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Finally an edger that works!

Customer review by wrenchmonkey

5.0 stars by wrenchmonkey

The Smart Edger is great! Plain and simple. It's an excellent value. It's FAR less messy than anything else you've ever tried. It does exactly what you expect every edging tool you've already wasted your money on to do and the Wagner Smart Edger does it flawlessly. We do a lot of painting and edging has always been the ugly task no one wants to do. I've tried every edging system you can see in your local home hardware supply store and this little gem blows them all out of the water. I do have one complaint - Where can I buy replacement rollers for this excellent tool?

Austin, TX, USA
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Saves time, easy to use, and fantastic results!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars by An anonymous customer

I had the opportunity to try out the SMART Edge Roller when I was painting my living room. There was quite a bit of "cutting in" needed along trim and windows and the SMART Edge Roller ended up being a lifesaver. It only has a few parts and was a breeze to assemble. Once it was together, all I had to do was suck paint up into the plunger, switch the nozzle for the roller assembly, and get going. No tray needed. When first loading the roller, you give the pump a few squeezes until the paint comes through. From there on out, you just give a quick squeeze and keep on going. The roller assembly is really brilliant. The guide piece shields your woodwork and in painting my entire room, I didn't have any paint leak through. It also has little brushes that you can rotate to face the wall. They help smooth the line and I have to say that I got MUCH better results than when I freehand around trim. Overall, this product saved me time, was very easy to assemble and use, and gave me better results!

An anonymous customer
Boston, MA, USA
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Product works great small learning curve

Customer review by stew57

5.0 stars by stew57

I just repainted my 2000 sq ft house interior and many rooms had several colors on the walls. I am not sure what happened to the few who gave this product a low rating maybe they were not using it correctly. The angle you adjust the trim brushes and the angle you run it against the ceiling and where you hold it on the long handle all affects the results. After a small learning curve I painted all the rooms around ceilings, window trim, base trim without any tape!! I did have to brush my corners but with all the cleanup and paint color changing I saved a amazing amount of time. The edging takes up all the time and this product knocked it out of the park. Cleaning time was not bad , we just live in a instant results world and forget the saved time on painting. Thanks Wagner

Iowa, USA
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Excellent! Great timesaver! Great Product!

Customer review by Jenny59

5.0 stars by Jenny59

I used the smart edge roller to paint my oversized 2 car garage, with 10 foot ceilings. .   On the first wall I forgot that I had this and had to do it using a traditional cut in method with a brush.   Very long and tedious and many little oops spots on the ceiling. On day 2 and wall #2 I remembered the Wagner smart edge roller. It was sooooo much easier! I am so glad I remembered. I used it for the remainder of the garage and was easily able to paint right up to the edge of the ceiling with no oops spots. Painting in the corners where two walls come together requires a quick use of a brush to get right in the tightest area but using the Wagner smart edge was a huge timesaver. I just wish I had known about the bigger roller I saw on the website I'd love to try that out. I would give this 5 stars. Regarding clean up, I didn´t use the clean up adapter attached to a garden hose or faucet but I wish I would have, it sounds like it would have been a lot easier.   There are so many little nooks and crannies that I´m sure the free flowing water water would work much better. It is amazing how much paint that thing can hold.   I advise the cleaning adapter and free flowing water. I will definitely try that next time.

Orient, OH 43146, USA
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.I am quite impressed by this product.

Customer review by StephsBitByBit

5.0 stars by StephsBitByBit

I had the opportunity to review Wagner TurboRoll and SMART Edge Roller.I love to paint.I am a Artist and love to do Wall Murals.I used these products in my little girl's bedroom and was saying to myself "Were was Wagner TurboRoll and SMART Edge Roller all my life? Let me just say it made painting her walls so easy and when it says 7 x 10 on one fill,they are not kidding. I used a little bit of paint out of the can.I only filled the paint roller once for a wall in a half and still had paint left and emptied the leftover paint in the can.It covers the wall with paint very well.I am quite impressed by Wagner and I will definitely use their products in the future. I would highly recommend Wagner TurboRoll and SMART Edge Roller for anyone painting products. I give 5 Stars out of 5 Stars and 2 Thumbs Up!

