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88 reviews | 3.8 out of 5

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1-20 of 88 total reviews
1-20 of 88 reviews
My 2nd Bissell Vacuum!

Customer review by Big T

4.0 stars 2/27/2013 by Big T
by Big T

Bought this machine because my last vacuum was a similar Bissell Clean View II and with 5 children + my wife and I using it from time to time, it still lasted 7 years. WOW! So my next choice was obvious when it came time to purchase a new one. As others have stated also, the automatic cord rewind and the small power brush for getting pet hair off the furniture are great features. The suction is great and the canisters with easy access filters are wonderful. I am amazed how much dirt and hair is removed from my floors with this machine. However, the 3 negatives are; the power switch is no longer at the top of the handle with quick access, it is now on the lower section which is too low and causes me to have to bend over alot with my bad back. Also, the power cord comes out at the bottom of the handle instead of the top which makes it easier to get tangled up or ran over when vacuuming. Third, the power cord is a little too short. Overall, a great price for what you get.

Big T
Raceland, KY, USA
This vacuum is "AWESOME"!

Customer review by Cowboy

5.0 stars 8/7/2013 by Cowboy
by Cowboy

After carefully checking out all vacuums on display at store, I found that this vacuum had great features and was not very heavy at all! And the price was great as well! My wife and I have been using this vacuum for about 3 weeks now, and we have 2 dogs and a son. It is VERY powerful, light and easy to use and cleans the carpet and hardwood floors very well. It really can pick up the dirt and ALL the dog hairs very well! My wife loves it as well, and it is very easy to clean the filters and to empty the dirt!! My wife says I made a "GREAT" choice!! And she loves the automatic cord rewind with a touch of a button! I would highly recomend this product to anyone!! Thank you for an "AWESOME" vacuum!!.......P.S. The only thing I was wondering, why it doesn't have a light on the powerhead? A light on it would be nice, but we can do without it! It's still an "AWESOME" vacuum!! I noticed that alot of all the other brands didn't have a light as well? Just wondering why they are all making them mostly without lights on them anymore???

Comment from Lisa - 8/9/2013

Thank you for your review. BISSELL manufactures some vacuums with head lights. Please check out this link:

Western Pennsylvania
Difficult cleaning process after use.

Customer review by Dana Sprite

3.0 stars 5/1/2013 by Dana Sprite
by Dana Sprite

I found cleaning the total system after use to be difficult. When I removed the dirt container and filter cups, dust and dirt fell all over the vacuum and surrounding floor. A big mess. The cups were not particularly full. The upper tank was completely covered with debris (I have cats) and I had to use my hand to remove the collection before I could remove the piece for cleaning. Another big mess, my hands and arms, the vacuum and the surrounding floor. The cleaning process took as much time as I spent vacuuming five rooms and now I have to wait for everything to dry before I can reassemble. I was pleased with the performance of the vacuum but question if I will keep the product because of the cumbersome and sloppy cleaning procedures. I also found it awkward reaching for the electric cord so it would not tangle in the wheels. It would help to have a "hook" to secure the cord when the unit was in use.

Comment from Lisa - 5/3/2013

Thank you for your review. A bagless machine does take more maintaining. With heavy debris you may want to empty the dirt cup more often to prevent the hair going above the cup. It would be easier if you had extra filters while the others dry after cleaning. Please check out this link if you would like to order:

Dana Sprite
Palm Desert, CA, USA
Like the Vacuum, Not Crazy About the FeBreze Filter

Customer review by meow

4.0 stars 9/30/2013 by meow
by meow

I just bought this vacuum 9/23/13 and tested it out on both the carpet and the tile floor as well as vacuuming a body pillow. Everything works fine, but I have to say the FeBreze filter is too strong of an odor. I have a small house and frankly, that filter gives me a headache. To remedy the problem, I've wrapped 2 plastic bags around the vacuum covering the FeBreze filter to cut back on the smell while in my storage closet. Is there an odorless filter I can purchase that does the same job as the smelly one? Also, in old school days when I used a Kirby, I would put a newpaper down under the vacuum to empty the dirt and contents from the cloth bag rather than on the raw floor. The clean up might be somewhat minimized doing this, or don't empty the vacuum in the house reintroducing dust again, just take the vacuum outside to your lawn or garden and work on emptying it there....just a thought...

