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6604 reviews | 4.3 out of 5

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6604 reviews | 4.3 out of 5

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Strongest toilet paper I've encountered

Customer review by cjpressley62

5.0 stars 12/3/2014 by cjpressley62
by cjpressley62

I went into this campaign apprehensive but I was pleasantly suprised. When you take it out of the plastic you can tell just by holding it that it seems like there's more to what you see. It feels different, but in a good way. It's soft, put also feels super thick. It makes you believe that it could stand up to anything. I wasn't sure how this would perform. Sometimes things aren't up to the hype, but this was for sure. It was comfortable and super strong. This sounds weird but I always am nervous that my finger will go through to toilet paper when I'm using it and there's no way this will happen with this product. I even went a step further and tried to wipe up toothpaste my son got all over the sink. To my surprise it didn't even rip! So if you're wondering if you should try this, my answer is YES! It is not the cheapest toilet paper on the market, but it's also not the most expensive. I would spend that extra bit just to use this strong kind. Best toilet paper I have tried to date!

Sanford, NC
All my years I tried many toilet papers

Customer review by Hmjr916

5.0 stars 10/10/2016 by Hmjr916
by Hmjr916

Charmin Ultra strong is by far the best even when when it does its job doesn't fall apart or get stuck if you don't want to waste your money or waste trees, just pick the best and pick Charmin Ultra strong so you can save in the long run

Comment from Tammy - 10/12/2016

Thanks for the love, HMjr916! We do our very best.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The TP talk...

Customer review by PWebber

3.0 stars 1/3/2015 by PWebber
by PWebber

Toilet paper, well there is a conversation starter...I have to say first off all we buy TP by the bulk and it is not something that anyone wants to cheap out on. You want the good stuff! Not the stuff that feels like sandpaper that you have to use in malls or that is so thin it tears before you even get the square off to try to get some off the roll (you know what I'm talking about.) Anyway, for my household trying a new toilet paper is almost a frightening ordeal, you never know right. Charmin is a good reputable brand so we went for it. Here is what we got - for one the rolls are TINY and loosely rolled so each roll lasted only about 3 days in my home. Not acceptable for us, I would have to tell you I don't have enough room to store the amount of this stuff I would need to keep a stock. And although it is strong, it is not real soft for the importance of its job. We tried it but sorry Charmin this one fell a little short (haha!) We will be sticking with our old TP for our happy bums.

Comment from Adabelle - 4/6/2015

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear you were unhappy with the texture of our TP. If you prefer softer toilet paper, you should try Charmin Ultra soft. Thank you for reaching out!

Kent, WA
Nice and Soft

Customer review by whatdajarvis

4.0 stars 1/2/2015 by whatdajarvis
by whatdajarvis

Coming from a family that has always gotten the cheapest (and usually roughest) toilet paper, the Charmin Ultra Strong was a nice change! What I Liked: -The toilet paper was very soft! Felt like I was wiping with a cloud! -As the name implies it was indeed very strong. The strength did not let me down. Not one time, did the paper tear. This was one of my favorite parts. -Didn't need much per wipe! I've been used to using a lot of paper per wipe due to the thin nature of toilet paper, but with Charmin Ultra Strong it was the opposite! No longer did I need to use nearly as much. What I see as cons: -For me the toilet paper seemed less absorbent than what I was used to. -Price is a big concern to me when shopping, so the higher price of Charmin tends to turn me away. Overall using the Charmin Ultra Strong was a good experience. Although, the price is higher than I would like, having to use less paper and having more comfort may just bring me to their brand next time I am in the store.

Terre Haute, IN
Charmin Ultra Strong

Customer review by beeker712

3.0 stars 12/30/2014 by beeker712
by beeker712

Usually my wife buys store brand toilet paper since it is cheapest, so I was happy to be able to try something new. Overall I honestly wasn’t too overly impressed with the differences in the Charmin Ultra Strong and my regular store brand toilet paper. Yes the Charmin Ultra Strong was much softer, but that sometimes made it more “slippery” in certain wiping situations. And that is NOT desired. But it was also much stronger than cheaper toilet paper, which was certainly a positive point. I also didn’t seem to notice much of a difference in the amount of paper used or the life of the toilet paper roll if you will. Maybe it is because everyone is used to using a certain amount, and did not adjust their usage habits as I did. My wife had stated she noticed she could use less, but she didn’t always remember that fact till after she already had her usual handful ready to go. I would definitely recommend Charmin Ultra Strong to people, but I am not sure it is totally worth the price.