Natrona Heights, PA, USA
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Saves time and headaches

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars by An anonymous customer

Cutting-in has always been a nightmare for me. I just don't have the patience to do it right and unfortunately my ceiling has suffered as I've got a few marks on my popcorn ceiling as a reminder that I suck at painting. With this new roller I no longer dread painting around doors or windows and I can breathe easier cutting into corners in ceilings. It was super easy to use and cleaning wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. If your painting skills are as bad as mine then this will be a lifesaver.

An anonymous customer
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Great Product

Customer review by Mike01

5.0 stars by Mike01

This is the best Edge Roller ever. Cuts paint time. Painters tape needed only on the Ceiling corner. I really like the Waqgner SMART Edge Roller. Thank You Wagner for such a great product.

New York City
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YEAH, a tool that works in an old house!!!

Customer review by vangie1

5.0 stars by vangie1

This works perfectly!! Our house is over 200 years old and most tools of any kind simply don't work with the bumpy plaster walls, irregular trim and lack of leveling. This tool did the job! I cut in a 20X15 foot room with three windows, two doors and a fireplace in under 2 hours!!!!!!! I went right out and bought the Wagner Paint-in-Roll!

Baltimore, Maryland
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Customer review by PhotogMomma

5.0 stars by PhotogMomma

I can't say enough good things about this product. Our contractor has not been the easiest to work with, so I decided I would just paint most of what we were going to pay him to myself. I couldn't have done it without this product. The one thing I hate most about painting is the tape! It has saved me about $1500 and I did the equivalent of 6 rooms in one day. It is a wonderful product, if used right. Like a previous reviewer said, DO NOT overload the roller & make sure to check and keep paint off the edger just as the instructions said. I looked at the video on YouTube before I even attempted this. I'm a visual learner, so this made using the Smart Edge Roller a breeze. Even my 15 year old was able to edge his entire room. It's not rocket science, folks! Clean up was easy with a hose outside. Again, thanks for this product!!!!

Fort Worth, TX, USA
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A real time saver

Customer review by AuburnFan

5.0 stars by AuburnFan

I earn my living working in the apartment industry. This tool makes my job a lot easier. This tool allows me to cut in a 1200 square foot apartment in less than two hours, cutting my time by more than half. Clean up was a little frustrating the first time but after that it is a breeze. Thank you Wagner

Colorado Springs, CO, USA
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Customer review by Gagnew2

5.0 stars by Gagnew2

My late brother was a professional painter. He always cautioned against "gimmick" tools - stating that they never worked. Usually he was right. Not in this case. I took a chance and was overwhelmingly surprised This roller provides me with the ability to do a high quality job while saving me hours of work. My expectations have been exceeded by far. Well done!.

Syracuse, NY, USA
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Biggest time saver ever!

Customer review by Goose67

5.0 stars by Goose67

This worked great! We followed the directions and it saved so much time! It's not perfect but we had great luck with it. If you are a perfectionist this might not be for you, we got around 98 percent excellent results.

Lansdowne, ON K0E, Canada
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Works good

Customer review by boblemans

4.0 stars by boblemans

Works good, but too small for paint system. Even when you turn the adjustable flow all the way down, it still sends too much paint to the roller and it leaks out the sides! Beside that, it works good.

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Taylors, sc
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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 3 months
Usage:A few times per month
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Good but I had problem with gap between trim and roller

Customer review by LM12

4.0 stars by LM12

It did work well but I had a problem getting it close enough without leaving a gap. Will try it again with the useful hints about keeping the brushes wet with the paint. The only thing I didn't like is the clean up. When cleaning I cannot find the piston seal (#13 in parts list). I hope I can find a replacement part. Have searched the whole area where I was cleaning and it is gone! It didn't go down the drain, have a mesh trap over it. Anyone know if they sell replacement seals? If not, will have to throw it out!

