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15338 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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2013 taxes

Customer review by pldean51

3.0 stars 4/15/2013 by pldean51
by pldean51

It would be nice to be able to flag an area of a return and send feedback on specific points of the return or of the program. Sorry I can't be more specific at this point, but by the time I'm done finding the information I need to get by and get the return filed, I don't remember all the areas where I had difficulty. One area I do recall having trouble with was using the text editor to write a detailed explanation of why I am requesting a waiver of the late penalty; the editor was slow and a bit exasperating. Otherwise, Thanks for the product; I've been using TurboTax for about 20 years or so with the exception of last year when I had a professional handle them because of the intricacies of dealing with my mother's estate and because I am still on disability with Crohn's/fatigue/trouble concentrating. Sure beats trying to find all the paper forms at the post office (& hoping they have copies of the correct form) and trying to read through the tiny IRS instruction book and interpret it!

Des Moines, IA
Disappointing Finish

Customer review by 2jgstl

2.0 stars 4/12/2013 by 2jgstl
by 2jgstl

On the Federal personal information worksheets, middle initials are entered as single letters. This carried onto the Federal Information worksheet correctly. Then, when they transferred to the Missouri information worksheet, they changed to the initial with a period after the letter. To get rid of the forms errors on the Missouri information worksheet, I had to override, and change to a single letter without the period (that Ttax put there in the first place). Then, the e-file control would not proceed because of the override. The only way out was to remove the middle initials from the federal personal information worksheets. This was a very disappointing end to an otherwise good experience. There is no excuse for this bug to still be there on April 12 of tax season. I cannot be the first person to have this problem. BTW, I am using TurboTax Premiere, downloaded version. This is the first time that I have e-filed my Missouri return. I have e-filed the Federal return for several years.

Chesterfield, MO

Customer review by LakeCtyguy

4.0 stars 4/12/2013 by LakeCtyguy
by LakeCtyguy

While I feel like I'm more educated in the process of what I can bring to the table for taxes next year, I'm still a little fuzzy on some sections I filled out. I recall after the federal section the review caught an error but then no explanation was given. It just popped up the actual form and a blank for me to fill out. It looked Greek to me! I used the community button and typed in the situation and people who wrote in said it's a software glitch with Turbo Tax and that the software should've filled in that gap. Well, I used the back button and tried to find that information earlier in my form and then when I thought I had found the info to plug in, I hit the review button and all of a sudden it says there's no errors. What? So I hope the form is correct as I've filed it already. Seems strange how with no changes, running the check a second time to find that spot to correct is no longer there and everything is now ok. Again I hope this doesn't result in a rejection of my tax form.

Movement Difficulty

Customer review by Robert19360910

4.0 stars 4/13/2013 by Robert19360910
by Robert19360910

TurboTax leads you by the hand through a sequence of items so that you can find everything that should go into your tax returns. However, if you finish a section and then remember that you left something out, it is very difficult to go back to that previous section and add your supplemental data. For example, if you go back several sections and enter a change, then TurboTax has you next go through ALL of the intervening sections that you had previously finished, just to get back to your current section. Another problem, TurboTax does not provide sufficient "context" -- that is, if you are in a section (e.g. medical deductions) that asks for its data sub-section by sub-section, then you are not aware of what sub-sections will come up later. Thus you are tempted to enter data now, which will actually be asked for in a subsequent sub-section, just to be sure that it isn't omitted. It would be helpful for TurboTax to list its sub-sections before asking for dat in the first sub-section.

Los Angeles, CA
Super Thorough! Super Easy!

Customer review by Sissysbeau

5.0 stars 4/6/2013 by Sissysbeau
by Sissysbeau

Bottom line - Why would anyone pay someone to file your taxes for you? With my first small business, 20+ years ago, I learned that I had to compile all the numbers for my CPA, come tax season. One year, I showed up (appointment) and he wasn't ready for me. I sat there and called out all the numbers, while he entered in his "program" and then he handed me my return... along with his bill. The next year was my first experience at using my computer to 'do it myself'. Now, it asks me questions, and sometimes I have to Google and research for a few minutes, but have received both deductions and even better, tax credits I didn't even know existed, had Turbo Tax not questioned me about. example, last year I remodeled a retail business space and learned through T.T. I had earned a "handicapped accessibility credit' on my taxes! hey, I did it because local building department required it before my Certificate of Occupancy, but it was nice to receive a modest credit on my taxes. thanks, T.T.!

