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Really GREAT!!

Customer review by kmscatsx2

4.0 stars 6/4/2012 by kmscatsx2
by kmscatsx2

Wow! I love my new Lift Off Carpet Cleaner! Unbelievable! I have two small dogs that refuse to be housetrained. It is a constant battle that I am loosing. I tried my sisters Bissell and quiet frankly it is a piece of junk. I was very sceptical when I purchased the Lift-Off. I am astounded at the great job that it did. My puppy stained carpets look almost new again. The only reason I did not give it 5-stars is because the water tank is small and has to be refilled frequently. Other than that is is awesome. I could not believe the filthy water I was dumping down my sink, that was in my carpet. If you have any reservations, please know you will not be disappointed. I am very much a hard-to-please consumer and I am pleasantly surprised, especially after my experience borrowing my sisters Bissell (different model). One last thing, this machine is a bit "touchy". In other words everything has to be absolutley put in its place or it will not work. Once I figured that out I was off and running.

Vancouver, Washington
For the price, poor quality

Customer review by noupf

2.0 stars 10/25/2015 by noupf
by noupf

We own the model previous to this one, but they are basically identical. The suction hose on the portable portion of this carpet cleaner cracked on us last night while my 2 year old daughter was having a terrible stomach virus ( i will spare you the details ). I pulled the unit out of the closet and went to use the portable portion of the machine. As soon as i un-wound the hose to get down and suck up all the nasty stuff off the couch cushions, the hose cracked and broke free from the handle. For the few times we have used this machine, i wouldn't have expected the most valuable portion of the device to break......terrible design and poor quality materials used here. The current model of this cleaner also uses the exact same design and material for the hose......which is why we will not purchase this product. If there were some changes to the design, i may have considered it. We are not the only customers of the model that have had the hose break off....... Buyer beware.

Comment from Nikki - 10/28/2015

Oh no - there couldn't be a worse time for it to break, we're sorry to hear this! Give us a call, we'd be happy to help with a replacement!

First Time to use our new Lift-Off Cleaning System

Customer review by JaTexas

4.0 stars 4/10/2012 by JaTexas
by JaTexas

We did our living/family room carpet and small 10' hall. We also have two cats with long fur. The carpet was getting some spots due to age as we have not cleaned it for about a year and it is light tan. The system worked very well. I started going to fast but adjusted as I learned the machine. It was not as heavy as a rental one and held a less water and cleaner so I had to refill 4 times. After use I followed the cleaning instructions which may prevent leakage and early wear on the seals I hope. Our results were excellent, we did pre-treat some small areas but most was not treated. We have an area rug in the center of the room under which you could see the color difference when we rolled it up and the area around the rug came as clean as the covered part which is why we rated the unit so high. I do think cleaning after use is key to long life. We are also ordering the Power TurboBrush Hand Tool as it will help remove dander from the furniture. All in all it has solved our floor problem.

High Island, TX, USA

Customer review by The Queen

5.0 stars 10/23/2012 by The Queen
by The Queen

I actually aquired this particular model by default. I had to return the original purchase (2X Pet Anti,etc.) to exchange and lo, the store had NONE. The manager then showed me what was available, and I saw this model and said OK, as long as its a Bissell. Well I must say that I have NEVER experienced a clean like this! I used it the day after I purchased it, and was amazed. Only one little problem: it took three days for my body to recover. **Literally. This is a most powerful Cleaner! I realize now that I must pay someone to do the carpet as I did today, but it is worth it (and keeps my Dr. happy)! It really lives up to its name. I use the Pet, Odor Control and Allergen cleaners in my machine, and the outcome is awesome; the machine addresses all areas that I need. I know it for sure when the dirty tank is full. The entire house smells wonderful, and we haven't done the final three yet. Thanks Bissell for a job well done, Queen **I just happen to be a veteran with disabilities,some not reversable: however I like to retain & maintain my INDEPENDENCE :-)

The Queen
Original New Yorker>NC
Every Home with Pets Should Have This Machine!!

Customer review by Macnana

5.0 stars 8/20/2012 by Macnana
by Macnana

I just used this machine for the first time. I had the most disgusting pet stains on my stairs, they were black in some spots. I pretreated and used the lift off machine and the spots are gone. I wish I could post a picture because I took before and after shots and it's amazing. My carpet is about 10 years old and I have had a house full of kids and pets, I cleaned it last (ashamed to say) 4 years ago so it was pretty bad. This machine just took care of all of it and I paid what I would have paid one time for the pros to come out - and now I'll have it on hand all the time. What with grand kids spilling things, my little dog who still decorates the carpet, I can whip the Bissell Lift off out whenever I want to and keep the carpet clean. Great machine - and it's so easy to use - out of the box, plug it in and go - just have to attach the handle on the base, that's it. I highly recommend this machine.