Comment from Lisa - 10/2/2013

Thanks for your review. Standard filters can be purchased at this link:

Sacramento, CA, USA
Worst ever

Customer review by John1982

1.0 stars 12/7/2015 by John1982
by John1982

This vacuum really makes one wonder if the designer/engineer has ever actually used a vacuum. the location of air outflow through the Febreeze filter is in a word...DUMB. Being located close to the floor on the front of the unit the air outflow blows more dust, dirt, and dog fur than it actually picks up. Instead of actually cleaning it just redistributes the particles into the air to cover every surface imaginable. The collection bin is another serious fail. Multiple parts that aren't contained making it easy to create a mess by trying to empty it. Power switch.. Terrible location. Hose reaches maybe a foot (maybe 2) before pullling entire unit to floor. Hose wand extension... Attachments don't fit it (extension has print on it that says "removable crevice attachment" but actual crevice attachment doesn't fit on the extension. Bottom line... House may smell better after using this vacuum but you better be ready to do a lot of dusting afterwards. And yes I keep the filters clean and empty bin when it reaches the "full" mark. Which holding capacity seems to be comparable to about an 8 ounce cup of water.

mixed reviews

Customer review by MamaBear11

4.0 stars 1/18/2015 by MamaBear11
by MamaBear11

I just purchased mine a day or two ago. It cleaned carpets my Hoover did not. I understand that you have to keep filters clean to get the best life out of a vacuum but the Hoover never did with a clean filter what this Bissell has done. So I am hoping that with the other mixed reviews out there that if I take good care of the filtering system it will last because I do love the suction power. Only recommendation on modifications for Bissell to make is, yes a longer stretch hose bc no matter how close to you it is it still is difficult; two, put a handle on the hose for better gripping and use with tools; last, a hook latching system with screws to hold the handle part on from the back and not the top as I see where over time pulling on that area can strip the holes as there is no additional locking method. Hoping mine lasts longer than those of others on here.

Comment from Lisa - 1/23/2015

Thanks for your feedback. Your comments help with future developments.

Indiana, USA
Puts me in a bad cleaning mood

Customer review by Charlie55

1.0 stars 10/5/2015 by Charlie55
by Charlie55

It was good up until I plugged it in to use it . The off on switch why is it so low ?? The hose is the worst , the vacuum should come with shoulder straps because thats how close you have to be to it to use the hose . Its constantly falling over it has cracks from falling over. The automatic rewind cord is so good it does it on its own now . Im constantly having to unwind the cord sometimes I forget to do so and I end up yanking the cord right out of the socket flying back at me . Unable to return it being that it was a gift a much needed gift the recipt is long gone . I have been laid off I have to deal with it in a daily basis because I cant afford to buy another vacuum. To many issues wrong with this style of vacuum not enough things right to say its a good vacuum. Nothing against Bissell I like your products but this one isnt on of them .

Comment from Lisa - 10/8/2015

We're sorry to hear this, Charlie! Give us a call, we'd be more than happy to help with the possible warranty issues on your vacuum.

Great Expectations

Customer review by ms825g

5.0 stars 8/18/2013 by ms825g
by ms825g

I did not intentionally buy this vacuum. I instead meant to buy the PowerGroom Vacuum 92L31 that was on display at my local Walmart, but when I opened the box this is what I had got. So I got online, read reviews & decided to keep it... and I'm so glad I did!! The reviews for the other model were not so great, so maybe this is one is replacing it? I immediately vacuumed to test it out & was so impressed! I had just vacuumed a couple of days ago & still had to dump the canister after each room! I haven't tried it on tile, but it works great on hard wood! Even if it didn't, I was ok with that... in the past I'll sweep it to the doorway with a broom & use the hose to get the dirt pile. I also use my vacuum a lot for dusting, and would love to find more options for accessories! A softer, or longer haired brush would be great! I noticed a lot of reviewers had trouble with filters clogging & no headlight. To keep the filters lasting longer, we use an air compressor to clean out after every other use or so (about once a week). And as far as a headlight goes... why? I've never had a use for the headlight on vacuums, so I'm not sure why it should be a deal breaker to people. I love this vacuum & it definitely fits my needs!

Indiana, USA
Not recommended if you have a dog!

