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205 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

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1-20 of 205 reviews
very durable.

Customer review by austinb9328

5.0 stars 4/29/2016 by austinb9328
by austinb9328

I work in the steel industries and needed a beat up phone that I wouldn't worry about if I broke it but it would have the smartphone applications I use for work. I have had this phone for more than 4 years. it has been dropped 30 or more feet multiple times and the screen just had minor cracks but was still useable. I am very pleased with this phone. I spent hundreds of dollars on other phones and cases that stated they would work. but I got this phone and a phone case and they finally gave out and broke the screen while I was working on a crane.

Utah, USA
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Customer review by Misnezy

5.0 stars 8/9/2012 by Misnezy
by Misnezy

I bought this Phone for My Wife. I was Surprised how Fast and Intuitive the Operating system is. (I have been an iPhone User 3G and 4). Love this Phone more than iPhone. I had Samsung Phones in the Past before Smart Phones. My Next Phone will be a Samsung Smart Phone. If you Like Fast and Smooth Operating Phones that are Simple too. You'll Love this Phone. My Wife does not like most Smart Phones but she Loves this one. My Wife says it is easy to use. She Likes the Interface, Speed and Reliability of the Phone. I would recommend this phone to anyone!

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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
The phone with amazing potential.

Customer review by An anonymous customer

4.0 stars 4/14/2012 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

After trying out many different phones on the market, I decided I would settle with SGH-T769. I took many aspects into consideration, i.e.: processor, screen size, display type, radio frequencies, etc. I read as many reviews as I could (considering how new this phone is), and bought it after playing with it in store once. The main negative comment people cite is the bloatware pre-loaded on the phone; I couldn't agree more. The phones ONLY negative aspect, in my opinion, is the amount of pre-loaded software which limits the rest of the phone from really shining. I'm not a huge fan of UI skins on top of Android, I prefer the stock Android interface, but I can understand how new users to Android enjoy like TouchWiz. The phone comes with NFC (built into the battery), customization of many aspects of the phone, and a comfortable screen size. It feels sturdy and can keep up with any application I throw at it.

An anonymous customer
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Pleasing to the eye... but that's about it.

Customer review by Courtneychu

3.0 stars 1/25/2013 by Courtneychu
by Courtneychu

Unfortunately, I was talked into buying this phone, by a friend, when I went to purchase the Galaxy S II... guess I should have stuck with my original plan. This phone is very aesthetically pleasing but, I started having issues with it after only a month. I had many issues with calls not coming through, text messages not being sent or received, tons of call drops, general glitchey-ness and wifi pretty much not ever working. After putting up with all the bs for about a month, and numerous calls to my service provider, they finally deemed the device defective, and let me swap it out for a shiny new one. Everything was great... Or so I thought. Again, after about a month, I started having the same issues. And every single time I contact my carrier about it... all they can tell me is that it's the phone, not the service... which I do believe, seeing as I never had these problems until I acquired this device. So, I guess I'll just have to deal for another 8 months, until I'm up for another upgrade. Also, on both phones, I've noticed a weird pink circle in the middle of every photo I take, without using the flash. ?? Pretty annoying.

Las Vegas, NV
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Samsung galaxy 3

Customer review by Tam306

5.0 stars 2/11/2016 by Tam306
by Tam306

I love my phone so much I do everything on it looking up information to playing games to being able to keep track of my schedule

Salem or
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4G & Features for Most Price

Customer review by Angelino99

4.0 stars 2/10/2016 by Angelino99
by Angelino99

I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G SGH-T769 as a backup to my Note 4. Always good to have an extra device.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
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this product has cool features

Customer review by ldenkey

5.0 stars 2/5/2016 by ldenkey
by ldenkey

nice phone, what I like most about it are the picture quality and the sound, very nice sound with base... it can also Skype easily... great product indeed

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Great and affordable

Customer review by lifer4samsung

5.0 stars 10/9/2012 by lifer4samsung
by lifer4samsung

Purchased this phone a while back and I'm quite happy with it. The battery life is good to an Android device. For the apps I use it's fast enough, light enough, that you don't feel like your lugging around extra baggage, but yet it doesn't feel flimsy. The screen size is quite good, don't know if I'd like something much larger than this. I use the bluetooth to stream music to my car stereo without any problems. The call quality is second to none. I've taken several pictures with this phone and the quality is good to "gooder", the video capture I've only used once or twice and can't really comment on it as much. I'm going to upgrade my wife and daughters phones to this phone also. Overall if you want something that's past entry level and don't want a high end phone, this is a perfect match of quality and affordability.

