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537 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

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537 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

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1-20 of 517 total reviews
1-20 of 517 reviews
Excellent for it's Intended Use

Customer review by NJmike

5.0 stars 5/25/2012 by NJmike
by NJmike

As stated in the title, this machine is perfect at the job it was designed for. Too many of these negative reviewers bash the runtime of the unit. To that, I say buy a plugin model - you're using this for the wrong tasks. A small, cordless vacuum is meant for quick tasks around the house. Like the kids dropping crumbs on the floor, or some dry dirt from shoes near the front door. And no, not saw dust, fireplace ashes, or talcum powder. Particles that small is the reason why industrial companies make big, expensive machines to handle that type of material. There's an old adage........the right tool for the job. Well, stick to that principle and this is the perfect tool for the types of jobs for which it was designed. Just because you can go out and buy the most expensive bicycle on the market, doesn't mean you should expect it to traverse coast-to-coast as well as an airplane. Good job once again, Dyson. This is my second vacuum and I still marvel at the designs. Excellent engineering.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
Love, Love, Love!

Customer review by KurtzJD

5.0 stars 2/3/2017 by KurtzJD
by KurtzJD

This is an awesome, rugged little hand vac. Works perfectly for the purpose intended.

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Shop Dyson. Buy Dyson. Love Dyson!

Customer review by YMR49

5.0 stars 8/17/2014 by YMR49
by YMR49

I have spent a fortune over the past 40 plus years on every type and make of vacuum cleaners. Safe your precious time and money. Buy a Dyson. There is a model right for every need. I have the DC 39 and the DC34. I have always been told I move very fast. You should see me with my Dyson. I call myself the "White Tornado". There isn't a crack, or cranny where dirt can hide that a Dyson can't get to. Let's face it ladies, housework is never fun, but now you can have fun cleaning any surface in your home. Dyson has it all; light weight, maneuverable, literally a snap to use, incredibly powerful, and you'll never have to buy another bag. Over the years, that adds up to a lot of money. So, stop throwing you money in the garbage can. Buy a Dyson and just throw away the dirt. The handheld DC34 is great for quickie jobs. When it come to house cleaning Dyson is the best investment you can make in precious time and money. In short Dyson "really sucks!" Buy one today. You'll never be sorry.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
Thought it was just me...

Customer review by SUPer4Life

3.0 stars 3/16/2013 by SUPer4Life
by SUPer4Life

I recieved the DC34 as a gift a few years ago. I already have a full size Dyson Ball Animal that has been fantastic and works perfectly after over 6 years of use. I loved the suction and the attachments that come with the DC34. My real issue is that it would only work for about a minute before cutting out. I thought this was to stop an overheating issue and that it was engineered that way. Now having found this site I see that it's supposed to work continuosly for 15 minutes...not a chance of that. I see that other have also experienced the same problem. Now, after a few years, it barely works for more than 3 or 4 seconds before cutting out. I can repeatedly pull the trigger and it works for super short bursts. Considering this little guy costs more than a lot of full size vacuums I don't think it's worth the money and should definitely be engineered better. So save your money and buy a much less expensive hand vacuum. This is what I'll have to do this week...

Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:35 - 44
Must have if you have hard floors

Customer review by Natalie2927

5.0 stars 12/12/2016 by Natalie2927
by Natalie2927

I own 3 Dysons and this one gets the most use. Great for picking up around baseboards! Ever since I got this I sweep all my floors and instead of trying to get the dirt into dustpans I vacuum it right up. I absolutely love it and have recommend to anyone with hard floors as I use this more frequently then my full size upright. My only complaints are that on max speed I wish the battery lasted longer and it would be nice if it came with a charging base that can be hung out of the way

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:25 - 34
Handy, time-saving little machine

Customer review by boomergirl

5.0 stars 3/22/2012 by boomergirl
by boomergirl

I have really enjoyed this machine in the couple of months I've used it. The size of the machine, the light weight of it as well as great design make it easy to use for all kinds of touch ups. I have a dog and mostly hardwood floors with area rugs. I vacuum a lot. I rely on this convenient handheld to go around the baseboards of all the rooms on at least a daily basis if not a couple of times a day. I can just zip around and in a little bit of time, rid the floors of those "dog hair dust bunnies." It has really good suction. Emptying it is a snap - just push a button over a trash can - done. The length of the nozzle makes it easy to get into small, tight places as well as lessening the amount of bending one usually needs to do to get around baseboards. I'm really glad I bit the bullet and spent the money for this great little machine. It would be nicer to have a longer run time, but it is, after all, a handheld, battery-operated piece of equipment.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by lindaolson4

