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Can't beat it!

Customer review by drewsflb

5.0 stars 4/21/2017 by drewsflb
by drewsflb

My wife and I took a recent trip to Madrid, Spain and Marrakech, Morocco. Weight was an issue, since we were backpacking, and the RX 100 III delivered. We needed a camera that was small, light-weight, and capable of producing excellent pictures and video. We bought the camera two days before our vacation, and the interface was so easy to learn, that we taught ourselves on the train! The video was shot from a terrace about 30m in distance. As you can see, this camera does it all. We loved the Electronic View Finder feature, and as a whole, feel that we definitely got our money's worth.

Five stars big time!!!!!!!

Customer review by MonikaPhotoLife

5.0 stars 6/11/2013 by MonikaPhotoLife
by MonikaPhotoLife

As semi-professional photographer I am a NIKON shooter. I own few lenses and shoot mostly concerts, events and high fashion. For a long time I was looking for a good small TO-GO camera that will be sharp in low light situations as I am guest on many events all over FL not only when working and covering it for local magainze but privet for my blog Miami Photo Life. From the moment I start shooting with RX100 I was ....wooooooowww what is this??? Amazing!!! Hands down! Fast, sharp, great colors, ISO on high settings looks still good, picture stabilization - outstanding!!! On my blog I post short photo review so you can have a look ( :))) I am in love with that little Sony ! This camera is always ready to shoot in a speed of a second! :)))

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
RX 100 Camera- Wow!

Customer review by Wcreativesandiego

4.0 stars 9/19/2012 by Wcreativesandiego
by Wcreativesandiego

Based on reviews I went for this camera right away. The 1" CMOS, 20 megapixels, Zeiss lens and F1.8 speed, video quality, still image quality, size, overall creative features and the capability of this camera is amazing. I work in broadcast TV and we use many Sony products, including video cameras. That said we are moving to CMOS sensors to shoot more and more and we shoot quite a bit of DSLR. While the RX 100 won't match a DSLR in all applications, what it can do given it's small size and ease of use is astounding. And as a still camera it really is terrific. It is the one camera to have on you at all times. That said, here is what it still needs- Interval shooting capability. I seriously hope a firmware update is in our future so we can shoot interval images. 24p video shooting is also a must have going forward. The micro HDMI location means no tripod mounting and external screen monitoring at the same time (more of an issues for pros). Lastly no external battery charger- really Sony?- come on and roll it out for us. For the size and the price this camera is great. A few updates and new features would be a market killer. Hope Sony delivers.

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Great camera for its size, but pricey.

Customer review by ArielRGA

4.0 stars 11/27/2014 by ArielRGA
by ArielRGA

Pros: Size, fast lens, wide angle, hyperfocal distance shots, full of features. Cons: It is pricey, at $800 I wish it had an APS-C-size sensor, meh bokeh. Even though it's pricey, this is a little wonder. Full of features like focus peaking, zebra, wifi, NFC, bracketing, etc. And then to top it off it has a fast lens. Better than a cellphone camera, but no competitor to APS-C and FF. Who is this camera for? If you want RAW, more control and better image quality than a cellphone, while having a camera that is extremely portable, and you also like to share quality images online while on the go, this is the camera for you. Sometimes you don't want to carry your big DSLR to hang out with friends, but you want good pictures and memories, this is it. It doesn't have great bokeh by comparison to APS-C sensors, but it's respectable when compared to cellphone shots. It will help ignite your creative muscles in different ways. I am having second thoughts about it when I consider what the Sony alpha 6 can do, but then again I own a Nikon D610 and I don't want to spend on a new set of lenses. Specially because I know that to get similar quality I've to spend a fortune on Zeiss. So this little guy does what I need perfectly.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Let me count the ways!

Customer review by CalusaShooter

5.0 stars 7/29/2012 by CalusaShooter
by CalusaShooter

Over the years we've owned many digital cameras including DSLR, Micro Four Thirds and Point & Shoot. I'd rate my abilities as an advanced armature. Simply put, the RX100 is the best P&S camera available today, period. Why? It has the best sensor available in a P&S camera and, in terms of image quality, can and does produce results equal to those form DSLR and MFT cameras, simply put the Sony 20MB sensor produces absolutely stunning photos. The RX100 can be used as s simple P&S camera, just set it to Superior Auto and go to work, you'll love the results. If you're an advanced shooter, the RX100 has a range of manual control that will accommodate any shooting approach you'd like to use, if you want it, it's there. The Zeiss lens is terrific and has a very useful zoom range. Tiered of LCD viewing screens that can't be used in bright sun, well forget it with the RX100, just turn up the brightness and keep shooting. There isn't much this little, truly pocketable, camera can't do it terms of producing excellent photographic results. In case you haven' guessed, I love this little wonder. And, yes, the menu system has a steep learning curve but that's true for any camera with loads of manual control and flexibility.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by PittsfieldDoug

