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I think I found the Best Camera Ever.

Customer review by JM29

5.0 stars 10/6/2012 by JM29
by JM29

Ok so I havea A65 it is Awsome. Best Bang for your buck but when Walmart recently lowered this A77 $100.00 with the 18-135mm lens, well I couldn't pass it up the Lens Alone is worth $500.00 and that would make the camers which normally sells body only for $1400.00 only $999.99. So you are saving $400.00 even at its normal price of $1599.99 it is still a steal. Due to that great lens which covers alot of range with a excellent 2nd gen SAM motor which is very silent in operation. The Camera is a Step Up from the A65. Here is a list of the Step Ups: 1.Magnesium Body (Lighter Stronger Body) 2.Weather Seals 3.Additional Vertical Grip attachment Available (Giving you better Portrait Shots and Controls as well as being able to use two Batteries for more shots) 4.Infared Lamp for better focusing without having to pop up the internal flash. 5.19point AF system which is a upgrade to the award winning 15point system on the A65. 6.12FPS compared to 10FPS on the A65. For the Money this is Sony's Flagship APSC Camera. The Best they Make. And you would have to spend alot more if you were to go with any other brand to get the same features. Having internal optical stabilization and a 24 Megapixel Sensor. You can't beat this camera unless you want to spend 2x as much. You will not be Disapointed. If you want to save a few dollars because you dont need these features listed above, then read my review on the A65. Basically the Same Core Guts, but missing some of the Higher End Features. You will get the Same OLED EVF or Viewfinder as this camera has and the Same Sensor.

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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Why choose the Sony A77VM 18-135

Customer review by BillsCameraOpinions

5.0 stars 3/5/2013 by BillsCameraOpinions
by BillsCameraOpinions

As an enthusiast amateur level, and now retired, I'm doing my best to try and capture that elusive so-called perfect photograph - which has not yet happened of course. As the owner of Canon, Nikon, and Sony, P&S, and DSLR products I've been very impressed with Sony's HX9V, HX200V, Alpha 55 products. The A77VM is a recent addition after deliberating about it for over a year. The thought in mind was: Hey, since my other Sony's haved worked great for me, the A77VM would probably be even better - right? How can I justify the cost, or need for another DSLR/SLT type product since I'm not a professional? Yet I want to be able to take the best photos I possibly can, to the best of my abilities within the skill level(s) I've gained, but still learning all the time. The Sony A77VM 18-135 provides very sharp photos, great color rendering. It is fast, and has expanded versatility. One of the features for me that stands out is the ability to manually tweak the Focusing after Auto Focusing to obtain an extremely clear, clean image. At 12FPS you will not miss those quick moving action shots. Since you are reading this review, you have already looked into the Features, Specifications, and Techno details, so therefore I will not burden the reader herein. This Model Sony product is a top shelf winner, and provides all the power and ability "any" so called enthusiast level photographer would want. Is this camera "better" than say a Canon 60D, or Nikon 7000, can be argued by those who want to prove they have more insight into Cameras and Photography and bragging rights than the other guy... I do not have such rights. I can say unequivocally state that this Sony product is a top shelf camera, and will provide you with everything you would need or want. A couple constructive comments: (1) The Viewfinder Diopter Adjustment and (Movie) Record Button are located too close together. When you adjust the diopter, you can not help but hit the Record Button with your finger, thumb, etc. Also, the Record Button is entirely too easy to inadvertently turn it on just from normal carry, handling, and during general usage. (2) The OLED Viewfinder is new, hot stuff, and provides a bright image. However, I and others have discovered that you get blurring of information displayed in the corners of the viewfinder, and you can not obtain clear Focus of information displayed for both the Top and Bottom rows simultaneously. In you adjust the diopter for bottom row clear focus, the top is slightly blurry, and vi-ca versa. The 243 Page detailed Users Guide is good, but certain explanations of operational instruction(s) could be much better for the English language understanding. Over-all, this product is as good, and is better in several areas than the competitons equivalent. I utilize a Canon 60D with several Lenses for Landscape and Wildlife for the more serious "stuff"', and a Sony HX200V when wanting that nice, easy to carry camera, yet can have telephoto shots with excellent results. Is this product worth the relatively higher cost than the competition, I'm not quite certain, but I'm also not complaining. And, more Lens choices are forthcoming.

