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Functionality Sacrificed On The Alter Of Fashion

Customer review by ImageIsNotEverything

3.0 stars 1/5/2013 by ImageIsNotEverything
by ImageIsNotEverything

What I like: + High spec components + the backlit keyboard option + separate keypad + the ability to max to 8gb of ram + the SDD / hdd drive combo + a power light on the mains plug What I dislike: - Most of the ports are on the side panels and NOT on the rear panel - SD port on the front panel and not on the side panel - The hard disk, battery, and wireless led lights on the front panel (not easy to see down there guys!) - Touch pad for mouse less sensitive than previous 6yrs old model - Back surface of screen seems cheaper and more flexible than previous 6yrs old model - Black surface shows up finger prints more than silver. - Hexagonal patterning on black surfaces collects dirt and dust more easily than if it was smooth - Heat dissipation port on the side panel and NOT on the rear panel - The way the website customisation options have changed to give less access to hardware components - No Linux option on website customisation With a proper design this laptop would score much higher.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
17R SE 7720

Customer review by BubbaBear

4.0 stars 6/24/2012 by BubbaBear
by BubbaBear

I am suprised at the performance, runs fast and stays cool. Nice Laptop and not to heavy for a 17" machine. Not a lot of bloatware installed, no problems removing the stuff ya dont want or need. Generation 3, I7 CPU is sweet. All in all comes with some nice features. Great delivery time shipped friday, got it saturday. So far I am very pleased with this laptop. If your looking for a nice laptop and dont want to spend a small fortune on a gamming rig, this could be the system for you. I think I will invest in a smaller 7200 RPM hard drive in the near future Pro's. Fast, Cool Running, Nice Features. Not to heavy. Very nice system. Not a lot of bloatware installed. Cons. Hard Drive is only 5400 RPM Dell should offer a 7200 RPM hard drive. Running bench test everything hits the mark but the hard drive, its not bad but would be better with a 7200 RPM drive. Dell needs to include a windows 7 disk, hate restore partitions. Other than that this is a sweet machine for the price.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Awesome value for any user

Customer review by RH84

5.0 stars 12/12/2012 by RH84
by RH84

I'm currently dual booting Ubuntu/Gnome3 and Windows 8 on this machine. Couldn't be happier! Good hardware, great build quality, and Dell customer service has been excellent when required. I did have a couple of issues with it up front after it was shipped, but they had it all fixed and back to good within a few days. Audio is excellent (although I'm still working on the drivers for Linux...wish Dell would provide these!!!!) Display is excellent - I LOVE the 17.3" screen. Processor and memory are great out of the box. I am planning to upgrade my memory but factory performance yields no complaints for the price, the 3rd gen i5 is a beast! I can only say that I wish there was a backlit keyboard option actually available for this model instead of solely for the 5720SE. But that's my only real gripe and it's trivial at best. Overall - I recommend this system to novices and the techies out there. There's better out there sure, but price for value in this package is really hard to beat in my opinion.

Phoenix, AZ
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Hoped for better

Customer review by Sconadera

3.0 stars 1/27/2013 by Sconadera
by Sconadera

Laptop is beautiful, sleek, and fast. The screen resolution is nice and sharp. I love that the keyboard can light up too. I had issues with the DVD drive. It would light up but the drive was not detected by the system. While on hold with Dell support, I plugged in my smartphone to recharge and miraculously, the drive became detectable! Next issue is the WiFi. It is not very reliable. I have to restart the computer for it to reconnect, happens a few times a week. I have several other devices and computers and have not had so much trouble with WiFi connection stability before. Also, when I boot the system, I often get a black screen and have to reboot. I wonder if Windows 8 isn't the problem. I was also disappointed that a lot of programs like Quicktime and my Sims 3 game, (reason I decided to go with a high performance computer) are not yet compatible with Windows 8. I should have done my homework first, so check your compatibility for programs before buying. Am sorely tempted to downgrade to Windows 7.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excellent laptop

Customer review by Gberger

5.0 stars 7/14/2012 by Gberger
by Gberger

This is a terrific laptop, very fast and with an absolutely stunning display. It's actually faster than my 1st generation I7 920 desktop for rendering video, etc. I'm very pleased with it. Pros: - 25 second boot time from pressing the power button to disappearance of the little 'busy'circle - Fast processing speed. The first laptop I've owned that feels like a fast desktop. - The display has to be seen to be appreciated. - Beautiful design, looks great. - Keyboard is a pleasure to use and back-lit. - Very reasonable price for this kind of power and display. Comparable to my friends Powerbook at 1/2 the price. Cons: - Weight, but to get a laptop this size that is light involves lots more bucks and some compromises. - 5400RPM hard drive. Hardware-wise, this is the only sub-par component. No 7200RPM option. Not a show-stopper, but stick a 7200 in this and it's perfect. - '15-in-one' card reader does not take CF, which of course is what my DSLR uses. Grrrr. - My wife like this better than her 2-month old Dell 15Z and wants one.