Decatur, Alabama
So easy

Customer review by Fleisch

5.0 stars 3/22/2013 by Fleisch
by Fleisch

This is the 9th year that I have used Turbo Tax and it gets easier each year, surprisingly, because my tax issues get more complicated each year. What used to take me days to complete now takes me hours. I have gotten more streamlined in my itemizations but so has Turbo Tax. Carrying over the information from the previous year is a big time saver and doing the calculations/worksheets is a breeze. I would definitely recommend Turbo Tax for anyone whether doing simple returns or more complicated ones. My sister now uses it and said how much easier it is this year, the second year of use, and she's no longer overwhelmed. Flipping between forms and EasyStep is great although I do wish when returning to a specific question, it could jump to that question in EasyStep, rather than going through the whole category again (e.g. in order to change an amount for child care, one has to answer all of the questions about that category again) Excellent product and I will continue to use it in the future.

Santa Rosa, CA
My comments

Customer review by jtmansfieldca

4.0 stars 3/4/2013 by jtmansfieldca
by jtmansfieldca

As above, handling of tax items is great. Even though I've used Turbo-Tax for years, I still use your full question/navigation option. However, especially this year I noticed that when I save/exit and then return later, I didn't always return to the place I left. This caused problems as I re-answered questions and/or search through the Q&A for where to restart. Similarly, once the returns are ready to print and file, navigation gets really confusing. When I e-filed my federal return Turbo-Tax insisted I put in state & zip data for an imaginary W-2. After I e-filed the federal return, Turbo-Tax wanted to quit without printing out my State Return for mailing - I had to search again to print the State Return. Then, when I said to print the State Return, it brought up a PDF menu and made me print the State Return from this. Bottom line, you need to envision how people will do their work-flow. (i.e. Stopping and returning to the program many times, e-filing federal but printing state, etc.)

If I can do it so can you !

Customer review by meadow97

5.0 stars 3/31/2013 by meadow97
by meadow97

I have used CPAs in the past and a few years ago mustered up the courage to try Turbo Tax. The product was easy to use, with multiple explanations and help at every step. The ability to see what I entered in last years data helped the ease of entering this years. The product boosted my confidence in my juvenile abilites due to being able to download information instead of manually inputting numbers and simplicity in navigating. This sped up and eased my time in filing! Despite all this ease and After I finished the federal section and Turbotax 'reviewed' my data and stated I was in the green 'low risk' audit category, my state tax refund stated a 60k return. That's right. A 60 K return !! Wouldn't that be nice ?! So I reviewed my data again and found the issue of putting in a bad number in the W-2 section . Despite this hiccup of a false mass return , I would buy this product again and triple review my data.I love being self-sufficient and being able to understand where my money is sucked to .

Richmond, ca
Turbo Tax Assurance

Customer review by Push51

5.0 stars 4/12/2013 by Push51
by Push51

I have used Turbo Tax for several years now and it is very convenient. The software walks you through each phase to ensure that you get the best option that fits your circumstances. Turbo Tax also has help links available to get more information or to have a piece of mind about a concern or question. The definitions and explanations are very thorough. They are a big help when answering questions as you navigate your way through the different stages. As you walk throughout Turbo Tax, you get updated information and it will provide you with an analysis of your returns. Not to mention it will also provide you with an audit risk analysis prior to your filing. E-Filing is as easy as 1-2-3. Turbo Tax continues to communicate with you after you file to keep you informed whether your files are excepted and they help you track your refund. Turbo Tax has several options to choose from whether you have refund or in the event you have to pay. Overall, I like Turbo Tax and will continue to uses this product!

Oahu Hawaii
TurboTax Review 2012

Customer review by CJMG

4.0 stars 4/11/2013 by CJMG

Cannot cut and paste or print pages that pop up after clicking on the link for information. I tried many times to cut and paste data to a Word.doc to track the background data I used to make my decisions. I keep a Word.doc to detail backup information should we be audited. Secondly,(and most important) we had rental property for the first time in 2012. There is a section in your program where you enter the number of days the property was in service and the number of personal days. Your "Note" in yellow caused me not to enter any personal days because we lived in our condo as a primary residence up until the time we rented the property. If I had left the personal days as "0" (based on you Note), TurboTax would have deducted the full year of deductions for mortgage interest, personal property taxes, etc. This could have caused me to file an incorrect tax return. Because I have some tax experience, I knew this was wrong. This "Note" needs to be deleted or rewritten. I took this as a big problem !!!!

Herndon, Virginia & Crossville, TN
User Interface shock is minimum, good job!

