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139 reviews | 4.3 out of 5

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Customer review by The Saint

5.0 stars 2/14/2017 by The Saint
by The Saint

This is a Replacement. My previous DSC-RX100 was purchased in 2014.On January 29th 2017 I activated the Camera by depressing the On/Off button and a set of Multi Colored Horizontal and Vertical lines appeared on the LCD Screen.I re-formatted the Memory Card and Initialized the Camera but was unable to resolve the problem. I checked out an Authorized Sony Repair Facility Online and supplied the information about the LCD screen. The Cost that was required to repair the Camera was approximately $12.00 less than this New Camera. I purchased this New Camera.

The Saint
Philadelphia, PA, United States
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Outstanding camera

Customer review by SF_Tom

5.0 stars 2/11/2017 by SF_Tom
by SF_Tom

This is my second RX100, an upgrade from my first RX100. It is a fabulous camera, equal in photo quality to the Leicas I own and have used in the past. Sony has packed it full of capabilities to give me total control of every aspect of recording an image. Its small size lets me have the camera in hand or nearby at all times on vacation, playing with our grandkids, or just walking downtown. Two complaints: the camera has more features than I can remember, and Sony does not provide a complete manual on all those features (thus my 3-star grades for ease of use and features).

Shelburne Falls, MA, United States
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Great features...great photos..good video.

Customer review by kwc813

5.0 stars 1/17/2017 by kwc813
by kwc813

I'm just not sure what the competition is with this one. HIGH Quality pics, better than average video, great glass. Sharp as a tack. Manual control for those who wish, certainly good enough to use only on Auto, though. The view screen pulls out and adjusts (truly a wonderful part of this camera) to get PERFECT shots. Nothing negative about it, easy to use and can be as complex as you make it. I don't have much else that competes directly with it's's kind of like dynamite wrapped in glass...looks good, great lens, great pictures and good video, lots of control...but at the price, not something you want to drop. There's a lot going on with this small body that could get fouled up, but until that happens I'm sold!!

Phoenix, AZ, United States
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so far very good

Customer review by bluesdog

4.0 stars 1/30/2017 by bluesdog
by bluesdog

only had it a few days , real happy with size and belt ,and picture quality.

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Rx100 M3 Initial impression

Customer review by AndyV

4.0 stars 6/25/2014 by AndyV
by AndyV

The images are sharp but noise is prevalent. Even at ISO 200 the images are noisy. Using Lightroom with a Luminous setting of about 50 clears that up. Not too much post processing sharpening is necessary, Perhaps a 50/50 setting of noise reductions and sharpening will do. As a small camera, use every means to keep it from falling out of your hand. Use the strap wrist band and the optional stick on grip. (not expensive) The image tone is excellent and an enlargement of 16x20 is very sharp.and attractive. Has many features as on the A77 or A7 series. This is a quality point and shoot camera but has a limited aperture range of 1.8 to f 11.This could be a negative for Landscape shooting which often requires a smaller aperture. A workaround for this issues is to use hyperfocal techniques to gain a greater depth of field. What is interesting is the the wider lens openings are very sharp but are limited in depth of field. Just began using it and these are my initial observation.

Brooklyn, NY
Just Got The Camera

Customer review by Ellsworth

4.0 stars 7/31/2013 by Ellsworth
by Ellsworth

Just got the camera. I have used the previous version of this camera for a year now and it's great. I was looking forward to the wi-fi feature of the new camera, but it's a no-go, at least if you're a Mac OSX user. There's one thing I really hate -- us Mac users being relegated to the back of the bus insofar as software support is concerned. In this case, I go to the web link Sony has designated in the supporting documentation as the link to download the software for wi-fi for the Mac (a completely unintelligible Japanese link if you must know, or are fluent in Japanese) and I am greeted with a "File Not Found" (the only non Japanese characters on the web site) greeting. Please don't tell me that a company as large as Sony is incapable (or unwilling) to release software support for a product for both the Windows and the Mac platform simultaneously. Very frustrating experience and it definitely does not make me want to buy a VAIO computer if that's their ulterior motive.

San Francisco, California
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First Day Consumer Review

Customer review by Akira2000

5.0 stars 7/19/2012 by Akira2000
by Akira2000

Only had the camera for one day and have shot about 75 pictures so far. Depth of field control and the speed of the glass live up to the hype and I already see the potential to get DSLR quality shots out of this point and shoot. The build quality and feel of the camera are impressive and made in Japan on the bottom still means something to me. It is jeans pocketable and the screen is bright. The kids like to watch the illustration feature work, but I wouldn't generally use the illustration and other features that modify the image. I've shot a few panaramas but have had trouble getting it to do 360 degrees around, so far the best I've been able to do is 180 or so. Maybe I'll be able to get the little intro screens to go away when I switch modes, but I haven't figured it out yet, not a big deal. Overall seems like a great camera if I'm only going to carry one on a big vacation and don't want to lug the DSLR. I'll update the review with more feedback down the road after I get more time with the camera.

