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Upgraded from 7D... mixed feelings!

Customer review by Regio Cool

5.0 stars 12/20/2012 by Regio Cool
by Regio Cool

Don't take me wrong, this is an awesome camera!!!!.....but is not worth the difference in price vs the 7D. Maybe most of the 5D Mark II users can certainly see a huge gap compared to the Mark III, buy not the 7D users. I mostly use my camera for travel purposes, including landscape and sports. My 7D used to give me an excellent performance, but I still wanted to try the Mark III. There is only a couple of significant differences between the 7D and the Mark III, and these are the full frame vs the cropped sensor and the high ISO that lets you take better pictures indoors or in low light conditions. The 7D has even a faster continues shooting speed of 8 fps vs the Mark III that shoots at 6 fps. If you are a sports photographer or even a journalist, stick to the 7D. If you are a wedding or landscape photographer and have the money to pay for the 5D Mark II then go for it. Bottom line, if you are on a budget you may want to spend your money in good glasses rather than a such a expensive camera.

Regio Cool
Monterrey, Mexico
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Good but not perfect

Customer review by CARedHair

4.0 stars 10/31/2012 by CARedHair
by CARedHair

I am a professional photographer shooting wedding and other events. I have always used Canon and upgraded to the Mark III from the Mark II and also on the 7D. I have problems with noise: the camera seems noisier between ISO200-ISO800 than at higher ISOs and the noise is not always possible to remove nicely. I am disappointed since this camera was supposed to resolve the noise issue. I love the focus areas albeit I wish the metering was connected to each focus point just like the 1D series. I love the speed of the camera and also love that the batteries actually last longer than I expected. Over all it is a great camera and I would buy it again. I did have it die on mt in the middle of my last weekend's wedding but I was able to have that part of the wedding repeated... still .. canon has never ever had such error with me before. A definite first! I hope Canon will fix some of these (all of these) issues with the next update. At the moment I don't find the camera as reliable as I wish it were...

Anaheim, CA
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My second 5D

Customer review by Eugeniovideo

5.0 stars 7/19/2016 by Eugeniovideo
by Eugeniovideo

I bought this camera 3 years ago, after having a 5d MK2 for two years. This camera not only solves ALL moiree video problems of 5DMK2 but also has an outstanding low light performance.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Best Purchase Ever

Customer review by Ken

5.0 stars 4/17/2014 by Ken
by Ken

The simple truth is you get what you pay for. The 1DX is supposed to be the best of the best in Canon DSLR bodies. The reality of it is the 5DMark III is very close. I use my 5D, purchased in 2013, for all of my photography with exception of when shooting at air shows or birding, in which case I fall back on my 7D and attach a 400mm f5.6 lens. The 100-400 is close, and a great useful zoom lens, but the native 400 is sharper. If you want sharpe pictures with the 5D Mark III, buy lens that are of equal quality, such as the 16-35L, 70-200L f2.8 II, and one of the 24-70’s. My standard lens is a 24-105L I bought with the 7D and it’s a very nice lens. Hope this helps you. PS: Your camera needs to know the digital profile of you lens and you need to learn to set you camera settings correctly to get good results with either of these camera. If you want to just point and shoot you are paying too much. Buy a camera Canon with lots of built in settings instead.

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Basically the same camera as the ID X for 4K less!

Customer review by Russwhotakesphotos

5.0 stars 2/3/2013 by Russwhotakesphotos
by Russwhotakesphotos
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

So many similarities with Canon 1d X in terms of sensor and video codec, that buyers of the Canon ID X are going to feel overcharged by Canon once again. Owning both I can say there are a few things I miss on the 5d III. First you'll need about 4 more batteries in the 5d, they drain fast in liveview mode. If you have big hands you'll miss the bigger grip of the 1d series, so an extra battery pack will make it more familiar. But less weight is nice, especially if you plan on using a jib or hexacopter. Lightness is also a plus especially if you need to lug around back up cameras on commercial jobs. Don't go out in the rain with this camera, in that respect it is not a Pro camera. It also does not truthfully have the "feel" of a Canon Pro series camera. But your paying less than half for something that functionally is very close. The HDR spits out a good jpeg approximation quickly, so you can adjust the bracket there and then, and saves the 3 images as RAW for work later. Cannot speak about AF as only use manual prime lenses. Firmware update promised by Canon in April 2013 for clean(ish) HTML video out at 4:2:2 will really up the video quality. For video, hold off on buying many CF cards, put the money into an external recorder with built in monitor. Large Canon bayonet mount will let you use a whole lot of new sharp/sharp old lenses with adapters. Cannot speak of 5d III chromatic aberation problem software fix available on this camera as I got rid of my canon lenses, in my opinion they're just so bad at the edges on wide zooms. If you own Canon wide zooms with lousy edges this fix feature may be worth the price of not replacing the glass. There is really very, very little to complain about in the 5d, except that the CF access on the edge of the camera is a bit fiddly. If you can still get the special purchase price at Walmart, get the camera now. If you can't afford it now, save up until you can. Buying lesser models to save money is foolish when you're offered almost a 1d X at half the price.