4.0 stars 9/1/2014 by PittsfieldDoug
by PittsfieldDoug

First .. WOW .. the low light performance of this little camera is awesome! The High-ISO performance is FAR beyond anything I've used in this class of camera and out-performs some recent mid-range DSLRs. I'm getting good useable photos at ISO 4000 and no problem at all with ISO 1600 .. it has many (if not all) the controls and settings of several DSLR cameras I've recently owned that helps with getting great low light performance as well. Let's remember what we purchased this camera for .. it's tiny size and LARGE sensor .. it does not disappoint, when used as a pro camera .... OK, that said .. putting it in the 'Intelligent Auto' mode left me wishing for lower 'auto-ISO' choices or maybe a 'upper/lower ISO LIMIT' setting. But it takes great photos all the same. Not a disappointment, at all. ** I have only (2) CONs : The pop-up viewfinder eyepiece .. it pops up nice solid 'click' .. but when pulling back on the eye piece it does NOT 'snap' into place, feels a little 'wobbly' .. it does not seem to affect the operation or focusing that I can tell .. The second is the 'Diopter' adjustment .. because of it's proximity to 'eyebrows' and perhaps because the eyepiece is wobbly (the pullback part) .. it tends to need regular adjustment which can be a pain. (Otherwise I'd have given 5 or 6 stars) :-)

Historical advances and microtechnology

Customer review by syates13

5.0 stars 5/3/2015 by syates13
by syates13
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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Added improvements and perfections to the first RX100, which garnered special attention from technical experts about advances with its unparalleled smaller microprocessor in lowlight and color as well as higher quality of image, underlines the unique versatility of this new generation of camera. Exceptional professional capabilities with RAW file applications and Zeiss opticality, the RX 100 III offers a wide range of uses with fewer limitations than standard thirty-five millimeter cameras. The highly engineered design and "smallness" redefines past necessities in the field for the working photographer and artist. While providing new qualitative potentials professionally and visually.

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Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
Great job Sony!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 10/12/2013 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

In cause of very good, almost euphoric reviews the Sony RX100 II gained my attention. I bought the camera one month ago and after a few hundred shots I'm more and more fascinated by the image quality. Especially at night the large sensor shows its power. Noticeable are also the well working automatic scene detection and useful features at manual mode like peak mode, that marks parts of the image which are in sharp focus. The camera body is perfectly finished, but for my taste the mode selection wheel is a little bit too stiff, At least I have to admit that I'm missing one feature a little bit: A built in gps sensor for geotagging. But overall I can only fall in line with most of the other reviews: Great job Sony!

An anonymous customer
Great little camera

Customer review by BozemanMark

5.0 stars 11/6/2014 by BozemanMark
by BozemanMark

This is a great camera for its size. It takes great pictures, even in low light. My wife took the picture below in Carlsbad Caverns handheld, and without a flash. The electronic viewfinder is a useful addition, especially in bright light. You can get great close-ups with good bokeh too, but that's a little tricky. Excellent camera!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love this little camera.

Customer review by CatGuy

5.0 stars 2/8/2015 by CatGuy
by CatGuy

Wanted a capable pocket camera, and this one exceeds my expectations.

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Informative Review

Customer review by ActiveGranDad

4.0 stars 9/26/2013 by ActiveGranDad
by ActiveGranDad

I purchased the Sony DSC-RX100B to augment my Sony DSC-HX100B. I am NOT a professional photographer. More aptly, an avid hobbyist and primarily shoot outdoor scenes. I use my kayak to go where other photographers fear to tread. My main purpose for purchasing the RX-100 was to acquire a camera that would shoot in RAW format and not sacrifice, what I believe to be, the outstanding quality of the Zeiss lenses. In the suite I use for Post Production, no not the expensive well known brand name, I do very little to compensate for lens aberration. A secondary purpose was to have a device that was more compact than the 100B. I really love my HX100B and If I were to make a choice again, I would probably go with the second incantation of the RX100. Of course, the RX1 would be the ultimate tool, but I am too frugal. Having the availability of a tilting LCD is a very big plus and is probably the feature I miss the most. On my HX100 I have developed the habit of using the EVF. When shooting from my tripod, which extends above my head, for higher shots, it is really beneficial to have a LCD that will tilt down so I can frame the shot accurately. It is also a nice feature when shooting from low levels and on bright sunlit days to reduce glare. The RX100 does a decent job with the increased clarity of the LCD and the option to control its brightness. I am becoming a big fan of HDR images. The availability of White Balance bracketed shots is really good on both Sony cameras. My software handles this task well. I can even use a single RAW image to achieve the same result. It will split the channels of the image and then process it as if it were 3 images. I am pleased with my RX100 with the exception of the tilting LCD. If anyone wishes, you may contact me, except for commercial purposes, at activegrandad at that gmail dot com. I will be happy to attempt answering your questions and sharing my experiences.

compact and sharp like a basic dsl camera.

