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I love the nail polish strips!

Customer review by Tracy

5.0 stars by Tracy

My daughter and I have been using Sally Hansen's nail polish strips since they came out (almost 2 years I guess). We absolutely love them. I have short nails and am able to get 2 uses out of each box since I can use each strip on 2 nails. I wear each set for about 10 days before I remove them because I'm ready for something new - never because they've started to chip or peel. I do put a clear top coat on them each time I wear them. Super easy to put on and I get compliments all the time. I'm 42 and I prefer the darker, more mature patterns. My daughter is 16 and prefers the lighter colored, cute patterns. I also love that they come out with seasonal patterns. I have noticed that newer, fresher strips are stickier and work better than those that have been sitting around for a while since purchased.

NW Florida
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Great product!!

Customer review by Giss

5.0 stars by Giss

I work in a store were we sell those and I get so many complements because of my nails, they look so good and last a long time. So many of my customers have bought them because of that, and they are so happy with the results. Thanks Sally :) I love them.

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Customer review by Fiona16

5.0 stars by Fiona16

Great! Have em' in almost all the colors! They are great quality but a little pricey! I give it an 8 out of 10.

I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Customer review by Angel254634

5.0 stars by Angel254634

I have short nails but this product was GREAT! I love it so much but it was a little hard to put on. Everyone at school noticed my nails and said they were so pretty. They asked if i did them myself and i said no its Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Most of them went and bought them the next day too! Anyways i love them and plan to get more in the future!

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I only use this product

Customer review by DebQ

5.0 stars by DebQ

I have been using this for as long as the came out. I love them. They last me two weeks with no chipping. As a matter of fact, I usually get bored with the design before they need to come off. I've tried the other brands and they are stickers They do not last long. These are the best I've found. I'm sticking with SH.

Coram, New York
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These last for so long :)

Customer review by technopathetic

5.0 stars by technopathetic

I bought the neon pink ones (i forgot the name) to try these out. They lasted over 10 days without peeling. I didn't use a base coat or top coat. I've bought about 6 more patterns and I love them all :)

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I'll never go back to liquid polish!

Customer review by Nyrak

5.0 stars by Nyrak

I had all but given up on keeping my nails done. The drying time was impossible, I always messed them up before they were dry. No more! I love the designs and the ease of application. Not to mention the manicures really stand up to the abuse of a woman that works construction, usually without gloves. I would really like to suggest a flame design? I have a lot of design ideas ... But flames would be a big seller!

St. Petersburg, FL, USA
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Talk about long lasting!

Customer review by vernisfolie

5.0 stars by vernisfolie

1. Practice makes perfect. Follow the directions and you can ignore the negative comments. 2. When I've used one of the design strips for my accent nail, it lasted longer than the polish (yes even with SV top coat) on my other nails. 3. And it didn't chip. Outstanding! 4. Small complaint: I wish more solid colors were available not only in retail stores but also online. It would also be useful if more sizes, or two of each size per nail (so 32 strips) came per pack. 5. Silver lining: the "I Dare You" red is a TRUE RED.

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Easy to use

Customer review by Elaineh

5.0 stars by Elaineh

I love this product, so easy to use and lasts. I use a top coat of clear varnish also. Everyone notices my nails when I have these on.

Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34, UK
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Love these :)

Customer review by amandasues

5.0 stars by amandasues

I love these, and I always get compliments when I use them

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Long lasting and looks great!

Customer review by Bren

5.0 stars by Bren

I have used the Red and now the French Manicure. Both have been long lasting and look great. It took me a few tries to get the French Manicure strips right, but since there were extras, I only used one box. It looks professional, but is lasting longer. When I get a professional French Manicure, the white chips within a day or two. I've had the strips on for a week now and no signs of wear! LOVE IT!

Pittsburgh, PA
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So much BANG for your buck!

Customer review by Evie

5.0 stars by Evie

I absolutely LOVE these. They're a great deal - especially if you want beautifully polished nails without the cost of a salon manicure or the time consuming process of multiple coats of nail polish! I've had friends use these and have been frustrated when they haven't come out perfectly. I can't put enough emphasis on taking your time with the application and have learned this is the biggest challenge with Salon Effects! If you want them to look great, you have to take the time to carefully do them! This is not to say it should take multiple hours. I can take 20 minutes out of my day, and if I follow the directions and sit in good lighting, they come out beautifully and I can get them to last for more than 10 days! I have practically eliminated regular nail polish from my life and now solely use Salon Effects. As long as Sally Hansen continues to make these, I'll continue to buy them! TIP: I always apply them at night when I'm completely ready for bed. That way after I apply them, I hop in to bed and don't need to use my hands for a few hours! This allows them to really start to set overnight and harden on your nails. Then the first thing I do in the morning is apply a clear top coat and I'm ready to go!

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Love this product

Customer review by Meka81

5.0 stars by Meka81

I am a person who can not paint my own nail's well. I just recently starting using the nail polish strips and I loved the results. I got a friend to help me apply the strips the first few times because my hands are always shaking!!! I followed the directions but, after I applied the strips I used clear polish to make my nails shine and I cut my nails just a small amount after putting own the top coat and my nails look awesome... This is something that works well for me and I feel like everyone should do the same to get the look that you are going for!!!

Augusta, GA, USA
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love Love LOVE it!

Customer review by Molly4

5.0 stars by Molly4

I so love this product! I would never take the time to share or review on products that dont mean anything to me, seriously I love these. Easy to apply, does take some time and effort. But the results our worth it! And there our some tricks to making it stay on longer.. like putting another top coat over your nails every other day. And not soaking your nails in water, like using gloves for doing dishes and keeping it short in the bathtub. All-in-All Please give this product a try! Its affordable and beautiful! I have had he ones in the picture on for almost a week now and they still look great and im getting ALOT of compliments!

Michigan, USA
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Great product!

Customer review by aquaheart

5.0 stars by aquaheart

I love these! They are one of the best nail stickers out there and so many different styles to choose from!

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Great product

Customer review by ElvisDiva

5.0 stars by ElvisDiva

I love these nail strips. They are easy to apply and they last me a good 6-7 days before they start to get a little worn at the tips. I only wish they weren't so expensive.

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Quick and Easy and Looks Amazing

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars by An anonymous customer

I have a condition that causes me to shake. This product enables me to color my nails again! It looks like I paid a salon. And no wet nail polish stench! I recommend it to everyone, for ease, for fun!

An anonymous customer
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
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Great Product!

Customer review by DeathBee

5.0 stars by DeathBee

I love this product. It was extremely easy to apply, and lasted much longer than regular nail polish. A wee bit expensive, in my opinion, but I love it.

Athens, GA, USA
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Fancy Fingers!

Customer review by Jackie9

5.0 stars by Jackie9

I have been using these strips since they first hit the shelves and I love them. I love being able to have something more than just cool colors on my fingers and toes, now I get cool designs, too. I have been complimented by several people, that I don’t know, because they notice and love them. The dry time is almost nothing and while they are dry after application, they can still tear easily, until they’ve had a chance to harden. I love that I can get all ten toes covered with half a box, if I piece them right. That way I get two applications per box! My only slight negative is that I have not really been able to get more than a week out of them on my fingers, they start to chip at the ends. I can get about a month out of my toes though and that I love!

New York, NY, USA
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All Pros, NO cons!

Customer review by Kyla87

5.0 stars by Kyla87

These nail strips are perfect! Easy to put on, so many styles, no drying time, and it is thick enough to keep my nails from breaking!!!

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