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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
Relally enjoy this camera

Customer review by Gene

5.0 stars 7/21/2013 by Gene
by Gene

I have had all the cropped frame canon sence the 20D, for whatever reason based on my usage the 40D is my third favorite the 7D second and the 5D mark III is now the one I use the most unless I am trying to get more range or a faster shutter speed. In most cases I have found being able to take advantage of the wider end of my lenses is a benefit perhaps 70% of the time. I shoot 70% wild life, landscapes, and the rest people. I average 30,000 plus shots per year. I did have a problem with my first 5D with focusing but this was a bit of an in convince but no problem in that the unit was replaced with a new one no question, no charge. If I could ask for anything perhaps a bit more megapixels and a faster FPS. I really like the locking selector knob, and I am constantly impressed with the cameras ability to shoot quality results at really high ISO settings. The more I experiment with the customs the better I like the camera.

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5D III - remarkable body

Customer review by James Scott S

5.0 stars 8/8/2012 by James Scott S
by James Scott S

The 5DIII was a progressive change as I still have my 60D and before that a T1i which I now sold. I shoot in natural light and the camera is used for travel, landscape, urban/street, nighttime, HDR and wildlife photography. The IQ is superb in every case. During the day I choose the lens that suits the situation and at night I pop on the 50mm f/1.4. The night or low light is where this camera comes alive for me. It just crushes the 60D in ISO performance. I'm able to shoot at faster speeds and get usable shots with plenty of light and little to no blur. It was just what I was looking for. The same logic applies while shooting wildlife, as the sun goes down I'll crank up the ISO to maintain my higher shutter speeds and a little post work reduces the noise and again more usable shots. I'm an enthusiasts and the 5DIII has exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant to spend the money, but glad I did ... no regrets. James

James Scott S
Palm Beach, FL
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Needs firmware and functionality upgrade - pronto!

Customer review by Frustrated

4.0 stars 1/23/2013 by Frustrated
by Frustrated

This is a great camera made into an average camera by lack of improvement in the camera since it's release. There has been no major firmware update in the 9 months since I bought this camera with the exception of adding f8 cross focus points (primarily for use only with teleconverters) and will be another 3 months until one appears. The 1DX has had two such firmware updates since it's release 6 months after the 5D3. It is not a well supported camera by the manufacturer and it's value over the last 6 months is severely diminished because later ( and cheaper) cameras such as the 6D have similar functions aside from autofocus. I love this camera but it is increasing frustrating knowing I have paid a premium for a quality product which has been devalued because of protecting the top of the line camera. My recommendation is either buy the 1DX and if you can't afford it, get the 6D and save your money for extra lenses.

Sydney Australia
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Customer review by Humble Hounds

5.0 stars 2/8/2013 by Humble Hounds
by Humble Hounds

I've had a couple Rebels (most recently the T4i), and decided to go full frame. This camera certainly is living up to my expectations! Can't say enough good things about it. If you're not making money in photography, the 1D line is probably not necessary. This baby delivers all the goods that any level of amateur will need. Beautiful screen, excellent low light capabilities (seriously, ISO 16,000 works like 6400 on my T4i). I'd have liked a pop-up flash to control Speedlights, and an internal radio setup would have been fantastic (4 stars for features). This is older than the 6D and T4i, so I can't deduct points for lack of touch screen, GPS, and WiFi, and I don't see a vari-angle screen coming to the top level cameras in the near future. It is a bit pricey compared to its competition (4 stars for price). Overall, this is a 5-star camera that I will have for years to come... until the 5D Mk IV becomes available :-)

Humble Hounds
Twentynine Palms, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Awesome Camera!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 5/16/2016 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I bought this thing four months ago and I cannot be pleased more with all the features and configurable options.

