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15226 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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15226 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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Customer review by Al1939

3.0 stars 4/12/2013 by Al1939
by Al1939

1. Married in Oct 12. Spouse had OH income. TurboTax interaction between Fed, AZ and OH was very confusing with little or no explanation for entries. Cost me excessive time. 2. During review for errors, initial scan found errors for hard copy mail-in only. During electronic filing, a second scan found more errors tied to electronic filing only. This is stupid and time consuming. Criteria for error scans should be appropriate for all filing methods. 3. Errors, when found, for the most part do not refer the preparer back to the "Easy Step". As a result, it is often difficult to understand the context of the issue. This is especially true in state returns which are confusing a best. Result was; I had to go back to forms to try to understand context of issue. If I had good familiarity with form I wouldn't need "Easy Step". 4. I don't pay TurboTax prices to be confused. I certainly don't consider myself an expert but as a part-time tax preparer many lives ago, I do understand the concepts.

Scottsdale AZ
Easy and helpful

Customer review by JDWA

4.0 stars 3/31/2013 by JDWA

TurboTax was very helpful, allowing me to jump around and do the parts I had ready, then go back and finish other parts later. Doing that often leads to me missing things, but with turbotax it's so easy to do the walkthru once I had everything put in and let it double check and ask questions to help me see if I forgot anything. Helped me get the best return, and at a price that can't be beat. However there are some parts that could use more questions and descriptions. As I mentioned in the Cons, I bought new windows, and while it asked some questions about the windows, it didn't ask if it matched the energy efficiency requirements, and laid those out. I had to visit a 3rd party website to double check that info. All in all, I have been a happy TurboTax user for 3 years, the ability to import info from last year, and sync quickbooks with it makes it my favorite. Having it show each income and deduction from last year to compare, and make sure not to miss any annual expenses helps a lot.

Southern CO
Turbo Tax is a Great Tool . . .

Customer review by AntelopeLady

4.0 stars 4/16/2013 by AntelopeLady
by AntelopeLady

I've used Turbo Tax for at least the past 6 or 7 years. I never had any problems with it until last year doing my 2011 taxes. That's because I decided to try the "free" on-line version. I will never use that version again! The on-line version doesn't provide direct access to the forms you are creating #the full-blown purchased version does have this access#. I ran into a problem with a particular entry -- it kept showing up as incorrect when I would run the check before filing. In addition, there was a serious error in calculation in that version that caused me to overpay the State of Maryland by around $2,500 #I had to file two separate state returns, and the TT program didn't pro-rate my income -- both states taxed me on my total income. It was a major headache, but I will say that TT provided excellent support to help me file an amended return. I have never had ANY unsolvable technical problems with the version of TT that you purchase and install, so I'll stick with that version.

Couldn't be easier

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 4/15/2013 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

Overall, I enjoy using TT. I use Home & Business and have been doing my own taxes for quite a while now. If you know what you're doing, you can go right to the input pages; however, you have the option of letting TT walk you through each item to make sure you get all deductions possible. One thing different this year is I had a hard time finding where to enter COGS. I don't carry an inventory. In past years, I go right to the place to enter the info. This year, I had to go through the inventory pages (I just entered zero) to get to the right page. On the support forum, many people had the same problem. They were getting stuck at the inventory page. Some just entered it into the misc. expenses. Also, I usually get the option to get payment stubs to pay toward my taxes for next year, so I won't have such a big bill; however, I didn't get asked this year. Maybe I can find the option somewhere in the program. Regardless, I will still use TT each year for the overall ease of use and low cost.

An anonymous customer
Virginia Beach, VA
Why I use TT Every Year

Customer review by Mylo2

5.0 stars 4/14/2013 by Mylo2
by Mylo2

I have used Turbo Tax for the last 10 consecutive years becuase it is the easiest to use. I particularly like TT Home and Business because it it the ony program that simplifies tax calculations for my business, my investments and my share of an LLC, while still doing the personal taxes for me and my wife. I also love the way you can review other users' questions and answers. The only thing that I am a little uneasy about is it is difficult to tell how reliable the answers are. I also love tranferring info from last year's return so I can decide whether I want to use it again or edit it. I have tried othe tax software and I have never found such a user friendly one as TT. My pricipal concern with Turbotax is that navigation is not as intuitive as it could be. For example, when I save my work befoer closing TT, I frequently have to start at the beginning all over agian. Sometiem, it reopens on the same page that I stopped on the last time; that's wonderful, but not always feasible.

