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love it

Customer review by John T

5.0 stars 2/16/2017 by John T
by John T

I bought mine on the 12/12/12 in St Marteen. been using it regularly, i am a beginner but the auto feature is doing all I need. Love it.

John T
Zephyrhills, FL, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Very Impressed With This Camera

Customer review by PHCM USN

5.0 stars 5/25/2015 by PHCM USN

My son-in-law used this camera on an African Safari and I was very impressed with his imagery - this is especially true since he is an inexperienced photographer. I have been needing (wanting) a small "carry everywhere" camera which produces decent imagery and has a fairly wide focal range. I visited a local cemetery for a Memorial Day dedication and did not feel like lugging a DSLR with a couple of lenses. I decided that this would be the camera I should have had and purchased the SX50 HS as soon as I arrived home from the ceremony... It is mandatory for my camera to have an eye level viewfinder and to be able to capture RAW imagery. This model fills both requirements. I realize that at longer focal lengths, the aperture is fairly small so I will use a tripod/monopod when shooting at those longer focal lengths. However for short to medium focal lengths, the IS capability is all I need. The HSS capability is another plus for this little camera. I plan to match this with a Canon 270EXii Speedlite...

Escondido, CA
Run and buy this camera, it's fantastic

Customer review by Patty

5.0 stars 11/9/2014 by Patty
by Patty

I bought this camera last April 2013, I also purchased the polarizing filters, 64GB 10 memory card and remote release & secure shoulder harness . This camera took exceptionally beautiful shots in very low light in Venice and crisp shots inside the Vatican. It's extremely quick to capture clear shots from a busy street, without getting traffic into the image. Rarely need a flash. The button is quick, responsive & smooth, I rarely get blurred photos. I can take multiple photos without degrading consecutive shots. The telephoto lens experience proved to render breathtaking shots of the lagoon in Venice. Macro are good too, Camera is VERSATILE. I have more than 5500 photos in less than 1 yr. For my first year as a member in a Camera Club, I won award ribbons for 95% of my images in judged competitions, They moved me up to the next level because of the quality of my images. Although they call this a bridge camera, it's great for any level of expertise.

Cheektowaga NY
Good Optics

Customer review by night train

4.0 stars 8/4/2013 by night train
by night train

I have been using Cannon Cameras for close to 20 years and have used the SX50 HS for just over 3 months shooting close to 750 photos already. For point and shoot camera the sx50 hs pretty good for average day to day use and have been happy with it. The optical zoom is phenomenal for telephoto and has very good day time image quality. For the most part I have found the controls pretty easy to use. For low light I have found the image quality to be good, however when in comes to night photography the camera is a bust. Any time exposure for more then a minute the camera changes the ISO to 80. This has been a very big disappointment for me and if I had known this beforehand I would have most likely considered a different cannon camera. I would recommend this camera looking to shoot photos of family and friends or vacation. For someone looking to do more advanced stuff such as low level or time laps photography I would not recommend this camera.

night train
Northwest, New Jersey
Would recommend to a friend? No
amazing camera!

Customer review by walt

5.0 stars 12/23/2012 by walt
by walt

first off, this is just amazing. the optical image stabilizer is incredible. i have shaky hands but i can zoom 50x and still film beautiful videos. the M is eazy to use and switch around between f stop, iso, shutter speed, it is basically a dslr with out the switchable lenses. i have usd a lot of dslr's including some over $2500, and i know what they can do with 21+ mega pixels and this camera makes better use of it's 12.1 mega pixel' of any camera i have used. u'd think it's like16-18mp the high 3200 & 6400 iso is much better than other point and shoot cam's i have used. the best pic's will still be in 80-250 iso range. the flash gives good light and it is adjustable on "M" though it has never disappointed me on AUTO mode. love the high speed video, 120fps is good res, 240 starts to drop and need's a lot of light to get anything worth showing but still fun to film that fast! the screen is better than i was expecting good clarity.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
No down side

Customer review by bucksnortbaby

5.0 stars 8/15/2016 by bucksnortbaby
by bucksnortbaby

something like the fourth one I have owned in this series. I have been a photographer for 35 years. I have owned a lot more equipment. As one ages you have to make changes. This camera gives me the quality printed picture I like without a lot of extra weight. I have arthritis in both hands so manipulating a lot of lens is not for me. I actually entered the photography show at the fair this year. I entered 8 pictures and got ribbons on all of them. Several of them blue. They where all made with this camera. I have had several pics featured on the About website a few years back. I believe those where made with the 40. Which is also an excellent camera. My goal is to get the 60 and pass this 50 down to hubby. He wants to set a shutter release so he can take picture of wildlife. The 40 I will pass on to my budding photographer son.