Bellerose, NY
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Good Hardware - Bad Software

Customer review by Bill47

4.0 stars 12/4/2012 by Bill47
by Bill47

I bought the 17R SE with Core I7 and hardware is very strong. Cons are slow hard drive and small print on keys but the pros make up for this. 1080P resolution on the 17.3 inch screen is untouchable for the money. My main problem has been software. McAfee has been a disaster as it caused Action Center messages constantly even though McAfee said everything was "green", ON, and protected. I had to uninstall McAfee and thereafter all Java scripts stopped working in IE10. Looked at Windows Firewall and all looked good, made sure scripts and script applets were all enabled in options,security tab of IE10 - all good but no luck. Loaded Chrome and all works so firewall not the problem. Reloaded Java 7 Release 9 and finally Release 10 (beta) - same thing. Even Java site can not find Java on IE10 even though program manager has both 32 bit and 64bit versions and yet same proceedure on Java Chrome says all is good. IE10 can not be reloaded or fixed so I have a permanently disabled IE10 due to Dell's incompatible software. Exasperating!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Awsome laptop with a few cons

Customer review by Ashif

4.0 stars 10/2/2012 by Ashif
by Ashif

I have this laptop for about 1 and half months. I was searching for a 3D laptop so my eyes got into this laptop.. I basically use this laptop for playing games and watching movies.. I would like to share a few pros and cons about this laptop. Pros:[:-)] 1. Display is good as it has a full hd screen. 2. Sound quality is also good. 3. Good for gaming with the nvdia GT650M 3D gpu. 4. All the usb ports are 3.0 .. Cons:[:-(] 1. Battery back up is not soo good! It gives max 2 hrs.. 2. A bit bulky.. 3. This product does not include a video player for watching 3D movies.. 4. Heats up very fast while playing games!! I would like if dell can give a video player for paying 3D movies.. And I would like to know if i can change the back lid of laptop as it belongs to the inspiron series!! I would like to change the back lid with other designs and colours!! Overall it is a satisfactory product if some one wants a desktop replacement and for playing games!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
our expierience with the 17r

Customer review by Meekimoto

4.0 stars 1/12/2013 by Meekimoto
by Meekimoto

My girlfriend asked me to take a look at her new dell 17r.. it wouldnt boot. The bios had lost its boot menu. It turns out that the chipset drivers for windows 8, either arent compatible with the laptop motherboard/chipset, or the installation got interrupted. A dell technician was sent to her home, replaced the motherboard.. and a week later.. the same problem came back on its own. This is a very nice laptop.. I just think windows 8 has some driver issues. I would recommend that a different OS, or motherboard be used in this laptop. Unless the drivers are debugged. We had a hard time with certain employees, to replace the laptop/refund. warranty still valid. Finally we found a nice employee named Mon.. In financial services.. and he let us return it with a full refund. Thanks buddy!! should be a manager! It took some hardship, but Dell finally pulled through for us. And we will get the replacement laptop through dell since they helped us out.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Very happy

Customer review by jbailey28

4.0 stars 1/4/2013 by jbailey28
by jbailey28

First of all, I am very pleased with the Dell computers and laptops I have owned and wouldn't even consider buying another brand. I am very pleased with my new laptop...still trying to get used to Windows 8. This laptop is so much faster to boot up than the Inspiron 1525 I had that still works fine. What made me purchase this particular model was the speed and hard drive capacity. I can run multiple programs at the same time. The only problems I have run into are: 1. I have received approximately 6 notices that my pc ran into a problem and needed to shut down. I have sent the report for each instance. Hopefully, this will be corrected. 2. I had to make the touch pad inoperable because my hand would touch it and cause something to open. 3. I am having issues with the mouse. When I'm on a website and click on the back arrow to go back to a previous screen, it sometimes takes me back two screens. I would highly recommend this laptop. =)

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Inspiron 17R Special Edition - Brilliant

Customer review by rc1000

5.0 stars 1/15/2013 by rc1000
by rc1000

This computer is brilliant. It replaced a three year old laptop and the change is very noticeable. The mSata drive makes a huge difference with very fast boot times. The 2TB of disk storage is superb. The screen is brilliant and great for general use (I can easily have two Word documents side by side) as well as movies. The system is fast and has 4 x USB ports as well as HDMI, Ethernet. Full size keyboard is great to use (although having a keypad means the keyboard is not in the centre of the screen). The face recognition login takes some getting used to, but can be very handy (and it can be turned off if not required). The weakest point is the battery, which normally gives about two hours (but this is not a problem for me, as I mainly use it plugged in on the desk). This is also a large laptop which would make a larger laptop to take on travel (but I use my tablet for travelling). I love this laptop and highly recommend it.