Comment from Adabelle - 1/5/2015

Thank you for your detailed review! We will share your feedback with our team to make this better.

Toledo, OH
The Hulk's kind of TP

Customer review by ne0nimprvd

3.0 stars 11/12/2014 by ne0nimprvd
by ne0nimprvd

The Charmin Ultra Strong TP is exactly what the name says, STRONG. The rolls look like standard sized toilet paper rolls. They are not oversized and will fit just fine in most toilet paper dispensers. It is surprisingly sturdy as you can notice the difference in thickness vs standard TP. PROS: The tissues are a lot more absorbent and efficient compared to standard or generic TP. I personally used 2 times less the plies than our regular brand TP. Cons: Though the paper is very strong and absorbent, it is not the softest TP on the market. Given the strength of this product, comfort is average. This TP is nice because you can get more use out of a few plies versus generic/standard brands. I would recommend the Charmin Ultra Strong to friends and family that are looking to replace their generic TP. But for those that are used to a softer tissue, this TP is not the best option for comfort. I will not continue using this TP for personal use because it is a little too tough on the hiney.

Newark, CA
what a surprise....

Customer review by mazack5

3.0 stars 11/11/2014 by mazack5
by mazack5

I was always a firm believer that it didnt matter what type or brand of tp people (and i) used, because in my opinion, they were all the same. Well...I'm here to tell you all today...they in fact ARE NOT all the same! Charmin Ultra Strong is exactly that...its ultra strong. Chramin advertises "enjoy the go", you know what? I did enjoy the go when i used this tp because it doesnt fray up or crumble like most do. I was so impressed with the durability of the paper that i conducted a little extremely picky about what i use to clean my electronic devices. I took some of the Charmin and tried to clean my LG G3 and guess what cleaned my phone! And better than most cleaning cloths i might add!! At first it did leave faint traces of fibers around the edges, but a light blow on the screen cleared that right up. I feel a little ashamed saying that i might keep Charmin around just to help me clean! Lol. Give it a try guys and may discover a new helper like i did.

Surprise, AZ Charmin

Customer review by kungfuguru

4.0 stars 12/22/2014 by kungfuguru
by kungfuguru

Yes I am the king of the throne and I absolutely loved this Charmin bathroom tissue paper. It really is stronger than most that I've tried and being the king of the throne, I've tried quite a few. This was soft, strong and everyone in the family enjoyed. I however, had to hide it because while trying it, my kids would not use our regular bathroom tissue but instead insisted on having their own "soft beary paper" which meant MY Charmin! Needless to say, this ultra strong bathroom tissue has replaced our usual one and everyone in the family is now happy and we're all living peacefully together. I did not give this a five star because I found that it didn't last long. I think it's because the others that we've used were so thin that we became used to grabbing a bunch at a time. With this paper you do not need to use as much because it is strong and absorbent but bad habits are hard to break. We are adjusting happily. I would highly recommend this product to any King or Queen of their throne!

Absecon, NJ
Charmin Ultra Strong. Not your kids toilet paper!

Customer review by smokinbutz

5.0 stars 11/25/2014 by smokinbutz
by smokinbutz

Charmin sent me a 4 pack of this toilet paper to review. I find it funny that they would choose someone with the last name of Butz to review this product. This is a very strong toilet paper(I am not sure why toilet paper would need to be this strong). The strength of the paper makes it so that it is a very thick toilet paper as well. Even with its strength it somehow seems to remain soft for your wiping pleasure. I have two young kids ages 6 and 10 and I would recommend that you keep toilet paper like this away from the kids as they simply use too much paper with each wipe causing the toilet paper to disappear very quickly. I would recommend that this toilet paper is used in the parents bathroom or put out when guests are over. I would give this product a very high review for strength, and softness. On the other hand I think that the strength of the toilet paper makes it quite a bit thicker than other toilet papers which leads to a lower number of squares for you to use per roll.

Newark, DE
Charmin Ultra Strong will not disappoint!