Vaiden MS
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
ON/OFF button problems

Customer review by DBFarm

4.0 stars 6/2/2014 by DBFarm
by DBFarm

Just read the second review on this wonderful camera, and saw where they had the same problem that I have: you press the power button, and it doesn't work the first time. Almost took it back, but like my Cannons so much that I thought I'd stick it out. Another feature is that I somehow keep hitting the is in a bad place! The lens cover FINALLY stays put on this camera, a real plus. This is my 3rd PowerShot, & the BEST features are the zoom & quality on AUTO. The focus is great, and that little button on the view-finder puts it in a place that no glasses are needed to take pics. One bad upgrade: that battery needs to be charged. I had used regular AA batteries on the other two, keeping a set of 4 with me in case of emergencies. This battery pack doesn't allow regular battery use, and I had an emergency where I needed to record something but missed it entirely due to no battery for an hour. Otherwise, for the cost, this is a GREAT little camera & lets me continue to take high quality amateur pics that are often shown on our local ABC news.

Archer, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good but with reservations...

Customer review by plentyzero

4.0 stars 10/15/2012 by plentyzero
by plentyzero

A very good prosumer camera. A good buy for a beginner to middle range photographer, but not for the advanced photographer. Excellent zoom lens for bird shots and good jpg (better than RAW development in this case!). Faster than the SX40, lighter and overall improved. You will need a monopod or tripod to shoot with this as that is what I carry. Battery life is excellent as I took 1,000 shots over four hours (however, I turned off the camera when not shooting). In fairness to the SX50, most of the shots I took would have been impossible with its superior zoom reach. Probably the best bridge camera on the market. However, the camera should be considered legally blind as it can't focus in dim light, shadows or on dark subjects. Really searches. No in camera stitch editing (why bother having it). A great disappointment is that for the high end price, Canon doesn't include video and computer cables--talk about cheap!!

Encinitas, CA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Somewhat disappointed

Customer review by Grandpa F

3.0 stars 11/2/2012 by Grandpa F
by Grandpa F

I have a Canon PowerShot S3IS that far exceeds the quality I see in the PowerShot SX50 HS. I find the auto focus leaves a lot to be desired. The diopter adjustment for the viewfinder is almost impossible to turn and the focus through the eyepiece is not clear at all. And some of the built in features, like the slight pause between digital zoom and optical zoom is quite irritating. I do admit that image quality is very good, and I like the 1080p resolution in my videos. I don't see much difference between the 1080p on this camera vs the 720p on my Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR. I admit there are some features on this camera that I like, such as the slow motion video and the High Speed Burst HQ, so at this time I intend continuing experiment with this camera. But if I had known what I know now I would not have purchased this camera. On the brighter side, the only cameras I have and will continue to own are Canon!

Grandpa F
Would recommend to a friend? No
Worth every penny

Customer review by Desert Wanderer

5.0 stars 6/17/2013 by Desert Wanderer
by Desert Wanderer

More than anything else the greatest reason to purchase this camera is for it's zoom capability. The effective 1,200mm photo zoom is breathtaking enough, but if you've got a top-notch tripod and use the full digital zoom to 4.300mm the quality is still incredible! Canon outdid themselves with the zoom on this camera. The menu system is intuitive to use, as are the controls. I would have preferred a wireless remote especially given the sensitivity of high zoom, but perhaps many other users won't use zoom as much as I do. Color sensitivity of the sensor is excellent. Only things I wish were better or added to this camera is a Bulb setting, as well as a hard copy version of the user guide instead of a pdf guide on CD. If you're a photo enthusiast and maybe don't want to buy into DSLRs yet but want to take outstanding photos for a reasonable price, then I'd highly recommend this camera.