ACT, Australia
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This Computer Has Problems!

Customer review by SamC130

2.0 stars 3/25/2013 by SamC130
by SamC130

I purchased my 17R at the end of December to replace an older Dell. A few days after it arrived, the screen developed problems. Dell sent new parts and a technician replaced the screen and motherboard. It worked for less than 24 hours than the same problems started again. Dell sent a replacement and it was fine for a little over two months. This morning I found that it had been shut down during the night and when I started it, Windows 8 would not boot. I called Dell and the technician wasn't able to do anything. He told me they would be sending a new operating system disk to replace it. Dell Support has a message that there are problems with 17rs purchased in December-February with Windows 8 booting. They show a Fix but I can't get it to work properly. For one thing, the photo they show has a boot feature that my system doesn't show (RAID.) We'll seee what happens. If wasn't for these problems, I'd really like it but its getting really frustrating. We've owned a number of Dell laptops and a desktop and this is the first time we've had problems with one.

Missouri City, TX, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Love this laptop!

Customer review by davboy101

5.0 stars 11/5/2012 by davboy101
by davboy101

I got this laptop in mid August 2012, when the 3rd gen processors were rolling out and I fell in love with this laptop the first day I got it. It starts up fast, amazing resolution, amazing graphic, tremendous storage and the skullcandy subwoofer. I can play Battlefield 3 no problem with 30 FPS. Gaming is even better with 1080p resolution. The speakers have excellent clarity. I also use this for school and it is good but you need to have you charger in hand for long projects. I've had some minor problems. Some times when it starts up, my speakers had some weird interference as if I was listening to an ocean. Also when I play games, that require you to use the keyboard and mouse, the mouse isn't responsive when the keyboard is used. Overall, this computer is a monster (in a good way). I am a highschool student who is crazy for quality in sound and resolution and I would recommend this to anyone who is like me.

Chicago, IL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Amazing Computer!

Customer review by emilywright

5.0 stars 1/20/2011 by emilywright
by emilywright

This Dell 17R laptop is fantastic! As a fulltime student, I need a reliable laptop. The size of the screen on this laptop is amazing, it allows me to focus better while completing homework because my eyes do not get distracted with what is going on around me. I use this computer as my desktop at home, and it is so reliable, I have not had one problem with it since I bought it. The processing speed and capacity to download are so fast compared to my older Dell laptop. Watching a movie on HD makes a huge difference, in fact watching movies on my computer is BETTER than my HD flatscreen television. Another fantastic feature is that the volume turns up really loudly, so you do not even need to attach speakers in order to watch a movie. (Amazing right??))) The charger for this computer lights up in blue, so you know that the computer is plugged in and charging. I would recommend this computer to anyone and everyone!

Toronto, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Dell 17R

Customer review by toasterblenderfoodprocess

2.0 stars 12/15/2012 by toasterblenderfoodprocess
by toasterblenderfoodprocess

I have owned countless PCs. I have had many Dells too. This 17R let me down. Had it a couple of days and it would no longer boot. This was particularly frustrating since I had wasted many hours held hostage navigating through Windows 8 which after years of wavering has me finally very seriously considering a MAC. I have switched to the last 5 or six Windows versions - this is the most misguided in my opinion. Perhaps in a year or so it may have some legitimate utility. I would try exchanging for the same computer if I could get windows 7. The machine seems durable but the key compression is stiffer than I would like. However the screen and the additional 2MB dedicated graphics memory card are the selling point. Based on hearing others having problems as I have had with this computer, I will probably look for something else; whatever model or brand has the graphics capability and the larger screen.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Great allround laptop!

Customer review by aeerhart

5.0 stars 8/3/2012 by aeerhart
by aeerhart

I recently bought the latest Dell Inspiron 17R SE (7720 base) and I have to say I am very pleased with it. I bought the 6GB ram and one 750GB 7200rpm Seagate HDD version, with the 2GB NVidea Geforce 650M GDDR5 video card. I replaced the original HDD with a SSD card and that has increased the performance tremendously. I also ordered the extra DVD's, so I had no problems installing Windows 7 on the SSD. I moved the original HDD to the secondary HDD bay and now mainly use that for storage, after reformatting it. I did have some issues with the HDD bracket (caddy) for the secondary HDD not shipped with the laptop, but that issue has been sorted out with help from Dell customer service (through the Dell community forums at, if you have any issues yourself.) Overall, I would highly recommend this laptop to anybody who is looking for a good allround laptop.

Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
So far so good

Customer review by roadgoat

4.0 stars 1/21/2013 by roadgoat
by roadgoat

I purchased this machine for a Xmas present for my son. His primary use is for gameplay and the specs of the machine: i7, 8 GM RAM, 2 GB Video RAM were great for that use. The machine so far is working great. A good desk top replacement IMHO. MS Office runs like a charm, etc. Some things that I will note: the OS (Windows 8) is designed for the newer touch screen PCs/hybrid tablets, so the UI is a little quirky for those who are used to the old Windows/Mac interfaces. Where is a single place to initiate a shutdown (I created a shortcut for this). This is no fault of Dell. In terms of the hardware: I noticed that the build quality was not perfect. The webcam for example, was a little crooked. Maybe Dell should spec a round frame for the cam to hide this. The case alignment is also a tiny off, not perfect, but it's fine. I have noticed the machine occasionally drops from our WIFI network and it takes a reboot to fix it. I am still trying to determine if it's a driver issue or Windows 8 issue . I am currently using a ASUS RT-N66u. We don't get this with other devices (Macs, iPADs, Lenovo laptop).

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Computer

Customer review by PhoenixMaster

5.0 stars 11/18/2012 by PhoenixMaster
by PhoenixMaster

In the past couple weeks since I have bought this computer, it has been extremely reliable. The physical design is great, and the keyboard is spacious. My specs are: Intel i7 3612QM 8GB RAM Windows 8 1 TB hard drive I am loving this computer. I have had no problems of the sorts that other people mentioned. The touchpad works great; I have updated all my drivers from the Dell website. Temperature control works fine, averaging high 50's and low 60's Celsius under a Prime95 Torture Test, and idling at a mere 35. I can average 4.5 hours on battery on Balanced, when I am doing web browsing and document editing (Word), on a 6-cell battery. More than enough for me. Powershare USB port is useful for charging my Samsung Galaxy Tab. Best of all 4 computers I've had so far. I could go on praising the computer, but I think I've made my point. I would recommend this to any friend.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Doesn't have Gigabit Ethernet

Customer review by xrobau

1.0 stars 8/22/2012 by xrobau
by xrobau

This is a great laptop. The screen is nice, the keyboard is as good as you can expect these days, and the specs are superb. Except for one amazingly bad decision made by Dell - they didn't put Gigabit Ethernet on this thing. Every computer made in the last 5 years has had Gigabit Ethernet, and Dell have - sadly - totally ruined this great laptop by putting a 100mbit network card in it. If you're planning on using this laptop only with Wireless, then this issue won't bother you, but if you're planning on plugging it into a network, you'll sadly notice that this thing only runs a 1/10th of the speed it should. Even worse, Dell don't warn you that this (shiny new 'Special Edition') laptop only has a 100mbit network interface. It's just buried in the specs, and you don't notice it until you plug it in and go 'why is this running so slowly?' Sadly, wouldn't recommend.

Gladstone, QLD
Would recommend to a friend? No
Average to above average for category

Customer review by bulkhead

3.0 stars 12/19/2012 by bulkhead
by bulkhead

I purchased the 17r and beefed it up. Intel i7 3632QM 8GB RAM Windows 8 1 TB hard drive Blue-Ray I chose this configuration because I wanted it to be powerful enough to handle photo editing software and graphic design. Plus I need the laptop to last a few years. I like it but in hind site, I should have spent a bit more and purchased the Special Edition. Because the screen is so large and viewed from only a couple feet away, the 900p is noticeably less than stellar. The same resolution on a smaller screen would probably be lovely. The sound is tinny and the speakers are on the bottom of the laptop. Again, an XPS or the SE would have had better components. In short, I'm a bit disappointed. I guess it depends on what someone's intended use is. Mine is for graphical work and music. It will do, just maybe not as well as a higher end model. Pros: Very fast processor, large screen, easy setup Cons: 900p not spectacular on this model, below average sound quality, cheap feel to keyboard I hope this is helpful. This is the 7th Dell I've purchased for home use. Some products are better than others. Live and learn.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Just amazing

Customer review by Tony94

4.0 stars 3/29/2013 by Tony94
by Tony94

Laptop arrived 9 days before the actual delivery date, so I was quite happy with that. Laptop works perfectly! Haven't had any problems with it. I was a bit apprehensive about using Windows 8, but I picked it up very quickly and was using it as well as windows 7 within an hour. The speed of the laptop is absolutely amazing. It is probably a hundred times faster than my old Acer laptop - No exaggeration. Start up times are fantastic and games run very well. Tomb Raider runs perfectly on High settings as well as Battlefield 3. Gaming as well as overall use is enhanced by the crystal clear 1080p HD screen. Only downside is the 5400RPM Hard drive. Dell should really consider replacing them with 7200RPM Hard drives. However this hasn't caused too much of a problem as I ordered the laptop with the 32GB MSata. Overall I am extremely happy with this laptop.

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, UK
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 224 total reviews
1-20 of 224 reviews