St Louis
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Not bad for free with contract.

Customer review by sfbay

4.0 stars 10/1/2012 by sfbay
by sfbay

The downsides: The first downside is the poor battery life. This is partially because it is 4G which eats battery life, and the light weight which would not go up with a bigger battery. The second downside is the long wait for icecream sandwich. It is coming, and that will greatly reduce some anoyance. Third this is a tmobile only phone that comes with shovelware that you just cannot uninstall without rooting the device. With better support from the mod community this would probably be a prime candidate for something like cyanogen. Now for the positives. it is about the size of an iPhone with a nice four inch screen. The CPU is quick enough. While you only get one Gig of storage, you can put a 32Gig SSD in to increase your storage to 33Gig The price. It was free with contract, and definitely the nicest phone at that price point. The calling over wifi is much handier than i would have expected. The big advantage is that it seems to use less battery. The pluses over the S3 and the Note is that it fits in skinny jeans, and the price is much lower. If you can live with the not so great battery life and the slow software updates this is a decent phone.

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Much Better than my first Samsung Galaxy S

Customer review by UltimaGaina

5.0 stars 5/1/2012 by UltimaGaina
by UltimaGaina

I'm impressed with the performance of this handset! I'm now able to flawlessly stream live TV during my commute, while with my 2 years old Samsung Galaxy S, I had a few spots of interruptions along my route. This is most probably due to the 42Mbs capabilities (the old one had a max of 7.2Mbs) and, probably, due to the much faster dual-core 1.5Mhz processor, as well. Maybe it is a little too soon to tell, but I feel I can notice a battery performance improvement. I don't mind the reduction of the memory since I use cloud services for music streaming while driving. Nevertheless, I have two complaints: 1. I use the headphone jack to hook the handset to the speakers in my car. The sound is really great, however, before the music or the video starts, I can hear the engine hum quite loudly (my previous model was also capturing some engine noise, but not like this one). The good news is that the hum totally disappears when the music starts (i.e. the moments of silence in a song are totally silent) 2. It looks like it takes much longer to acquire the GPS when using Google Maps for navigation (compared with my old Samsung Galaxy S) Maybe Samsung can fix these 2 bugs with an update.

Chatham, NJ
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compact phone

Customer review by nightowle

5.0 stars 12/11/2012 by nightowle
by nightowle

updated review awesome phone compact light fast 1GB app"system" storage/1.40GB internal "usb" storage for reading E-books and and storing music ,pictures etc...SD memory card slot on the side. "file" app in phone comes in handy for transferring files music pictures ect.. from usb internal storage to memory card. i can fit a bunch of apps including games and misc apps i downloaded from the market although huge full blown games that are available for tablets out in the internet will not work on this phone for example the large batman game, due to the 1 GB app storage limit. if you have trouble with the storage being full open the file folder app and browse all the folders to see if you have old files from deleted apps or if you need to move things to the memory card overall excelent phone

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Undervalued phone many will overlook

Customer review by Dencolousa

5.0 stars 9/16/2012 by Dencolousa
by Dencolousa

I have had this phone several months now, and is a rock solid, dependable handset that unfortunately will be overlooked by many. It has the same performance as the Galaxy S2, only in a better looking case that feels better in the hand than the S2. The camera works just fine, despite reviews complaining about it "only" being a 5mp shooter. Unless you are careless or hurried, photos come out just fine. Phone quality is exceptional. Both speakers are clear and loud, and reception is very good. Battery life is above average, and being able to change both the SIM and micro SD card without removing the battery is a novel feature. The overall impression of the phone is that of high quality that will last for years. I believe this is the best "sleeper" phone Samsung has ever produced.

Denver, CO
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Great phone, but I've had some problems

Customer review by MobileQAManager

4.0 stars 7/10/2012 by MobileQAManager
by MobileQAManager

The phone has all the features that I wanted and it will get the ICS update. It works on T-Mobile's HSPA+ 42Mbps network (8Mb down, 3Mb up in San Diego). I don't need or want LTE, so that is why I went with T-Mobile. I didn't get the Galaxy S III because frankly, it's too big. While it is state of the art, it wouldn't fit in my pockets and hands. I wanted a 4" device and this the Blaze was perfect. Now the bad. - There is no "stay awake" feature when connected to power/usb. I'm not sure why Samsung decided to remove that feature. I had to download an app, that doesn't work great. - I've had it for 1 week, and the phone did crash once. - Just now, I lost network registration while trying to make a call. I had to put it in/out Airplane mode to re-register on the network.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
All around good phone