East Coast U.S.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Mike669

5.0 stars 1/5/2017 by Mike669
by Mike669

Have now used for 4 years with travel to Europe (France, Spain, Italia, Greece, etc.) Canada, and various cruises, it is easy to use and carry - sharp image - great for travel

Maryland, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Sony RX1003M A Great Camera if You Have a Ph.D.

Customer review by muskturtle

2.0 stars 1/18/2017 by muskturtle
by muskturtle

We got this camera in 20150505 and it's currently 20170117. I'm writing to offer this up in hopes it might be of some benefit to those considering one. The operating system for the camera is quite complex. Granted, considering I come from a film background, for years having used a top of the line competitor's camera, I learned about f-stops, shutterspeeds, exposure values and ISO and so a jump into the foray of things digital was, for me the second digital camera we owned. The first was a point and shoot. This camera, the Sony RX1003M is hardly a simple point and shoot. The imaging technology is excellent as would be expected however, the operating system is challenging and hardly intuitive at all. There are many videos on youtube that can be viewed and I suggest watching as many as possible. I suspect other manufacturers have similar problems. It would be useful if Sony had a series of video tutorials on this camera. The camera as I said is excellent for what its capabilities are. But if you want to set up the camera using Manual settings be prepared for let's see, using mathematical combinations 10 modes x 118 Menu Items! Meaning if you factor this out there are 118 menu items possible (not in reality) factorial. So for you mathematicians out there, correct me if I'm wrong, that means (118x10)! different possibilities. Still, all in all the camera is truly amazing considering one eventually begins to grasp its capabilities. The problem is how to set up the camera with the way one wants to make photographs since it has so many wonderful features. The other problem is recalling exactly where everything is in the event one wishes to 'tinker' with things like shutterspeed, ISO, f-stops and so on. For example finding the photographer can set up the 'control ring' which can be set to govern f-stops or aperture and other things is a challenge. Finding that the Menu button brings up icons like the Gear icon and then on page 4 of the Gear icon, finding Custom Key settings and then clicking on Shutter Speed gives the photographer the option to select it, or Aperture or Creative Style (I thought Creativity was in the eye of the photographer). But given the complexity of choices and how much is possible with this camera at best it is a challenge for users to remember all it is capable of doing. Clearly the developers are attempting to appeal to as many markets as possible. It should appeal to those who are familiar with the Sony product line and also to very advanced digital photographers. All in all this is an excellent camera. The technology is first rate. The camera feels solid and seems responsive and yet it is light and appealing to me and would seem the ideal camera to carry around. It's WiFi abilities are amazing. But again, this requires considerable tinkering once the cell phone operating system is aligned with its Sony Play Memories software, which can be put on the phone, desktop or tablet in accordance with the operating system. My experience was with the Android system on the HTC 626 Desire Cell Phone. The ability to turn the phone into a WiFi hot spot the phone can recognize was somewhat challenging but do-able. The camera's logic seems convoluted and deviates from historical film photography with its many nuances. It is a great camera if you need one to carry around with great still and movie capabilities. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time learning your way around the ropes. Perhaps upwards of 1000 hours. At least that was my experience. And consider this. My view is based on my experience as an amateur. Pros no doubt will have their opinions. Considering all the work that went into its design and production, the quality of the electronics and the legendary quality of the Zeiss lens and the machining involved, it is a first rate camera.

Seattle, WA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Beautiful Camera

Customer review by Makakilo

5.0 stars 9/3/2013 by Makakilo
by Makakilo

I was a tad skeptical about the RX100-2 because of lack of wifi for Apple iOS. I had read reviews complaining about that but also professional reviews that said it was able to do wifi with iOS. To me, no wifi for iOS almost doesnt justify the additional price over the original RX-100. I took a leap of faith. Im here to say my camera works fine with my iPhone 5. You have to manually pair it via wifi..very simple. once connected, then you have to use the Play Memories app. Transfers were quick. I dont think I have the ability to control the camera with my iPhone but I really dont care about that. Im still learning how to use the camera but I took it out for a spin the day I got it and was very happy with it. The pictures are great, I love the tilting screen. There are alot of options I still have to work though but like what I see so far. Im thinking of springing for the electronic view finder. I like that I have the option to add that in the hot shoe.

Kapolei, HI
Beat Out Many Better Rated Cameras!

