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Nice phone

Customer review by Ski123

5.0 stars by Ski123

This phone dosent have a keypad like a slider but the phone is realy good very clear can hear on it and everyone tells me its like im right there in the room its realyba nice phone if u use it for talking not hard to txt on eather ;) give it a try and let me no what u thank thanks verizon for having a unlimted plan finaly check it out u will be glad u did camara ok also but if u like to get video on the phone u must move on it cant stram video on here but pic do fine

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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
Best $14.99 basic flip phone.

Customer review by SpyGlass1

5.0 stars by SpyGlass1

Very pleased. Living in the Twilight Zone of cellular coverage, I was very trepidacious whether this inexpensive phone even stood a chance of being more than something to take along in the car. To my surprise I have strong signal in places where no others including US Cellular, AT&T, Sprint, Virgin, T-Mobile, TracFone, etc have. Even other's Verizon phones have trouble where I live. It is hard to go wrong for $15. And that includes $10 of time and a BlueTooth ear piece.

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Blue Ridge Mountains
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Excellent phone

Customer review by UltimateYankeesFan1993

5.0 stars by UltimateYankeesFan1993

My cats spilled water on my contract phone (for T-Mobile) I saw a cheap att phone online then I went to the Flanders Walmart and saw this phone was the same price, saw it came with airtime ($10) and the att phone didnt. This phone has a camera and the att didnt. Another one this had was the 2 free skins to support the military. I just need this phone until I start working so I can get the android prepaid and I see there is a great deal for unlimited talk text and 2 gb for 60 a month. Right now I am just doing pay as you go only on days I use it, which is for an emergency for calling. I'll get more airtime tomorrow prob $25 and get the unlimited text for mobile to mobile and 250 out of network and just text and call in an emergency. I wont get charged 99 cents for texting with the bundle. I recommended this phone if you dont use one much or just need it as a temp phone or even as a backup.

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Hopatcong NJ
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Age:18 - 24
Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Every day
Horrible phone

Customer review by Cliffro

2.0 stars by Cliffro

I was given this phone by my company, for use at work. Otherwise I wouldn't use it ever(after experience with it). My biggest complaints are: Bluetooth while it works, is inconsistent in outgoing volume. I've used a Jawbone Icon, Icon HD and a Plantronics M100. Same complaint with all of them, I sound distant. Playback/incoming volume is inconsistent as well, as an outgoing call is ringing the volume fluctuates greatly, and I have issues hearing the other person while driving. Using the same Icon on my iPod listening to a podcast, I had to turn the volume down. So it's not the earpiece. Lack of a microSD slot. The phone has a tiny screen, so if a co-worker sends me a photo of something they ran into at work, most times its difficult to make out what the picture is showing, with a microSD slot I could at least take it and move it to my laptop and see the full size picture. However, if you are just going to use it as a phone, not for viewing media messages, sending text messages. Just as a phone, it does do that pretty well. If you ask any more of it, it get's frustrating pretty quickly.

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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:9 - 10 months
Usage:Every day
Excellent Basic Phone

Customer review by teddy1981

5.0 stars by teddy1981

The samsung gusto 2 is a excellent phone for me has great signal along with text and voice, the phone is sturdy and has great battery life, no drop calls hear.The samsung gusto 2 web is not the greatest but have a computer at home for heavy web browsing, it sends text and pictures and excellent voice calls.very loud and clear.

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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 3 months
Usage:Every day
Restores my faith

Customer review by taxial

5.0 stars by taxial

This phone restores my faith in the wireless industry. I believe a cell phone should be a phone first not a pocket computer with the ability to make and receive calls as an "add on". The Gusto 2 does just that. It has a nice set of features without going overboard while performing as a cell phone perfectly, with ease of use and excellent cal quality. I give 5 stars to this phone and to Samsung for continuing to produce high quality basic flip phones. I highly recomend this phone to anyone who wants a high quality, strong durable phone that doesn't need all the bells and whistles.

NYC metro area
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Great Basic Phone

Customer review by ericwithcheese

5.0 stars by ericwithcheese

For those who are still in the market for a basic phone (and there are people out there who still use them, like myself), the Gusto 2 is a great choice. It feels good in the hands, nice display, 1.3 megapixel camera and great call quality. The phone also has large fonts and loud ringtones, although the vibration function could be a bit stronger. It should also be noted that the battery life is absolutely amazing... the best of any phone I have ever had. Features are very light as this is a very basic entry-level phone... but for calling, the voice quality is superior and ear piece volume is quite loud as well. Includes a mobile web browser and game downloading capabilities. A great deal for someone who wants a phone to just be a phone.

Elkhart, IN
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Way better than the original Gusto.

Customer review by Geekmaster

5.0 stars by Geekmaster

I've owned a lot of Samsung phones over the past 5 years or so.. I recently upgraded from the first Samsung Gusto (U360). and the Gusto 2 is Much better. 1. Better call quality. 2. Better Signal in more places. 3. Overall way better than the U360. Oh... and the Gusto 2 uses the same battery and extended battery as the Gusto U360... Which is great, because I talk nonstop most days.

