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It's Alive

Customer review by ListenUP

5.0 stars 7/1/2012 by ListenUP
by ListenUP

I was drawn to the Monster Fighters Theme primarily because I have all the Studio ones from 2002. There were only 4 sets, and those were more along the lines of try and create your own scary LEGO movie, opposed to what is now a full fledged extremely impressive theme. Back then I just wanted the monster minifigures. Regardless, I was a big fan of the Scary Laboratory. Flash forward 10 years, and here we are with some of the most creative, detailed sets I have ever seen. This set is one of them, and even if you aren't interested in this theme, I really think any LEGO fan in general would enjoy this set. The red light brick is awesome, especially in the dark, and the car.... well the car is really something else. It reminds of one of the cars in The Lost World where they're chasing dinosaurs in the field and the guy extends out from the side. It's kind of like that. Point being, highly recommended to LEGO builders of all ages.

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Great New Lego Line

Customer review by rha789

5.0 stars 8/15/2012 by rha789
by rha789

I saw this line elsewhere & HAD to get it for my nephews 4th birthday.. he's a Lego fan. With help from an adult to put together (of course), he fell in LOVE with it. - Loves the line & the whole 'glow in the dark' thing. 5*'s!

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Austin, TX & Friendship, WI
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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Some cool details in this set...

Customer review by dward6215

5.0 stars 1/18/2013 by dward6215
by dward6215

Im older,so i know who Frankenstien and his monster daughter had no i had her watch some episodes of the munsters and now shes hooked.she picked the set up off of the shelf at the store and said "look,its Herman Munster!"...i laughed.we brought the set home and built it together,i had to explain to her who the Scientist was.anyway,the set reminds of a small piece of the vampyre castle.the jail cell is identical to one of the towers.the lightning bolts on the top of the machine give this set one of the many awesome details that make this a must have if you own or plan on buying the vampyre castle.even this set alone has enough features and playability for the kids to enjoy for hours.the coolest feature is the light shoots a laser beam through a tube right onto the table the monster lays on...bringing him to this set people.when you see your kids playing for hours,using thier imaginations and creativity,its money well spent.(but,look into buying some extra batteries for the light brick,they are the cheap watch batteries,not expensive at daughter left the light on for about 4 hours and the battery died but im not mad at all,i get to take it apart,change the battery and watch her put it back together again.)

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One of Best Sets of Monster Fighters

Customer review by Sundaver

5.0 stars 11/11/2012 by Sundaver
by Sundaver

To be honest, anyone who is looking for that "starter set" of this collection cannot go wrong with this set. To begin with, the set has brilliant colors, and builds differently from the others. The sweet curves and monistic design gives this build a fantastic look that suprasses others. The vehicle shows honor to the old "Halloween style" of the retro days, and the actual set itself has many moving parts (including a laser!) that allows anyone to enjoy countless hours of play without feeling as if the set costed more than it should have. I have built all set pieces of the Monster Fighters 2012 parts, and I enjoyed them all... but this one was one of the better ones. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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LEGO Monster Fighters The Crazy Scientist and His

Customer review by Mom2Dano

5.0 stars 1/16/2013 by Mom2Dano
by Mom2Dano

Got this for my 5 year old son for Christmas and He loves it!! It's a fun set and the light up brick is awesome!! He has even put the brick with other sets to make them extra It comes with several different decoration pieces including a spider, rat, bones, and spider web. We love it.

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Ft. Worth, Tx.
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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Classic crazy scientist - monster scene!

Customer review by legobuilderguy115

5.0 stars 8/25/2012 by legobuilderguy115
by legobuilderguy115

This set is a perfect interpretation of a crazy scientist - monster / Frankenstein scene. the laboratory is cool with a nice laser gun which looks awesome in the dark. the car is very unusual and unique to this set and it has a lot of features! PROS: - 4 cool detailed minifigs (the crazy scientist is my favorite) - glowing laser gun - 3 glow in the dark pieces (skull, rat, and spider) - really awesome car - catapult CONS: - $50.00??!!! Too expensive for this set! 9465 The Zombies has more pieces than this set but it's $40.00. - Would have been nice to have one more minifig. I love the monster fighters sets there's so much more lego could do with this theme! keep em' coming Lego!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Really Fun and Cool Set!

Customer review by TheCiscoKid

4.0 stars 11/5/2012 by TheCiscoKid
by TheCiscoKid

I'm a big fan of this set specifically out of the Monster Fighter's line. This set includes some awesome mini-figures and a a lot of cool pieces that you don't find in many sets. A good amount of glow in the dark pieces and a really cool car to boot! I really enjoyed this build and the way it was designed. Really creative w/ the monster's table and the use of the light brick. Pro's: Awesome Mini Fig's, Cool-Rare Pieces, Great car, light brick, good playability. Con's: Missing a lab assistant, would have been nice to have an extra mini-fig in this set. Price could be cheaper. Overall: a really great set that you should buy if you like the monster theme!

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A Great Surprise

Customer review by MassimosDad

5.0 stars 5/30/2012 by MassimosDad
by MassimosDad

My seven year old son and I have purchased all the Monster Fighters sets, save the castle. We really were pleasantly surprised by the play / display value of this set. I won't spend time rehashing what you can already learn from looking at the box...just know it is as great as it looks. What surprised us was the light up brick that is goes into the Laser Emitter over the table where the Monster really lights up and looks fantastic! Get this iconic set for Halloween display and for some fantastic Monster Fighting adventures!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
An Excellent Set!

