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Great for a "grown up" Lego-loving kid.

Customer review by Momfromtheburg

5.0 stars by Momfromtheburg

I bought this gift on a whim but could not be happier. My teenage son used to love to play with Legos but has gotten a little too old for them. With this game my son can still have fun playing with Legos but now has the added fun of playing with the electronic app that forces him to build quickly and correctly.

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Brownsburg, IN
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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:A few times per month
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Verified purchaser
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Great product... Not just a "video game"

Customer review by HifromGA

5.0 stars by HifromGA

Great game for playing and learning! You build it, scan it and play the games.

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Age:35 - 44
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
very fun

Customer review by Vickie

5.0 stars by Vickie

Anyone who even sort of likes Legos needs this game for their family game night! It is just plain good fun for any age.

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Lots of Fun!

Customer review by jemarsh2

5.0 stars by jemarsh2

Browsing the Lego website, I saw Life of George and it looked very interesting. I thought it seemed like a great concept for Lego. Based on the reviews, I was a little skeptical though. On a recent visit to the Lego store, I decided to pick up Life of George anyway. I'm so glad that I did! I find the apps easy to use and I love the fast pace of the games. It's very different from the slower paced builds I've done with Lego sets. It can be played for a very short period of time or a long time and I'm very engaged. At first, I did have some issues with the camera like other reviewers. Then I found some tips for taking photos in the app menu. The one thing I learned is that you need to tilt the camera so that you don't get glare. You will get glare if you hold the camera directly over the grid because the flash will reflect off of the Legos. Once I figured that out, I had no problems with the app recognizing what I'd built and I really enjoy the games. I hope Lego continues creating more games like this. It is a great concept and I think the execution is great as well.

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George is cool

Customer review by grahambhg

5.0 stars by grahambhg

Very easy to get hooked! I drained my phone's battery the first time I used the apps. Perhaps a way to disable the phone's light should be included.

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Life of George

Customer review by Grandmato7

4.0 stars by Grandmato7

I bought one on sale for about $20 . The box says for 14+. I test some toys out on some of the grand kids to see if it'll be good for other grand kids. My 7 and 10 year old testers loved it. It took a few tries before we got the hang of the angling of the camera to get a good picture. If I could change anything I'd add easy, difficult, etc to the time alotted for building to expand the use to younger ages. And of course it's a great idea to incorporate the use of my iPhone with building, it satisfies the kids' hunger to use my phone which is not often allowed.

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Overall greate product

Customer review by shredz42

4.0 stars by shredz42

pros: the whole product is great mainly because an app grades records your preformance cons when taking the picture it has to be strait and flat to work

New York
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Took some time to mature

Customer review by MarcLovesLego

4.0 stars by MarcLovesLego

I first bought this product immediately following it's release (which was initially iPhone only). While it was fun and brought several hours of enjoyment, it didn't last. Within a week it was on my shelf as a neat display item and after a year it was packed away being labelled a dust collector (partially because I had moved on to an Android device which wasn't supported). Now after several years of being shelved it has come out of retirement due to my recent discovery of an Android App. W00t! I have been enjoying playing again and have found that the community and app has improved by leaps and bounds. If you can find this product somewhere, I highly recommend grabbing it as it has the potentially for tons or replay and now by son loves playing with it as well.

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Awesome concept, shady delivery

Customer review by AndyChaos

3.0 stars by AndyChaos

When I first saw this "set" I was so intrigued by the idea. Basically it’s 2D lego building with a timer to add a sense of challenge. In Practice it works well, you have many different sizes with various color choices. Your phone displays a lego image and you have to build it accurately quick to score big, it’s fun when it works. There lies the problem, your phone. The designers of the app obviously had iOS in mind (iPhone/iPod touch), hence the no back button on android. It works well on iOS but is very buggy on android which is a shame when currently half of the smartphone market is android. There are many different builds and you can even create your own for the fun of it; George (the main character of the game) has been around the world which is where these build ideas come from. Over all, the “set” is fun for kids and has its charm for older folk and is a buy if you have an iPhone and are willing to try something different.

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Great idea but still has some bugs

Customer review by Frenchizal

3.0 stars by Frenchizal

I really like the idea of the life of George game. The "photo album" opens up, I tap on a picture, and I am racing against the clock to build a Lego model, which is supposed to be scored on accuracy and speed of build. In reality, after I build my model, I have to use my iPod touch to take a picture of the model. If the picture isn't just right, or there's too much glare, or it's blurry, or the white pieces don't show up, I get a low score and have to delete the picture and rebuild another model to change my score. I rebuilt one picture in the photo album at least ten times because my perfectly created Lego design was not photographed correctly. I can't imagine how frustrating this could be to a child. Like I said, the concept is fantastic - I bought my iPod specifically for this game, since I love Legos. But the picture-taking issue has frustrated me so much, I barely play the game.

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Disappointed son - app crashes

Customer review by michellehorne1

1.0 stars by michellehorne1

My son got a new iPad 4 for his birthday 2 months ago, so for Xmas we got him this game. Xmas day we've downloaded the app several times yet each time it crashes before we can get past the opening screen. I don't expect to pay £30 for an item that causes nothing but frustration & disappointment. The iPad is new so we know there's nothing wrong with it. Save your money, this lego game requires the most appalling app to be functioning, which it doesn't. I'm surprised lego are putting their name to it. The box of lego remains unopened & this is one item that will certainly be going directly back to lego. Unbelievably rubbish!

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