Customer review by omnichron

5.0 stars 12/24/2014 by omnichron
by omnichron

I'm pretty particular with certain things, and toilet paper is one of them. I like soft papers, but when they're so soft that they flake and crumble apart, then it's a negative. I like strong papers, but most are strong brands are too rough. Charmin Ultra Strong is the perfect balance between the two. It's not the softest, but soft enough to be comfortable. And it's strong enough to handle any job. It doesn't crumble apart, it doesn't irritate the skin, and it also gets the job done with less overall paper. I prefer to use the Mega Rolls, because then I have to change the rolls less often. I also have to admit that I use Charmin Ultra Strong for other uses as well. I use it as facial tissue, to clean small spills, general light cleaning around the house, you name it. It's strong enough to handle any of those simple tasks. I don't normally make it a habit to talk about toilet paper, but if anyone wanted a recommendation, I would definitely say that Charmin Ultra Strong is the one to use.

Torrance, CA
Soft, Effective but the roll goes fast.

Customer review by cpkendra

3.0 stars 12/2/2014 by cpkendra
by cpkendra

The new Ultra Strong Charmin has a soft quilted surface that is super effective at cleaning. It takes some getting used to the fact that you only need to use a small amount to clean yourself. Unlike the other leading brand that claims to be 2 ply but has recently become like tissue paper. You will not need a wad the size of an oven mitt clean yourself. I was hesitant to allow the children to use this toilet paper in their bathroom due to previous clogging mishaps with the former version of Charmin toilet tissue. This new product boasts an anti-plunger symbol on the side of the package. Charmin seems to have hit upon the right formula for preventing clogs. The entire family managed to use the product and did not have any clogging issues. The roll seems to run out very quickly. We could only seem to stretch each roll to last just under 2 days. I guess it takes some getting used to using less paper to get the job done. I suspect that over time we would getter better longevity for each roll.

Comment from Adabelle - 12/3/2014

Hi Kendra, Thank you for your detailed review! We are happy you could experience the quality and strength of our toilet paper! Charmin is Roto-rooter approved and clog free, which makes sense why you did not have any unclogging to do in your household! Thanks for the feedback!

Willow Grove, PA
Charmin Ultra Strong: The Truth is in the Title

Customer review by HelmDC

4.0 stars 12/3/2014 by HelmDC
by HelmDC

Upon receiving my package of Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper I had two major questions: 1) Does it hold up to it's name? & 2)Does it give up any softness for it's strength? From the first touch I could feel the strength of the TP. It felt strong between my fingers, something I have found lacking in other brands. Sometimes my fingers could easily poke through others but not this one. It did hold up to its name and remained intact during use. After noticing the strength my other concern was about to be removed. Sometimes with strength comes a drop off of soft texture and thus not leading to a positive experience. Charmin was able to match its strength with the softness providing an overall great experience. While I would be happy using this brand and style, what will still affect my decision to use it further will be the price. This is a great product but if I were to see cost much more than some other brands I may choose differently. I would, however, recommend it to others.

Washington, DC
Does not tear on perferations

Customer review by Gramps2ddt

2.0 stars 10/3/2016 by Gramps2ddt
by Gramps2ddt

No matter how many sheets you attempt to use this NEVER tears on perferations causing use of too much

Would recommend to a friend? No
Stronger yes....softer no.

Customer review by milemarker0

2.0 stars 11/19/2014 by milemarker0
by milemarker0

I received my complimentary rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong and put them under the bathroom sink until it was time to replace the old roll. A few days go by and I open and use start to use the roll. The first thing I noticed is how "rough" it is. Not very soft like a was expecting, and actually sort of hard. Now I can feel how absorbent it's going to be because it feels a lot heavier and thicker than a normal "softer" roll, but it still isn't going to feel comfortable. My next worry is that it's going to clog up my pipes. Something this absorbent and heavy is going to have a hard time breaking down in the pipes. I know it says that you will use up to 4X less, but c'mon, really? Who is going to change their roll pulling habits just because the package says you can. Certainly not my wife and daughter. I probably won't purchase this particular Charmin again as I am worried about potential blockages as well as softness issues. I'll probably just move this to the guest bathroom until it's used up.

Newport, RI
Strong, Absorbent, and Worth the Price

Customer review by corycmm

4.0 stars 12/4/2014 by corycmm
by corycmm

I received a 4-pack of Charmin Ultra Strong to test out for free courtesy of Charmin and BzzAgent. I have to say overall I was surprised at the quality of the paper. It is much thicker than the regular brands you get from the store (i.e. Cottonelle, Angelsoft, store brands, etc.). At first I was afraid this would translate into more clogs, but that was never actually a problem. Due to its more absorbent design, you really don't have to use as much of it as you do with other brands which is nice. Unfortunately, this also translates into smaller roles than most other brands. The good news is that it lasts almost as long as the normal roles, but I still wish Charmin would make each roll a little larger. It's also important to note how soft the tissue is and its resistance to tearing or ripping which can be a problem with cheaper brands. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Charmin Ultra Strong brand to anyone willing to pay a little extra to get a higher quality toilet paper.