Tucson, AZ
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Simple and Reliable

Customer review by CherAnn

5.0 stars by CherAnn

I love this phone. It's simple, which is what I want in a phone, at this time. It is the most reliable phone I have ever owned. It holds a charge for a long time and is always ready when I need to make a call or receive one. I have owned this phone for quite some time, and I don't intend to make a change unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

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Flippin Awesome

Customer review by expert2amature

5.0 stars by expert2amature

Best phone I have ever had as far as features go. I mean you can make fake phone calls to it and record your own message. It has fallen from heights of up to 38 feet been hurreled at my head of speeds up to 22 mph and not a single thing broken. All around I would say that the I phone 5 has nothin on the sch-u365 Samsung Gusto 2 cell phone. it has lightning fast speeds 3 times quicker then the I phone 5 . It has mobile broadbanning with 4G. I would say the only thing this phone dont have is an award!!!!! NOW COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! LETS GET IT THAT AWARD!!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by crowefire

5.0 stars by crowefire

great phone , small and gets the job done, e-mail, mobile web, navigator, back up, ect. without all the bulk on your side.

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great features

Customer review by gadgetguru2000

5.0 stars by gadgetguru2000

I owned this phone for a short period of time, it is not a smartphone but it works great and has many features.

Rhode Island
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This product has great sound

Customer review by Love2chatalot

5.0 stars by Love2chatalot

I love how it has a speaker phone so I can hear and understand the person I'm talking to a whole lot better. I also love the fact that i can choose my own plan and call who I want when I want weather it be here at home or miles away.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Basic Phone

Customer review by elkhartasian

5.0 stars by elkhartasian

The Gusto 2 is a no frills basic flip phone that is so basic that it is almost a throwback to the early days of camera phones. But for those looking for a phone that does nothing but the basics, it will work great for you. The still camera is 1.3 megapixel and there is no microSD card slot for additional storage. Other aspects of the communication features on this phone play well above expectations: the fonts are large, the ringers are loud, the earpiece is very loud and the battery life is beyond belief... making this phone a good choice for seniors. The body is soft touch casing and it feels good in the hands. Overall, the Gusto 2 is the most basic of basic phones, but if all you need is a phone to use as a phone, this one would make a great choice.

Elkhart, IN
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A Good Basic Phone

Customer review by JRRRR

5.0 stars by JRRRR

We use this as our house phone and give the number to salespeople, and others we don't really want to talk too. Its basic and is perfect for this kind of use. So my rating are based on this purpose.

Carlsbad, NM
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
High marks from a previous smartphone user.

Customer review by rufio

5.0 stars by rufio

I have been on this phone and I love it. I had forgotten just how great a basic phone can be. This one does mobile web, is able to do navigation, send and receive multimedia messages and all with great battery life. I love the interface on this phone. It's just a souped up flip phone. I would highly recommend this product to someone who is wanting a starter phone or something of that nature. Buy if: 1. You want a basic phone for talk, text and web 2. You want a phone with outstanding battery life 3. Durability Do not buy if: 1. You want a smartphone.

Uber Durable!

Customer review by maustin1113

5.0 stars by maustin1113

I bought one of these a year ago to use on Verizon's pay as you go monthly plan. I loved it. Its cheap, reliable and extremely durable. Its only a basic flip phone, so it doesn't have a lot of features but you can still get everything done on it that you need to. It has a decent little notepad app, calendar that you can add all of your events to, you can access your emails and surf the web albeit a very limited mobile web. Its main plus is durability. I've dropped mine multiples times, stepped on it, dropped it in the mud and thrown it through a window (not on purpose; don't ask) without killing it. After a year of abuse the thing only has minor scratches. This phone has served me well and I would recommend it to anyone needing a cheap basic phone that can take one heck of a beating.

Phenix City, AL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excellent Flip Phone

Customer review by teddy1963

5.0 stars by teddy1963

Had the samsung gusto 2 for almost a year, it has been a excellent phone for me. I have great signal and had not had a dropped call, the phone is really durable yes its not a walking computer, but have a computer at home to do intense web searches, the main thing is it makes clear loud calls when you need it which to me its the most important feature of the phone.

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no owner's manual included

Customer review by wallybaby

4.0 stars by wallybaby

The phone is fantastic. Clear as can be, but I was surprised that it did not have an owner's manual. For those of us not familiar with cellphones this is a problem. I just kept hitting buttons which was bad. I would like to know why an owner's manual was not included in the package?

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Onaway, MI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Every day
This is a pretty dependable phone

Customer review by smartbuyer007

4.0 stars by smartbuyer007

It sends messages and calls as I need it to, and it is quick and easy to use, whenever I need to use it for anything. The camera is pretty good for it's megapixels, and the call quality is pretty average as well. Sending and recieving texts is easy and swift with this phone, and it has some pretty decent qualities to it.

Jacksonville, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
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