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Great dog food for sensitive skin

Customer review by Echo06

5.0 stars by Echo06

My dog has a chicken allergy and sensitive skin, so i switched her to this dog food and gave her a oatmeal bath. She has stopped all her scratching and biting and her skin is already looking better!

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Youngstown, Ohio
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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
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Verified purchaser
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my dog loves it.

Customer review by Angolamom5

5.0 stars by Angolamom5

My dog is allergic to poultry. This is the only one (so far) that actually is poultry free. Other foods and brands i checked have poultry meal or poultry by-products or poultry fat in the list of ingredients even tho they are advertised to be something else such as lamb and rice or salmon and sweet potato,,, you get the idea. My dog loves it and is thriving. I would highly recommend it. My only problem with it is Walmart has stopped selling the product in the store so i have to buy online and pay shipping since i cant even get it shipped to the store; but the product is worth the annoyance.

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Lewes, DE
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Age:65 or older
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Very good product

Customer review by Smoejoe

5.0 stars by Smoejoe

I have a very finicky Yorkie . It's the only food I've found that she will eat everyday.

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Grand Rapids, Mi.
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Age:55 - 64
Ownership:Longer than one year
Usage:Every day
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Love it --- so does my pug!

Customer review by Ilovemypug

5.0 stars by Ilovemypug

I recently spent a small fortune on my dog after he had severe medical issues due to his food allergies. After the medicine and transitioning my pug to Iams Sentive Naturals, my love is at his best again. I am so increditbly thankful for my dog's health and I will never settle for less than the best again.

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Very happy with this Product!

Customer review by PugObsessed

5.0 stars by PugObsessed

My pug's coat is VERY soft on this food! Wonderful

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Best dog food

Customer review by JacquieS

5.0 stars by JacquieS

My German Shepherd had horrible allergies and had him scratching so much he got skin infections. I have tried other natural dog food that was expensive but didn't work as well. I talked to a store manager at my local pet supply store about it. He recommended Iams sensitive naturals ocean fish because most shepherds are allergic to chicken. With in a week his itching changed a lot. He still itches but it's only once or twice a day. He's pretty picky about food and will turn his nose up to most but not this, he loves it. I just wish it was in a bigger bag.

Erie, Pa
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Wow, what a difference!

Customer review by Melissa

5.0 stars by Melissa

My six year old westie had horribly itchy skin and managed to lick his back legs nearly raw. He'd had itching problems since he was pup, and it gradually got worse over time. After little more than a week on Iams Sensitive Naturals, the itching stopped and his hair began growing back. No more crazy endless licking at night! The only reason I give pet enjoyment a 4 is that he still obviously CRAVES grains and would probably trade for those in a heartbeat--he's still driven crazy by the smell of chicken and popcorn! It did take about three days before he didn't make sad eyes at me when he looked at his food dish, but he took to it very quickly after that.

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Love it!

Customer review by Micah

5.0 stars by Micah

I like to only eat either Halal or Kosher meat or Fish with other nutritious foods. It's Beautiful to now be able to transfer some of the same health benefits to my pets! I only have one request... A 40 Pound Bag!! Lol

Memphis, TN
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Iams is great!

Customer review by Terri

5.0 stars by Terri

We were unsure our dogs would like the fish in this product, so purchased a small bag as a test. We are returning the large bag of food we purchased and getting a bag of this product for our dogs. Both dogs took to it right away, unusual since our Scotty is a very picky eater. We look for natural products without beef and cheese in them, as both dogs have severe allergies. Thanks Iams for making a great product!

Lafayette, Indiana
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Love it!

Customer review by Emmons

5.0 stars by Emmons

I have always preferred Iams to other brands of dog food as all of the pets I have ever owned really enjoy the food, and it is of reasonable cost. I have tried my dog, Will, on a few different Iams' foods. He tends to have less gas on this brand than others, but I started him on the sensitive naturals when he started having medical issues with itching. Both his licking, scratching, and gas improve significantly on this food! He does still scratch some, but it is significantly better on this particular recipe. He also seems to enjoy this food more than the other foods I have tried him on. I agree with other reviewers that we need a bigger bag! Will is a lab/border collie mix, so I am always getting 2-3 bags at a time if my local stores aren't out of it completely!

Oklahoma City
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amazing results!!

Customer review by fred

5.0 stars by fred

I have an american bulldog who has food allergies like i have never seen in a animal. We have spent well into the thousands to have him tested and medications. have been through every expensive all natural dog foods out there and was getting no where. We then talked to an employee at a pet store and she recommended sensitive naturals from iams and i cannot believe the results for our dog. Thank you iams for making this food it has been our life saver. I just wish it came in a bag larger then 22lbs. I highly recommend this food.

toledo, ohio
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Better than Bacon?

Customer review by Lynne97060

5.0 stars by Lynne97060

Although Dobby, a chihuahua/pug mix (a Chug!) had no allergy problems, he seemed to gain weight on the corn-based kibble I was feeding him. Perhaps that's because corn wasn't part of the food heritage of his Chinese half, but corn was definitely used to fatten up his chihuahua ancestors when they were food animals on the Aztec menu. I chose this kibble because it was readily available at the markets I did my other shopping; he's been eating it for six months now and actually lost half a pound!