McLean, VA
Lack of explination

Customer review by AngryOstrich

1.0 stars 3/9/2013 by AngryOstrich
by AngryOstrich

There are way to many places in this program that lack a meaningful and helpful explanation of what I need to know to fill in the boxes correctly. For example: Turbo tax told me that if an independent contractor did work on my rental house I might have to issue them a 1099 form. What they didn't tell me is how I could get the information to find out who I would, and who I wouldn't have to give a 1099 to. After paying a tax expert for I found out that all I had to do was have the contractor fill out a W9 form. How they fill out that form would tell me if I have to issue them a 1099 form or not. That was easy for me to explain and only took 3 seconds to write out. I could give more examples, but I'm really done with Turbo tax and there sorry excuse for help filling out my taxes and am not going to waste any more of my time. I simply don't trust this program any more and am willing to pay CPA the extra 2-300$ to have the piece of mind and representation I desire and did not get from Turbo Tax.

Turbo Tax needs clearer education expenses section

Customer review by RCinBC

3.0 stars 3/24/2013 by RCinBC
by RCinBC

We had educational expenses this year and our daughter received a lot of scholarship. The information presented about allowable education expenses was okay. However, information about what to do with scholarships, kinds of scholarship,etc. was confusing. I am still not sure I did it correctly. If you want to pay for professional advice while you are online this is not an option. I did post questions to the community but 50% of the time they went unanswered or the answer was not correct. I would be happy to PAY for a real tax expert that knows what to do with education expenses. I went to two brick and mortar places and they were not accurate. I was very frustrated trying to do the right thing and get the right anwers. Please add a pay for an expert button! I would gladly let someone "hop in" like tech support and help me figure this stuff out. I have always loved turbo tax but I was disappointed this year. Already filed my taxes, tried my best, and hoping I did it right.

Tax filing fun

Customer review by MarylH

4.0 stars 2/21/2013 by MarylH
by MarylH

Here's the good and bad: I enjoy doing my taxes because T-Tax (that's my nickname for Turbo Tax) makes it fun. However, there are still some major entry problems with some schedules. Schedule K-1. If there is more than one form of income on a single partnership K-1, then Turbo tax requires you to file more than one K-1. This is not proper and the form generated doesn't reflect the true partnership. When entering, T-Tax doesn't ask you if there is another income category to add, T-Tax makes you fill out another K-1 form entirely, therefore doubling the entries, which resulted in doubling the income on the 1040. Stupid. Also, updates caused a problem. I chose to check for updates after my return was nearly finished, and once the update was finished the top line showed I had $950 refund when before I had $12 -- there was a huge error in my return that weren't there before --- a $5000 charitable donation. Luckily it was easy for me to spot! And luckily I had other versions to return to if I needed to.

Royal Oak, Michigan
Couldn't do it without TurboTax, but a few tips

Customer review by An anonymous customer

4.0 stars 3/28/2013 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

TT is awesome. The tax code, as we know, is a labyrinth, and the people at Intuit must have accountant ninjas working or something like that to get through it all. TT asks lots of good questions, and saved me so much money--I'd be like, "Yeah, I DID pay that for my business! I totally forgot!" Do not do your taxes without TT. If TT were listening, I would offer two suggestions: 1. do not inch up the price on Audit Defender, extra states, or e-filing. The price is right at the threshold (in my opinion) of a good price, and any more would make me hesitate. 2. I have businesses/rentals in multiple states. Some of these states (CA, VA) have exemption credits for each other. But to do this you need to look at each state's AGI. It is a PAIN to be doing one, then you are asked for the AGI for another state, and so you have to click over there, get that info, then come back. It would be easy enough to bring up the other state's info in the current state. Hope that makes sense. But this is minor. DO use TT!

An anonymous customer
Loudoun County, VA
Decent, but constant advertisements

Customer review by tampabay13

2.0 stars 1/27/2013 by tampabay13
by tampabay13

I appreciate that TurboTax is easy to use, and tries to find you the biggest refund. Federal e-filing is free. A plus. But, there are 2 things I don't like. The first is a standard. Happens every year. They tell me that my state encourages all tax filers to e-file. Then charges me to do so. The second has been getting worse, year after year. I spend $70 on the tax prep product. They advertise numerous other Intuit products inside the application. There's no way to prevent the ads from loading. There are also advertisements for various charities sprinkled throughout the program as well. I was not happy with this development. I'm sorry TurboTax that my $90, and the fees collected from the many other users who bought the software, as well as those who paid to e-file, is not enough to satisfy your corporate profit levels, that you had to include ads. Next year, I'll be looking for someone who advertises less, in software I spent a lot of money on. Or give away the software.