tallapoosa, GA
Soft as Charmin

Customer review by GreenCow

4.0 stars 1/4/2015 by GreenCow
by GreenCow

There is little doubt in my mind that Charmin is a premium brand toilet paper. If I'm looking to splurge, this is the product I would buy. Although I have not tried all the products out in the market, Charmin is one that I purchase on a somewhat regular basis. Compared to other brands, it is thicker, and softer. However, it is a bit more expensive than the store brands, and more recently, I've also used warehouse branded toilet paper, which is cheaper by about 30%. Although I can appreciate premium products, toilet paper is generally one where I feel like I can save money on, so admittedly, splurging on toilet paper is not something I'm inclined to do on a regular basis. Feedback on the bzz campaign itself: The sample roll of paper was great, making it easy to try the product first hand. However, not having at least coupons to distribute to friends and family made it hard to spread bzz about. It's harder to bring up things like toilet paper to most people for some reason :)

San Jose, CA
It's More Than Ultra Strong!

Customer review by WizardofHoz

5.0 stars 12/11/2014 by WizardofHoz
by WizardofHoz

When I first saw this product, I thought to myself "How can this 'model' of toilet paper be any different than the others?". My curiosity got the best of me and I had to put it to the test. I normally purchase the wholesale warehouse brand toilet paper that is stronger then most I can find at the store, so I was anxious to give this one a try. After using the product the first time, I immediately noticed the softness as I held it. Each sheet was definitely firmer than what I was used to with the other brands. Without getting too personal, I usually fold the piece twice so that it provides the right amount of thickness, but I noticed that I only needed to fold the piece once with the Ultra Strong toilet paper. I never really put much thought into the type of toilet paper I was using until I came across the Charmin Ultra Strong brand. It's firm, yet soft and provides the durability needed. When it comes to the different types of toilet paper, the Charmin Ultra Strong is the Cadillac of them all.

Mount Airy, MD
A better than anticipated booty wiping.

Customer review by pjluscombe

4.0 stars 12/9/2014 by pjluscombe
by pjluscombe

My wife and I stopped using the fancy toilet papers of the world for a few reasons; It is more expensive and you go through rolls far faster than your typical Scott 1000 or generic, they tend to shred like a nice Parmesan over a good Italian meal, and the large rolls just don't fit in the average in-wall TP holder found in older homes. I was surprised to find that Charmin Ultra Strong really did eliminate the shredding issue common to most "luxury" toilet papers. It really is very strong without being harsh, and is still absorbent. The other issues stand though.. you do go through a roll faster (due to thickness if nothing else) and it is more expensive. In a perfect world, I'd like two TP holders in the bathroom.. one with the good old 1000 sheet single ply for everyday use, and Charmin Ultra strong on the other for when things get real. In conclusion, Charmin has made a great product that does what it says on the tin. However I will not likely be switching any time soon.

Edison, NJ
Nice product. Misleading information.

Customer review by HGnet

4.0 stars 11/11/2012 by HGnet
by HGnet

This product is nice and price is reasonable. My only comment is that the item is described to be 352 sheets per roll but the actual product is only 330 sheets per roll which is also clearly visible in the zoomed in picture.

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Great coverage in the backfield.

Customer review by Jfouchey

5.0 stars 11/20/2014 by Jfouchey
by Jfouchey

I wouldn't say I'm a TP snob, but I do enjoy nicer toilet paper when the budget affords it. That's why I'm happy to review this new Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper. I've spent the past two weeks with it next to my throne, and it's been a comfortable two weeks indeed! This TP is THICK! I mean, it's like wiping with a shop towel. Given that, there is less on a roll than your average roll of TP. But I found myself using much less than with normal budget two-ply. So I feel like it's a good value for the money. Comfort? Yes, it's comfortable. It's soft like caressing your nether regions with a lamb. Soft like a fleece blanket on a cold night. Soft like... well.. you get the point. It's nice! Thickness and flushability? We have old pipes in my apartment complex. So I was worried about flushability issues. I've had no issues at all. Just don't go overboard like you're normally used to with regular TP. Overall, it's a great product. Highly recommended if you're looking to splurge on your bottom line.

Jacksonville, FL
1-20 of 6591 total reviews
1-20 of 6591 reviews