Troutdale, OR
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Customer review by NebraskaJennyJo

5.0 stars by NebraskaJennyJo

My dog has been itching/licking his hind legs raw for years and years. I have tried EVERYTHING...and when I say everything I mean it. We did creams, sour tasting serums, wraps, allergy pills, an Elizabethan collar, vet visit after vet visit, and finally $400 laser treatments (helped but not fully). I picked up a small bag of this at Walmart and thought what the heck...I'll try it. Within a week he stopped picking. Within two weeks hair was growing back. We are several bags into it now and he is all healed up. Please make a bigger bag -I am forever buying the small ones. 130lb dog! I can't thank you enough for this dog food!!! The dog sends his love also as he goes crazy for it and has been much more active also.

Phillips, Ne
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Customer review by Mickey

5.0 stars by Mickey

I have a Beagle that had digestive problems. No matter what I fed her she would eat grass and throw up 15-20 mins after eating (without fail). I tried several differernt dog foods. I actually stumbled upon Iams Natural "Ocean FIsh and Barley." I gave this to her for about a month and she never threw up again. She loves the taste and I love how her stomach doesn't get sick everytime she eats. I now have my Beagle and my German Shepherd eating this and will never buy another dog food. Love Love Love this dog food!!

Plum PA
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A Life Changer!

Customer review by Suzanne

5.0 stars by Suzanne

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We had literally reached the point of total despair with our dog. We'd tried every expensive "premium" food known to man, spent I don't know how much on vet bills, and tried every home remedy or gimmick we could find when I happened to spot this product at PetSmart. Our dog, a cockapoo, is apparently allergic to everything a dog can be allergic to, and had scratched so much he ended up with a skin infection and very little fur left. His eyes would get all gunky and he looked like he had mange. We took repeated trips to the vet, bought special (expensive!) shampoos, kept him on doggie Benadryl, all with little success. Literally within the first couple of days of switching to this food his scratching almost entirely stopped. He seems to love the flavor as he gobbles it down every time - and if he doesn't like a particular food he will flat out go hungry before he'd give in and eat, that's how stubborn he is. (Not that we'd ever let him go hungry lol!) But now his fur is growing back nice and shiny, the scratching has stopped, his eyes have cleared up, and he is in a noticeably better mood, which is understandable because he has to finally feel better! So THANK YOU, Iams, for making this food. You've literally changed our lives for the better, and to top it all off, it's affordable! Please don't ever stop making this!

Middle Tennessee
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Amazing Results!!

Customer review by Tiffotter

5.0 stars by Tiffotter

I can't even believe the difference this food made in my dog's life! After researching online about dogs that chew and scratch and get awful hot spots, I decided to try a few different foods. I went with another brand for quite a while that made a good difference. Then while shopping one day I stumbled across Iams Sensitive Naturals and the price was a fraction of the brand I had been using, so I gave it a shot. There was even a sample sized bag for just a few dollars. WOW. For almost two years now my dog has had zero issues with itching, scratching, chewing, no matter what season of the year it is, and that's without any medications! I'm just sad that two major retailers in my area area suddenly no longer carrying it, and I worry that it is leaving the market. I hope not! This would be devastating. I have recommended this product to two different friends whose dogs also suffers from similar symptoms.

Highlands Ranch, CO
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Very Happy

Customer review by Alyn

5.0 stars by Alyn

Our mini Australian Shepherd had scratching and spotting issues from the get go. Of course we bought him the most expensive food on the market and tried different brands and the results did not change. The vet said it was probably allergies but to what he could not say for sure. Someone we know mentioned IAMS sensitive naturals so we tried it. Riley immediately responded and he has had no problems since. It was miraculous. We then adopted a smooth-coated Border Collie who I again started on the expensive Puppy food (owner guilt). Although her problems were not as bad has Riley's, she also had itching and spotting problems. Naturally I switched her over to the Sensitive Naturals food and it immediately cleared up. As an owner I want to give my dog the best and somehow I equate that with most expensive. They are not the same. So many owners have told me about their dog allergies and I always steer them to Sensitive Naturals. Since Riley cleared up completely I have tried the Naturals chicken with barley which he tolerated as well. I am very happy with this product line.

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Bought for allergy relief

Customer review by bishonmama

2.0 stars by bishonmama

I bought this food to see if it would help my bichon's allergy problems. I guess it has not as they still continue to itch like crazy. The other problem is the original bag of this food they seemed to like. Now they've changed the formula, the kibble shape looks different and it must taste different too. My picky eater refuses to touch this food, and my little piglet who loves everything also refuses to eat this food. This is a first as she LOVES everything. Not sure what they have changed in the formula but my 2 bichons just do NOT like this formula. Maybe they can change it back to the original formula. My dogs liked that better. Although it still did not help the allergies so they must be caused by something other than food.

oceanside, ca
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