San Diego
Exceeded expectations

Customer review by Happymom

5.0 stars 4/6/2012 by Happymom
by Happymom

Having raised two kids and now an empty nester with 3 dogs and 3 cats, I have purchased my share of steam cleaners over the years and this one tops them all. The lift-off deep cleaning system exceeded all my expectations! The lift-off feature makes it easy to fit in tight places where a larger upright cleaner would not fit. It's easy to switch between upright and portable use making what used to be a lengthy job quick and easy. The hose easily secures back in place after using the portable unit and the hose tools dig deep into the carpet cleaning those hard to clean stains that have not come clean with previous upright cleaners. The best part, though, is the clean up when the job is done. After use, both the soap/water dispenser unit and the dirty water unit are easy to clean with wide openings to clean out the pet hair, dirt and oily water that have been difficult to remove with previous machines.

Visalia, CA, USA
Saved the cost of professional carpet cleaning.

Customer review by Happy homeowner

5.0 stars 11/26/2013 by Happy homeowner
by Happy homeowner

My wife and I are retired seniors. The carpet in our home over 10 yrs old. Although old, the carpet still looks really good because we've had it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Then my wife sees this Bissell product demonstrated on TV. It's certainly not cheap, however, when compared to the cost of regular professional carpet cleaning it was easy to see the cost of the Bissell would be soon repaid. Thus we purchased the machine, along with the super strength cleaning solution. We used the machine, and we were very very pleased with the results..! The cleaning was even better than the regular professional carpet service we had been using. Using the machine was straight forward, the dirty water captured by the machine, was a sight to behold. We could not be more pleased with this purchase! We would recommend this machine to anyone wanting clean carpets.

Happy homeowner
Huntingburg, IN
Makes the house smell better too!

Customer review by First time user

4.0 stars 7/29/2013 by First time user
by First time user

We really needed to invest in a deep clean machine as we now have a baby and also have two large dogs. We have always rented a rug doctor, but it gets expensive. So we decided to invest in this Bissell Lift-Off. I love the Lift-Off part so I can clean the stairs, upholstery, and small jobs without using the huge machine. There is a small formula tank, but I can fill it twice and empty the dirty tank once. I couldn't believe how much dirt it has brought up from my carpet with two dogs in the house. The added benefit was it made the house smell cleaner and the pretreat worked really well on old stains. The only downside is that using the spot clean on upholstery in the formula tank has made my couch and recliner a little stiff because of all the soap in the tank, so I have not added the full amount it recommends. Truly a great product, lightweight, and easy to clean!

First time user
South Bend, IN, USA

Customer review by ilikepie21k

5.0 stars 3/10/2012 by ilikepie21k
by ilikepie21k

I bought this machine a few days ago to replace an aging Hoover that was going bad on me. I got it home and had some trouble assembling it, but once I got it together and filled it up with some Spring Breeze and cleaned a musty area. When I was done, it was shiny again and spelled like a blossoming meadow. I tackled the stairs with the Professional Formula and it tore up the stains! The dirty water tank was BLACK; those stairs were had stains, dirt, etc all over them before and it looked and smelled like a gentle hill in the spring breeze when I was done. The lift off unit made it easy to clean the stairs and the heater added some incredible cleaning power along with the brushes. Even though it leaves behind fuzz clumps, I just collect them and throw them away after the carpet dries. Pros: + Versatile + Powerful + Leaves carpets dry + Quiet; much quieter than any other carpet cleaver I've owned + Wide cleaning path + Easy to use + Leaves carpets smelling wonderful and gleaming with cleanliness Cons: - A little heavy - Assembly was somewhat difficult - Tanks a little small, but I'd rather have versatility

Tampa, FL, USA
Used Sister's Then Bought My Own!

