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16958 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

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Customer review by PTreadwell

5.0 stars 2/18/2014 by PTreadwell
by PTreadwell
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Verified purchaser
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I have been using huggies since my children were small and now I also used them with my grandchildren.

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Perfect diaper for your perfect baby

Customer review by Stephanie1309

5.0 stars 7/29/2015 by Stephanie1309
by Stephanie1309

This is by far the most perfect diaper for my perfect baby. The excellent way that this diaper fits and feels on my baby makes it hard to believe I've ever used any other brand. Not only is this diaper designed to fit my newborn in such an effective and comfotable way, it is also adorably designed and printed with a variety of Disney characters and themes and are gender neutral. The creative designs and soft plush like feel of this diaper is however an added bonus to the impeccable effectiveness in which this diaper provides by maintaining a perfect barrier around the waist and legs of my child. The technological design creates a worry free experience each and every time I put this magnificent diaper on my newborn child. Leaky soggy and oozing diapers are a thing of the past and I'm so grateful to Huggies for keeping my childs's comfort and cleanliness a priority. So in conclusion, all that's left to say is.... Perfect baby. Perfect diaper, perfection is mine. Thank you Huggies!

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Customer review by #Moto Mom#4

2.0 stars 2/4/2016 by #Moto Mom#4
by #Moto Mom#4

I have always loved Huggies for my baby boys. My baby now is 2 months old. This diaper ( Snug and Dry) is not soaking up the runny poop of my breast fed baby. The pee is immediately pulled away from the skin like it should, but the poop is just pooling. Then it just leaks out the back and sides. Everyday he is leaking. Very disappointing! I am going to try the Little Snugglers before I switch brands. I hope they do a better job.

Comment from - 2/5/2016

Thanks for leaving us your review, #Moto Mom#4. We are disappointed to hear your little one experienced some leaks and understand the frustration with the messes escaping! Since each baby is unique in shape and weight, sometimes finding the perfect fit diaper can entail a bit of experimentation. Like you mentioned, we do suggest giving our Huggies Little Snugglers diapers a try. This style diaper is equipped with our GentleAbsorb Liner that helps draw the mess away from baby's skin. They also feature a wetness indicator and our pocketed-back waistband to help keep the mess inside. You can visit our Huggies website here: to learn more. A member of our Consumer Care team would be happy to tell you more about our styles and help you find the perfect Huggies diaper. Please connect with our team by phone at 1-877-648-2484 (Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Central Time) or online at We hope to hear from you soon.

#Moto Mom#4
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pure bliss

Customer review by 2ndtimemama

5.0 stars 2/4/2016 by 2ndtimemama
by 2ndtimemama

We absolutely love Huggins little snugglers!!!! These diapers are one of the only brands my daughter can use, and thankfully there amazing. We've never had an issue with leakage, no rashes, super soft, and the way they fit her is amazing! Granted the sizing chart is generous with the weight group but my daughter was able to wear nb and size one far past their weight group. You definitely get your money's worth

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Customer review by Angel Lynn

5.0 stars 1/29/2016 by Angel Lynn
by Angel Lynn

This is the best kind of diapers that you can buy for the baby

Angel Lynn
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The best

Customer review by Ttandjared

5.0 stars 1/26/2016 by Ttandjared
by Ttandjared

I have been buying these now for the past 5 months and they have been working great no leaks and my son stays nice and them

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Our favorite diaper

Customer review by ariajewel

5.0 stars 9/7/2015 by ariajewel
by ariajewel

We had our little angel this past January and while in the hospital ( with this being our first) she was in the brand the hospital chose. For just one day. She had the worst rash and it came up with blisters. Needless to say, we changed brands and stuck with Huggies. Being a new mother and not knowing much about which diaper to choose would seem over whelming.... so you would think. Most Moms said it would be trial and error before I got it right and that just wasn't the case, luckily. The Little Snugglers fit perfect! The shape of the diaper, the way it form fit around her thighs prevented all leaks. Also, compared to other diapers in my experience along with the different types of Huggies diapers, I like the texture of it as well. They're just more soft feeling to me than any other. I love everything about this diaper! Eight months old and wearing the same ones in a size three now and I, as a new Mother, have never experienced one leak.

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Snug & Dry...Thats a Joke Right?

Customer review by 3rdGenerationHuggiesUser

1.0 stars 11/15/2010 by 3rdGenerationHuggiesUser
by 3rdGenerationHuggiesUser

I tried snug & Dry before when my daughter wore size 1,2 because they were gifts from my baby shower. I hated them, they are very hard and irritated my daughters skin.I bought them not to long ago in a size 5 (because they cost LESS than Little Movers & I was between pay checks so I couldnt afford Little Movers this time.) Well you get what you pay for,if you want to be Cheap you get Cheap quality. They are still Hard and they still irritate my daughters skin, and the worst part is they leak.My daughter is always climbing, walking, crawling, playing, ect and they dont fit like an active childs diaper should. (No child i ever met has a SQAURE bottom and Snug & Dry are square shaped.) She always tosses and turns in her sleep and snug & Dry dont hold up to a nap either. I love Huggies Little Movers, and with a newborn I love Little Snugglers, i love Huggies Sensative & Natural Care wipes...but i HATE & WILL NOT recomend Snug & Dry. Poor quality & undeserving of the Huggies brand name.