Illinois, USA
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Worked great outside under the gutters

Customer review by Steve66

4.0 stars by Steve66

The product is listed for interior but I used it for the narrow strip of facia board under my gutters, which are a different color. Hardest part was going up and down the ladder because it went so fast. The edge was perfect. The cleanup procedure is a bit complicated - be sure to read and heed the directions - but works well on everything but the roller cover. At least for exterior latex, the cover wasn't reusable after it dried out. I called the 800 number and ordered more covers - 1-800-760-3844 - with a minimum of hassle and only a small shipping charge.

South Windsor, CT, USA
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Definitely makes it easier!

Customer review by Hawkeye

4.0 stars by Hawkeye

Finally something quicker and easier to use for trimming! I'm not a great painter and trimming is the worst - this tool made it so much simpler - I did our main bathroom and for once I didn't get paint on everything! I did still taped my trim and tub because I didnt really know what to expect after i was done I realized I really didnt need to. Easy to fill with paint and not a lot of mess - of couse clean up took longer just because there are more pieces to clean than an angle brush. Will use again for my next project for sure! Overall great and easy product to use.

Robins, IA, USA
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Makes it easier

Customer review by Hawkeyes

4.0 stars by Hawkeyes

Finally something quicker and easier to use for trimming! I'm not a great painter and trimming is the worst - this tool made it so much simplier. I still taped my trim because I didnt really know what to expect after i was done I realized I really didnt need to. - Easy to fill with paint - of couse clean up took longer just because there are more pieces to clean than an angle brush. I kept wiping the yellow guard in the edge just to make sure I didn't sloppily get paint anywhere it shouldnt be. Overall great and easy product to use.

Robins, IA, USA
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Great concept

Customer review by Judi

4.0 stars by Judi

I loved it. I didn't have to tape anything. The only thing I think were downfalls is sometimes the roller would have a tendency to slide instead of roll. The other thing is corners are impossible to get and last but not least it was time consuming trying to figure out sometimes which way to adjust the roller for different angles. It would be great if it came with a corner peice for the walls by the ceilings or corners in general. I would even like to see if you could purchase it sepearate. Besides that I painted 3 walls from start to finish with clean up and the way it was before starting about 4 hours. Thank you Wagner!!! Great product!!!!

St. Charles, MO, USA
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Works better than I imagined

Customer review by MyRepurposedLife

4.0 stars by MyRepurposedLife

I had no idea how the Smart Edge Roller worked when I got it. Anything with "instructions" seems like it's more trouble than it's worth. However, after glancing over the directions, I dove right in. I'm a learn as you go kinda girl. I loved how easy it was to load with my paint. The tube that loads the paint hung right on my jug of paint when I wasn't using it. I gave it a few pumps and I was good to go. It was a little weird getting the hang of spinning the head around depending on which edge you're rolling (left or right) I found that it was best to do all the right at the same time to keep from having to adjust it. It took a little time to learn how to use the little rotating brush thing, but used correctly, it gets right up to the edge of your cabinet. My door facing was a little more difficult due to the fact that the drywall isn't in the best of shape. The only thing you need to touch up is the very corner of the ceiling or baseboard. (it's kind of a triangle shape) I did not get one bit of paint on the baseboard!!! that's a first! I found it difficult to clean with the hose. Attaching it right to the hose, you have no control over turning the hose off and on. I had to crimp the hose to stop the flow of water. After cleaning with the hose, I brought it indoors to the kitchen sink to make sure I had it really clean. If you have a utility sink, you're good to go. Be sure to follow the directions and lubricate the rubber parts with the petroleum jelly that is included. I believe I might even use this on a piece of furniture that I might normally roll due to the fact that the pain is in the handle. :)

Louisville, KY, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
works well if you dont overload it

Customer review by papawjeff

4.0 stars by papawjeff

Once you get the hang of this and don't overload the roller with too much paint it does what it was designed to do. Too much paint and it will slide and not roll, as will any roller. Speed is this tools strong point in cutting in corners and the built in shield around trim reduces or eliminates taping,which is another work and time saver. Of course its one of those tools you will only use every few years, but I am glad to have it available when its needed.

St. Albans, WV, USA
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