Customer review by BissellLove

5.0 stars 5/21/2013 by BissellLove
by BissellLove

I used my sister's bissell to clean my carpets because I was selling my home.I thought I would try to save money by cleaning my carpets myself. I was doubtful it would clean the carpets well enough. I was amazed by the bissell! I have an Australian Shepherd and 2 cats which equals lots of pet hair! I vacuum with a top of the line vacuum almost everyday and it gets all their hair up. Well boy was I surprised! The bissell got so much hair and dirt up out of the carpets it totlly sold me! My carpets were so clean and fresh smelling my realtor thought I had them professionally cleaned. I just bought my own because my sister insisted I return Her bissell. I cannot live without it. I volunteered to clean my mom's carpets instead of her shelling out big bucks to have them professionally cleaned. Love the detachable spot cleaner for stairs and my car!

Westerville, OH
Pleasantly Surprised

Customer review by Carlo

5.0 stars 5/27/2012 by Carlo
by Carlo

It is hard to keep carpeting clean, especially right after a Chicago Winter. Even though I had my carpeting professionally cleaned six months ago, it was now especially dirty, the living room in particular. Since I figured the cost of the Bissell was equivalent to two professional cleanings, I decided to take a chance, but was not expecting much. So I got my machine. It took five minutes to assemble and I was ready to go. I did four passes. One each way with the sprayer on, two without to pick up the water. On a three bedroom ranch, it took me just a little over an hour, including water refills and changes. I only used the little 8 oz bottle of cleaning solution sample that came with the machine, so I do not foresee a huge expense per cleaning in the future. The machine picks up water real good. When I was done, the carpeting felt only a little damp. I turned on the ceiling fans (but outside doors closed) and within twelve hours the carpeting was completely dry! As far as the cleaning itself, I feel it looked as good or better than the professionals. I was really impressed and totally surprised! Next, I will try it on my sofas...

Chicago, IL, USA
So far, so GREAT

Customer review by Matt Chazz

5.0 stars 1/7/2013 by Matt Chazz
by Matt Chazz

My cousin and I live together in our Grandmother's old house and we are currently in the process of rehabbing it. A large portion of the house is carpeted and the carpet is about 20 years old...It had never been cleaned and was in awful shape. My cousin, who, by the way, is a contractor, was planning on replacing it...I tried convincing him to split the cost of this machine with me but he insisted it would be a waste of $ bc the carpet was beyond I went out and bought it myself. After going over the carpet twice with this machine it looks like it's brand instead of spending somewhere around $3,000 replacing the carpet, we just need to get it stretched...I bought the machine about 2 wks. ago so as long as it holds up, the five star rating will remain! Oh, and a little side note; I've always been a huge fan of Hoover and originally purchased the "max extract77." After going to refill the fresh water tank for the first time during its initial use, it started leaking cleaning solution and water everywhere. This machine is worth the couple extra bucks...Bissell has definitely won me over! I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Matt Chazz
Marlton, Evesham Township, NJ, USA
Big Disapointment

Customer review by Charles III

1.0 stars 11/8/2012 by Charles III
by Charles III

Im sorry to say i am very disappointed in my purchase of the Bissell lift-off deep cleaning pet 2 in 1 machine,10 years ago i purchased the little green machine and its worked great,thats why i bought this new one,Here are the complaints i have,the water tank holds 2.5 cups off water,that will clean a 8'x8' area then you have to empty and fill again,at the same time you will need to plug in the electrical cord in another plug because its a very short cord, i found that it does not pick up the water very well and just makes a wet mess.If you are thinking of buying one of these don't do it,You should look and research other brands.I don't know why but i have read the reviews on the Bissell and most of them are good ? I think they must work for Bissell.anyway this is my review.

Comment from Lisa - 11/9/2012

Sorry, it sounds like this model doesn’t fit your needs. You may be more interested in our large capacity Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine. It has a 2 gallon tank compared to the ¾ gallon capacity of your unit. Here is a link to it

Charles III
Fremont, CA, USA
Glad I bought it.

Customer review by MyGatto

5.0 stars 6/16/2014 by MyGatto
by MyGatto
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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I love this product. I cleaned my upstairs hallway yesterday to test it out. Took out stains and made the carpet look new. Today, I cleaned our living room rug. By purchasing this carpet cleaner, I will have saved a lot of money when looking at the cost of having it done by a company. I really love the product and I'm so glad I bought it.

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Customer review by Momma

5.0 stars 3/29/2013 by Momma
by Momma

I am one that does their home work before a purchase. I did my home work on this one and I am so Happy that I invested the money on the DeepClean lift-off. It is so easy to operate and so lite weight. It didn't even take me that long to clean my carpets and the dry time was fast. I have a lot of traffic that comes through my house and no one takes off their shoes so my carpets were in need of a deep cleaning. This carpet cleaner picked up the dirt and stains so well that I don't worry about the traffic coming through my house with their shoes on. The lift off is so easy to use and lite weight and you can control the amount of water you want to use for a quick dry. I can't wait to use this on my son's car that so desperately needs some TLC.

