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Nikon Sells Disposable Cameras

Customer review by Sandypow

1.0 stars 12/11/2012 by Sandypow
by Sandypow

In 2012, Nikon enacted a new and ugly repair policy. Nikon no longer sells its parts to independent consumers or to independent camera dealers. If, for example, you drop your camera and damage the LCD screen, you will not be able to purchase a replacement screen to fix the camera yourself nor will you be able to work with a reputable camera dealer in your area. If a Nikon camera needs repair, it must be shipped to the Nikon Repair Center. This policy holds the consumer hostage as the cost of shipping, parts, and unnecessary labor will come close to the cost of a brand new camera. If you are capable of making your own repairs or if you have a reputable camera dealer in your area, do not buy Nikon. is hosting an on-line petition to encourage Nikon to revert to its more consumer friendly policies of the past.

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Phoenixville, PA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:45 - 54
Ownership:Longer than one year
Usage:A few times per month
Great camera overall with a fixable glitch

Customer review by photoblogger

4.0 stars 11/17/2012 by photoblogger
by photoblogger

Excellent camera features including the Android OS v 2.3.x. Imagine having your android phone (without the phone of course) with a 16 MP camera attached to it. And a CMOS sensor, by the way. You can download many photo apps from the Google Play store to use with this camera, including another GeoTagging App. Now the glitch. Until Nikon issues a new firmware update that fixes this problem, you will need to rely on another GeoTagging App, not the one Nikon Camera uses in Settings to GeoTag its photos. The reason for this is that in two cameras s800c , the GPS Longitude written to the photo is very wrong from your location, while the Latitude is correct. In my case with both cameras, one I replaced, with 6 satellites above me me and goog reception, my photos taken in South Florida, Longitude 80 degrees, the Exif info Longitude records a position in the middle of China. Thats where all my photos get tagged with. No kidding. So overall its a great camera that I will keep and use, without using Nikons GeoTag, but I do hope they issue a new firmware update for this.

South Florida,
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Battery life makes this unusable for travel.

Customer review by Frustrated traveler

2.0 stars 5/30/2013 by Frustrated traveler
by Frustrated traveler

Do not buy this if you are traveling on vacation and can't recharge it several times a day. Battery life is miserable, not more than three hours, and less if you forget to shut down. i finally improved battery life a bit by shutting down all apps, putting it on airplane mode, and deleting all data for many of the preloaded google apps (gps, maps etc kill your battery life). Camera features are great (rapid focus, crystal clear detail, quick cycle time even if flash is used) but this is a fine camera posing as an email platform, Utube player, navigation tool, etc. BTW, I do not understand why all of these apps run on the iPhone without depleting that battery. Very hard to figure out how to shut down preloaded apps, the downloadable manual simply refers you to a google site, which pretty much gives no information at all.

Frustrated traveler
Would recommend to a friend? No
Worst Point and Shoot Ever

Customer review by LetDownByNikon

1.0 stars 12/24/2015 by LetDownByNikon
by LetDownByNikon

This camera rarely takes a decent picture. Regardless of what mode it is in. I would say 1 in 10 photos turn out just okay looking. Everything else is either blurry, under exposed or over exposed. . This has been the most frustrating camera I have ever used. I had more reliable results with the old polaroid cameras. Many wonderful memories have been missed due to this camera. I don't like lugging around my DSLR and multiple lens so I bought this camera. I guess I'll be back to lugging around the DSLR.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Nikon S800c

Customer review by UtahFred

1.0 stars 8/7/2013 by UtahFred
by UtahFred

I had to return this product for repairs within a few months because the lens jammed in full Telephoto mode and would not retract. When I got it back, it would not focus properly and all pictures take outside were horribly overexposed. While it was working, I found the smart features of no value. My iPhone and iPad did everything the camera did and easier and better. I only got this camera because it had wirleless and GPS. Neither worked well. I swapped it out for a Coolpix S9500. Its features are similar, but I think closer to what I want. A Smart camera is just not valuable to me. I hope the S9500 proves more reliable. The wireless transfer of pictures is a little difficult, but the GPS seems to be working fine, and it is nice to have a geographical record of each picture you take.

Redwood City, CA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Borichick

3.0 stars 11/27/2013 by Borichick
by Borichick
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

The battery life is horrible I took 5 pictures and it drained battery i used it just to test it used it for a day I was dissatisfied and returned it and refunded

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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:1 week or less
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
Great concept, but...