Customer review by RockLegendsPhotoraphers

5.0 stars 4/2/2014 by RockLegendsPhotoraphers
by RockLegendsPhotoraphers

We are professional concert photographers that shoot with Sony A77s and Sony and Minolta glass. I had been searching for the perfect point and shoot to have handy for close ups when I am using my 80-200 2.8 Minolta lens on my A77 to cover close ups and wide angle shots. I read several reviews on low light point and shoot cameras thinking that I would be able to shoot with no flash and capture the images I wanted. After testing several and being disappointed with all of them I found myself testing this camera. After kicking myself in the pants wondering why I didn't just start with Sony in the 1st place I have finally found the perfect mate to our pro gear! This camera captures great images in difficult situations and the images taken in good light are every bit as good as those taken from our pro gear! It hangs nicely from my wrist while I am shooting with our larger cameras and is ready to go when I need it. When I don't need it it fits nicely in my pocket. We've captured some very professional photos with this camera!

Cocoa Florida
Excellent Travel Camera

Customer review by DenFer

5.0 stars 11/28/2016 by DenFer
by DenFer

I've taken photos and short videos all over the world with this camera. There are more powerful cameras, longer lenses, etc., but THIS IS THE ONE I TAKE!! It is small in size, excellent to handle, razor sharp Zeiss Lens, FULL-SIZE excellent view finder as well as the led viewer (I wear glasses, this is the best, crisp - razor sharp viewfinder), and the SENSOR captures EVERYTHING ... excellent in very very low night light. With the leather 'Sony' case, it is very well protected ... it is not a fragile camera ... but don't push, take care and it will put a BIG SMILE on your face!

Cupertino, CA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best Small Camera Ever

Customer review by Liberator

5.0 stars 11/13/2012 by Liberator
by Liberator

I have owned this camera for several months now. I got the camera for personal use and for work. Most of my initial shots were of work stuff so I was not immediately impressed. However, once I started using it for personal use the quality of the camera was stunning. Size Matters - this large sensor is capable of impressive image captures that the normal point & shoot can't compete with. Recently I was at a family gathering where the other family members had point & shoots and one DSLR. I compared my shots to others taken of the same subject with the other cameras including a Canon Rebel and couldn't believe the difference. This little Sony far out-shined the APS-C sensor of Canon and simply blew away the point & shoots. The detail was phenominal, the contrast and color saturation were incredible. Sony has hit a home run with this camera. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for something more than just the ordinary point & shoot.

Jacksonville, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Consider the Bar Raised!

Customer review by Smytherines

5.0 stars 7/25/2012 by Smytherines
by Smytherines

I am literally rendered speechless by how amazing this camera is! It performs significantly better in many respects than my Canon 40D SLR from a couple of years ago and in a package that fits in my pocket. The image quality is outstanding, the video quality is stunning. I recently brought it to a friends wedding and the video it was taking was on par with the photographers 5D MK II ($4000 setup)...the portraits and low light images were breathtaking! I have been faithful to Canon my whole life and this is my first Sony camera purchase. Based on initial impressions and using it daily for nearly 3 weeks, I can comfortably say that this camera is the kind of thing that puts a company like Sony in the big leagues with companies like Canon and Nikon, and as is currently the case, surpasses comparable products from both companies by a significant margin! You simply can not get better pictures from anything else in a comparable size!

Vancouver, BC
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
unimpressed thus far

Customer review by larmstrong

2.0 stars 5/4/2015 by larmstrong
by larmstrong

I honestly hope to be changing my review at some point, but for now I'm just not a happy camper with this camera. I purchased it after significant online research as well as recommendations from several employees at my local camera store as an alternative for a concert camera, as it is impossible to get my full frame in anywhere. Two concerts so far, one outdoors, one indoors, one up close, one nosebleed seats and nothing worth anything from either show. I used some posted settings specifically for taking concert images with this model, and even pushed it to Auto at some point hoping to capture something worthwhile. I do not disregard that this could all be operator error, because I have gotten quite attached to my nicely weighted DSLR and its viewfinder; but point-and-shoots are consumer cameras so this would seem unlikely. Just to try and convince myself further I have taken some inside and outside shots but am simply not as impressed as the hundred or so others that have rated this camera as one of the best point-and-shoot that produces RAW files.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Excellent pocket camera.