Customer review by legodude6524

5.0 stars 9/29/2012 by legodude6524
by legodude6524

I bought this set today and I love it. The minifigures are amazing (I love the crazy scientist) and the glow-in-the-dark elements are awesome. The zapping feature with the light brick works well. The car is very funny-looking but is great. It can pull out a wall on the prison so the heroes can escape wih the moonstone! Now for the Pro's and Con's. Pro's Minifigures Glow-in-the-dark elements Car Lab Light brick Moonstone Con's The Zombies has 17 more pieces but only £34.99 whilst this is £39.99 A brilliant set! 10/10

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Frankenstein and his monster

Customer review by GET98

4.0 stars 6/12/2012 by GET98
by GET98

This is agood set and it comes with a car and a laboratory. The car is a very interesting build it is a cool set, but I think it should have come with Jack McHammer instead of Rodney Rathbone but that is just me. The lab is very cool and has a jail cell and a counter with science stuff on it. The main tower has lightning on the top and a lightning rod it also has the laser and the resurection table the light brick also works very well and is very functional. The minifigs are also very detailed characters.

Moreno Valley
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My favoite set of the monster fighters series...

Customer review by Caity

5.0 stars 11/13/2012 by Caity
by Caity

This is the most playable set out of the monster fighters series line. I love this set! The details are great! Frankenstein and the operating table is the best part of the set. The laser to bring Frankenstein to life lights up giving the whole scene a neat look. The monsterfighters' car is also a great feature of this set. The old fashioned look gives it character. One of the monster fighters minifigs looks like British hunter on safari. 'Love it! Thanks Lego!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by LEGOF1RACER

5.0 stars 9/1/2012 by LEGOF1RACER

I think this is an AWesome LAb Set cause it comes with 4 minifigs,an awesome car,a jail with chain to break prisiner out.NOw to move on to the Lab Itself.It has a bed with the monster with a lazer that makes him alive,Glow in the Dakr Mice and SPiders,Cannon on top to shoot,Awesome scientist(Better than Series 5 I tihnk minifig),tools,and a skull in a jar.Finally it comes with a moon stone and has Lazers and lightning around it.This has been LEGOF1RACER.

East Meadow
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This is the coolest lego set ever!

Customer review by TBH89

5.0 stars 6/19/2012 by TBH89
by TBH89

When I first got this set I thought it just looked like the coolest set they had for 50 bucks but I was mistaken, this set is the funnest set i have ever gotten. when i was little i remember wanting the studios version but never got it but this is a great improvement. my favorite minifigin the set has got to be frankenstien (the monster). I love the car's color, it gives it a cool retro look. I would definetly recommend this to a friend

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Really fun set! Would recommend

Customer review by six500

5.0 stars 12/25/2012 by six500
by six500

This was a very cool set, just opened it under the tree, and it was a really fun build. The car and the lab itself gives it a nice touch, and looks really nice. I really liked the glow in the dark pieces, and the characters in this set are just awesome. Pros: Nice car Cool Lego light brick Lab itself looks awesome Cons: The moonstone is really hard to get out of its pedestal, but everything else is really awesome.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
It's alive, alive!

Customer review by IamMaster

4.0 stars 6/30/2012 by IamMaster
by IamMaster

This is an overall excellent set. It includes some really neat elements like the moonstone and light brick. I thoroughly enjoy the monster fighters sets but I must mention that I find the Monster Fighters sets a little to resemblant to the Pharaohs Quest sets. The whole finding the six treasures before the enemy does is an overused theme in my opinion. But the sets are good, which makes up for the repeated theme.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great set!

Customer review by JaketheLegoguy

4.0 stars 10/3/2012 by JaketheLegoguy
by JaketheLegoguy

THIS SET IS SO COOL! I love how it is kinda like Hogwarts, with the folding design. It is a bit flimsy, but if you don't carry it around, it has less of a chance to break. (Duh.) The crazy scientist is like the scientist figure from one of the minifigure series. The Frankenstein monster is also from minifigures, too. The light up brick is a nice feature, and so is the jail. But I must say, the car is weird.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by pancake1217

5.0 stars 8/27/2012 by pancake1217
by pancake1217

i wanted this set because it looked really epic, there is so many pro about this product! for example: - Light brick - The cool minifigures - The awsome car - The glow in the dark skull, cat and spider - the jail for the monster fighter and so many more!!! But sadly there is only one con - it is a bit small other than that - great product! how this helps you make up your mind pancake1712:)

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great but needs to be bigger

Customer review by Stargeon09

5.0 stars 10/21/2012 by Stargeon09
by Stargeon09

I thought this was a great set, i love this kind of monster stuff. I just dont like how LEGO has larger prices for smaller sets. I thought this would be bigger. I also got the were Wolf set, it was awesome. Thought it would be bigger, but it was still great. Both sets have lots of details. You should give it to your kids, or give it to your self, your a good person if you buy this set.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by 20deep

4.0 stars 8/3/2012 by 20deep
by 20deep

This set is a nice find. I like the figures and the elements ( spider, monster head/cap piece, skeleton head) were very cool. It took some time to build and was an interesting build. Pros: Great figures cool element nostalgia to studio sets launching catapult cons: tower section falls apart sometimes Gears sometime don't push button on lazer overall I would give it an 8/10

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The one that started it all!!!

Customer review by mommaprice

5.0 stars 3/4/2013 by mommaprice
by mommaprice

This was the 1st in the series my son received as a Birthday gift after that he had to have them all.. This is a great set lots of detail and plenty of play!!! Wish al the sets were cheaper so my son could afford all the ets he wants but he wil get what he can when he can.. Thanks for being so creative and coming out with great ideas for new sets!!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 38 total reviews
1-20 of 38 reviews