Desert Wanderer
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great camera

Customer review by Photos

5.0 stars 10/11/2016 by Photos
by Photos

I wanted a great camera and bought a Nikon. Had it for a week when I realized I really liked some of the features and thought maybe I could get more features for the money I spent. I returned the Nikon and bought this gem. LOVE it. Since then I bought the 70d but still use this camera when I don't want to carry the larger one. Also my Grandson likes taking pictures so I let him used this one.

Virginia, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best in my hands in 70 years

Customer review by Budofthestar

5.0 stars 3/25/2015 by Budofthestar
by Budofthestar

I have been taking pictures professionally for 69 years in the USA and Europe. I was forced to give up the120 size film in 1975. I had of course used 35mm also and got my first canon in Switzerland in 1957 (a VT Deluxe) I took it back to work in Germany and fell in love with it. No Canon has come out with this marvelous camera SX50HS which does everything a working pro would need. 24-1200 mm. Zoom lens (Sharp as a tack) . Shoots both RAW and Jpg.. Built in filters,and,a viewfinder and viewing Screen, ISO speeds up to 6400. All in a package no bigger then a old rangefinder camera. Now that may be the only problem I can see with the camera. It is so small and has so many buttons to push that it is very easy to push them by accident, but what else can you do with a camera with so many features? When combined with the right software I don't see anything beating it.

San Antonio, Texas
User friendly

Customer review by Shingwedzi

4.0 stars 8/25/2015 by Shingwedzi
by Shingwedzi

I have since used my Canon in Africa, Europe, South America and here in the States. It takes wonderful images, and with the proper technique using a tripod or bean bag - on the long end of the zoom range, my images are sharp. I also found that I need to set the F-stop at 7 to ensure sharp images at the 1,200mm end. I have always enjoyed the freedom the articulating LCD screens allow, especially for Macro work. It really allows you to be creative. The button for starting and stoping video capture at anytime is very convenient. Along with the quick access to exposure compensation and ISO. All necessary for keeping up with changing subjects and situations. The one thing that I wish could be improved upon in a future model is the range in which macro operated in. When dealing with insects, it would be helpful not to have to be right on top of them in order to fill the frame. A much useful working distance would be 4-7", then zooming in. This might be too much to ask from such a long zoom range, but it would be lovely if it could happen. Overall I am very happy with my Canon and look forward to the next model that will bring me from 24-2,000mm.

Shohola, PA
Unbelievable low-light camera

Customer review by maggiethecat

5.0 stars 7/30/2014 by maggiethecat
by maggiethecat

The main features I look for in a camera are a viewfinder, a long zoom, a 3:2 setting and good low-light results. I have used this camera for a year, and I am blown away by the images it produces. At least a dozen friends have purchased this camera after seeing my prints--especially the first shot of the Super Moon. Three friends have ordered this model in the last three weeks because of my enthusiasm. I deducted a star because of the positioning of the timer and record buttons. They are directly under the thumb when the camera is gripped properly, and it is very inconvenient to have to disengage the timer when trying to take a regular shot. I'm considering buying another one to have as a back-up since none of the new models in this email have an eye-piece. I have been a camera entusiast for 65 years, and this is my first Canon.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
canon powershot sx50 review

Customer review by red

5.0 stars 5/6/2013 by red
by red

Ok have had this camera for a month, and before buying this camara I read every review I could find,The picture quality in my option is very very good, you can also shoot in superfine mode to do this select L on the picture size then press disply button which will give you the option to shoot in super fine mode.the macro setting is also very good, the zoom in my opinion is good but not what that everybody seems to rave about, you have to have a very steady hand or you do need a tripod. I think overall this camra is excellent, the only thing that lets it down is the poor Evf which is far to small and needs to be of better quality and the LCD needs to have more pixels and a little bit bigger.i have found when taking photos in very bright conditions I have often just taken pot luck because the screen is poor and you cant use Evf

Suffolk United Kingdom
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
OK, but EVF is dicey