2.0 stars 11/19/2016 by lindaolson4
by lindaolson4

I have had this machine almost 4 years and it started at about 3 years. The trigger was being hard to push. Which means it didn't work right. Now at 4 years old, it is done. It just stopped working. The only thing left for me to do was replace it. So instead of that, I just purchased a new one. I'm hoping that this one last a lot longer.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Great Dyson Quality and Performance

Customer review by YoungYorkies

5.0 stars 10/16/2016 by YoungYorkies
by YoungYorkies

I love all 5 of my Dysons, I only wish this came with a wall mount, but AH HAH, there is one available. I keep this one in the bath for my mats and all the little spaces. Always handy, ready and cleans like a champ. I'll never own another brand of vac.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
This Handheld vacuum really sucks

Customer review by Surfcasterscove

5.0 stars 10/7/2016 by Surfcasterscove
by Surfcasterscove

I mean this handheld really sucks up everything that we have cleaned. DC34 is fairly light weight and is easy to clean. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone. We have had several other handheld and the DC34 blows them away. It even sucked up glass on the kitchen floor without any problems.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by dwill

5.0 stars 2/13/2015 by dwill
by dwill

This is a great handheld. I was very hesitant to make the purchase because other reviewers have complained about the short charge hold. I do not find this to be true at all, so I'm glad I went ahead regardless. I use this vacuum for it's intended purpose, and that is to pick up crumbs and what not that my kids drop after I have already done my daily vacuuming with my dyson upright. I don't think that a handheld is intended to take the place of your regular vacuum. That being said I only need to charge up once a week. It has great suction, and I love that I can take it outside and get my car done. I suppose other brands that are less expensive would do the job just as well, however I would question the longevity of another brand. I spend the extra on dyson simply because they really are built to last. Also, superb customer service the one time that I did need them.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
This little sucker has been earning his keep!

Customer review by Pacwings

5.0 stars 11/18/2014 by Pacwings
by Pacwings

I did a lot of comparison shopping prior to purchasing this directly from Dyson and this review comes after about a year of having the vacuum in service. It has been awesome. I originally purchased it just to snatch up loose pet hair, but soon it found its way replacing my dustpan and going even further. I’ve used it in my car, helping to clean at church, during a move... the list goes on. The DC-34 holds a very good charge and has the high setting when you need a little bit more to get what you are going for. The adapters are awesome (although I only use the brush adapter and really have not needed the wand). It’s lightweight and super easy to clean. I am happy about the investment in this product. I would gladly pay more up front and get a product that is quality made, durable and does what I purchased it to do without losing power after 5 minutes. I recently saw this same vacuum on the shelves of one of the more reputable club stores, which always carries higher quality items. I took a little glee in the fact that I beat their buyers to that conclusion on my own, since they are usually the ones who school me. Nice job Dyson!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
Handy for quick pick ups

Customer review by DuncansMom

4.0 stars 9/10/2016 by DuncansMom
by DuncansMom

I used this machine for cleaning steps and sweeping up crumbs etc off our couch and car when grandchildren. I was surprised about it needing a replacement battery but it has been nearly three years before that happened and is the nature of the equipment. Very easy to empty and held charge for a long time.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64

Customer review by preininger

5.0 stars 11/28/2011 by preininger
by preininger

My husband calls me a "collector" of vacuum cleaners. I have owned as many as 8 at one time but when he bought me the DYSON my collecting stopped and I thought I was through looking for the "perfect" vacuum !! But then he bought me this little handheld. It is the perfect little vacuum, I have used in on baseboards, filters on refrigerator and dryer, my car, and the best part of all is the spot cleaning I can do in a jiffy when my husband brings in half the Ranch on the bottom of his boots. Well, I thought that was the best of all until I realized I can empty the canister, wipe it out clean and then suck up my craft beads to replace to their containers without having to pick them up individually or look for them on the carpet or chase them down on the floor! It is AWESOME and I highly recommend everyone give it a try.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
Hobbyist friend

