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So excited!!

Customer review by KACmom417

5.0 stars 4/8/2014 by KACmom417
by KACmom417

This will be my daughter's first "real" dollhouse for her 6th birthday, which is in 9 days. She just recently started showing an interest in dolls, Barbies, etc., even though she has had all of the above since she was at least 2. She was my "colorer". I found this dollhouse for less than 50% of the average listed price. After looking it up while in the store to read the reviews, I could barely control my excitement although I felt like I was "stealing" it because of the deal I got. I bought it a little over 2 months before her birthday, and have wanted to give it to her quite a few times after watching her play with her other Loving Family dolls and Barbies, and asking me why she didn't have a dollhouse. Pitiful! I decided to look it up again today, just to remind myself of how happy she'll be. After reading the reviews that say it takes some time to put together, I've decided to open the box today. I can't wait for her to leave for school ;)

Chesapeake, VA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Our Family LOVES the Loving Family Line!

Customer review by Mom5

5.0 stars 10/13/2011 by Mom5
by Mom5

My daughters age 8.5 and 10 own piles and piles of Loving Family Dollhouse houses and accessories. Almost daily they join several neighbor girls the same ages in the playroom for hours of imaginative family theme centered play. They come up with elaborate stories involving the family members chosen for that day all of whom have names and their own identity! Before they go to bed at night the Loving Family gets tucked in too! My daughter originally chose something different for her 10th birthday in September then she spotted this dollhouse and the other items she originally wanted were promptly returned to the store! We have been very pleased with the quality of this dollhouse, as with other Loving Family items this is well made with lots of detail. Even though many of the furniture pieces are similar to what we already own (maybe just a different color) the Holiday theme has added a whole new element to their play. They especially LOVE "Ashley" the little toddler girl in the red dress. It isn't Christmas everyday in the Loving Family land but how fun is it that Christmas can come in your imaginary play anytime you want! Thanks Fisher Price for another great addition to this toy line. Please keep the new products coming!

Zeeland, Michigan
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good value and lots of fun

Customer review by married2mrwright

4.0 stars 8/11/2013 by married2mrwright
by married2mrwright

My daughter received this as her big gift from Santa at Christmas 2012. She turned 3 one month later. This is her first doll house and we selected this one because it was a good value with all of the figures and furniture included as well as the fun twist that it can be set up for the holidays. We have a son, too, and I wanted a dollhouse that wasn't completely pink/purple as he also will play with it...this one strikes a nice balance and while not completely gender-neutral, it's okay. I also liked that we could add to it, if we wanted. We have purchased additional furnishings (laundry room and computer desk) and they fit just perfectly. Being a multiracial family we also bought additional dolls in various skin tones to more closely resemble our family. We like that the dolls have moveable legs and arms and are dressed in modern attire (some other dollhouses are more "old fashioned")...the book that comes with it fun too. One thing that was a bit unexpected and disappointing was having to stick many of the decorative stickers on myself. It seems that for a toy of this price that Fisher Price would sell the product fully finished in that way. Overall we're very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a first dollhouse for their child(ren).

Tulsa, OK
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A little pricy, but well worth the money!

Customer review by ArandLoMommy

5.0 stars 10/3/2011 by ArandLoMommy
by ArandLoMommy

My daughter who is 5 1/2 has the Loving Family pink doll house with all of the different sets that go along with it. When she was looking with me online the first thing she pointed out was this holiday dollhouse and it was and still is the number one thing on her Christmas list. I ordered the dollhouse because I know she will enjoy it just as much as her pink dollhouse. Even though it has not been played with yet, since this is a Christmas gift this year, I know she will be thrilled! The box was pretty heavy and peering inside, the quality is what you would expect from Fisher Price! I know we will have hours and hours of fun with this new addition!

Eastern Shore, Maryland
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Gorgeous, but not quality.

Customer review by lemurmom

3.0 stars 1/2/2013 by lemurmom
by lemurmom

We purchased this item to be a Christmas present for our 3 year old daughter. We were HIGHLY disappointed when we pulled it out of the box, and found a very sizable crack running across two sides of the house. This is NOT a small crack. However, it was Christmas Eve, it was her "big present," and this particular house being sold out at EVERY store within 50 miles, there wasn't much to be done about it at that point. We did go ahead and give it to her, but as we progressed through the directions, I was further disappointed to find many of the stickers mis-labelled, so several are not in the right place on the house because of terrible directions. Additionally, I feel it must have been missing some of the stickers, as the directions said there were several that did not have assigned places, so that the user could determine where they should go. However, this was definitely not the case, there were no miscellaneous stickers. As we got further into it, one of the Christmas decor pieces {the stockings for the mantle} was also broken. It is a beautiful house overall. I love the aesthetic, especially the coloring. Our daughter adores it and loves playing with all the furniture. However, I was definitely incredibly disappointed by the sizable crack, terrible directions, and broken pieces, and found myself wishing I'd gone with my original instinct to get her a wooden dollhouse instead.

