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OxiClean 2 In 1 Stain Fighter, Fresh Scent, 66 Ounces

OxiClean 2 In 1 Stain Fighter, Fresh Scent, 66 Ounces

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<li>Removes stains, brightens colors, whitens whites</li><li>With color safe brightener</li><li>For all machines including HE</li>
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Smells and works great

I received this product to try free of charge from Smiley360 and have been using it on my weekly loads of laundry. It smells great and has the amazing cleaning power of oxiclean combined with detergent! I use to use oxiclean powder separate so the combination of the 2 is not only saving me money but is one less step I need to do when performing my weekly laundry duties. I have taken some before and after photos of my clothes to see if the detergent makes them brighter since it contains oxiclean and I can honestly say that I think the colors are more vibrant and with prolonged use I will experience less fading than with normal detergent.
OxiClean laundry process
OxiClean 66 oz


I have used Oxi Clean for months and it has gotten a BUNCH of stains out but after an incident the other night I figured out that Oxi Clean has been leaving bleach like stains on some of my clothes. A couple of nights ago I was on my way home with Italian Take out and some on the lasagna sauce spilled through the bag onto my shirt. I thought nothing of it. Got home took the shirt off and immediately washed what sauce I could off, then put the Oxi Clean on and left it there per instructions for about 10 minutes. I then washed the shirt and dried it and now have a shirt with bleach stains everywhere the Oxi clean was. It hit me then that this is where all the mysterious "bleach" stains were coming from. Now on the other hand. My mom had a shirt that she loved that had some sort of grease stain and I used everything under the sun to get the satin out. After receiving Oxi Clean from Smiley 360 I used it and it got the stain right out. So if you do plan to use Oxi Clean do a color test somewhere on it before you use it!
Bleach like stain left by Oxi CleanBleach like stain left by Oxi Clean.

A Baby Clothes Lifesaver!

My toddler is pretty good at getting his clothes hopelessly stained. Well, hopelessly until I was told about Oxy-Clean. This stuff is fantastic. A good pre-soak in a bit of oxy-clean and water before laundry, then a bit tossed in with the load, gets both his whites and coloreds looking fantastic. I usually use the powdered form, but I got to try the liquid thanks to, and I have to say it is pretty useful. There's no worries about ending up with residue from pre-soaking, like I on rare occasion got from the powder. If you have someone who really loves to get into spaghetti sauce and Indian food, then trust me, this is for you! Especially since it's mostly color-safe. I'm including before and after shots of one of my son's shirts I took when I tried the liquid out. I think this one was a spaghetti victim, and was so glad it came clean! I happen to be very fond of that shirt.
One of my son's onesies before washing with OxiClean. Ah, spaghetti night!The same onesie after washing. You'd never know how much he loves pasta sauce!

Oxi Clean Is My New Go To Stain Fighter!!

I received a 66 oz. bottle of Oxi Clean to try out for FREE from Smiley 360. I had never used it before, but the timing was just right as my 3 month old daughter has a HUGE blowout about once a week. Up until now I have just been throwing her clothes with blowout stains away as it hasn't been worth my time to scrub and wash them when they still come out with residual stains. :( Only one day after receiving the Oxi Clean my daughter had another huge blowout. (It's like she knew I was excited to try this product out for the first time and wanted to give me a reason to put it to the test) After soaking it in the Oxi Clean for 10 minutes and running it through the wash along with my regular detergent and a bit more Oxi Clean, it came out looking ok, but there was still a residual stain. I soaked it one more time and did a second wash and this time I was completely ecstatic! It had completely gotten rid of the stain. I know the key to it working so well was that I was at home when it happened which allowed me to take care of it right away. I received a free sample of ARM & HAMMER Oxi Clean.
Stained OnesieOxi Clean Onesie

Removed stains from white clothes.

I tried out Oxi-Clean on my son's TaeKwonDo pants that had a chocolate stain on them. As you may know, choc stains are not easy to get out and these are pure white pants. These are the only pair he owns for all of his sessions and testings; therefore, I couldn't afford for this NOT to work. I poured some of this over the stain as well as the entire load along with my detergent. I washed it at cold/cold cycle to prevent his pants from shrinking, and sure enough, the stain was GONE! WOOT! High five Oxi-Clean!!!!
Before washing with Oxi CLean.After Oxi-Clean! Stain is gone!
I got to try this product through a mission from Smiley360 for free. I used it on a few items such as a white shirt with underarm stains, a striped colored shirt that was dull and a pink shirt with underarm stains. I let the clothes sit in the water with the detergent and hand scrubbed the underarm stains. I was amazed to see the stains that have been there for over a year were gone. My striped shirt even looked a little bit brighter and I have had that shirt for many years. I love this compared to my usual stuff I get which is Arm&Hammer and Purex. Even if you don't want to use this for every wash I would definitely get a bottle to keep around just to work the underarm stains out of shirts. I will be purchasing this in the future when I run out.
Before OxiCleanAfter OxiClean

Just ok...