Easy and better if ...!!!

Customer review by 3aAdel0TX

4.0 stars 4/15/2013 by 3aAdel0TX
by 3aAdel0TX

I used Turbotax for years. its best suited for straight forward application with no complicated scenarios, such tools is like design softwares for engineers, it makes good engineers better and bad engineers dangerous. using that same analogy if you know what type of deductions and feel comfortable clicking "yes" and "No" on some options written in lawyers lamguange then definetly Turbotax is the way to go if not i may suggest you stick to real CPAs unless you wanna use Turbotax costumer service whichi never did therefore cannot review. with all that said Turbotax waas perfect for me. I filled taxes for me, my wife and my parents. I think I did a good job hepefully won't get audited or fined. got a slightly higher refund than my colleagues doing the same line of work and similar income and similar deductions!!! which mean if you are willing to give it the time you are not only saving money when filling, but also your deduction may be a little bigger. Good luck !!! Adel

Houston, TX
TurboTax Tax Year 2012

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 4/16/2013 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

As a user of Intuit's TurboTax for more than 10 years to file our taxes, I have seen a dramatic change in two very important areas: User-Friendliness & Accuracy of my returns. First off, TurboTax is easier to use than ever before! I especially like that TurboTax uses my wife's and my name in addressing issues: "Did Jason work during 2012?" Or, "Did Jason have a second job in 2012?" Very easy to follow the prompting dialog as you enter in your information. ACCURACY has been greatly enhanced with easy to import W-2's, for instance. Enter a few pieces of minimum data, and BAMM! The complete W-2 from your employer is there, ready to file! Nice! Lastly, the checking of your completed return is even more detailed, ensuring that you didn't miss any important deductions. I missed one of my wife's teacher expenses from 2011, and TurboTax caught it just before I was going to e-file my return. Awesome! There is absolutely NO OTHER WAY to prepare your 1040! I did mine in less than one day, and you can, too!

An anonymous customer
Long Beach CA
Mostly Great but some unanswered questions

Customer review by JSPhotoMilw

3.0 stars 4/3/2013 by JSPhotoMilw
by JSPhotoMilw

I have a small business and appreciate the step by step flow of completing my taxes with Turbo Tax. I am not a finance person at all but can complete my taxes, for the most part, using TT software. My challenge this year was with a business loss and completing the Wisconsin state form. Wisconsin wanted more information, adjusted tax amount, etc. and Turbo Tax provided no additional help for completing this information. When I Googled the topic, there were plenty of others with the same questions and few answers. I did find a link to a Wisc. publication that provided some help. I also got to the end of the process and was told I could not e-file because of "multiple forms" of a number that I didn't even know I used! And no real way to go back, check or "fix" that. I was able to e-file my state return and now I have to figure out how to print and send my federal (suddenly) I am being told I am done and have not finished the federal. So overall, I am less thrilled with my Turbo Tax experience this year.

Milwaukee, WI
Good but more frustrating than last year...

Customer review by LadyAtTheGate

3.0 stars 4/7/2013 by LadyAtTheGate
by LadyAtTheGate

I have used TurboTax on and off for 5 years and this is the first year I have found myself somewhat frustrated. Although my taxes were less complicated this year (my business did much less this year than in past years) I had trouble completing some areas. There was no explanation about what they meant when I added my depreciated equipment i.e. MACRS. Also, the search engine that accompanies the software is useless. It appears to only search for the titles of their topics and not within the unless you know exactly how to phrase your search you are better off Googling it. Finally, if I neglected to type something into a box it failed to notice the mistake until the very end which made it quite frustrating to have to go back several times to make corrections. i.e. I forgot to put in the date that I purchased an item that was later stolen. The program allowed me to move forward but put up a red flag when I tried to file, telling me that I had forgotten that and had to go back and add it in.

Dallas, TX
2012 Home and Business - Great

Customer review by NicknameWho

4.0 stars 3/27/2013 by NicknameWho
by NicknameWho

I just change my review from Excellent to Good because of the picky Preview process! Yuk. This is a great product and for the money I do not think it can be beat by anyone. Very fast and once you know what you are looking at the screen is very informative. I chose the Forms method of entry and the ability to drill down to the data source is great. Also the ability to create lists of items for value consisting of many items is very helpful. I did send a question to a forum and I really do not know if there was ever a response. As with all Intuit products, customer server is difficult. I could not find anyone to call but I muddled through. The error reporting at the form level is incomplete. When I efiled my return, the software required entries on W-2's or 1099s that did not exist, primarily the 2nd address line. Also I had neglected to include some required information on some of these forms and that was not picked up until efile. But all and all a great product.

