue that came up, there is small issue with the Wacom pen sometimes it will not work on certain areas on the screen. This is cased by magnetic fields, sometimes the damage can become permanent if the magnet is strong enough. The magnet in some cases can cause the issue and magnetize the matrix. Touch screen will work since it is different technology then the Wacom. In all around this is a great tablet that would benefit from lower price and better battery life.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A New Breakthru to the Internet

Customer review by love2honor

5.0 stars 5/22/2014 by love2honor
by love2honor

he new Samsu ng Galaxy 8.0 hads been a Big Help to me I can use , ind different Information, from the Bible to Quotes. But having it my Daughter have been using it for her Classes and Coruses,she use it and I can say she is very happy that she do not have to carry around that Laptop everywhere, this makes it so much easier for her and that mays Me happy, my Daughter should be a Marketing Person for Samsung, because everywhere we go, people are asking about the Samsung, and my Daughter is one of your biggest Spokeperson, trying to tell people about Iit and Showing them all the things it can do and how it and fit easily in a Bag or a Briefcase all all I can say is we love it Thanks for making Something everyperson should have.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This electronic wander is smooth to the touch just the right size has all the features that are are easy to use and for the price you can't go wrong .

Customer review by hdxlx1983

5.0 stars 8/12/2014 by hdxlx1983
by hdxlx1983

This tablet should be utilized in schools to save on back strains and damage from bulky books as nd book bags the price would more than make up for it and it's really easy to get down with bad self from book reports to letters to email to designing or just doodling the detachable pen m as key for the perfect note take the camera is of great design and gaming well pick one up and you want let go the battery life is better than a lot of android phones I recommend this all around all purpose t as bet to every body and it can be held in one hand o and snap the picture pixel is like a movie theater definitely get one today .

South Carolina
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
white like snow white :)

Customer review by gracielagp

5.0 stars 6/15/2014 by gracielagp
by gracielagp

This product is an excellent device around my every daily use. it fits my personal use as much my business usage. Where ever I go, it comes with me it helps me find places to eat or to shop, even when my gps is in use I get around the town. The best of this amazing device is the way it was made for me. It has character and personality smoothness and the quality of the screen is so hd. Touch screen or even with keyboard it works well. All the functions and apps and everything I get to do its awsome. Pay bills, downloads, music, and movies on my device are great. I would not change my device. I love it.

los angeles c.a
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Fun to use

Customer review by Nana66Nana

5.0 stars 5/19/2014 by Nana66Nana
by Nana66Nana

I really like the tablet. I use it when I don't want to use my desktop or laptop. I like that I can just go on the internet wherever I am when needed and the size of the screen is better than using my phone for it. It is just the right size to fit into my shoulder bag and does not weigh it down and the fact that I can use it as a camera and phone by just plugging in the headphones. My 21/2 year old granddaughter loves it too. She is able to go on the apps she likes ( yes, she is able to do it) and it fits her little hands.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This is one of the most easiest product to use. It is sleek looking.

Customer review by Kat02

5.0 stars 8/7/2014 by Kat02
by Kat02

I love the features: Peel ...was easy to program my I only use my tablet to operate my T.V. and Dvd player ....I down load problem...I can watch my movies, the color very vivid, so clear...The games I play..Candy Crush, My Vegas...Lets just say its nice to have 8" screen , to play on during lunch brake... I get my facebook,google..My camera, I can't say enough about the picture qualities, I just love it......I'm still discovering all the features......Nice Birthday gift from my nephews....

Southern California, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love multitasking

Customer review by johnnywayne28

4.0 stars 7/29/2013 by johnnywayne28
by johnnywayne28

if this had better build quality like gorrila glass I would have rated it higher. Samsung also needs to work on its kernel development the guys on XDA make all the Samsung products use less battery and have more power, But overall the device is excellent multitasking ability and size make it perfect for work (I'm a wind turbine technician and use it for schematics and reports) perfect replacement for my 7 in. tablet. Highly recommend for a student that wants to use it for note taking or digital book.

Travel all over north america
Samsung Note 8.0 - the best tab of all times

Customer review by sohom

5.0 stars 8/13/2015 by sohom
by sohom

I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 for 2 years and I find it as an excellent device. The overall build quality is very good, tons of features, pen and s-note application. The perfect size for taking notes. Display although not AMOLED provides excellent color and contrast. Fast processor and smooth graphics with expandable memory. This 8 inch TAB/note is of SAMSUNG's best products.