Customer review by Shirish

5.0 stars 3/19/2015 by Shirish
by Shirish

I am 60 yrs old and I have Nikon DSLR professional camera with heavy zoom lens,on outdoor photography.I have to carry this camera with heavy accessories.After a period of two or three hours my left hand were started paining. I was searching for this RX 100 type option since many days, and one day I had came across RX 100 in Better Photography magazine.I read the complete article and came to know this is it,immediately I purshased it .i.e.on 12 February 2012,I got excellent results and I am using it regularly for outdoor as well as indoor photography,very good invention by SONY,keeping aside my Nikon DSLR. On one fine day.i.e.on 20 February 2015, my RX 100,stops working properly i.e. LCD shops showing images.I rushed to SONY Service outlet and shown the camera.Keeping in mind that they will charge for repairs, being third year from purchase,and surprised to know that it was in warranty,And still the warranty is valid up to March 2016. Hats off to SONY!! And my camera has been serviced properly and again my RX 100 is giving excellent results.Thanks to SONY!!

Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best pocket rocket cam today?

Customer review by deevee

5.0 stars 10/1/2012 by deevee
by deevee

IQ: perhaps the best of all p+s thanks to the large sensor (but dynamic range still a bit behind micro fourthirds and FF) better than the competition (except perhaps Nikon 1 series?) noise is quite good , image usable to ISO 800 Quality build, clean and sturdy a la Leica minimal design but Fcn button is quick and accessible to may features Control wheel is quite versatile (for ISO , zoom , aperture ..) LCD is bright , detailed and one of the best in industry AF is fast and AF points can be adjusted Great choices of filters, my favorite is Illustration low quite shutter great Zeiss lens Some negs: max speed is only 1/2000 thus can't sue max aperture under bright light no builtin ND (could have compensated for max speed) a bit slippery to hold (need a skin or a leather half case ; I use strap around wrist for security) would have preferred 24-85mm zoom to 28-100mm zoom a bit dim at longer end a bit pricey

Saratoga CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Needs major improvements

Customer review by RSM1988

3.0 stars 12/4/2013 by RSM1988
by RSM1988

I owned and loved the RX100 but the RX100M2 has some really bad pitfalls. 1) Their new "autofocus" is worse than in the RX100. It prioritizes the background and objects in the foreground are often out of focus. For example, I can be recording video in auto-mode with a person 2 feet in front of me and it will focus on the background half the time, even when the person takes up 90% of the frame. It makes no sense why the camera would focus on something that takes up 1/10th of the picture! 2) Whites really, really throw off blacks. If someone is wearing a white shirt and black pants, their legs turn out like black shadows because it messes up the exposure. There 'should' be an option for backlight compensation or something that de-prioritizes whites and compensates for blacks. Blacks are always hard to pick up and this makes it that much worse. 3) Wi-Fi is really spotty. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S3 so maybe an iPhone is more consistent but when you start recording, it's very laggy and almost impossible to use the zoom function. Thanks for hearing my feedback, Sony. Can't wait for the RX200!

Replaced my DSLRs

Customer review by n781lc

4.0 stars 12/28/2013 by n781lc
by n781lc

Downsized from DSLRs, lens, bags and accessories due to aging strength and stability. Advanced hobbyist skilled in Adobe software. Researched numerous Compacts with attached zoom lens equal to my most used 'big ones.' Several of the top major brands had a demo day at a local full service camera store . The Sony DSC-RX100 M2 with the great glass (Carl Zeiss f/1.8-4.6), 28-100 zoom (35 mm equivalent) lens, seemed to fulfill my "wants." .. It has! Would give 5 stars if better documentation, very minimal. This camera has all that they say, much more than probably will ever be used, but .. there needs to be a much more detailed explanation of the extensive menu options and such uses as e.g., wireless flash, that is available with other quality devices. Would recommend to a friend, with caveat that Sony is a VERY large and diverse company with minimum customer relations/service.

Pensacola, FL
Really, Sony? Are you kidding?

Customer review by TheFunk

1.0 stars 9/12/2013 by TheFunk
by TheFunk

This camera takes great pictures and has many amazing features... but how could Sony not pay attention to detail? Seriously! You can't adjust the timer for more than 10 seconds! Sometimes I want to take a picture of myself someplace; I set the timer, and I can't make it into the frame in 10 seconds. Why isn't an adjustable timer up to 30 seconds a STANDARD FEATURE? This seems like a no-brainer that Sony completely missed. But meanwhile, you can use 100 different HDR settings... great... too bad you can't use the timer in HDR! WHAT THE HECK!? How hard is it to let the camera use the timer in HDR? Canon has had that ability for YEARS! Another problem: the so-called intelligent auto setting won't default to the "vivid/warm" color setting. Every time you turn off the camera, and turn it back on, you have to re-adjust to turn up or down the warmth/vividness settings. UGH! I'm so disappointed with these features... mostly because it means I have to carry two cameras now, my old Canon and my new Sony, because I sure as heck can't use the worthless timer on the Sony... What a pain in the butt. Thanks Sony.

1-20 of 139 total reviews
1-20 of 139 reviews