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163 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

4.5 stars

163 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

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1-20 of 163 total reviews
1-20 of 163 reviews
Basically pleased

Customer review by Mimi Patty

4.0 stars 9/11/2016 by Mimi Patty
by Mimi Patty

I had two new grandbabies and bought this because of the reversible diaper changer/sleeper feature. I found the handles very hard to use to flip from sleeper to diaper changing table so I left it on the sleeper feature. My little grandsons were snug as bugs when they used the sleeper.

Mimi Patty
Perfect for our First Grandchild

Customer review by mimikaren

5.0 stars 8/25/2016 by mimikaren
by mimikaren

This product exceeded our expectations and fit perfectly in the space that my daughter had in her office.

Great Product

Customer review by Nursemom1980

5.0 stars 7/27/2016 by Nursemom1980
by Nursemom1980

Our pack' n play just arrived and it was simple to assemble!! Love how easy the napper and changer is to change!!!

Pack N Play Ease of Use

Customer review by Mr Patrick

5.0 stars 6/22/2016 by Mr Patrick
by Mr Patrick

We purchased two Pack N Plays for our daughter's twins when they visit us in Chicago from New Jersey. They are easy to contruct and we use hers for them to sleep in and ours as changing tables on each floor. Great product

Mr Patrick
Easy to assemble

Customer review by Julybaby2016

4.0 stars 6/3/2016 by Julybaby2016
by Julybaby2016

I received this pack 'n play at my baby shower. It was very easy to assemble and fits perfectly near my bed. I intend to use it for the diaper changing pad as well as a bassinet for the first few months. What I don't like about this product however, is the fact that it states 'napper/diaper changer' yet when you read the instruction manual, it states to never leave your infant unattended in the napper. So technically, it's not a napper. A little dissipating but I still intend to use it for as long as I can.

great for a new mom

Customer review by kris2891

5.0 stars 5/11/2016 by kris2891
by kris2891

I had recieved this for my baby shower and for a new mother this was easy to build and put together. The easy instructions and features make me feel like I am not a new mother but have experience. Thank u

Love this pack n play!

Customer review by sorad

5.0 stars 4/23/2016 by sorad
by sorad

We got this for our little one and did not anticipate that we would use it nearly as much as we do! We change her in it, she plays in it, we use it to store diapering material, burp cloths, blankets, toys, etc. She also sleeps in it at night. We have not traveled with it yet, but I am hopeful that she will not have any issues with traveling she will be used to sleeping in her pack n play.

Love it!!!!!!

Customer review by Xiomara

5.0 stars 5/8/2016 by Xiomara
by Xiomara

Loving the space, easy mobility and lightweight of the playard!

Great features

Customer review by DeBed54

5.0 stars 5/3/2016 by DeBed54
by DeBed54

This pack 'n play is great for grandparents. It is very versatile.

Must Have For Every Parent!

Customer review by Nomelyn

5.0 stars 9/17/2015 by Nomelyn
by Nomelyn

I am a mother of two with one on the way and I don't know what I would have done without my Graco Pack 'n Play's. I had two pack 'n plays; one in the bedroom that my newborn slept in every night and one in the livingroom that my newborn napped in during the day. The versatility of the pack 'n play is AMAZING! As most people do, we would take our pack 'n play with us on out of town trips for the baby to sleep in. We would also take it with us to the river and put it on our pontoon boat. The pack 'n play is so easy and fast to set up that we brought it everywhere! Since I was not expecting to have another child, I unfortunately (or fortunately), got rid of my two old pack n' play's. I am now registered for two brand spanking new pack 'n play's but this time around I'm getting the Suite LX model; I can't wait!!!

Not easy to assemble

Customer review by Cugs

4.0 stars 4/11/2016 by Cugs
by Cugs

I haven't had a chance to use it as my baby has not arrived yet. This was difficult to assemble & I said a few curse words while fighting with it.

Reasonably priced

Customer review by Mexibeetle

4.0 stars 4/10/2016 by Mexibeetle
by Mexibeetle

This is reasonably priced and of good quality. We had a similar one when we were young parents. Now, we bought one for when our grandchildren visit.

surprisingly versatile

Customer review by ashisht

4.0 stars 3/30/2016 by ashisht
by ashisht

Got this a moth back. We have a 1-bedroom and already have 1 toddler in her own crib, but this little playard has fitted very well into a small space with minimal fuss and was pretty well equipped with storage, features, and is pretty sturdy. an excellent addition to any house with a new baby.

Great Product

Customer review by AZ15

5.0 stars 3/31/2016 by AZ15
by AZ15

I got this as a shower gift and can't wait to use it. I will admit, it was a bit tricky putting together the changer/sleeper - it was giving us fits but we eventually figured it out!

Nice and easy

Customer review by fireman

5.0 stars 3/28/2016 by fireman
by fireman

For the price this play yard provides lots of flexibility along with the options need to care for a little one

easy set up

Customer review by proud nana

5.0 stars 3/26/2016 by proud nana
by proud nana

this is convenient for our home when we have our grandchild. easy to set up and fold up to put in closet.

proud nana
Great Features

Customer review by jurbanosky

5.0 stars 3/8/2016 by jurbanosky
by jurbanosky

Having a new baby in the house it amazes me with all of the little things that have been added for convenience ... Diaper holder, Baby Changing area, toy bar... Great item...I am sure we will get much use out of the Pack N Play

Easy to set up.

Customer review by rissaward44

5.0 stars 3/18/2016 by rissaward44
by rissaward44

Just bought this item for when I keep my great grandson. It is exactly what I needed.

Great Features

Customer review by Jess92

4.0 stars 2/14/2016 by Jess92
by Jess92

I haven't even got to use it yet and this product is easy to set up take down. It's convenient for storing. I love the bassinet/ changing table it's sturdy and easy to assemble. I recommend this product if you have family members that are challenged by a crib or limited on space. The wheels on one end even make it easy to rotate the play yard for easy accessibility anywhere in your home.

Super Convenient!

Customer review by Acelee1720

5.0 stars 2/17/2016 by Acelee1720
by Acelee1720

We got this as a baby shower gift and we love it! We set it up in the living room so she would sleep near us, during the day, when we first brought her home. It's nice that there's a place to change her too. Now that she's bigger, it's so easy to take with us to family's house or even to the park so she has a familiar place to take a nap. I highly recommend this!

1-20 of 163 total reviews
1-20 of 163 reviews