Customer review by Jenny82

2.0 stars 9/1/2015 by Jenny82
by Jenny82

I've had this vacuum for a couple years. I wash all the filters regularly and it does a pretty good job for everyday household cleaning. However, once we got a dog 6 months ago, it has been nothing but a headache! The top filter gets clogged with hair after 5 minutes and even when we clean all the filters (and yes let them dry), and vacuum weekly, sometimes more, the hose constantly gets clogged with dog hair and i have to take it apart and use tweezers and needle nose pliers to pull all the clumps of hair out. It's also horrible at picking up crumbs and hair along the baseboards unless we pull the hose out and get on our hands and knees. After 6 months of fighting with it, we are trashing it and getting something different!

Pierre, SD 57501, USA
My favorite thing

Customer review by BissellLover

5.0 stars 12/7/2013 by BissellLover
by BissellLover

I have had very expensive sweepers in the past, but since I have hardwood now, and carpet only in the living room, family is grown, and have no animals, I thought I would try a lightweight cleaner the last time. I really LOVE the smell, the lightness, and most of all, the amazing pick up. I bought it last year, Unfortunately, while decorating for X-mas last week, I picked up something that stopped the beaters, and burned the belt. My daughter gave me a beautiful dyson, while I took my Bissell for repair. Sorry to report that it could not be fixed. After thinking how great the dyson was going to be, I used it. I do not like it nearly as much as my Bissell. I am going to buy a new one immediately. If I have to buy one a year, it is worth it.

Indiana, USA
A Good Vaccum

Customer review by Patsy1963

4.0 stars 12/7/2013 by Patsy1963
by Patsy1963

I have always owned a Bissell vacuum , but last Christmas I bought a different brand.. a Eureka WhirlWind® Rewind 4242A, .. that lasted almost a year from last Christmas to this Christmas. ,, I went back to Bissell.. ! The only thing I don't like about my new Bissell vacuum is the cheaply made rewind mechanism.. I have only had it a month and the cord got stuck in there around the plastic piece that winds it up.. I fixed it myself. Other then that its okay.. nice and light.. and picks up really well... will see how long this last..=) I am tough on vacuums.. they have to be good because I have 4 grandchildren and 6 dogs that run in and out playing.. so my vacuum gets a work out every single day.. sometimes twice a day..

Magnolia, TX, USA
OK, overall, but could be better.

Customer review by BaltoJim

3.0 stars 2/24/2013 by BaltoJim
by BaltoJim

The suction is nice, and it's easy to empty the dirt container. The container also comes in handy if something was caught up in the vacuum by accident, and needs to be retrieved. The one really bad part that is basically wrong with all vacuum cleaners with a roller bar is that hair gets caught up and tangled on the roller with every vacuum job. Removing all that hair is a job in itself, after the vacuuming is finished. Not long after I purchased this model, I saw an advertisement for a different brand of vacuum that had a very different design which caught long hair in a wide loop, like a skein of yarn. The gathered hair was extremely easy to remove from the rollers. I wish all models had that feature.

Comment from Lisa - 2/26/2013

Thank you for your review. We will forward your comments for possible future changes.

Baltimore, MD, USA
Falls over ALL the time, but smells good.

Customer review by Slyder

1.0 stars 3/1/2015 by Slyder
by Slyder

I don't think Bissell actually tested the vacuum in normal use... it sucks okay, but it also falls over every time you try to move it while you're vacuuming. It doesn't move with you, it just falls. Any time you go to use the extension brush, because the suction tube is so taught, it falls. Even on concrete or hardwood floors, it just falls over. The suction tube is so heavy, it hits you in the legs when you move back in forth. If you're a guy, it will pull the hair from your leg as the tube coil rubs against your leg. I finally took the handle portion off to make it not tip over as much, which helped. The Febreeze scent partially makes up for the severe tipping.

Comment from Julia - 3/3/2015

We appreciate your feedback. It's nice to hear how much you like the Febreze scented filter.To avoid tipping, make sure to move your machine closer to your cleaning area.

This product is wonderful

Customer review by Jess

5.0 stars 3/26/2015 by Jess
by Jess

I love the power of this vacuum. Its not too heavy to carry up and down the stairs. The attachments that come with the vacuum are perfect, they fit on the vacuum for easy storage and you don't have to worry about trying to find them when you need them they are right at your finger tips. The frebreeze filter helps eliminate pet odors my house always smells clean when I am done vacuuming. The canister is easy to take off and dump for easy clean up. I love that the hepa filter is washable, the cord is retractable I don't have to fumble with it when getting ready to use the vacuum or put it away. Overall I love my powergroom helix vacuum.


