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its been an awesome coverage

Customer review by carmelita40

5.0 stars by carmelita40

I'm very sad many stores aren't carrying it anymore. It's been an awesome product and, it's also spf 20. It gave me great coverage without blotchy or uneven look. It didn't cause any outbreak on my face. Please don't discontinue.

Round Rock, TX
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Skin type:Oily
I am in absolute love!

Customer review by shelbbss.

5.0 stars by shelbbss.

No questions asked- I love this product. I just got it yesterday, but already it covers so amazingly and it makes my skin look smooth and soft. I used to use just straight base cover up and I would get cracks over time, it would wear off and look blotchy and I looked like a hot mess. But with this, I use a small amount of cover up over my blemishes and red blotches, then once the powder is on, it's like I've had flawless skin my whole life. Definitely better than bare minerals. I can't even feel it on my face. The only downfall is I wish it was cheaper. But with make up these days, I expected to pay that much.

Austin, TX
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Customer review by DinaK

5.0 stars by DinaK

I was skeptical that a mineral sheer would replace my traditional foundation - it is light and makes my skin look smooth and even. I was able to match my skin tone easily and it lasts all day. Great product!

San Francisco, CA
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Great Mineral Powder

Customer review by nunyabeeswax

5.0 stars by nunyabeeswax

I used this product in the old packaging and have to say that for sanitary reasons above all the new packaging is so much better. Plus, I like being able to use my own brushes to apply. Neutrogena is one of the absolute best out there, and while it may seem pricey you definitely get what you pay for and it is worth every penny. This powder while it may seem to have a slight shimmer at first glance glides onto the skin with a light weight matte finish perfect for my combination oily skin.

San Diego, CA
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Customer review by jezbaret

5.0 stars by jezbaret

I am sad they are discontinuing this product it has been the best powder I have found other then paying top dollar for some MAC powder. This powder lets you layer it to the desired cover with out an over done powdery look.

wausau, WI
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the best power i have tried !!

Customer review by makeuplover524876

5.0 stars by makeuplover524876

i have dry skin and alot powders i have tried made my skin really dry and look like i was wearing alot makeup when i was not and i read the reviws is said that people hated the packing ,well my came with a brush that really soft i love this power has spf which good for my fair skin and this look so nautral on my this is must in my makeup bag love keep up the good work Neutrogena

Dalles Tx
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Thank You!

Customer review by MLC512

5.0 stars by MLC512

Thank you for such a wonderful product! I've searched high & low for the perfect mineral foundation and with this, I've found it! It's helping my skin to heal, not to turn oily and doesn't cause break outs!

Fairfax, VA
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Please Bring this back!!

Customer review by Kristen

5.0 stars by Kristen

This is by far my favorite foundation! I have very sensitive skin and this has never ever caused me any problems. I am sad to hear that it is being discontinued. I am almost out of my current jar and got on line to order and was so disappointed to see not in stock as my only choice :(

Tucson az
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One of the best!

Customer review by missjean

5.0 stars by missjean

I am a huge fan of this product AND it's packaging! Previously, I used the pressed version but prefer loose powder better. Didn't like the all in one packaging. It seemed messier because I didn't have a container to tap the excess powder onto. I also notice a more flawless complexion using this, compared to the pricier alternative.

Santa Clara, CA
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Customer review by Samantha

5.0 stars by Samantha

I have very oily skin. I would always wear liquid foundation because I thought I had more to cover up, but I didn't like that it looked very cakey and made my skin more oily then it already is. Then I tried this... best foundation ever! It looks so natural! It's also very less oily! It's also very good for your skin. I just wish there is a shade lighter than classic ivory but that's fine :) I completley reccomend this.

Los Angeles, CA
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Why did you change the formula?

Customer review by Marianne

5.0 stars by Marianne

The Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder foundation was my best make-up product above all more expensive brands until you changed the formula. I have rosacea which is usually triggered by sun exposure so I was so pleased to being able to use the powder only without a greasy/creamy sunscreen. Now that you changed the product, I have to buy another brand with SPF which is double priced and not as well suited for sensitive skin. Please come back to your original formula!!

Vancouver, BC
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Skin type:Combination
So disappointed it is no longer available

Customer review by Ksmski

5.0 stars by Ksmski

It makes me so angry that this product is no longer available. I have been using it for a while and get way better results than any other product I have ever used and I've def tried a lot. I'm disappointed in Neutrogenia because this product has really great reviews and now were all stuck looking fr something new which may unfortunatel result in them losing buyers who have to seek out other companies with a similar product.

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Want the old container w/built-in brush back!

Customer review by calgirl6

5.0 stars by calgirl6

Why was this product discontinued? it was easy to carry - all-in-one- and the shades were perfect. I would even blend 2 together to create a custom shade, if necessary. The powder gave a very natural look with great coverage, didn't cake in creases or clog pores. I love it! Please consider bringing it back!

Los Angeles, CA
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Please bring product back!

Customer review by Desparate

5.0 stars by Desparate

This product has been the best I have used. I've tried many others including Mac and this one is the best. Why discontinue?? PleAse bring it back.!

Arleta, ca
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Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation

Customer review by Mary

5.0 stars by Mary

I really like Neutrogena's mineral sheers loose powder foundation. I'm 54 and have had a hard time finding foundation that covers well and doesn't end up in my fine lines. I love this makeup! It covers well and stays where I put it! Love the sunscreen protection without getting shiny! Nice job Neutrogena!

Lynchburg VA
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I love this!

Customer review by me the orchid

5.0 stars by me the orchid

I recently went to a department store and bought a loose powder foundation just like this one, but WAY more expensive. After comparing colors and features, I bought this one from the drug store and they are exactly the same! The only difference is that I'm saving lots of money by choosing neutrogena's loose powder. The coverage is great, lightweight, and sheer in the way that I want it. It goes great over a concealer and provides protection from the sun. Great product :)

me the orchid
Philadelphia, PA
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Affordable Mineral Make Up!

Customer review by Michele88

5.0 stars by Michele88

I love the coverage and how it doesn't clog my pores, make me break out, and washes off easily-No residue! Why spend a fortune on Bare Minerals when Nuetrogena makes this wonderful product?! I bought my own kabuki brush for application.

Santa Clarita, CA
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I really love this product

Customer review by Maggie

5.0 stars by Maggie

I like the packaging for this product because it allows me to use the enclosed brush or my own brushes which is nice if I want to use a smaller brush. The coverage is great - especially for my naturally reddish skin. It also covers blemishes well --- to the point that they're almost invisible. My skin is super sensitive and this foundation seems to calm it down. I don't like most mineral makeups because they put in too much mica which causes my skin to look shiny. Neutrogena's product creates just the right finish...not shiny at all. Thanks for making such a great product.

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I love this foundation!!

Customer review by Aubrey

5.0 stars by Aubrey

This foundation is so light feeling & it doesn't break my super-sensitive skin out. It is definitely worth the very reasonable price & the shade matches my skin tone great! I would definitely recommend this foundation.

Lexington, KY
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When will this be back in stock?

Customer review by Melody

5.0 stars by Melody

This is the most natural, supple looking, best covering, least irritating, least drying, least cakey powder foundation I have ever used! MY PROBLEM IS: every store is discontinuing it, replacing it with "new" cakey products with irritating ingredients, e.g.: salicylic acid, which feels like I've used sandpaper to apply it. FURTHERMORE, when I resort to ordering it online, it is "out of stock", and has been for months. So my review for quality is a 5 star...but the availability rating would be a ZERO!

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1-20 of 92 total reviews