Customer review by Lovespics

4.0 stars 12/31/2012 by Lovespics
by Lovespics

My husband got this camera for Christmas and I was quite excited to start using it, however from day one, I have been having issues with the battery life. I would turn it off, then try to turn it back on and realize that the battery had been drained because it was on "stand-by" instead of "off"... had to actually read the manual and figure out how to do that. Takes great pictures, connects to wifi and allows access to Facebook, e-mail and other apps that you can automatically download your pics to, including your iPhone, which I have not been able to do as of yet (keeps giving me an error...). A bit frustrated with the product, might have to return it....

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Promising concept but many flaws in the execution and current software/firmware

Customer review by Jacob3313

2.0 stars 11/1/2012 by Jacob3313
by Jacob3313

There are too many bugs currently to recommend using this camera. Camera often takes up to 30 SECONDS to be shoot ready coming out of standby Camera has been freezing regularly, will not come out of standby, will not go into shoot or playback mode immediately after coming out of standby, software freezes Camera has been reporting errors with the SD card, and then after re-powering, card will be fine Battery life barely lasts an hour under normal shooting conditions. Controls like ISO and flash mode are inconsistent over different shooting modes. EX, you cannot change ISO in monochrome shooting.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Great camera!

Customer review by Vanessa

5.0 stars 12/30/2012 by Vanessa
by Vanessa

This camera is a great camera for somebody who wants a good camera. I love the features it has like the built in GPS, google play store so you could put games on your camera etc. great camera for the price. I'm writing the review on the camera right now!. I know people have said it takes long for the camera to come on at first it does but it hasn't taken long at all since.not a bulky big camera like some other cameras which I personally like. Very portable, the wifi runs fast and it takes great quality pictures!. Hope you like your nikon s800c like I do

Tampa, Fl
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great for uploading pics to social media

Customer review by JAdams79

5.0 stars 5/13/2013 by JAdams79
by JAdams79

I would recommend this camera to anyone who is familiar with smartphones. I myself have an android, though I found this camera really easy to use. I am a blogger and use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram regularly and this camera is able to upload pictures straight to them using the local wifi. I bought this camera for mine and my daughter's first vacation and wanted a better way to share the pictures with my friends and family through social media while we were on our trip, instead of waiting until we got home. I have finally found the camera for me.

Bryant, Arkansas
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Worst buy ever. I want my money back

Customer review by Db710

1.0 stars 8/10/2013 by Db710
by Db710

This camera is not worth any amount of money, let alone its steep price. It doesn't turn off properly so it is perpetually in standby mode, which drains the battery (even when all the wifi features are turned off). The battery dies after viewing pictures for 5 minutes and it tells you that yo have half a battery left when in picture mode, but then in standby mode, it tells you are at 10%. Super frustrating and I am going to try to return it. I only wish I hadn't brought it on vacation with us half way around the world!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Aargh! What was Nikon thinking?

Customer review by Claghorn

1.0 stars 10/21/2012 by Claghorn
by Claghorn

My previous review was based on incomplete data. I have now been working on a custom camera app and found that the implementation of the Camera API in android only allows you to take 8MP pictures max (3264x2448 image size). The only point to an android camera is to unleash the army of android developers who will produce ingenious apps that will make android cameras sell like hotcakes. If android developers aren't going to be able to access the full capabilities of the camera, it becomes utterly pointless.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Horrible uploading picture experience.

Customer review by Really frustrated

2.0 stars 5/27/2013 by Really frustrated
by Really frustrated

I am really livid with this product because although it takes great quick pictures, it is an awful experience at getting the pictures uploaded. You think because it has "wifi" it is quick and easy, not so. It doesn't stay connected to the wifi, so after you spend time and select the pictures to upload, it will state it cannot upload them. And then you have to go back in and re-select your pictures. I have just now spent an hour trying to upload my vacation pictures with no success after 6 trials.

Really frustrated
Would recommend to a friend? No
Is it average? Does it work? Does it break easily and need repair?

Customer review by photography435

2.0 stars 8/20/2014 by photography435
by photography435

I would say that it is not average. Although it has apps and music on it unlike normal cameras, it is extremely slow after using it for about a month and it sometimes freezes. I had used this camera for about 3 months before the place where you connect the cord to charge the camera was too damaged to charge the camera. The camera works fantastic to take pictures. If that is the main reason for the camera, I recommend it. If it isn't, I do not recommend it.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Almost Perfect!