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Better than pampers or luvs

Customer review by BostonzBeast

5.0 stars 1/17/2016 by BostonzBeast
by BostonzBeast

Great comfort as well as absorbent. Lasted longer than any other diapers I've used before. Definitely worth the buy. You gotta try these!!!

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Customer review by MaurisMommie

4.0 stars 1/17/2016 by MaurisMommie
by MaurisMommie

Had no problem with them and no leaking throughout the night! Happy baby, happy momma ☺☺☺

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Good deals

Customer review by Cosita

5.0 stars 1/13/2016 by Cosita
by Cosita

I really like huggies for my daughter I love snug and dry because she's dried all the time that take me longer to change her diaper specialty at night.

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Customer review by chevyusmc

5.0 stars 1/12/2016 by chevyusmc
by chevyusmc

Can't wait to use the umbilical cord safe NEWBORN Huggies for our baby!!! Love the little movers for our two year old!

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Best for NB

Customer review by lizmom90

5.0 stars 1/10/2016 by lizmom90
by lizmom90

I used the Huggies Little Smugglers with my first son and I plan on using them again! I love how it leaves space for the embilical cord so that the diaper doesn't have to be folded! The color strip is also amazing!

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I loved, but now change and not work for me

Customer review by abisai

1.0 stars 4/26/2013 by abisai
by abisai

Since my son was born I used this brand and the truth was very happy, I always worked until the weekend to buy a big box as always and oh desepcion to open it I found a big change, I did not judge until the probe, as my son peed detached ugly smell, and I had to change because it was more bulky ugly very quickly before you change sleep and waking in the morning my poor baby was wet, that's never happened to me the previous design, I thought it was because I had taken a lot of liquid but this has been repeated since I put the new design (one week) and keep doing the same routine before bed, the only thing that has changed is the diaper. During the day I have to change more often because he wet his pants in the front if I leave it longer. Hopefully back to the old, that if it lasted 12 hours which promises now. Now I have a lot Diapers and not to do, I'll have to finish it and find another option. I would not switch brands, in two months I will have another baby and I do not know what I'll use diaper.

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Love these diapers!

Customer review by lyk23

5.0 stars 1/7/2016 by lyk23
by lyk23

I knew I would like these diapers the first time I felt them and used them for my baby. Very soft and cushioned for my baby instead of stiff and rough. I can tell she is comfortable in them and I've had no leaks and few diaper blowout explosions! Definitely going buy these again.

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The best diapers!

Customer review by MommaWalker

5.0 stars 1/9/2016 by MommaWalker
by MommaWalker

I've used Huggies with all four of my children. I love them. I have never had a problem with them!

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Love huggies!

Customer review by Alistone

5.0 stars 1/6/2016 by Alistone
by Alistone

Love huggies and they love my baby's bottom! I used huggies brand for my first child and never had issues. They are gentle on the skin and keep them dry!

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Love our Huggies

Customer review by dsnetzo

5.0 stars 1/7/2016 by dsnetzo
by dsnetzo

We just like the fit and they beat the "other" brand when it comes to leaks.

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The only diapers I'll ever use!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 1/12/2013 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I gave birth to my son 8 weeks ago, and was overwhelmed by all the different brands of diapers out there. Between the baby shower and the hospital, we had a sampling of every kind of diaper imaginable. Huggies are hands-down the absolute best diapers we've ever tried. The hospital gave us a bunch of diapers of another brand, but they were so large and awkward, and it was difficult to fold them down enough to stay off of the umbilical cord as it healed. The Newborn Little Snugglers with the umbilical cord cutout were perfect. A third brand we tried felt like paper inside and out (you could even hear him crinkling with every move he made). I felt so bad putting him in those things. But Huggies are so soft and, I'd imagine, amazingly comfortable. I love the stretch in the back and on the legs, too, which add terrific leak protection. Huggies beats the competition in every category important to a mother (and her baby!). I definitely couldn't go without these diapers.

An anonymous customer
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The new design has major flaws

Customer review by CJackson713

1.0 stars 4/29/2013 by CJackson713
by CJackson713

I have been using huggies snug and dry for over two years now. I would never buy another type or brand. I have been completely satisfied with the leak guard and flex fit. I did not think it needed any tweaking. The new design has major flaws. The leak guard seems nonexistent I have to change diapers constantly now and overnight every night my childrens diapers have leaked. They seem to sag and get mushy which never happened before. Honestly they are a bit flimsy and although softer I'd rather have added protection because they were not that rough before. Also the new design is a darker blue not as neutral and the color leaks on everything. I will no longer buy huggies because of the switch. They should have left it the same and introduced another style of diaper. I want the old snug and dry back!!! Shame on you huggies you just lost a loyal customer. I refuse to even use the 120 diapers I just bought. Guess I'll have to hunt for a better brand. Sincerely Upset Mom!

Comment from Kristin - 5/1/2013

Hi CJackson713! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. Our updated Snug & Dry diapers aren’t as bulky as before, but contain more absorbent particles that gel when wet. These changes mean our thinner diapers can absorb as much as our thicker diapers. We tested them thoroughly the diapers with real-life families to make sure that they continue to product improvements will offer you the trusted leakage protection you expect from Huggies® Diapers. We’re sorry if this hasn’t been your experience, and we hope you will contact our Consumer Care team so we can learn more from you. Click to email us or call 1-877-648-2484, weekdays 8am to 4pm Central Time.

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1-20 of 16890 total reviews
1-20 of 16890 reviews