Would recommend to a friend? No
great play value

Customer review by MimiTeresa

5.0 stars 11/20/2011 by MimiTeresa
by MimiTeresa

I never had a dollhouse as a child, so after buying the loving family house for my granddaughter, I saw this new holiday version. I thought it was exactly the same house in different colors, but on receipt it is not. This house has a different layout and furniture plus the removable holiday decor. The book that came with the house really got my granddaughter going in her imaginative play and now my husband is spending a lot of time playing dollhouse with her. She especially loves the lights and music. I LOVE the tee-tiny Christmas stockings!

Broken Arrow, OK
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by SMITTYWA

5.0 stars 11/27/2011 by SMITTYWA

This is my first Loving Family purchase, for a 8 mo old! That's right I know a deal when I see one. In case this isn't around 2 years from now, I scored it on sale for less than 30% off. I have allowed my 3 year old son to test drive it. HE LOVES IT. The house is durable, the book is adorable, the rooms are large, it is not PINK. The pieces are wonderful. You can decorate it for Christmas! BUY IT you will not regret it. I still have my FP Loving Family pieces from 1983. I hope this lasts half as long and I will be happy. It is gorgeous.

Baltimore, MD
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by 1dainar

5.0 stars 4/29/2013 by 1dainar
by 1dainar

We purchased the "Home For The Holidays" House for our daughter for Christmas when she was 4. This is her second Fisher Price dollhouse and she absolutely LOVED it! There are so many accessories and she loves that they light up and make sounds or play music. The accessories are reversible so she can play with the house in everyday mode or Christmas/Holiday mode! We have had the house for 1 1/2 years and have had no problems with and and she still plays with it all the time! Looking to purchase another for the Grandparents house!

Doylestown, Pa
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Bargain!

Customer review by Lusadi

5.0 stars 12/30/2012 by Lusadi
by Lusadi

I spent quite a lot of time shopping for dollhouses before settling on this one for my 4 yo daughter. It was relatively easy to assemble and included so many unique features! I was surprised when my 8 yo son was also drawn into playing along with her. The items are very easy for little hands to handle. The only fault I found was that the screws required to attach the front porch did not seem to be included. I was able to overcome this by some toolbox scavenging.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Missing items and broken

Customer review by Shelia

1.0 stars 3/30/2013 by Shelia
by Shelia

This item was purchased as a birthday gift for my 4 yr old granddaughter and I was quite disappointed to find many items missing from this house which includes: the sticker sheet, the window planter boxes, plants, table wear, bed and sofa pillows, bedding, bows and towel. There are several broken spots in the floor tracking. I have never had so many problems with any of the Fisher Price products in the past and I am very disappointed in the product.

Kenner, LA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Pleasantly Surprised

Customer review by melissanoel

5.0 stars 1/2/2014 by melissanoel
by melissanoel

I bought this on sale last year after Christmas. I was going to save it until my daughter was older, but I decided to give it to her this year. She is three and absolutely adores it. This is my first experience with a Loving Family dollhouse and I wasn't really sure what to expect. It is much nicer and heavier than I had expected. There was so much furniture it took me a long time to unpack everything. I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

Pensacola, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Just wonderful!

Customer review by Twocutekids

5.0 stars 1/3/2014 by Twocutekids
by Twocutekids

This dollhouse has absolutely everything included and is very beautiful. Our 3 year old was speechless when she opened this present and started playing right away. It is great to play with her, and her 6 year old brother even loves to play. The sister is so sweet, she has auburn hair just like my sweetie! It includes the house, a bathroom set, girls bed and vanity, bed for parents, sofa, complete kitchen set, dining set, nursery with crib & changer & rocker, Christmas decorations and tons of extras. Cookies and cocoa, high chair, blankets, rugs, towel and more. And of course Mom, Dad, Sister, Baby and Jingles the dog. The companion book that comes with the set is a delight and well illustrated. It does take a little time to put the decals on, but looks even better with them on. All the décor is reversible for Christmas/year round play. The oven, fireplace and tree have sounds and the tree and wreath light up. Everything is so detailed, drawers and doors open with more detail on the insides. The colors are bright and fun. I shopped around and purchased another FP loving family dollhouse, but kept this in the end. It has far more floor room and usable play space than the other available houses. When open it is 30" tall (at attic) 36" across and 12" deep. There is plenty of space to add more furniture or accessories. I highly recommend this as a gift anytime of the year, not just at Christmas! Side note: We ordered it from another site and wish we'd gotten it direct, I had to return it 2 times for damage during shipping. I would recommend buying it from Fisher-Price, their customer service is outstanding and they package things better for shipping.

Allendale, MI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by ZandGsMom

5.0 stars 5/20/2012 by ZandGsMom
by ZandGsMom

I bought this house for my second daughter (my first has the twin dollhouse from a couple of years ago) and she loves it! The Christmas things are so sweet and I love that it can all be removed so she can use the house year-round, though both the girls use the Christmas decorations everyday. What a great house!

Wellington, ON
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by MeredithsMom

5.0 stars 12/15/2012 by MeredithsMom
by MeredithsMom

We bought this dollhouse for our two yr old and it is stunning! The best part for our family is that the mom and dad have brown hair...(just bc we're caucasian doesn't mean we're blonde). We know our little girl will love this dollhouse and enjoy it for many years! Well worth the money.