Herriman, UT, USA
Why did I wait this long!!

Customer review by Sonia

5.0 stars 7/21/2013 by Sonia
by Sonia

I just purchased this product and I have to say, I am ecstatic! I finally can walk on my rugs again! I have a 5 year old and 3 dogs. It has been raining and my rugs were filthy!! I had a Kirby that I was not happy the way it would clean my carpets. It would just make it worse. I had a professional carpet cleaner come and he did OK considering how bad the rugs looked. I purchased this product and I did the rugs and now they look fantastic! Granted, some spots have not come out, however, I think the more I will use the carpet cleaner, whenever I feel the need, my floors will begin to look new again! I am totally happy with this purchase! I recommend it and it is A MUST HAVE when you have pets and children!

Snellville, GA, USA
Great cleaner

Customer review by Birthday girl

5.0 stars 7/13/2012 by Birthday girl
by Birthday girl

Just used my new Lift-Off for the first time on a frieze carpet. I debated a long time about this purchase wondering if it would untwist or mat up the carpet - it didn't, and I am very pleased with the result. The carpet looks new again! I am rinsing it with clear water following the cleaning once it dries. The result is a softer carpet and shouldn't attract dust or dirt. I used the deep reach hand tool on the stairs. Cleaned well however the tool sprayed parallel to the step if I lifted it up the least bit. It sprayed the wall and me until I kept it pressed into the carpet. The edges of the steps were a problem tho. Any suggestions?Overall I feel I made a good purchase!

Comment from Joe - 7/18/2012

Hi BIrthday Girl, if the tool you are referring to is the "Deep Reach Tool" that is designed to spray sideways when pressed deep into your carpet to help release spots and stains. It is not made to topically spray. The other tools included with your machine are better for that, as most can spray an area. I hope that helps.

Birthday girl
Lansing, MI, USA
Great Machine!

Customer review by bellanilla

5.0 stars 1/31/2012 by bellanilla
by bellanilla

I like everything about my Bissell Lift-Off, from its ease of operation to the way it makes my seventeen-year old carpet look nearly new again. And the pile has stayed fluffy. I thought it might be a temporary thing, but I guess there's something about the Scotchguard solution that makes the fibers stand up and salute. I have many stairs in my house, so the lift-off feature is a real plus. Also used it on an upholstered bench, that was pet stained, with great results. It requires a bit of disassembling to clean, but even that is simple. I'm also pleased about the hundreds of dollars I have saved over having a professional clean my carpet. It's already paid for itself.

Bissell Lift Off Deep Cleaning System

Customer review by Bissell Deep Cleaning Lift Off Machine

5.0 stars 8/19/2012 by Bissell Deep Cleaning Lift Off Machine
by Bissell Deep Cleaning Lift Off Machine

WE have had our Bissell dee cleaning system for about 2 weeks now and have been cleaning carpets in the heavy traffic area of our family room, hallway, guest bedroom and master bedroom. These areas have not been cleaned in years and the color of the extracted water proves it! The Bissell Deep Cleaning machine is oustanding. I know what I am talking about because I was an Environmental Serives manager for 16 years and have hundreds of hours of carpet cleaning with commericial machine. The Bissell Machine does equal if not better work! It is easy to maneuver and the scrubbing brushes remove the soil quickly. I only with the tanks were larger. A GREAT MACINE!

Bissell Deep Cleaning Lift Off Machine
Las Vegas, NV
Bissell Lift Off

Customer review by karenmac

4.0 stars 6/3/2012 by karenmac
by karenmac

Initially the spray attachment on the small lift off unit did not spray, only sucked, although water would come out without the spray, scrub attachment. I assume that the spray nozzle was plugged in manufacturing. I called customer service and they shipped out another, which arrived in about 2 days. I would like there to be and IN/OUT feature on the tanks as it would make it much easier to flush the clean and dirty tanks. Especially here in Hawaii where the dirt flies like dust and gets into the carpets as we step off the lanai. I have multiple units and have already worn out two carpet shampooers, so we shall see how this one lasts.

Maui Hawaii
1-20 of 120 total reviews
1-20 of 120 reviews