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37 reviews | 2.6 out of 5

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1-20 of 36 total reviews
1-20 of 36 reviews

Customer review by MemeBaker

5.0 stars 2/3/2017 by MemeBaker
by MemeBaker

Love love love it it's wonderful works great amazing

Pennsylvania, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
it's great but.

Customer review by ange217

4.0 stars 10/19/2016 by ange217
by ange217

I bought this back in May of 2016. The sucking part already isn't working just the long stick works now. I can't vacuum with it and I want another one!

Sioux Lookout, ON, Canada
Shoots dirt at my feet

Customer review by Felecia

1.0 stars 9/28/2016 by Felecia
by Felecia

I bought this a while ago and havent used it very often. The first time i used it, it shot bits of dirt back at my feet as i pulled it towards me. I thought maybe the filter was dirty or something but no i cleaned everything and it has still done that every time i try to use it. Also i just finished using it in my hallway and the cover flap for the hose just fell off. I have no idea how to get it back on properly but its frustrating. Planning on buying a new vac soon

Peterborough, ON, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? No
Attachments suck. Not near enough power

Customer review by Brian50

4.0 stars 10/19/2016 by Brian50
by Brian50

I don't have a photo . why would you require pics. You no what it looks like [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Lodi, CA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Belt was installed wrong from factory, burned up

Customer review by DDBelt99

1.0 stars 6/2/2013 by DDBelt99
by DDBelt99

I received this as part of a gift program from my employer. I selected this vacuum as I had a need and have had great success with Dirt Devil in the past. Assembly went smoothly, although the directions were poorly written. Within 1 minute of use the belt was destroyed. It was not properly installed at the factory. Of course there wasn't a spare belt in the box. Normally I would just return to the store but since this was delivered VIA UPS, it was very inconvenient to replace the belt. I understand that things happen, but a little forethought by adding a spare belt in the box would have been proper customer service. Now consider the opportunity cost of that money savings campaign. You could have had a better review. I would make it a point to buy a Dirt Devil brand belt instead of now going out of my way to ensure that I buy aftermarket brand, regardless of cost. You could have had a loyal customer for life, who would freely offer you the benefit of a strong word of mouth campaign. Pros: Light, no bag, good attachments Cons: Poor directions for assembly. "Cheap feel", prone to incorrect assembly at the factory.

Detroit, MI
Would recommend to a friend? No
Length of ownership:1 week
too light, turbo brush a joke!

Customer review by Tonto7

2.0 stars 1/26/2016 by Tonto7
by Tonto7

I bought this to clean my basement rec room. It has worked ok so far, no clogging or overheating like others have had, but using the hand tools is difficult. Everytime you pull on the extension hose, even lightly, the unit gets pulled along or falls over. This makes it extremely difficult to work with on stairs. The Turbo cleaning head is a joke. The brushes are driven by the air being drawn through the tool. The housing is made of two plastic pieces held together by an "O" ring. There is so much air leakage at the seam that the brushes on the head barely rotate unless you squeeze the two halves together tightly by hand. Needless to say, when you try to vacuum a sofa or chair, the brushes immediately stop rotating. Guess I'll try gluing the two halves together to see if that helps. Can't doesn't work the way it is!

Enfield, CT
Would recommend to a friend? No
Dirt Devil Vigor

Customer review by Jackie03

1.0 stars 9/5/2016 by Jackie03
by Jackie03

I bought 2 months ago but does not work properly because the dirt cup appear to be defective. It keeps falling out.

Mississippi, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Horrible vacuum!

Customer review by Linds

1.0 stars 6/2/2016 by Linds
by Linds

I have not owned this vacuum very long. It keeps clogging non-stop and shuts off. I should not have to unclog the hose EVERY time I use the vacuum. The store won't accept it back as it is past their return policy. Worst vacuum I have ever owned. The tools are a joke.

Barrie, ON, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? No
Very nice vacuum!

Customer review by Fred the Cat

5.0 stars 4/28/2016 by Fred the Cat
by Fred the Cat

This thing works awesome. However, it does require maintenance. After every use I clean all the parts. It is very easy to take apart. If it doesn't suck up debris, either the hose is plugged, the exhaust filter and or foam is plugged, or the canister is full inside - that is assuming the motor is running. If the beater bar/brush doesn't turn and the motor is running - is the belt on? Did it fall off or break? I have read the bad reviews and I can explain it like this if I may: if you want a vac that doesn't require any maintenance, then buy a worthless bag vacuum and just change the bag. However, even those vacuums can plug in the hose or the bag can fill up. The reason the bag-less vacs work so well is, if you keep them clean - hoses clear, canister and filters clean and clear, they move as much air out as they pull in. That's the key - AIR FLOW. That's why bag vacs lose suction so soon, and these don't. Once the inside of the bag gets a thin layer of dust on it, the air flow drops dramatically and so does the suction. Also, if it runs and shuts off and you don't see any dirt movement inside the canister (that's part of why it's clear), like the other person said, something is wrong. If the motor gets too hot, again, due to lack of air flow (air flow cools the motor as well as sucking up debris) and it has internal overload, which mos do, it will shut down until it cools off, then reset itself. Once it resets, it should start again. In closing, let me say this: if you are all thumbs and you don't know which end of the tool you are supposed to use when using tools (like my brother) don't buy one of these vacuums unless someone mechanical can help you take care of it. It is a simple, reliable effective machine. However, it does have one weakness: you have to TAKE CARE OF and MAINTAIN the dang thing!!! That's all I have to say, thank-you.