Tempe, AZ, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Lack of Compatability

Customer review by omniplex

2.0 stars 11/1/2013 by omniplex
by omniplex

While the product itself is nice, if you have other newer devices in the Samsung ecosystem you will start to get disappointed. The biggest drawback to the device is the lack of update for the S Note software. S Note is on this device is not compatible with S Note on the Note 3 or the Note 10.1 2014 edition and this can be a huge drawback especially if you currently use S Note and sync between your devices using Samsung's own service.

Stafford, VA
Would recommend to a friend? No
This product is perfect for myself and young daughter

Customer review by Luvnewtech

5.0 stars 8/18/2014 by Luvnewtech
by Luvnewtech

The tablet is awesome very easy for my 7-year old daughter to work on her own. This product has helped her in many ways including drawing, including the huge amount of apps that can be downloaded to help her with school. I like the ease of parental settings to block content that a young girl shouldn't be able to view. I also like how it keeps track of the amount of usage that is being used. My review is 2 thumbs up!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Customer review by SamsungLife

5.0 stars 7/8/2015 by SamsungLife
by SamsungLife

I have thoroughly enjoyed this device. I almost traded it up for the Galaxy Tab 9.7 with Pen. I, however, took a few factors into consideration. First of all, the update is amazing. It is basically the same thing as the newer products. It has great speed, resolution, and design. Secondly, I have come to love the Note products. This table is great and I highly recommend it.

Jacksonville, NC, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Product

Customer review by Azooz

5.0 stars 8/12/2014 by Azooz
by Azooz

It's very user friendly, capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously and also the S - pen is a very great tool that helps with taking notes or just simply doodling when you're not being productive. Great camera and also great editing tools and apps that come built in the tablet. Overall I would definitely recommend it, I prefer my Samsung tablet over my other tab.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good Experience!

Customer review by Superaj946

5.0 stars 7/4/2015 by Superaj946
by Superaj946

I love the size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0! It's construction is sturdy and the weight is just right. Fast charging is a plus. It was easy to get started and is simple to use. Fast response in accessing apps, too! I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone and love it as well. I am recommending both to friends and family!!!

Sioux Falls, SD
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
great size & fast functionality

Customer review by jessilynn

5.0 stars 8/28/2014 by jessilynn
by jessilynn

I enjoy using this product. The size of the device is perfect for everything I use it for. I like having th r s-pen feature. All tablets should offer this feature. I have looked at new Samsung tablets and honestly, th r specs on this are so much better. For the small amount extra I paid for this over the Tab 3 and even th r tab 4 it is well worth it.

ellsworth, me
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Galaxy Note 8

Customer review by Tab3

5.0 stars 8/3/2015 by Tab3
by Tab3

I have the galaxy Note 8 and am very happy about it. The quality of pictures and sound when I have music or Movie is unmatchable. Better than my Sony and Apple similar products. I would recommend this tablet to all student and college professionals at work and among my friends.

San Diego, CA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Nearly perfect

Customer review by wmeyers91

5.0 stars 3/16/2015 by wmeyers91
by wmeyers91

Since I bought it to upgrade from a Nexus 7, I immediately noticed a definite step-up in quality, performance, and overall stability. The S Pen is easily useable, the product is sturdy, despite its lightweight, and its size was perfect for my hands. With such a large screen, it is easy to ready articles and books.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
So far

Customer review by SilCar

3.0 stars 10/15/2014 by SilCar
by SilCar

I have several Samsung products and I am used to their efficiency. The Samsung Note 8 tablet is nice but the battery life is terrible and it just doesn’t respond to all the apps like the phones or the bigger tables do. I don’t know if that is due to the carrier or to the product but more updates should have been done to the OS.

Santa Paula, CA 93060, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Great display and features

Customer review by Sergdog24

4.0 stars 4/30/2015 by Sergdog24
by Sergdog24

The display is amazing and using the device is a breeze. The S-pen is very handy when using the browser and writing. Other features like the Smart stay is useful for saving battery and hands free mode. The design is very stunning and does not slip when holding. This a tablet worth the money.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
very happy with the note 8

Customer review by hjonrichards

5.0 stars 5/8/2014 by hjonrichards
by hjonrichards

Good price even better tablet. Love the s pen nice accessory and very useful. 8 inch works for me the larger tablets are awkward to me. Besides hard to fine the great screen resolution that the note 8 has in a larger tablet without spending a whole lot more.

n.e. texas
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
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1-20 of 114 total reviews
1-20 of 114 reviews