Customer review by SHturbotaxfan

5.0 stars 3/26/2013 by SHturbotaxfan
by SHturbotaxfan

I have been using Turbo Tax ever since they are in business. My previous complain was User-Interface Shock each year, and now they had improved (or matured with less changes). Now I want you to do error checking with intelligence! By that, I mean in examples: (1) My theft event loss was $13k, insurance refunded me $4464.64 and somehow a decimal point entered but keyboard stucked. So I have a gain of about $433k and yet Turbo tax did not flag it right, and it took me a while to figure the error. (2) in 200x year, I somehow entered something wrong so that the Fed capital loss carry over and California cap loss carry over are vastly different. That should be flagged and questioned me to review. Instead I found this out 3-4 years later when I have some capital gain that deducted in Fed and not in California, resulting in huge CA tax.... which prompted me to find my mistake and corrected it years after. This is bad. Overall, Turbo-tax is super! 10 (scale of 1-10) every year!

Hard to find stuff/hard to delete items

Customer review by RetiredMathpro

2.0 stars 4/11/2013 by RetiredMathpro
by RetiredMathpro

1. You need to allow printing of one form, or series of forms in an easy manner. Your print routine stinks, big time. WAY too much paper is wasted, and I want to review a paper copy one form at a time, along the way. Yuck to your print menu. 2. I use a Mac, and it is very difficult to find a way to delete items if a mistake has been made. 3. When I am looking for a form, say a 4797, or if I want to look at an actual Sch D, it is a nightmare. You need to have the actual forms available, with an availability to see them and read them and have them pop up after you make an entry. I made an entry for a Sch C and never could find the schedule until the review process. Crazy. It was as if the software didn't produce it until that point. It was not available on the left side either when clicking forms. I swore the last 2 years I would not use it again, and I will not for 2013. I will go back to manual prep before I use your nasty program. I can trip check my math in less time than your program costs me.

Savannah, GA

Customer review by carl333

5.0 stars 3/23/2013 by carl333
by carl333

Assuming I'm not recognizing all print capabilities, I would like to be able to print the various summary screens you present at the end of different sections. These summary sheets would be helpful as reference data as you prepare your current year taxes and wish to compare with more than the immediate prior year to map your progress, ie., increases, decreases or staying the same in the summary sheet categories. The other request I have is to design your software to alphabetize one's list of charities, both carry-over and new ones, to make it easy to find one's charities. Also it would be helpful if charities from a prior year but not used in the current year could stil be retained for at least one year if not two because of alternating charities from year to year. Its a chore to have to re-enter name, address, etc. every year for those you had in a prior year, omitted in the immediate past year, and wish to use again in the present year. Many thanks for your consideration.

Wallingford, PA

Customer review by BarbaraCE

4.0 stars 3/13/2013 by BarbaraCE
by BarbaraCE

I have used TurboTax successfully for several years so I fundamentally like it. The first year, I had a professional accountant do my taxes. Independently, I did them on Turbo Tax. We were in agreement so I did my own using TurboTax from that time forth. My four concerns this year are: 1.) The on-line version was very very very slow. I have internet turbo so my internet connection is not the problem. I finally downloaded TurboTax and worked from there which was much faster. 2.) There was no easy way on the on-line version to go back and check an entry if I thought there was a problem. 3.) I couldn't just edit one thing and then pick up where I left off. I had to review everything following the single edit. 4.) No local income school district tax was computed. This may be because I don't owe any this year since I've just retired and my income changed dramatically, but it would be nice if TurboTax had said so. I'm about to download the local form and "do it myself" to check.

Oxford, OH
Worse than ever!

Customer review by Lowlander

4.0 stars 4/2/2013 by Lowlander
by Lowlander

Have been using Turbo-Tax since the late 80's. I feel the last few years the experience has gotten worse each year although my return is probably simpler than in earlier years. Although I always buy the Premier Version, the help screens have become a joke and reference to the tax code is nearly non-existent. To many screens are cluttered wity your attempts to push additional "up-grades" and "add-ons". You used to be able to drag a help arrow to a specific item, now all you get is gereral BS and offers to spend more money. For example, I tried to get a definition for "unsubsidized health care premiums" and ended up going the the state (Ohio) tax site. Secondly, there should be a button for opening the "supporting ducoments" screens. They don't now open until it start to type a value in the total box. I think you have tried to make the process too easy and are producing something that causes entry errors. The majority of your users are not dumb and could benefit from some educational interaction.

