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nikon street photography camera

Customer review by stevenchadg

5.0 stars 11/28/2012 by stevenchadg
by stevenchadg

ok let me start with the bad its the small sensor in this camera i dont undersatnd why nikon did not put the large sensor it use's in the p7700 in this camera. The P310 is a great camera as long u stay in the limits of the sensor thats the 100 to 800 ISO when u get above 800 u start to see some noise in the photos. outher then that issue its a winner if you are seeking to find a camera with manual controls that is easy to learn or to use then this is it yes its got a green auto everything mode. but the fun is when u can control the camera to get those wow pictures or low light photos. i do recommend getting a tripod for those lowlight shots due to slow shutter speeds. i do highy recommend getting a class 10 sdhc high speed card like 400x write speed or greater to make the camera work very smooth or get the sdxc cards which are lot of money

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boaz al
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Age:35 - 44
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Wonderful things come in small packages!

Customer review by Fairwayqueen

5.0 stars 6/19/2014 by Fairwayqueen
by Fairwayqueen

I am really glad I got this camera. And I have gotten so many compliments on the pictures and even expert friends are impressed with this camera. I uploaded a video of images and videos taken with this camera on Youtube. Some of those were the best I have ever taken.

Monroe, New York
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This camera is a fail in the only criteria that matters.

Customer review by UnHappy2013Customer

1.0 stars 6/14/2013 by UnHappy2013Customer
by UnHappy2013Customer

The Nikon P310 is about as non-intuitive as a camera can get. You are constantly scrolling through menus and playing with various settings to take a simple shot. It's almost as if the system is designed to make you just put the dial on AUTO and let the camera do all the work. But in the only area that counts, this camera is a massive FAIL!!!! Nikon has been known for it's picture quality since Moses first used a Nikon point & shoot during his racing career. He would not have liked the P310. I also have a five year old Canon A3000is that smokes the P310 in EVERY respect! The ten meg Canon images are sharper and far crisper than the sixteen meg Nikon P310. The P310 images are littered with artifacts, the autofocus is very slow and cumbersome and compared to my Canon, the P310 is a royal pain to operate! I wish I had the camera that everyone else here has, because MY P310 is is not nearly as wonderful as the others that have been reviewed here.

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Thank You NIKON!

Customer review by CJ

5.0 stars 5/6/2013 by CJ
by CJ

This little camera is great! It looks very simple but with great performance. I'm always using my smartphone in taking photos before but I'm not satisfied with the results but since I bought and used this camera, I'm very satisfied and love the photos I'm getting from it. More people are liking my photos. There was a time when we had a Summer Outing and some of my companions are using big DSLR cameras (from different brands) in taking photos- I was kinda get insecure at first but I took photos anyway, and the time all of us uploaded our taken photos in facebook more people liked and praising my photos than my DSLR user companions. My photos look sharper than them specially at night time. This camera changed my photo taking experience. Thank you very much Nikon! and I will look forward to my next camera purchase from you.

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Fine camera, clumsy, hard-to-use manual on a CD

Customer review by Henry

4.0 stars 4/7/2012 by Henry
by Henry

With my Nikon S600, I took its small, compact manual with me whenever I traveled. Even with my D5000 I can take the manual with me. Now this option does not exist. I will have to carry about lots of pages that I have printed. If a printed manual were available, even for a price, I'd buy it in a flash. I hope Nikon changes their policy of making the manual available only on a CD.

Washington, DC
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Awesome Camera

Customer review by MaryAnn51

5.0 stars 8/22/2012 by MaryAnn51
by MaryAnn51

Nice camera for any type of photography you want to accomplish. Pictures are incredible!

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For the love of photography nikon why?

Customer review by stevenchadg

4.0 stars 11/25/2012 by stevenchadg
by stevenchadg

ok this is a 2 part review Now for the first part the P310 does perform very well as long u stay in its strength zone and use manuel controles get outside of this the photos does suffer some but u can use the shutter speed to help with it . so what are its strength the I.S.O. setting set it ether at 100 ISO in daytime then at eveing and night time go to the auto setting of 100--400 or 100---800. leave it there then go to the shutter control's and set it to what ever u r trying to shoot i do recommend getting a tripod for this do to slow shutter speeds that u might be shotting at but it performs well i love this camera it makes a great street photography camera it is small very quite once u turn off the sounds the controles are perfect as for me i would not wont no built in wi-fi or gps in this camera i dont mind shooting jpeg ether why i say this? becuse they can use the extra room inside the camera for my next part the part 2 of this review this is where im getting on a soap box and rant please nikon i am not alone in this and its not me just saying this ether. ok like my title says For the love of photography nikon why? do u still a aspen size sensor i this camera and cram 16mp on top of it knowing it going to make noise at 800 iso and above ? are u doing this for market reason ? u need to stop it becuse u r only hurting yourslef it make no sense to me that the P-series "performance series" has 3 cameras in them 2 of them has the same sensor and processor as the rest of the coolpix cameras but u r willing to charge us a premium price for them? why dont u do what every outher milllon reviews for the P-510 and P310 says but the same thing inside these cameras as u do in the P7700 the meaty big postel stamp size sensor and processer as u do in the p7700 the P510-P310 compeate in a very tuff market area not only i believe it but every person does to that it be tied for 1st and win many awards if you are willling to do this one simple thing on the p310 the controls are perfect the size to me is perfect as for me i dont need gps or wi-fi built in to it instead of trying to shoe horn that into why dont u use that space for outher goodies like beefer processor and sensor mabey tone down the f/stops love the f-1.8 since it dont have a long zoom only 4.2x why dont u stop it at 2.8 ? i see len's that are long zoom that are f-2.8 why cant this camera have that ? i think it would make this camera the go to camera in this category picture it people THE P310 WITH 1/1.7 CMOS SENSOR 12MP WITH F-1.8--2.8 LENS WITH FULL MANUAL CONTROLS 4.3MM-17.9MM LENS REACH HOW CAN U GO WROUNG WITH THAT ???? OK NOW I WILL STOP let me leave you with this i do recommend u getting a class 10 card with a high write speed of 400x or greater to get the maxium performance out of this camera dont get me wroung with my rant i love the camera for what it for what it does as long u stay in its strength zone remember it has got a 1/2.3 sensor at 16mp like i said above if they dail that back to 12mp and put a 1/1.7 sensor in it i think it will perform 10x better

Alabama, USA
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