ive had my fare share of these products over the years and some are better than others. this one is just ok. I recently received a 10.00 giftcard from Smiley360 to review this product for free and in return i give my review. I bought it today and i used it as soon as i got home and i have a 2 year old and his clothes get dirty and i was them a lot! i tried a color test on one item so i didnt just throw it in and have a disaster. it worked out fine. i washed it with my normal detergent and it seemed to work fine. colors seemed a little brighter and it smelled good. i was pleased with the result. i will most likely keep using this product, its worth it to keep my sons clothes looking new after a ton of washes.
my free girst card from Smiley360 to purchase this product and give a reviewa before and after of my sons sleepy pants

Good product

I received a gift card from to purchase and test this product. I had mixed results using it. I did not notice my clothes being any brighter or whites any whiter. I added it to every load and washed as normal. I also used it as a stain pretreatment. I did notice it removed several stains- some chocolate on my daughter's dress and stains on a set of sheets. I am attaching a before and after photo of the sheets- most of it was removed in that case. I do love the scent it has- my laundry smelled so good. I probably will not buy it again- as I can buy other pretreatments that seem to work as well.
Stain after using product- only small spot remaining at top.Stain before washing

Did not remove stain

My husband got a small stain on his work shirt with indian food the night before I washed it. I put the OxiClean on as a pretreatment for 5 minutes and then washed it. I was excited to see the shirt restored because it's an expensive shirt, but unfortunately that did not happen. It didn't even lighten the stain So I washed it again...still stained. It's not worth the least not for stains that have sat overnight. Maybe it would work better on a stain right away that is why I gave it 2 stars instead of one. It's a bummer bc I really wanted it to work!
After Treatment and WashBefore Treatment and Wash

Oxi Clean Stain Fighter is not worth it

I got to try this product courtesy of Smiley360. I was not impressed. I followed the directions and the stains were not removed. It is supposed to help the detergent do its cleaning job but the heavy stains were still there. In particular my toddler's shirt had some juice and food stains all on the front and the back (very messy eater). Only of the stains were removed. It think it did make the clothes a little brighter but not enough. I would not recommend this.
This is the before picture.This is the after picture.

Great product

I really like the smell of fresh clean scent plus I have a 5 year old boy that can put some mean stains on his clothes. I love that I can use OxiClean Fresh Scent 2 in 1 Stain Fighter once and the stain is go. Thanks again to for letting me try this product for free.

Worked Well

I was so happy to get this for free as a Smiley360 member. I tried it on my daughter's stained sweater and it worked wonders. I pre-treated it first then used the detergent again for the wash. Love the smell!

Worked Well

This stain fighter worked very well, it got the stains out of my daughters favorite sweater! I received a free bottle of OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighter Liquid from Smiley360!

Fights Stains even on Colored Clothes

I received a 10.00 Walmart card from Smiley360 to purchase the OxiClean Stain Fighter 66fl oz. They give me great Missions for to review for free in return for my honest opinion. Upon purchasing it at Walmart I couldn't wait to use it. The first thing I decided to try it on was a work hat that my boyfriend wears to work. You would not believe how filthy this thing was. It took every bit of it out. I will say that this is a additive to your laundry detergent. You do not use this for detergent. Just a stain fighter. I also will admit that I pre treated the hat before washing for about a hour. It took everything out of it as you can see from the photo. I will be purchasing this again and I would recommend it to anyone.

Mom of a toddler approved...

Thanks to Smiley360 i received a gift card to use to buy this particular product and try it out on my clothes. I have a 2 1/2 year old son who gets into EVERYTHING so i have to clean his clothes ALL the time. I need something to keep its color and get out the stains and this product does both. It also smells great. Ive always had a hard time getting certain stains out and ive had to pretreat for a long time and rewash over and over. With this product, i dont have to do either.
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Even Grass Stains Don't Stand a Chance!!

I Have a 4yr old that is allergic to most any scented detergent but this was not overpowering and she was able to handle it! Put my daughter's grass stained shoes in the wash and they came out looking BRAND NEW!!! I put the OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighter directly on her shoes and then tossed them into the washer. Did not have to soak or scrub or anything!! I received a free sample of OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighter from Smiley360.
Clean Shoes, no grass stain!

Worked Like Magic!

I used OxiClean 2in1 as a pre-treater on a sweater that had a brown food stain. I left it on for the 5-10 minutes called for, then threw it in the wash with the other clothes, also using OxiClean 2in1 in my load with detergent. I wash and dried as normal and the stain was gone! I haven't really noticed a difference in brighter colors, but it seems to get the stains out! *I received a free sample of ARM&HAMMER OxiClean ®

Brightens and cleans

I have a 3 y/o son. I pretreat heavily stained items as directed, and add to wash as well. Clothes have come out so beautiful and bright.

Product is just okay

I thought this product was just okay. It did take out some stains but others it left behind. I feel that my current pretreating product is more effective and cheaper so I will stick with it. I did like the Fresh Scent smell though! To see a full review, visit my blog at NOTE: I received this product free to try from

good product

I received a free sample from Smiley360, I used the product in my hubby's work clothes and I put some directly in the stains before putting in the washer machine, It didn't take away the stains completely, but I could see the difference, so Its not like they show in the commercials, but it works good.
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