Customer review by StyrofoamTeacup

4.0 stars 6/2/2013 by StyrofoamTeacup
by StyrofoamTeacup

I got this camera earlier today, and I absolutely love it. My only thing though... i wish there was a way to get a data plan or something for the internet instead of just the wifi. got lost on my way from the city after buying this cam, and the GPS was useless. lol ohwells. awesome camera, really no other complaints.

Seattle, WA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Awesome Idea - Could use some enhancements

Customer review by Keri in CO

4.0 stars 10/26/2012 by Keri in CO
by Keri in CO

We bought this camera for a trip to Italy. We were super excited about having maps on the camera instead of having to carry around the paper map. We also wanted to be able to do email while gone without bringing a ton of devices that we would have to keep track of. I added the places we wanted to go to my google places before we left, which you can layer over the maps. Unfortunately, you need wifi to pull those up. You can view the maps offline, but you have to be zoomed in on where you are going before you leave wifi if you want it to be at the level you need to not get lost. Even though it has a few drawbacks, overall, it is a very nifty little camera. Pros: - Even though the mobile upload is slow, it works, which was nice when abroad since we only had 1 device. - Amazing picture clarity even when moving the camera. The clarity when zooming is better than most as well. As a camera it is better than most. - Touch capture is awesome (focuses where you touch instead of having to hold down the button which always makes me move the camera like crazy) - Nice to have one device instead of two, especially when traveling internationally where my phone won't work for calls anyway Cons: - Battery life drains fast when using wifi - You can't use the camera while it charges. I found this extremely annoying. We would come back from a day out and want to plug the camera in to charge while using the internet, but you can't use it while it is charging. I've never had a phone/computer/tablet that you couldn't use while charging so I'm not sure why this one won't, but it is extremely annoying. This is the biggest drawback by far. I hope it can be fixed with a software update.

Keri in CO
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by WifiNot

3.0 stars 6/18/2013 by WifiNot
by WifiNot

The sole reason I bought this camera was for wifi connectivity. Every once in a while it will actually connect but more times than not it doesn't connect or it disconnects itself. I saw that there was an upgrade in November 2012 that was supposed to fix this issue but it certainly didn't help mine.

Lenor City, TN
Would recommend to a friend? No
Pretty good for the first Android phone

Customer review by Claghorn

4.0 stars 10/4/2012 by Claghorn
by Claghorn

The good: The OLED screen is visible outside in direct sunlight (not really high contrast, but definitely visible enough to use). The instant on feature that lets you use the camera while android boots up in the background seems to work really well, and it actually seems to be ready for shooting quicker than some other point and shoot cameras I've seen. The picture quality seems good to me, definitely better than your typical phone camera (I'm no photo expert, mind you, just going by subjective appearance). Android seems to be well integrated. I've used android apps to transfer photos and movies via wi-fi and bluetooth, and the specialty android camera app I'm working on is no buggier on the camera that it was on the phone I was using for development previously. The bad: You can't use it while it is charging. This puts a real crimp in the ability to use it for long periods of time in a fixed location where it would be perfectly possible to provide AC power for the charger. I have other Li-Ion battery devices that do not have this restriction. I have a feeling this is a marketing ploy to sell external chargers and spare batteries rather than having a legitimate technical reason. The annoying: No excuse for the non-standard USB connector. This means you have to drag around an extra cable just for the camera because no other cable you have will work on the camera. If anyone makes a small mini USB to Nikon USB adapter I could carry around instead of a whole extra cable, I'd love to buy one. Whatever the surface on the touchscreen is made of is a bigger fingerprint magnet than I have ever encountered before in any device, and things that clean other surfaces OK, just seem to smear this one.

Delray Beach, FL, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
bluetooth don't work

Customer review by peyman

5.0 stars 4/2/2014 by peyman
by peyman

i am a Nikon fan. I have 4 nikon camera: D800, D7000, cool pix s3500 and recently purchased s800c. The only weak point in s800 is it,s bluetooth setting. I couldn,t set it,s conection with other divices. At all s800c is an excellent camera.don,t hasitate... Buy it.

I am a 46 years old physician.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by PixChix

4.0 stars 1/28/2014 by PixChix
by PixChix

I just purchased this camera yesterday and am anxious to learn how to use all the special features. The camera seems to have a lot of potential...I love the GPS feature especially. I am hoping to find plenty of helpful videos to get me started.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 23 total reviews
1-20 of 23 reviews