Fred the Cat
Minneapolis, MN, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Overheats after 10 min

Customer review by janddnelson

1.0 stars 4/22/2014 by janddnelson
by janddnelson

I bought this as a Christmas gift for myself as my old hoover was in need of replacement. It worked fine for the first 2 or 3 months. Then today, I was trying to vacuum just the upstairs of our townhome, and within 1o minutes, it cut off. It was very hot. I thought I had blown a fuse and even tried another plug, but nothing. After about 30 min, it was cool enough to restart. However after 5 min, it is off again. I would like a working vacuum that I can run at least 30-45 min that will not cut off on me. Do you have something like that Dirt Devil???

Manassas, VA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Length of ownership:1 week

Customer review by mikey

1.0 stars 9/2/2013 by mikey
by mikey

Similar story here, received this thru employer gift program. Had it for about 4 weeks. Intention was to use this downstairs and keep the Dyson upstairs. At first I thought it was pretty good, my wife hated it and kept dragging the Dyson up & down. I just tried to use it in the kitchen and got annoyed as the same little thread would get pulled in the front and get blown out the back, instead of getting sucked up. There is now more crud on the floor than before I turned this on. Not worth the price I paid for it, and it was free.

Greenville, SC
Would recommend to a friend? No
Length of ownership:1 week
Constanly overheats and has very little suction

Customer review by actionmarinejem

1.0 stars 12/5/2013 by actionmarinejem
by actionmarinejem

I had bought the Dirt Devil Vigor because I have had great luck with this company in the past. Unfortunately, after only using it for the second time the vacuum simply shut off and got very hot. I then disassembled the vacuum and thoroughly cleaned all the parts and let it cool off. After reassembling the vacuum it still didn't even have enough power to use the hand attachment and would just throw the dirt behind it instead over sucking it up.

Holyoke, MA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Length of ownership:1 week
Poor suction and overheats

Customer review by turtlenutt

1.0 stars 6/9/2013 by turtlenutt
by turtlenutt

I received this vacuum from my employer award program. For the first week it worked great. I have had the vacuum now for a few months and it spits dirt out the back, attachments have no suction, and it overheats frequently which causes it to stop working for at least an hour. The dirt canister broke when trying to empty it. I have rinsed out the filter several times thinking that was the issue with suction but it didn't help. 

Oklahoma City, OK
Would recommend to a friend? No
Length of ownership:1 week

Customer review by slowrysc

1.0 stars 9/11/2015 by slowrysc
by slowrysc

I purchased this vacuum through a rewards program less than 30 days ago. After using it only 3 times it just stopped working. I have cleaned the parts and washed the filter, but it still does not work. Very disappointing. I have called the support line but was left on hold for so long with elevator music that I gave up.

South Carolina, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Vicki

1.0 stars 12/1/2014 by Vicki
by Vicki

My Mom got this for me and it has been a pain in the butt since day one. It has horrible suction and does not pick up dirt on bare floors. I have made sure the dial is on the bare floor setting and it spits the dirt out the back end. This is such a waste of money and I will never recommend a Dirt Devil product to anyone after the troubles I have had with the vacuum. I am extremely disappointed.

Battle Creek, MI, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Level of expertise:Intermediate
Length of ownership:1 month
Usage frequency:Weekly
Horrible Product

Customer review by Matt2014

1.0 stars 1/5/2014 by Matt2014
by Matt2014

The very first time i used this vacuum it worked great. Ever since all it does is spit everything back out! It leaves more dust and dirt on the carpet than there was before, making it take twice as long to clean. I have tried changing the carpet depth dial and still no change. I am very unhappy with this product especially coming from a well known company like this!

Massachusetts, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Length of ownership:1 month
Already died!

Customer review by megd11985

1.0 stars 8/1/2015 by megd11985
by megd11985

I purchased this vacuum about 4 months ago. While using it today it just died! I have never had this happen. I loved it but really only after 4 months??? I only use the vacuum twice a week. It wasnt a belt or anything like that. It just stopped working!

Lexington, KY, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Length of ownership:1 week
Excellent Vacuum!!!

Customer review by Jade

5.0 stars 4/20/2015 by Jade
by Jade

I have to say that I am majorly impressed with this inexpensive vacuum. I have a new Kirby and Electrolux and this vacuum cleaner is as powerful as they are. This is my first dirt devil that I've ever owned and I have to say that I would highly recommend this product.

WV, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Length of ownership:1 week
if I could give it less than one star I would

Customer review by pazfam

1.0 stars 12/21/2013 by pazfam
by pazfam

This vac is completely useless.  I ordered it and the first time I used it, it would spit out everything it vacuumed.  I returned it and thought maybe I got a defected one so I asked for the same product.  Big mistake, same problem now its going in the trash...brand new vacuum and a waste of my money!!

Woodhaven, NY
Would recommend to a friend? No
Length of ownership:1 week
Spits everything out

Customer review by Ericka

1.0 stars 10/16/2014 by Ericka
by Ericka

I came to the site to see how I could get my dirt devil Vigor to work again. Like many others I received this as an employee gift. The first month it worked really nice. Now there's little to no suction at all. I have cleaned everything, I have checked for clogs. Now my carpet is a mess.

Texas, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Length of ownership:1 week
Usage frequency:Weekly
1-20 of 36 total reviews
1-20 of 36 reviews