Customer review by VicF

5.0 stars 9/18/2013 by VicF
by VicF

Compact and sharp. High iso make low light environment shooting situation with no problem. Almost worth for the price. WiFi is a plus and playmemories apps has lots of room to improve

The absolute best portable camera in the market

Customer review by TheGMan

5.0 stars 7/24/2012 by TheGMan
by TheGMan

Up to now, most of us had to make a tradeoff between portability and quality. No more. This camera can take shots as good –and sometimes better- as my trusted DSLR. Take a look at my sample shots at PORTABILITY This camera fits in my hand, in my pocket and in my laptop bag. In fact, I am using the case for my wife’s Lumix TZ8. I can bring this camera with me anywhere. One big advantage is safety: if you travel to places that are not 100% safe, any potential robber would mistake it with a cheap $200 camera. More importantly, you will nevr have to leave this camera in a hotel room, on the trunk of your car, or will have to carry a big backpack with camera and accessories. Why this is size so important? You miss 100% of the shots you can’t take because you cannot bring your camera. Because this is a camera you will carry anywhere. There have been many business trips, weekend opportunities and just in the moment photo opportunities where it was not practical or safe to bring my big DSLR. That is no longer a problem with a portable camera like this that gives me all the quality and control I need as an experienced photographer. The only downside to size it that it looks pretty ridiculous to have this camera mounted on a tripd (as I did last night taking skyline shots at dusk) and that you don’t have the ‘professional’ look of sdomeone carrying a large camera with a big lens, which sometimes is useful getting access to normally unavailable areas for tourists. QUALITY Sony has been improving the quality of its digital cameras steadily for the last few years. In February of 2011 I got a HX5V which was quite impressive, and delivered quality images even when compared with a DSLR except for low-light and other tricky situations. I traded it for a Canon PowerShot S95 which was a step ahead but still suffered from high noise levels in low light settings. What makes this camera unique is a 1” CMOS sensor. It is the only camera in this class or in similar size with a sensor this big. The law of physics is very simple: larger sensor, higher quality and lower noise. Sure you could get a NEX-5 with an even bigger sensor for slightly better quality but you would be stuck with a much, much larger camera, especially because of the size of the lens, and a much higher price. Combined with a minimum aperture of f/1.8, Carl Zeiss optics and a lot of cool features from Sony such as the Auto HDR and very cool camera effects, it is an amazing camera. After a week of playing with it I am wondering why would the average person need anything more than this camera. Last, I really love the on-screen information (and the quality of the display), especially the level indicator that helps you shoot straight pictures. EASE OF USE Don’t let the power scare you away from this camera. As most point and shoot cameras, this one has an ‘auto’ mode that is usually quite good at getting the right settings for each shot. If you ar enot an expert, you will feel at home with the Sony RX100 camera having used any pocket digital camera, and you will enjoy the high quality it delivers. I found the menus to be intuitive, the camera feels solid and built with high quality materials. AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT Processing speed takes a few seconds, but given the quality of the effects I would be surprised if they took significantly less time. Still, often you have to wait a second or two after a shot if you use advanced in-camera processing such as HDR. The 3.6 Zoom goes to 105mm I think, which is fine for most situations but could be nice to have a 200mm 9equivalent) zoom. I know adding such a zoom would require a larger lens so I rather keep the portability as is. Further, with 20 megapixels, you can zoom in to your photos easily in post production. Overall, if you are an experienced hobbyist or a semi-professional photographer looking for a camera to

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First Day Consumer Review

Customer review by Akira2000

5.0 stars 7/19/2012 by Akira2000
by Akira2000

Only had the camera for one day and have shot about 75 pictures so far. Depth of field control and the speed of the glass live up to the hype and I already see the potential to get DSLR quality shots out of this point and shoot. The build quality and feel of the camera are impressive and made in Japan on the bottom still means something to me. It is jeans pocketable and the screen is bright. The kids like to watch the illustration feature work, but I wouldn't generally use the illustration and other features that modify the image. I've shot a few panaramas but have had trouble getting it to do 360 degrees around, so far the best I've been able to do is 180 or so. Maybe I'll be able to get the little intro screens to go away when I switch modes, but I haven't figured it out yet, not a big deal. Overall seems like a great camera if I'm only going to carry one on a big vacation and don't want to lug the DSLR. I'll update the review with more feedback down the road after I get more time with the camera.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great little Camera

Customer review by larryG1

5.0 stars 3/4/2017 by larryG1
by larryG1
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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Had the camera a month,it is easy to use and take great pictures.

Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

Customer review by chookooloonks

5.0 stars 7/24/2014 by chookooloonks
by chookooloonks

I read an article somewhere (I'm afraid I forgot where, or I'd link to it), that this camera is "the point-and-shoot for experienced photographers." And I think that description is spot on. The lens (from Zeiss, no less!) has a dial on it that lets you easily adjust aperture, and there's a dial on the back of the camera that allows you to adjust shutter speed on the fly. This means you can shoot manually, without having to make your subject wait for eons for you to capture the image -- with a point-and-shoot, no less! It has a sexy viewfinder, so if you don't want to compose your shot using the screen on the back, you don't have to. There's barely any shutter lag -- you click and it shoots, just like a dSLR, without any perceptible delay. And this is awesome: open to its widest angle (24mm), the aperture goes to f/1.8; at its maximum telephoto (70mm) it goes to f/2.8. Which means that this point-and-shoot has a lens that has enough range to capture both decent scenery shots and decent portraits, and you can finally get some of those narrow depth-of-field shots that are so difficult with most point-and-shoots. Full review here...

Best Portable Shooter

Customer review by jerrydoes

5.0 stars 2/3/2013 by jerrydoes
by jerrydoes

I purchased a 4/3's camera a year ago which I thought might be my go too camera to take around an shoot pictures of my dog, kid and scenery. It came with a stock lens that didn't perform well in low light and the quality of image was terrible. Rather than spend another $300 for a fixed lens with a better f-stop I decided to get the RX100. The RX100 is the perfect camera for shooting kids in action in low light. It has well organized menus and nice button set up. It's a perfect size to carry around and has a nice weight that makes it feel like a quality camera. It takes photos better than my aging DSLR and less than half the size. Only gripe would be the auto focus doesn't like dogs when there are other humans in the frame.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
no instruction manual needed!

Customer review by hobopelican

5.0 stars 9/6/2012 by hobopelican
by hobopelican

to everyone complaining about 'no instruction manual', this camera is NOT for you. the RX100 is billed as a professional photographer's 2nd camera, so basically, someone who will pick up the functionality super duper quick. the RX100 is an amazing machine, my only worry is that my a77, a33 and a65 will become obsolete. i kid, mostly. but that's exactly what the RX100 is capable of, abolishing any other camera you own! 20.2mp! quick charging times! tons and tons of picture effects! amazing 1080 video quality! all in the palm of my hand? shoot, i might buy another...because, you know what they say...the best camera you own, is the one that's ALWAYS in your hand! the RX100 is ALWAYS in my hand. go, right now and buy yours today!!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by BeJay

5.0 stars 8/18/2013 by BeJay
by BeJay

If you are like me, it's a great time of life... retired senior with four grandchildren under 5 years old, my photography has begun to coalesce around: grandkid portraits / parties / milestones; and exotic travel / adventure trips; together with a renewed interest in photography as a hobby. But, life is not always that idyllic, with age have also come eyesight and dexterity limitations that caused me to put aside my DSLR and my camcorder to seek the ideal instrument -- a prosumer-level pocket-sized powerhouse -- first the RX100/B and now the RX100M2/B. [I had my RX100 for a full year and just traded-up to the RX100M2 this past week.] Their extraordinary compactness and brilliant LCD display make handling and portability a snap. No more squinting through a viewfinder or lugging around a stuffed camera bag, which I've often left in my room just as a great photo-op passed me by! Sony's in-camera programs are superb. And the tiltable LCD display minimizes the stress on my neck and back. I can't wait to try out controlling the RX100M2 from my smart phone, wow. Sony's Picture Effects can be another whole side of my art to develop. So, Net/Net, the Sony RX100M2 helps me to capture life's special moments with ease and precision-- beautiful images of a good life ... try it your self and see!


Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 8/5/2013 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

Just received 3 days ago. . I bought the camera so I could have a traveling camera, that would take quality shots on the go, without hauling my huge DSL camera & lenses. After much research, I decided on the RX-100M2. My wife takes the worst pictures and has no knowledge of cameras & their operation. She volunteered to take pictures & Video for a baby shower. I gave her a quick tutorial on the basic operation and sent her off with it, expecting the usual results (Questionable) I truly could not believe the results! The color, focus and quality of the shots were amazing!! The price for performance is wonderful and I can't wait to test this camera's advanced features if I can pry it out of her hands!.

An anonymous customer
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1-20 of 141 total reviews
1-20 of 141 reviews