San Antonio, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My son loves it!

Customer review by Michelle1983

5.0 stars 3/4/2014 by Michelle1983
by Michelle1983

My son asked santa for a "man dollhouse" for christmas. The color of this house was very neutral since all others are pink. He loves to drive his big trucks up to the house. He shows ogg his "man dollhouse" to his friends and I have seen kids up to 11 play house with him.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Sweetmaggiemay

5.0 stars 12/24/2012 by Sweetmaggiemay
by Sweetmaggiemay

I don't think a toy has ever made me speechless after putting it together. I just kept opening up little bags of cool accessories...pillows, and throw rugs, a dog!, place's really fantastic. If I had this as a little girl, it would have seen hours and hours of play, and entertained my friends and I for years. I researched dollhouses for months before buying this one. I knew the furniture can be hard to find for the Loving Family pink houses, so I liked that this came with enough to get started. I think the house is classic looking, and it actually looks like houses in our neighborhood in the city. The Loving Family furniture is detailed, realistic, easy to handle, and is suitable for quite young to 100. I LOVE that the little spatulas/remotes/tea kettle are attached with string to the oven/tv or whatever. Every girl wants that realistic element, but doesn't want to loose it either. The dollhouse is HUGE and heavy, with way more play space on the floors than the dream or grand houses. I have to figure out where we are going to put it in our living room:0 I love that it folds up- it will keep the dust off the floors when it's not being played with (which won't be often!). I am happy that we can add furniture sets for birthdays, etc. I like best that this house has wider floors and lots of detail. I know that the space can handle the large Loving Family furniture that can be a tight fit in the pink houses. It really makes for a great setting for open ended play, and gives us lots of ideas for adding more furniture later. The holiday additions are so neat. It has made me feel more Christmas-y and more in tune to the holidays and the specialness of them, as corny as that sounds. Go for this one if you don't mind a more realistic house with darker outside colors. It really is roomy!

Lancaster, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Wonderful, wonderful!

Customer review by Audrey

5.0 stars 1/9/2013 by Audrey
by Audrey

I purchased this dollhouse over the summer after much research and I am completely amazed with it, still. As a lover of dollhouses, I impatiently waited months for Christmas morning to share in my daughter's joy as she discovered this under the tree. She has had hours of enjoyment discovering all the details of this set. She loves to set the family around the table for a "snack." I am amazed at how she interacts with the dolls; Each one is treated like an individual friend and has their own likes and tasks around the house. Often, the mother and father dolls will 'dance' to the music of the Christmas tree or fireplace, and the toddler girl ( lovingly named 'Mel') assists the Mother making cookies. She is in her own world and couldn't be happier. Because I was just so excited about this purchase, I couldn't wait until Christmas eve to put everything together and inspect all the accessories. SO, several weeks before the big reveal I rolled up my sleeves and got to work with the minor assembly required. The pieces were all accounted for and fit together nicely, the instructions were direct and complete, and the sticker sheets were correctly numbered. The whole process was easy and enjoyable. I closely inspected each accessory for any damage. The kitchen island/ sink assembly had one leg that was deformed, as if there was not enough plastic poured into the mold. However, I quickly received a perfect replacement. Overall, this dollhouse is AMAZING. The Christmas decor really adds to the fun and my daughter and I are in love with the sweet doll family and their home. As a girl, my younger sister had a Fisher Price dollhouse that provided (and still provides) countless hours of playtime, and I have created custom dollhouses of my own. I appreciate the quality and thought that has gone into this product and I know it will satisfy children of all ages.

Port Hueneme, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
"One of the best out of all!!!!"

Customer review by shoby

5.0 stars 12/21/2011 by shoby
by shoby

I have the other loving family doll house, but this, this is just amazing!!!!!!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Wonderful House with Great Furniture

Customer review by Alco911dispatcher

4.0 stars 1/7/2013 by Alco911dispatcher
by Alco911dispatcher
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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My wife and bought this for our twin 2 and a half y/o daughters for Christmas. We were happy with the dollhouse and very impressed with the furniture that came with it. The furniture was very detailed and well made and some pieces are interactive. (oven and refrigerator doors open, oven makes noise, etc.) The Christmas decorations were also very cute and festive and the Christmas tree lights up and plays music. Our girls absolutely love it and have played with it everyday.

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Cumberland, MD
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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
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Customer review by TheDollhouseCollector

5.0 stars 11/16/2012 by TheDollhouseCollector
by TheDollhouseCollector
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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I love Fisher Price Loving family Dollhouse's and this one is super great. The Christmas tree is awesome! It lights up and sings. The bathroom is super cute also and is different than the one you you buy in the stores right now. I love the this dollhouse, it is a remake of the F.P. Loving Family Sweet Sounds Dollhouse, which I own also. It has the best layout so all the furniture fits. This is the best deal online, it was $70's less than and Toys-R-Us. It is great because it comes with furniture and people.

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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
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1-20 of 26 total reviews
1-20 of 26 reviews