North Royalton, Ohio
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Does Everything It's Supposed To!

Customer review by Skids25

5.0 stars 8/1/2013 by Skids25
by Skids25

This camera is awesome! It takes amazing photos! Video is excellent as well! Overall, definitely worth it! It is not too heavy and is comfortable to hold, and offers some great features. I am in college and my major is cinematic arts, this camera fits my everyday needs!

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retirement gift

Customer review by samiam5450

5.0 stars 5/5/2014 by samiam5450
by samiam5450

My wife and I just started our annual Mammoth Lakes vacation when I received your request for a review of our camera purchase. I'm planning on using the camera extensively while vacationing. I'm still on my camera's "honeymoon". So far I'm very happy with its features. The photo quality is second to none. The owners manual is very detailed. The only feature that I feel is poor is the on/off button. It doesn't feel right for a camera of this stature. It's too close to the front control dial. My wife purchased the A77 as my retirement gift. My old camera is a Sony DSC-F828. What an excellent camera!

Great All Purpose Lens

Customer review by Drewman247

5.0 stars 8/12/2012 by Drewman247
by Drewman247

I've had this lens for a couple weeks now. It came in a bundle along with my a65 camera. It focus very fast and there isn't much distortion at full zoom even though it has aspherical elements. I would definitely recommend this lens to someone.

San Diego, CA
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Love Sony

Customer review by dmbphotography

4.0 stars 5/6/2014 by dmbphotography
by dmbphotography

I love my, Sony a77 Camera and 18-135mm Lens. This is my fourth Sony camera, and I'd never buy anything else...This camera does every thing I want it to do and more. My only complaint is on occasion it takes a few moments for the flash to recover if I am using it a lot, not happy about that, but overall, I love it,

Awesome Camera

Customer review by RBarelli

4.0 stars 5/4/2014 by RBarelli
by RBarelli

My previous SLR was Sony A65 and love that camera very much. This A77 is a lot heavier compared to my previous one. A65 cannot use with vertical grip but this A77 can so that is a plus. Sony has been constantly improving their cameras and functionality on this A77 is amazing. Only one thing I still cannot figure out is, when I view the photos or videos that I took, I cannot view both photos and videos under one format. I have to change what I want to view in settings, then only I can view video and if I want to view photos, i still need to change the settings again.

Germantown, MD
A77 antiquated ???

Customer review by MrKrinkov

1.0 stars 1/29/2014 by MrKrinkov
by MrKrinkov

The A77 camera itself is good my issue is the (as the Sony representative put it ) antiquated Minolta flash shoe. So the Flashes (HVL-F43M) / accessories they sale here on this site do not even fit their own camera without an adapter. They fail to tell you this. Also if you are using external flashes on stands you need an adapter for the adapter. You can choose to buy Pocket Wizards but if something happens and you don't have a back-up transmitter and you need to run wired you must stack multiple adapters . Other companies and the Sony Alpha 99 use the "multi-shoe interface" which is the standard in the industry. I was told by the Sony rep. that it was not cost effective to make changes to an older camera (Sony Alpha A77) to accept the multi-shoe interface out of the box and that the A77 was an antiquated design. Of course I was told this after dropping 3000$ in the Sony store on the camera , lenses and accessories and here I am almost 2 months later still waiting on my adapter to come in that they did not tell me I even needed. If you notice in the pictures of the accessories and flashes , etc they do not show you 360 degree views of the products and the description fails to tell you they are not compatible. Just the opposite they are listed under accessories for the Alpha series cameras. I feel as though it is deceptive at best. So I say if you can't afford the A99 buy a different brand.