Customer review by RT74

5.0 stars 8/20/2016 by RT74
by RT74

This vacuum is perfect for a hobby room/workroom. It is powerful enough to pick up the small messes and the brushes help protect the fine details of my model railroad. The battery is powerful and has a long enough life to take care of just about every task. It is well balanced and easy to hold.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
dyson DC34

Customer review by spanky1

2.0 stars 5/30/2014 by spanky1
by spanky1

I just purchased a Handheld DC 34 , I have just reviewed Comments online, although most all comments are rate it 4/5 Stars, I am thinking about returning it. I don't have a warm fuzzy! Concerns: 1. battery life, some comments say it doesn't last the advertised 5/16 mins. Recharging time 3.5 Hours,thats not fast. For price of the DC34 another battery should be provided with a charger. 2. Motor blows dust around? One comment I read states: "it doesnt feel real sturdy, assembled with ridgid plastic". haven't unpacked yet, so haven't varified that comment. I have a dyson DC41 which works great, I feel that way about my DC-41. haven't had any problem so Far. Also it's (DC 41) very awkward using the Hose to vacuum (to ridgid). Ref the DC-34, I would like to keep it, can someone clarify my issues (ease my mind)?

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best Cordless Handvac

Customer review by NW1996

5.0 stars 2/13/2015 by NW1996
by NW1996

This is the best cordless hand vacuum that I have ever used. It has a lot of suction and I have yet to pick up something that caused it loose its suction. It is great at cleaning in the car. I got the stiff bristle brush which works great at removing dried up mud off of the car mats. The crevice tool is much longer than most of the other ones that come with other hand vacs. The battery is long, 15 minutes, (anyone vacuuming longer than this should be using an upright or canister) I have had this nearly 2 years and have used it for cleaning up all around the house and I haven't killed the battery. The felt strip that helps to pick up pet hair with the combo brush fell off and Dyson sent me free replacement combo brush! Also their customer service reps speak ENGLISH!!!!!! You can understand them!!!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:18 - 24
The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

Customer review by PIPSDAD

4.0 stars 6/14/2012 by PIPSDAD

When first got it worked great. Would shut off and went through various troubleshooting items. Turns out I read another person's post.... very similar. It would just shut off. After getting a replacment parts, same issue. More troubleshooting and now a new motor component coming so I hope it fixes the issue. The main issue is holding the trigger down. I can see how those who cannot apply continuous grip strenght would be bothered (those with arthritis, carpel tunnel, etc.) I woud not reccomend this device. Not sure why Dyson has not come up with a way to turn it on or have a "hold trigger down button" similar to cruise contol. Waiting to see if the new replacement part works. Lastly, I am sure it is coming, but if you have a lot of cleaining the device will need a longer life!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
Dyson handheld

Customer review by Suzeegirl

5.0 stars 8/2/2014 by Suzeegirl
by Suzeegirl

This powerful little handheld is everything one would expect from a Dyson. The suction is amazing, however, it is not as strong with the brush attachment in place, but it is still stronger than any other handheld vacuum I have ever tried. Just yesterday I used it to suck up any small remnants of glass from a broken glass on my kitchen floor. I thought I had cleaned everything up but a quick pass with my little Dyson handheld picked up some small shards. This little handheld is worth every cent. I love everything Dyson and will not purchase any vacuum cleaning product but Dyson. I love my vacuum so much and now this little handheld. My adult kids have also switched to Dyson products. We have learned that you only have to buy a vacuum once. Dyson is the best long term!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by tejkita

5.0 stars 8/4/2016 by tejkita
by tejkita

works great been using it over 4 years and bought 3 more for gifts and work

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44

Customer review by Deeds

5.0 stars 5/18/2013 by Deeds
by Deeds

I had previously used my son's DC34 in the UK but could not find one in my country - South Africa. On my last trip he gave me one as a thank you present. It is the most marvellous invention. The attachments are very easy to fit and take off, and it is so simple to empty. Its cleaning power is fantastic and I find that it keeps going for at least fifteen minutes before the battery needs recharging. This is quite long enough to clean the inside of a car spotlessly. My husband also had great fun cleaning the blinds in the bathroom; he tested it by doing one sweep and the difference was so noticeable he had to finish the job! One thing I had to be told by my daughter-in-law was that it does not work when plugged in. I would gladly have the agency in this country!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 517 total reviews
1-20 of 517 reviews