Good But Could Be Better

Customer review by Gmstewart5

4.0 stars 3/7/2013 by Gmstewart5
by Gmstewart5

Was excited to get the dvd home to begin my taxes. I figured from all the positive reviews I had gotten from friends it would be a breeze. Unfortunately none of my friends had to file a Schedule C. Some questions were self explanatory while others lacked clarification and good descriptions. When seeking help I went to the forums to find a lot of questions with no one answers. I looked at the box and it said my particular edition came with live Chat/Phone assistance. I looked for a button to click on for that and found none. When I looked at questions in regard to this I found a lot of customers had the same issue. Finally after digging through I found one question that someone had answered and it had a web address there to click on and then things moved forward easily. I thank Paul P for assisting me with my headache! Your product could be fantastic if you just took the time to fix what you probably consider the little things but to us, customers, they are big things.

Keeps Getting Better

Customer review by farmernurse

5.0 stars 4/15/2013 by farmernurse
by farmernurse

I have been using Turbo Tax for around 15 years and I depend on it for reliability, and ease of use. I have had some complicated situations like the adoption of special needs children, and then later purchasing and starting a new business (a farm). The adoption credit was spread out over years, and Turbo Tax did all the calculations and carry-forwards for this. I now have depreciations to calculate for farm equipment, and this has also gone seemlessly just by my keeping records and answering questions as they are presented. The year after our adoption was complete I hired a tax professional because I thought my return might be getting too complicated to do myself, and I found he knew almost nothing about this credit. Since then I've felt confident that by keeping my own records and submitting answers honestly I will have an accurate refund with all the deductions covered by using Turbo Tax myself! I have also saved hundreds of dollars by filing my own with Turbo Tax!

Northern Indiana

Customer review by drkf

5.0 stars 4/15/2013 by drkf
by drkf

I have used TurboTax for five years now: since 2008. I have recommended it to many people, as I think that the complicated is made so easy. The direct and easy to answer questions make it a breeze. You can work on it for an hour, go to other tasks and come back again whenever you have some time to spend. There are no appointments with CPAs, and the data that you have to organize is the same whether you are filing with TurboTax or giving all that paperwork to a professional. I love it. The only thing that I have found several years running is that in the review section, it is not clear what is being asked. For instance, this year, in the review section, I was asked to fill in some information for a form 6252,Installment Sale sheet. I do not know what that is referring to, since I am not sure what is being sold. so, I can't fill in the blanks to say when it was bought and when it was sold because I don't know what this is referring to. Anyway, I am going to leave it blank. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Guilford, Connecticut
Two States confuse Turbo Tax (State)

Customer review by DrLuck

3.0 stars 3/25/2013 by DrLuck
by DrLuck

Spouse and I file a Joint Federal return but live in two different states, each of us with a Schedule C (business) in each state and retirement income in each state. There is no trouble with the Federal forms, but the data does not flow to the state forms properly! I have to override the information in multiple locations because the State program uses some kind of algorithm to determine where the various income and deductions are to go INSTEAD of asking during the interview. It also asks for amounts and portions to attribute to the "other" state but that information is in the Federal forms and I have to keep going back out of the State to the Federal details to find the information to then type back in! (I made at least 3 separate typing mistakes, and finally PRINTED the detailed Federal information so I would have it in front of me when I typed in the requested State information. -- At least I saw the option to mark the numbers as "estimated" so I could find where I needed to return when I had the data.)

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Customer review by estacey2012

5.0 stars 4/12/2013 by estacey2012
by estacey2012

Year after year before Turbo Tax, I used to dread filing - hated paying someone huge sums of money to tell me, "You are getting a fantastic refund, er.. minus our fees of course".. With Turbo Tax, it's like having a qualified Tax Expert, Federal and State sitting right there helping you file as well as warning you if you're making a mistake. You really cannot get much easier than that, and with their 'Audit Protection' offer, you can feel assured you've done the job right. And I didn't have to wait for an appointment, nor drag all my paperwork down to an office and sweat it out with other poor souls who haven't discovered the 'Easiest' and "Fastest" way to file.. Oh sure, sure.. I had to pay taxes, but I was assured I wasn't making a mistake that made me pay more than I owe! And the small State refund more than covered the cost of the software! I highly recommend Turbo Tax to anyone who 'used' to dread filing.. it's Easy, Peasy, Lemon.. well, you get it and see!..

Escanaba, Michigan
1-20 of 10918 total reviews
1-20 of 10918 reviews