An anonymous customer
Pyongyang, North Korea
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Why I Returned My 5D MK III

Customer review by Tank

3.0 stars 2/8/2014 by Tank
by Tank

I must preface my review with the fact that I am not a professional photographer, I do not earn a living with my camera. I have a 7D, and have been waiting for a 7D MK II to appear--if Canon Rumors are to be believed--but in a moment of weakness I allowed the local photo shop to convince me that even if it was produced, it would not equal the 5D MK III. The 5D MK III, in my opinion, is one step forward--the new AF system, and two steps back--moving function buttons around--that said, I hear the video improvements are great, I just don't shoot video, and could care less about it. I returned my 5D MK III. For the same price, one can purchase a new 7D, spare battery, 16-35mm f/2.8, and several SanDisk Extreme 32GB CF cards. Perhaps Canon can take a page out of an old-school playbook and offer a 7D MK II that combines the 5D MK III sensor and AF system, and deletes the video. That I will stand in line to buy.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Shoots great, but...

Customer review by BaltsDeep

5.0 stars 3/28/2012 by BaltsDeep
by BaltsDeep

Used the 5D Mk III today for the first time. Boy, is it amazing! Shoots spectacularly in lowlight and did nothing but exceed my expectations. My only complaint is this: No support in LR, and the software seems to not be working. Got home right away and tried to load into LR. It recognized the camera, and imported all the JPEGS (realized about 20 pics in that I wasnt shooting RAW yet.) Took forever to finish importing, only to tell me that they weren't recognized. So I downloaded ImageBrowser EX and CameraWindow, and tried that way. Everytime I open CameraWindow (or plug in the camera) it opens but automatically closes. So I'm stuck with the problem of having wonderful pictures, but not ACTUALLY having them. Needless to say, after 2 hours of trying to get this working to no avail, I'm a bit frazzled. Hoping that I can wake up and have this all sorted out. I guess you just have to roll with the punches...

Austin, TX
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Great but not perfect

Customer review by Michael

5.0 stars 7/16/2013 by Michael
by Michael

I've had the 5D Mark III for over a year and it's a great work horse being made of primarily metal and strong plastic for the buttons, however there are a few things that I would like to see added to the firmware that canon could add such as rack focusing like in the Magic Lantern firmware (third party) for other canon cameras, or maybe even an intervalometer added into the software. But what many videographers want is the added ability to check focus while taking video. Perhaps a small window on the side like Magic Lantern's Magic zoom would be quite helpful. There are a few problems with the start and stop button used to record video or to switch to live view such as the button will sometimes get stuck while recording video or while switching to the Live view, but overall this is a great camera and I would definitely would recommend, however a few firmware improvements would be greatly advised.

Lafayette, CA
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Great camera; Poor Mac Support

Customer review by WDW1Fanatic

4.0 stars 8/13/2012 by WDW1Fanatic
by WDW1Fanatic

Great camera and upgrade to my previous 5DMkII as described by so many others. The one negative to be aware of is that Canon's support of this camera and other photographic devices for users of Mac OSX consistently lags several months after general availability of Apple OSX updates, meaning, if you purchase a recently announced Apple Mac or upgrade your Apple operating system, chances are high you will not be able to immediately use supporting Canon software like the EOS Utility to modify and access custom camera capabilities and lens profiles which are part of your camera. This has been the case for at least the last 3 years and OSX releases, unfortunately continuing now with OSX 10.8 support planned for 3 months after general availability. Other than this software support issue which Canon could easily get ahead of like so many other software developers do, I highly recommend the 5D Family!

San Diego, CA
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Simply Amazing

Customer review by MJM

5.0 stars 5/28/2012 by MJM
by MJM

I've owned Canon cameras since the AE-1 days. Most recently I've been a 7D owner for several years. The 7 is an outstanding camera and while I still highly recommend it, I've always wanted a full frame for the simply perfect image quality they seem to produce. I waited with the 5D Mk II came out because I was not thrilled by the AF system. Well the Mk III has almost everything a pro, semi pro, and camera nut could ever want! IQ is amazing, all the options are well thought out and simply to navigate through, like the 7D. I already had a nice lineup of EF lenses, and I must say the perform great now that they're on a full frame. That was another huge decision in making the change. The only thing I would have liked to see Canon do is add a flash commander built in like the 7D, but that's not a deal breaker in any way. I'm hoping to get many years of use out of my new 5D Mk III. Great job Canon!

