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I think I found the Best Camera Ever.

Customer review by JM29

5.0 stars 10/6/2012 by JM29
by JM29

Ok so I havea A65 it is Awsome. Best Bang for your buck but when Walmart recently lowered this A77 $100.00 with the 18-135mm lens, well I couldn't pass it up the Lens Alone is worth $500.00 and that would make the camers which normally sells body only for $1400.00 only $999.99. So you are saving $400.00 even at its normal price of $1599.99 it is still a steal. Due to that great lens which covers alot of range with a excellent 2nd gen SAM motor which is very silent in operation. The Camera is a Step Up from the A65. Here is a list of the Step Ups: 1.Magnesium Body (Lighter Stronger Body) 2.Weather Seals 3.Additional Vertical Grip attachment Available (Giving you better Portrait Shots and Controls as well as being able to use two Batteries for more shots) 4.Infared Lamp for better focusing without having to pop up the internal flash. 5.19point AF system which is a upgrade to the award winning 15point system on the A65. 6.12FPS compared to 10FPS on the A65. For the Money this is Sony's Flagship APSC Camera. The Best they Make. And you would have to spend alot more if you were to go with any other brand to get the same features. Having internal optical stabilization and a 24 Megapixel Sensor. You can't beat this camera unless you want to spend 2x as much. You will not be Disapointed. If you want to save a few dollars because you dont need these features listed above, then read my review on the A65. Basically the Same Core Guts, but missing some of the Higher End Features. You will get the Same OLED EVF or Viewfinder as this camera has and the Same Sensor.

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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Great All Purpose Lens

Customer review by Drewman247

5.0 stars 8/12/2012 by Drewman247
by Drewman247

I've had this lens for a couple weeks now. It came in a bundle along with my a65 camera. It focus very fast and there isn't much distortion at full zoom even though it has aspherical elements. I would definitely recommend this lens to someone.

San Diego, CA
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Sony A77 true semi-professional camera top notch

Customer review by KevinFlushing

5.0 stars 6/7/2012 by KevinFlushing
by KevinFlushing

Pros, exceptionaly large huge print sizes crop and crop if you need to and still print big ,ISO 50 I am in love after using this what a gem to have in bright sunlight .. heavy weight body solid magnesium inner s 3.2 lbs compared to Canon's 5d Mark III's 1.9 lb body , Flip out large LCD talk face to face with your subject instead of them looking at your camera in front of your face it has a second LCD on the top right to look at your settings.... 12 FPS is just lighting fast and it's over kill what can I say it's there.Focus peaking I can use my MC/MD 1969 manual Rokkor lens it's spot on . Weather proof body don't worry about going out in the rain or dust storm .. plus you can use the HVL-F43AM flash and it's also weatherproof as well and powerful ..I use RF-602 radio triggers on camera to fire my flashes with Seagul SC-6 ,SC-5 adapters . EVF (Electronic view finder) at first I was thinking this was a con until I used it and seen 100 percent coverage and it's nice and crisp I don't miss the OVF (optical view finder )and I tend top use the big rear flip out LCD more like a meduim format.. The first firmware has a lag in the EVF now version 1.05 is out no problems and no mushy JPEGS with this release .The features are packed into this camera I could almost write a book on all the features .. Compare this camera to the Canon 5D mark III and you will see what I mean . The APS-C sensor is one crop away from a full frame and you won't notice on those prints that are larger than the Canon's Full frame and the Canon is twice the cost.. The minolta AF lenses all work beautiful on this camera A-mount and in body image stabilization makes this camera exceptionaly well in low light with fast primes without needing ISO higher than 6400 and it does that no problem anything higher and it loses detail for large prints.. Canon or Nikon don't have image stabilized primes I am not trying to knock Canon or Nikon they make good camera's they just command a premium for a lot less features.. Don't give me the lens line up mumbo Jumbo Sony has some of the best lenses on the market Plus there is some good old Minolta gems to be found at garage sales and ebay..The video I don't use much its superb and fast 60FPS with hD ... Cons I waited 3 months to get this because of the EVF and the false reviews on the performance . I found camera reviewers favor Canon and Nikon more since they usually have the largest following of users and thus keeps them with the majority happy .This is changing as Sony stays in the market longer a gives more bang for the buck.. Cons is that other professionals tend to look down at you for using a Sony until they see the prints of course.. The high ISO lowlight performance is lower than the some I don't really use high ISO . The Last con I didn't buy the 16-50 lens with it I wish I did ..

Flushing Michigan
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Incredible Machine

Customer review by LittleMike

5.0 stars 1/4/2013 by LittleMike
by LittleMike

There is something for everybody in this camera. Novices will appreciate the options for automation and more advanced users will appreciate the options for manual and custom settings as well as the built-in technology for streamlining your workflow by using the camera to do some of your post processing (noise reduction, HDR, panoramas). My camera shipped with firmware v1.04 which I updated to 1.06. The update proceeded successfully without incident. As with any flexible and powerful tool, and I always say this, you must be smarter than the tool to get the most out of it. Fortunately there are good support resources out there (Gary Friedman's color pdf e-book, for example, excellent resource IMHO). I like to keep somewhat current with advances in the technology. This camera replaced my aging but fully functional Minolta Maxxum 7D which moved to a more receptive household. My second body which remains is the A700. The lack of dedicated tethering is more than sufficiently addressed in my opinion by the use of the third party Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB card which I obtained. The camera firmware recognizes the Eye-Fi card and handles it nicely. I set my laptop up for private wifi usage based on the transmitter in the card using the Eye-Fi Center software and have verified its operation on my Win7 x64 laptop. The receiving software Eye-Fi Helper operates my computer's radio independently of the system software so I don't have to manually turn the radio on which is convenient. The Eye-Fi card uploads pix as they are shot to a watch folder which my copy of Adobe Lightroom v4 is set to automatically import. Raw files take about 10 sec to upload each with computer set to crawl, not too bad. I have a high end gaming computer and I normally operate it with the speed throttled down unless I am executing my photo or video workflows. I've used both the 7D and the a700 with a wired tether on WinXP x32 and I believe that I prefer the wireless method, less confining. The camera DOES eat the battery a bit more than the a700 does, but this is not a major problem. You can swap out a few extra batteries. I have a Quantum Instruments Turbo 2x2 battery pack and I cobbled together a custom cable of my own to power Sony Alpha cameras using the a700 cable termination which persists in the a77 as does the nominal power requirements. I can shoot the camera and power the HVL-F58AM flash simultaneously all day and night without stopping or thinking about it which is convenient for me. At the very least I would suggest purchasing the Vertical Grip if you want to shoot non-stop for more than a few hours. To minimize power consumption I also recommend: - No review or 2 sec auto review; - 10 sec display power save; - GPS off if you are not using it; - Eye-start AF off; - Both still and video SteadyShot off unless you really need it; - No focus tracking unless you need it. Enjoy. I'm very happy with it and am looking forward to the benefits of the technology.

Katy, TX
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