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Very Nice

Customer review by SandCastle

5.0 stars by SandCastle

This is very nice! Much easier to rinse sink and the protector. than the soft protectors. However I have a sink with the drain in the Back of the sink, I am hoping Rubbermaid will come out wth that design soon! More color choices would be nice also. How about a multi color... humm there is a idea. I wonder if it is dish washer safe?

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Microban Sink Protector

Customer review by SAMc

5.0 stars by SAMc

I love them. I had problems with a pink growth on all other mats I put in the kitchen sink. I don't have this problem with this sink protector. I want to suggest that you make a larger version. I have two different size sinks and the small sink protector fits the smaller of the two sink but is small for the large sink. Rubbermaid produces a great product. We have many products small to a very large storage shed. thank you! - Made in the USA.

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Love this Mat

Customer review by rdav51

5.0 stars by rdav51

I have had this mat in my sink for quite a while...I am not trying to replace it and can't find it in white anywhere.

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Can't they make a bigger version?

Customer review by NexWest

5.0 stars by NexWest

I have a large single sink, 16 x 28. I bought this because the appearance is great. However can't some mfg. like Rubbermaid, make larger versions, perhaps available only online, at a higher price. I for one would buy one.

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After 2 years Im ready to buy the third mat

Customer review by edys

5.0 stars by edys

I bought 2 white mats in LOWES of FL. I'm replacing one bs I exposed it to a hot pot and got a little bit burn. But in two years of continue used and wash in the dishwasher I only notice some little change of color on one. OH and it fit perfect in my double sink.

Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos
Status Update--Much Better!

Customer review by alizax2

5.0 stars by alizax2

I wrote earlier that I didn't like this product. I had to get a new one because the old one was so stained and didn't bleach. But this one doesn't seem to stain or it bleaches (my housekeeper). Don't know if they changed it or I reviewed the wrong product the first time! I've had it for over a month and no stains--at all! Thanks, Rubbermaid!

Los Angeles
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Glass Saver

Customer review by cooperdk

5.0 stars by cooperdk

Whether your washing dishes by hand or stacking them to rinse, this mat cushion and protects them

Prescott Valley, AZ
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Love this style!

Customer review by ladybug2000

5.0 stars by ladybug2000

This is the best protector I have ever owned. Had for years! I now have a new style sink with the drain at center rear. PLEASE, PLEASE adapt for the new style sinks! It is dishwasher friendly, just need to take it out before the heated dry cycle.

Fayetteville, NC, United States
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Wish there were 'holes'

Customer review by mctsavvy

4.0 stars by mctsavvy

I use this item but really want to keep this in the sink always and need to have a 'hole' for draining!

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Suggested Re-Design

Customer review by Suggestion

4.0 stars by Suggestion

I like this product, but I have just installed a new design sink, and the drain holes are not in the center. I'm sure these style sinks are becoming more popular, and making a protector that has its drain hole over the sink drain hole would be really, really nice.

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Customer review by Maud

4.0 stars by Maud

I, too, have a NE off-center drain and would appreciate you guys creating a drain that fits this - even if you charge a little more....most NEW sinks have a NE off-center drain......

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Not what I needed

Customer review by Empress

4.0 stars by Empress

This was the *closest* to what I wanted. It looks nice and protects the sink and dishes. IT IS HARD TO CLEAN THE SINK. Particles get trapped in it, and it never feels clean.

New Haven, CT
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One glaring omission

Customer review by squareaitch

4.0 stars by squareaitch

I rent a place with very old porcelain sinks that I need to protect. This is why I really like the raised feet on these mats; however, what I really wish for and is sorely lacking in this particular design is a mat with these type of raised feet that also has a middle drain hole (and second model offering a side drain hole). That would eliminate the need to keep lifting the mat to allow food particles to go down the drain/disposal. Then, it would be a truly functional mat. The raised feet on the coated wire grid mat models eventually rust and stain the porcelain sink; likewise, the silicone flat mats just trap food and "rust" the sink. The enhanced sink mat would be ideal for my needs if only there was a drain hole.

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Works fine for us; we just wanted more info ...

Customer review by DK95959

4.0 stars by DK95959

I'm surprised at the negative reviews. I guess it does fit my expectations. Anyway, all I am looking for on the website, and not finding, is whether or not it can be cleaned in the top dishwasher rack. Could Rubbermaid answer me?

