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79 reviews | 4.3 out of 5

4.5 stars

79 reviews | 4.3 out of 5

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1-20 of 79 total reviews
1-20 of 79 reviews
love this great features

Customer review by bambam04

5.0 stars 7/7/2016 by bambam04
by bambam04

Ive just been enjoying my phone. I am looking forward to getting maybe an samsung s7 edge or something.

Kayenta, az
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Great phone

Customer review by bigphonedog

5.0 stars 6/21/2016 by bigphonedog
by bigphonedog

fast processor,good quality camera and video fun great.

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Awesome Phone

Customer review by CeeCee77

4.0 stars 5/25/2016 by CeeCee77
by CeeCee77

This phone is great, highly recommend. Money well spent.

Indiana, USA
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Galaxies are my Universal favorites

Customer review by LordBenoch

5.0 stars 1/30/2016 by LordBenoch
by LordBenoch

I recently switched from s2 to an s4 which I can assure you I endured more obstacles than most to have activated. It took months because it was tied to an account with Sprint that was very delinquent. Without taking an hour explainin I'll just say no one I know would have tolerated what I did just to use the s4. I used it for youtube TV music and video as well as my personal phone. It's memory capacity and wide open feel makes it an awesome tech tool and I will use Samsung products with confidence because I know what they are capable of. I paid a substantial price for the s4 because it was used briefly and shelved. I loved my s2 the only problem was the chargerport. If I'd replace it my s2 would be in use like new.

Mount Carmel, PA
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it is ok

Customer review by logydogg

3.0 stars 5/5/2016 by logydogg
by logydogg

it is ok but runs thru the battery to fast i like how big it is though

Clarksville, TN, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
OK Phone

Customer review by Horsesgot6

4.0 stars 3/5/2013 by Horsesgot6
by Horsesgot6

I got the Galaxy SII its a great phone IN TOWN But If you live or work in areas where signal can be a problem this Phone will not pick up. I have another straight talk phone from walmart that gets really good signal were i live, when this Galaxy Straight talk doesn't even pickup where i live.

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Millboro, VA
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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day

Customer review by TheJMan

5.0 stars 4/16/2016 by TheJMan
by TheJMan

My first taste of Samsung. I absolutely love this phone and all of its features. I plan to upgrade soon, but this was a great phone that I will definitely keep.

Summerville, SC
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my Samsung galaxy

Customer review by wifeechris

5.0 stars 10/24/2015 by wifeechris
by wifeechris

I love this phone its an older model that someone gave me. I really wanted the iphone gor tge apps but I have to say this phone is way better. Its a great thin design I can get all the same apps as an iphone and this has an app that tells you all the cool things you can do on your phone for one I love the pics you can do a landscape you can do selfie and you can down right do whatever a camera can do and more I can get free music and I can print off coupons using the Bluetooth features there are so many things I can do like read my voicemails and so on just to many things to list I am going to upgrade but if your looking for a great phone at a great price this is the one for you. Its fun and so much to do you will never be bored again. Have fun with your new samsung.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The first real smart phone!

Customer review by Kstalans

5.0 stars 1/6/2016 by Kstalans
by Kstalans

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was the first phone I ever had that I would truly consider a smart phone! With it's sleek design, LED notification light, and many other cool features, I fell in love with Samsung! Almost four years ago I got my first Galaxy phone. I then upgraded to the S4 and then the S6 edge. I must say these phones we're and still are the absolute best investment I've ever made. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for Samsung! I currently still have six Samsung smartphones and all are in working order. They have never failed me. My kids love the phones I used to have. When I upgrade, I just pass the older models down to them. Its amazing how durable these phones are.

Shady Spring, WV
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One of the best.