Customer review by Aphoto

3.0 stars 1/29/2013 by Aphoto
by Aphoto

Overall a good feature set, decent performance, and useful zoom range. IQ is very good for such a small sensor, at least up to ISO 400 or slightly beyond. 4 way controller is a bit cramped, it is easy to miss select when scrolling through menus and functions. Otherwise ergonomics are reliably and predictably Canon. The EVF is almost useless. In addition to the poor resolution, I've already returned one camera for a stuck white pixel in the center of the EVF. The replacement unit does not have any stuck pixels, but appears to be defective as it is impossible to get it into focus evenly across the view, and appears to be either misaligned or improperly assembled. I would have paid more for a decent EVF, and the quality issues are very disappointing for a product at this level.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Outstanding all-around camera

Customer review by Oakland211

4.0 stars 1/9/2015 by Oakland211
by Oakland211

I have a couple of mirrorless cameras and a variety of lenses. And even other Point & Shoot compact cameras. But I still use the SX50 on lots of occasions. My main uses are for wildlife. I could use a very long lens on my mirrorless (and I have a 600mm equivalent), but to get max quality you'd spend thousands. I find the SX50 to be a great compromise when I need a very long zoom, and of course it's far easier to use, less weight, and is cheaper than even the budget mirrored superzoom telephotos. Plus the SX50 has many of the manual controls I'm used to on more expensive cameras, a viewfinder (essential for outside work, but not as good as you'd find on an EOS eg), and a nice articulated screen, handy for macros. Capture time with RAWs rather lags, but is expected with a compact camera. But video is good, and autofocus decent. Prefocus helps. Rapid fire shooting for bracketing is also slow, but acceptable once you account for it. It has good battery performance, and the controls are easy to use. Zoom is occasionally a bit choppy, more so than manual on a DSLR, but the motorized feature to zoom out to frame and then back in is very handy at long focal lengths. All in all a great travel and outdoor enthusiast's camera.

Oakland, CA
The nearly perfect camera

Customer review by Dewey

5.0 stars 4/22/2013 by Dewey
by Dewey

This camera is almost perfect for the main use I intend it for--bird photography/identification. The two things that need improvement are: 1) manual focus. Wildlife is often in trees or bushes and autofocus won't work. The manual focus is almost impossible to manage. Either the wheel moves a little and takes me to a different function, or I can't find the controls quick enough when using the veiwfinder. What is needed are two buttons on the front with that fundtion only, and easily found. (Or a focus ring on the lens--best solution but will never happen.) 2) A little higher pixel count, 16 MP or so. I often need to zoom in quite a bit after the pic is shot (even at full telephoto setting) and it starts to get pretty fuzzy.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excellent value

Customer review by swamper

4.0 stars 7/18/2014 by swamper
by swamper

I am very well satisfied with my SX50HS, overall quality is excellent. If you realize the few shortcomings you can take pro pics. Battery life is excellent, low light possibilities are great. My biggest complaint is the slow focusing for in flight shots of birds. The camera is fantastic for macro shots using the long focal length (1200mm 35mm equiv>) which focuses at 4.3ft which allows some wonderful macro opportunities at a discreet distance from subject. Having that great magnification is really important although I have experienced very difficult focusing over water at the full extension (1200) even using manual focus. If you are like me and don't wish to carry around huge lenses, the camera is a godsend>

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Camera with many Features

Customer review by Sober0782

5.0 stars 7/5/2015 by Sober0782
by Sober0782

I was replacing another SLR Camera that I had for a long time and had paid 3x as much for when I bought it. I read a lot of reviews about the SX50 hs camera and compared to other cameras it had very high reviews. Watched some videos on its performance and features before buying this camera. Right out of the box it really surprised me with the quality of photographs it takes and transferring images is a breeze directly from the Memory card. loved the heavy feel of the camera to not like a cheap light weight camera. great photos from very close to long zoom. I Highly recommend this camera for any occasion I think you will be very happy with it. I am 70 years old bought a lot of things in my life

Hersey, Michigan
1-20 of 196 total reviews
1-20 of 196 reviews