Customer review by PhoneCrazy

5.0 stars 9/7/2012 by PhoneCrazy
by PhoneCrazy

I got this phone as a warranty exchange phone and was somewhat weary about it because I hadn't heard anything about it. I know the other Samsung Galaxy's are good phones but that doesn't always mean that they all will be. I must say though that I am very pleased with it's performance and surprised with all of the features that are already on the phone. There are two things that kind of bother me, 1st being that you cannot delete the bookmarks that are already saved, and 2nd being that the phone constantly auto-corrects the words that I am typing in. I wanted to say "ish" and I got OSHA. Even after typing it in one letter at a time. That is just one example. I cannot find a setting to turn off so it will stop. There is one for the Samsung keyboard but not for Swype.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Closest phone I could find to perfect

Customer review by sk622

4.0 stars 8/18/2012 by sk622
by sk622

I wanted a 4'' screen on my phone, I carry a work phone (A Galaxy Nexus) and a personal phone. I wanted power and I wanted compact. With the higher data rate, S3 processor and larger RAM this was almost perfect. Patiently waiting for NFC to come to life, I assume Ice Cream Sandwich will make that happen. The one blaring consistent deficiency in Samsung phones is the music software. It's got potential but the sound reproduction is poor. I have really tried to get my Samsung phone to perform with the stock player but there is no consistency in's frustrating. Battery is good, camera is good, screen is good.....I'm liking it and will probably be even more please when 4.0 gets sent out Best regards,

North Olmsted, Ohio
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I Am On #5 of These Samsung S Blaze Phones

Customer review by ChaiTea

1.0 stars 5/24/2015 by ChaiTea
by ChaiTea

They overheat when not in use. Just sitting in my purse. No apps running. Freezes and locks up CONSTANTLY. Even have to remove the battery bc off and on features also freezes. Will dial numbers after 3 or 4 attempts, then won't stop dialing...several will just stop working with no apparent rhyme or reason. #5! the only reason I have not moved on to another type of phone is bc I pay insurance with my carrier to replace these lousy, re-conditioned (I'm certain) phones and right now I do not want to buy a new phone. It defeats the purpose of paying insurance. Sorry, Samsung but you guys really dropped the ball on this model. It is HORRIBLE.

Charleston, SC, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Amazing Phone!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 10/3/2012 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

This phone is the best Samsung phone I have ever had. I am a very strong supporter of Samsung. Its the only brand phone I have owned and this phone is by far one of its best. However, I gave the performance three stars because there is one problem I don't like. The text messaging it comes with freezes all the time and takes forever to load. I did download a text messaging app, handcent sms, and it has worked amazingly. The only other problem I have with texting is the fact that the original app is slow and freezes and I sometimes won't get the texts people send me until like a week or so later or I'll receive multiple copies of it at once. Other than that, this phone is freaking amazing!!!

An anonymous customer
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
First Smart Phone

Customer review by mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsa

4.0 stars 5/20/2014 by mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsa
by mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsa

This is my first smart phone. I am happy with it. I miss my flip phone because i could do alot with just one hand,. This phone is hard to answer or shut off alarms because you you have to tap and swipe to get the phone to respond . Sometimes it takes a couple swipes for a response and can be embarassing and annoying when trying to answer or silence the phone. I also can't seem to download / upload to my pc easily. I have phottos i want to download from phone to pc. Can't seem to do it. This may require a trip to tmobile i got time for that. Overall iam pleased with the phone. Oh one more thing, I wish the phone rang louder. sometimes i won't hear it if it's in my pocket.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
once again, a hidden gem.

Customer review by beargib

4.0 stars 11/18/2012 by beargib
by beargib

Like the Exhibit before it, this a full-featured phone, through and through. The secret: many of those features are (for whatever reason) disguised. So the challenge with the Blaze is discovering how useful it can be. The reward is that it's smaller than the big Galaxy, but does just about as much. Cons: Please just let us upgrade the software, because maybe that will help take this phone to iPhone levels of user-friendliness. It's more powerful than an iPhone, but no matter what secrets Samsung gleaned through reverse engineering, this phone is NOT intuitive to operate. Once you learn, though, you'll love it. For a fraction the price of comparable units from other manufacturers.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great inexpensive phone

Customer review by DaddioWK

5.0 stars 11/17/2015 by DaddioWK
by DaddioWK

This phone exceeded my expectations for an inexpensive phone.

St Louis, MO, USA
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1-20 of 205 total reviews
1-20 of 205 reviews