Nevada City, CA, United States
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Allows water to run into sink without spatter

Customer review by Lovelymsl

3.0 stars by Lovelymsl

I like the product but like so many of your other customers the holes do not line up with where the sink holes are on my sink. Also I have one extra large deep sink on one side and on the other side just a regular size. I had to buy three mats and cut one smaller just to cover the bottom of the large sink. The old sink mats I had were solid with a few holes in them. With the old mats (which were not Rubbermaid) if you didn't line up the faucet with the drain hole the water would splatter and make a horrible mess. These Rubbermaid mats are wonderful in that they don't do that. I see some of these critiques date back 4 & 5 years ago. You guys have done nothing to change or add to your product line. I know that Rubbermaid is a huge company and household consumption is not where you make the most of your money but I think if you had someone really sharp in charge of your household product line you could really increase your profits in that area. We don't think you are listening when there are no changes so seeing some changes would go a long way in making we household consumers believe in the Rubbermaid company that we grew up with. Women will spend a lot to make life easier in the kitchen. I see so many areas where there are no products even being designed within any company to meet areas of organization and ease for the kitchen. Thank you

Birmingham, AL
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white mat stains quickly, too flexible

Customer review by simplebynature

2.0 stars by simplebynature

This is my first sink mat ever used, so I don't know what the old design was like for comparison. Here are my observations after 3 days of use. Cons 1) Stains - After each use, I rinse them with dish soap and a nylon brush, but despite care, it already has stains which don't come off after soaking in chlorine bleach solution. 2) Size - to protect my new stainless sink from pan scratches, I bought the white color in the small size and also bought the large size in clear, which looks good against the stainless sink. The large is too big, but the small size is too small, and it moves around as it hydroplanes on the water. The newer 8" deep standard double bowl sinks have flat sides so the bottom of each basin is now a larger. I would prefer a medium size mat, which they don't offer currently. I might try to cut down the large mats. 3) Flexibility - Some people here complain they are too stiff, but I would prefer if they were even more stiff. The flexible mat and widely placed feet allow a drinking glass to tip over, wherever it's placed, which makes it hard to rinse out the glass. 4) Feet - The feet are too short, so food particles easily gets trapped under the flexible mat until I lift it out to rinse food down the disposal. If the feet were as tall as the width of the slats, food particles could be flushed into the disposal without getting trapped under the mat. Pros: 1) Slat width - The slat width is narrow enought to prevent silverware and utensils from falling through, yet wide enough to allow small food particles to pass through. I would have purchased the other Rubbermaid 1295 model sink protector mat with the center cutout hole, as is appears stiffer with slightly taller feet, but my new sink drains are offset to the center back of each basin. This mat was my only option, but I hope to find a better mat from Rubbermaid in the near future. For now, I'll probably go back and buy this mat in the black color so I don't have to look at the stains on my white mats.

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Robin17

2.0 stars by Robin17

These are surely not up to the standard of the old rubber mats I'm used to. I am not pleased with them, they don't do anything BUT protect the sink. They don't feel right, they stain easily and are difficult to clean. Bring back the classic sink mat! From the reviews I've read on the other style, I'm glad I only wasted my money on these and not on the others as well.

Ohio, United States
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Drain hole in wrong place all the time

Customer review by grand

2.0 stars by grand

I have remodeled many house and I always seem to pick the name brand kitchen sinks that NEVER have the drain in the middle of the sink. How hard would it be for Rubbermaid to make mats that have a drain hole at one end of the mat? You used to have cut-outs for the holes but I can't find any. How about it Rubbermaid?

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Bring Back the Old Mats!!!

Customer review by JPSilver

2.0 stars by JPSilver

Why would you decide to not sell the old mats? All you needed was to add gray to the colors you already had. I already had to cut them to fit so I don't expect you to carry every size possible - maybe a small, med, and large. My biggest complaints are: The mat that protects the sink divider. The joint that is supposed to bend/give and allow the sides to protect the side of the sink is too stiff. Also the suction cups are way to small to hold down the sides. The divider protector is almost useless. The slightly textured surface of the sink bottom mats stains way too easy and even bleaching the has limited affect. On the old mats, it would make them look new again. Also the random pattern of the little nibs on the bottom of the mat make them very hard to clean without destroying your hand and/or cleaning towel/sponge/pad. The name Rubbermaid used to be the "go to" name for sink protection - not any more.

East TN
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by lake11

1.0 stars by lake11

I have used the sink mats for years and loved them. If they got dirty or stained, they cleaned up good with a little cleanser and definitely cleaned up great with bleach. I am on my 2nd set of the new mats and they stain immediately and will not come clean. After throwing out the 1st set I thought I'd give the new product a chance and replaced them. No more - it is a total waste of money spent on a terrible product which obviously is not going to be improved/ changed.

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