Customer review by MarinersSeahawksIlse

3.0 stars 3/3/2014 by MarinersSeahawksIlse
by MarinersSeahawksIlse

Loved the idea of a retractable cord, so I bought this vacuum, and couldn't wait to use it. Amazing suction even with the attachments. The pet attachment was the best I've ever used. After emptying the canister, the plastic cracked all the way up when being reinserted. It wasn't forced, so I don't know why it would have cracked. I used duct tape on the crack, but it still spewed dust when it was switched on. I've dealt with this for 2 months and I'm going to buy a new one today. I had a Dyson prior to the Bissell and the Bissell runs circles around the Dyson. I will give 5 stars if this one doesn't break right away.

Comment from Lisa - 3/8/2014

Thanks for your feedback. We apologize for your trouble. For warranty replacement please see this link:

Las Vegas, NV
Same problems as other customers

Customer review by Sharon

1.0 stars 3/21/2015 by Sharon
by Sharon

I couldn't recommend this vacuum if you have a dog. Even though I empty the dirt bin every time I use it, dirt and dog hair gets sucked up into the filter above the dirt bin, and the washable foam filter below the dirt bin has to be washed every time I use it. Also, I agree with the other customers about the hose in that it's very stiff and hard to use without the vacuum falling over. A handle on a more flexible hose would be a great convenience. It's very lightweight, so it needs a handle on the machine somewhere to make it easy to carry when using on stairs.

Comment from Mary - 3/25/2015

Thank you for your review. This always helps with future developments. It's good you keep the filter below the dirt cup clean. However, you do have two more filter to keep clean. If the other filters are dirty, this will cause restricted airflow. There is the inner/outer filter and the pre-motor filter also to clean. With these two filters clean this will help so the hair won't go up above the dirt cup. To avoid tipping, just move the vacuum closer to your cleaning area.

Charleston, SC, USA
Pretty Lame!

Customer review by Floridian

1.0 stars 2/12/2013 by Floridian
by Floridian

This vacuum is a big disappointment. The suction is ok and the retractable cord is nice but the cord is too short. That's it for positive comments. The wand is a lot of work to use and the vacuum is top heavy so unless I hold it while using the wand, it tips over. The wand should pull off of the vacuum ready to use but instead, you have to pull the extension off and remove the smaller extension out first. Then there is no where to store the smaller extension on the vacuum. If I still had the box I would return it. Don't waste your money on this one.

Comment from Lisa - 2/14/2013

Thank you for you review. To avoid tipping, please move your machine closer to your cleaning area. Also, the crevice tool is stored inside of the extension wand for easy storage.

Ocala, FL, USA
Awesome Power!

Customer review by J21

5.0 stars 4/7/2013 by J21
by J21

I purchased this vacuum after our other Bissell vacuum finally went. I loved our other vacuum and was hesitant on purchasing a new one. I found this one and LOVE IT! I just used it for the first time today and not only was the price VERY reasonable but it has great suction power. The Febreze filter scent feature is super nice while you are vacuuming and I love the cord rewind feature. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced, very efficient vacuum. Thank you Bissell.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Great Machine!

Customer review by faithclean5112

4.0 stars 4/9/2013 by faithclean5112
by faithclean5112

We are a church and our senior Pastor came in one morning to find the Bissell Power Groom Helix sitting in front of the door, package unopened. The young woman who does our cleaning uses a Bissell that is similar and was excited to try this one out. I'm not sure what she liked best - the power and suction, the ease of use, the sweet Febreeze smell that is left after use or just the total package. My next new vacuum will be a Bissell based on the quality and workmanship of our new machine here at church.

Waterloo, IA

Customer review by JS

2.0 stars 10/17/2013 by JS
by JS

I purchased this vacuum in May of 2013. It does a super job of cleaning. The suction is great and it grooms the carpets and makes them look like new, as well as being easy to use. However, the disappointing thing is how inconvenient and messy it is to take it apart and clean the filters. It is a major, messy job. The fine dust spills out onto the vacuum and the floor. So I have decided to get rid of it because it is too much of a hassle for me.

Comment from Lisa - 10/22/2013

Thanks for your review. You may be happier with a bagged vacuum. To review other options, please click on the links:

Oklahoma, USA
1-20 of 88 total reviews
1-20 of 88 reviews