Customer review by Echristian

5.0 stars 2/17/2016 by Echristian
by Echristian

This is one of the best phones I have owned. The design is perfection. The quality of this phone is what you come to expect from all Samsung products. What I love most about this phone is that it stands the test of time. I have come to see other phones with broken screens and firmware that has failed, yet this phone has withstood all of the environmental variables and is in perfect condition. I know that I can count on this phone and that makes me feel secure.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Deeluv577

3.0 stars 3/12/2016 by Deeluv577
by Deeluv577

Great phone to have for a start with for your kidsand family memeber

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this phone is great

Customer review by fleming

4.0 stars 2/27/2016 by fleming
by fleming

This is a good phone one bad thing is it COST TO MUCH would be hood if cost would go down

syracuse new york
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Amazing..just needs a few tweeks

Customer review by smartchickgirl

4.0 stars 12/16/2012 by smartchickgirl
by smartchickgirl

LOVE this phone. It does everything an iphone can do.You can even download the iphone keyboard if you are switching. The only things I would like to see fixed are the KIES program which Samsung REALLY needs to make more user friendly and occasionally my phone will revert back to default settings like my brightness control will change back to default for no reason. Other than that I love this phone. I do wish the volume keys on left side were not directly opposite of the power key on right side. It's easy to press them together when picking up the phone. Also I cannot figure out how to keep the screen lit up when on a phone call and I have to enter numbers and I cannot see my keypad because my screen turned itself off.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
phone not as expected

Customer review by SamsungKween

2.0 stars 11/13/2015 by SamsungKween
by SamsungKween

ive had many samsung phones.. love them all for the most part, except this phone. got it charged it , activated it, refused to update no matter what i did, and the battery would die within hours. i called the company from which i got the phone.. yea right.. but ive talked to others as well with bad luck with the S2. seems no matter what i do it refused to work proper for me so im back to my beloved S3 and if i could afford it i would have the very newest as well.. got to play with one and YES

Would recommend to a friend? No
I love the user friendly abilities

Customer review by Gorgeous7869

4.0 stars 12/14/2015 by Gorgeous7869
by Gorgeous7869

I have enjoyed this product user friendly abilities, fast gaming experience, reliable email updates, quality texting with voice calls, movies were clear and fun to watch. A great touch screen experience. The only disappointing thing that I have experienced was charging issues, and battery overheating issues

Dover NH
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
great stuff

Customer review by lirq4offers

3.0 stars 1/1/2016 by lirq4offers
by lirq4offers

I luv how nice the pictures come out and how it has a strong reception any where I go

Tucson, AZ
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Wildonejc

2.0 stars 12/8/2015 by Wildonejc
by Wildonejc

Has always glitched and run slow, some keys on my keyboard stopped working, it's constanly needing charged. It has crashed on me once. Generally I think its a terrible product, possibly because it not a real Samsung. Can't even replace screen

Would recommend to a friend? No
doesn't handle falling into toilets well

Customer review by petomai

4.0 stars 6/8/2015 by petomai
by petomai

Its a good phone with the exception of the charging port. If the charging port goes bad, you need to solder a new one on. Samsung should have made the charging port into an independent mini-adapter which connects to the main pcb via connection ribbon. Also, I dropped mine once into water (toilet) for about 3 seconds and the 4g antenna, as well as mic and sound stopped working, even after taking it apart to let it dry. I'd be worried to use this phone on rainy days, it's too sensitive to water. All of the other features are pretty nice.

Lynnwood, Washington
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by ThePscholgistsFrend

5.0 stars 8/13/2015 by ThePscholgistsFrend
by ThePscholgistsFrend

Since I am new to the Samsung mobile phone family it too me a few weeks to get use to my new toy. Learning the differenticons and apps made it entertaining. Since I have never been able to get use to the touch screen phones I have always used the old mobile flipper. So this is really a treat with no irritating tricks just learning fun. Thanks Samsung for making such a learner freindly device.

san diego
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
this phone is the best

Customer review by luodti

5.0 stars 11/6/2015 by luodti
by luodti

i am still getting to know my new samsung phone it is the best phone i have ever had that has not let me down

Longview, WA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 79 total reviews
1-20 of 79 reviews