San Antonio, TX
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Image Quality is Paramount

Customer review by OlyGark

5.0 stars 4/26/2014 by OlyGark
by OlyGark

Image Quality is not all about sensor megapixel size, there are many subjective factors to consider. This is difficult to describe in words, so best if I just say there is a very special quality to the images from this sensor, especially of people. People have almost an "ethereal" look to them, from small children to adults. The skin tones are some of the best I have ever seen in a digital camera. I absolutely love the "silent" shutter and the way the camera feels in my hands. Canon put some kind of special material on the body, so that you have just the right "grip" on the camera. The autofocus variables are simply top-notch, but there is a "learning curve" to what this camera can do with the autofocus. HDR is a blast, so is the Multi-exposure. I have a slight shutter delay on the maximum image HDR setting; but this might be due to my CF card. Future firmware updates may help this issue.

Seattle, Wa.
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Nice encounter !

Customer review by Jerryspeed

4.0 stars 12/2/2014 by Jerryspeed
by Jerryspeed

I bought my EOS 5d mark iii because my wife has a 6d and I was jealous ! I love the really nice ergonomics. All the buttons and commands are very naturally situated on the body. And I really love the silent mode. I mean the silent mode is just extraordinary. It is a real satisfaction to take a picture and nobody can hear you. About image quality I find the amount of detail and crispness beautiful and the colours are gorgeous. Warm yet very natural. I did not give the camera five stars just because the viewfinder could be better. I have difficulties to see into the corners sometimes. Maybe the mark iv will be granted the 1DX's finder, which I think is the best optical viewfinder on the market. By far. Anyway I am new to the EOS world and I love my new companion. As to lenses I have the 24-70mm f/2.8 ii, which is like tack sharp all the time and produces very beautiful colours.

Paris , France
Very versitle, fantastic images

Customer review by instaimage

5.0 stars 9/20/2012 by instaimage
by instaimage

I bought this as a transitionary body from two 7Ds to my 1DX's... I was heading into a 16 day baseball tournament and there was no sign of my 1DX's arriving (they ended up arriving on day 14 of the tournament). I took a risk and shot this camera instead of my 7Ds and could not have been happier with the performance of this 5D3! I shot over 20k exposures in the 14 days on this body. Image quality at high ISO is remarkable. The Autofocus system, while not as fast as the 1DX is still fantastic and performed quite well considering I was using this body outside of what would be it's "normal" subjects. I have now relegated this body (that makes me laugh even typing that as this is an amazing camera...) to portraits, (where it was really intended) and it does not disappoint. I'm having a hard time taking a bad photo with this camera! (can you tell I'm happy with the body?)

Minden, NV
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Canon loyalty forever

Customer review by Brax

5.0 stars 1/12/2013 by Brax
by Brax

When i saw this camera i knew i wanted it but the price was kind of high I have a 7D and its a great camera to but i was looking for something more I was worried at first when i was comparing the pretty big price difference between the two and i asked myself is it really worth the extra money when i got my camera within the first week it was blowing my mind i expected it to be somewhat better but WOW to mention a few image quality, shutter noise, AF, and iso are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Im taking brilliant bright pictures now and i really thought my 7D was all that so to speak boy was i wrong i suggested this camera to all my coworkers as well as my friends im using it for nature studio and some sports and it has preformed great so far so do your self a favor and save up for this camera and as far as weight i like having a heavier camera because it feels as solid as a tank

Ohio and north carolina
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full frame big brother of 7D

Customer review by stef

5.0 stars 3/28/2012 by stef
by stef

Having pushed my 7Ds to their limits, I wanted to move to a full frame camera with better light gathering and creative control, but wanted good firmware/features. I never bonded well with the 5d2. Some of the very good features of the 5d3 are immediately obvious: - ability to select range of ISOs and shutter for Tv and Av - huge ISO range - decent speed - dual cards (although not sure why it's not dual CF cards) - excellent AF point selection and tracking The low light focusing seems reasonably good. There's some hunting, but I'm able to get a lock without too much effort. Because I've only barely begun to familiarize myself with this camera, I can't give a more detailed review, but I'm liking what I see so far. However, the price is double what a 5d2 costs, and I really have my doubts that it's double the camera. But it's definitely a significant step up.

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1-20 of 164 total reviews
1-20 of 164 reviews