Madison, Ohio
First Year With Rental Property

Customer review by DebbieMum

5.0 stars 4/9/2013 by DebbieMum
by DebbieMum

I have always prepared my own taxes and for the past multiple years I have used (and loved) the assistance of Turbo Tax. This year was our first time having a second home as a residential rental property, and was initially very nervous about preparing our taxes myself this year and even considered taking them somewhere and paying an outrageous fee. However, Turbo Tax eased my mind and I found it very helpful and was easily guided step-by-step on what I could and could not claim for this property. Even when I was stumped with a few questions, I contacted Turbo Tax's help center directly (after not being able to find my answers online) and was made to feel completely comfortable with the concerns and all of my questions that I had were completely answers. This entire process turned out to be worry free and I e-mailed my returns to with GREAT confidence! Thank You Turbo Tax! You came to my rescue and kept our funds where they belong -- in our bank account, and not some other institutions bank account!

Sterling, VA
Wouldn't use anything else

Customer review by dizzydragonfly

5.0 stars 4/1/2013 by dizzydragonfly
by dizzydragonfly

I have used TurboTax for more than 20 years and wouldn't use anything else. I worked for one of the national tax preparation companies for three years and always checked my TurboTax return against theirs. They were mostly identical, except for one year when theirs missed an investment deduction that TurboTax caught. It is great for beginners and I always recommend it to my students that are filing their first returns. I love the Freedom Edition for them as well as my military son as they can do their taxes (state and federal) TOTALLY free. Most of the advertisements you see for free filing only involve the federal return and charge extra for filing the state return. The only improvement I would suggest would be the requirement to enter critical data (SSN, W-2 and 1099 amounts) twice to check for accuracy. TurboTax does a great job with the math, but it can only add what you enter. If you make a mistake, your return will be wrong and the software may not catch the error.

Springfield MO
Disappointed this year in Turbo Tax

Customer review by tahoerick

1.0 stars 4/9/2013 by tahoerick
by tahoerick

I have been using your product for over 10 years. I was extremely disappointed this year in the quality of Turbo tax 2012 premier. A lot of glitches and outdated info. ( I even updated in april) Except for the fact I have a lot of data to transfer year to year, I will most likly be looking into a different program next year. Your tax free income-dividend area has a problem. ( I have reported it every year for 20 years. A lot of people were having trouble with it this year, seems like Turbo Tax could of fixed it. The Turbo Tax help area has old 2011 info for work car milage. The California program did not transfer Capital loss. I will have to amend 2011 and 2010. 2006-2007-2008 worked fine. Turbo Tax info on 1099-misc was misleading this year. There was nothing about the fire prevention fee tax for this year that thousands of people in California payed. If Turbo tax was lower in price, I would understand the lower quality. Turbo Tax is the high cost program on the market.

First Time I Ever Owed The IRS

Customer review by IoweIoweOTWIG

5.0 stars 4/9/2013 by IoweIoweOTWIG
by IoweIoweOTWIG

I am a first time user of TurboTax and I am pleased that the process was not difficult. I am glad that I was able to save some money by processing my own taxes. I had investments that a tax preparer usually charges extra money to deal with and it was no problem for me to do on my own with the premier version of the program. It is nice to be able to do my taxes at home and when I need to look for information I can stop in the middle of filling out the form and search for the needed information. While using the program, I was able to learn more about some of the deductions that are available to me and how I can take advantage of some of the deductions next year. I was unable to take some of the deductions available to me because I did not save the paperwork necessary to fill out the information required. If I kept the paperwork, I probably would have had a refund this year instead of paying. Lesson learned. The program is easy to use and I will be using it again next year.

Burlington, NC
I Want to help Turbo Tax Improve

Customer review by JoeFayeV

4.0 stars 3/26/2013 by JoeFayeV
by JoeFayeV

I believe Turbotax makes it possible for individuals like myself to complete fairly complex returns. I have Rental income - Stock trades and I use Schedule A. My wife has now gone on Social Security so we now have the added calculations for that. I love the download ability of my Fidelity Investiment data being ported down to Turbo Tax. What is still missing is the ability to meet the Federal requirements for Call Options on Stocks that "Expire".. Feds want form 8949 column #e# to state "Expired". Turbo Tax doesn't provide for the option to put a Alpha number in #only numeric#. I have been doing an override to the column #a# discriiption and adding EXPIRED in front of the description. They have accepted this #so far# but I end up file a paper copy instead of efile. I called Turbo about this but no fix during the past two years. Based on this input - if I were Turbo Tax I would send the $100 gift certificate since this feedback information can truly enhance your product.

1-20 of 10743 total reviews
1-20 of 10743 reviews