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Customer review by bluto1935

5.0 stars 2/21/2013 by bluto1935
by bluto1935

I bought this Toshiba for a second set at another store not Wall Mart , wmart did not have it available in the store Feb 13/2012 . I found it in stock for the same price at a local BB store with a proper display for comparison . The Toshiba has a very good picture IMO it is plenty good enough for a first set . Excellent performance to price value. I can tell you when you take it out of store mode (torch mode when you first get it adjust it decently or calibrate it and set the back light (very important) it has a very bright picture good color,detail and contrast . *****First and most important ****** After you exit store mode go** immediately** into the preference menu keep scrolling down down until the energy saving setting appears it's hidden and last on that menu / Turn energy saving to off /also set automatic power down to off .Like this : Menu/preference(third from left icon) /scroll down/energy saver off **auto power off** if nothing else at least do that. ******warning ***** if you leave the energy saver( default setting)on you will have a dim picture no matter what it is **only **there so they could get the energy saver govt. certification thoughtfully they provided an off setting . Even if you Just turn the energy saver and dynalight off and set the back light to 80~ or so (Dynalight and back light are in picture menu)that is the key you will get a bright vivid picture with excellent color ,detail, good blacks,bright whites I also have a brand new 50 inch Plasma I bought the same day .Plasmas even though old newly updated tech (the new panels are quite good) are still the benchmark for picture quality over LCD and LED although TOTL read expensive LCD/ LED's are right there The Toshiba compares very well with the Plasma set picture wise. I use Dish HD via HDMI , DVD's PS3 and Blue rays also . Standard def signal does not begin to show it's capabilities. You must have HD service or OTA signal to realize it's capabilities it displays std DVD's well also. You tube and Netflix are good on this fun for web surfing on A PC via the VGA in or 2nd hdmi input although a dedicated PC monitor is better for productivity . Good fun as a big bright colorful second PC monitor for web content consumption or casual gaming ,hard core gamers might want a faster panel. Compared it side by side to similar 32" Insignia,Vizio,Sony,RCA, Panasonic LG and Samsung models LCD and LED Some costing $100.00 + more all were 720p sets except one of the Insignia and Sceptre TV's . The Scepter 1080p and some of the other 32" sets I saw at w mart IMO with the exception of a 720p Sony did not have near as good color, brightness detail or contrast could be because it was in a bright store and maybe not adjusted but all in all the Toshiba seemed better quality than most. In my In my opinion The Toshiba P.Q.bested (color and detail) all except The Samsung and Sony. IMO the Toshiba and Sammy were equal or very close though. Not to say the LG and Vizeo were bad they were very good however IMO the Toshiba had a slight edge on P.Q..color and detail over all but the Sammy and Sony. The Insignia 's while good couldn't quite match the LG,Sammy,Vizeo, Sony,Panasonic or Toshiba for picture quality The insignia's were decent good features and priced well though. I have a 26" Dynex 720p that only lasted 3 yrs before the LCD inverter board failed so I have the board on order simple fix . With that in mind even though it had an OK picture I would be reluctant to buy an Insignia as they are the same mfr. as Dynex I personally would stay away from any second or third tier brand even most of the re badged formerly American brand names however YMMV. One exception IMO are the newer RCA's they have good specs decent pictures ,features and look OK the brand is licensed to On corp. ON changed the ODM mfr. recently to improve design and quality they source some parts ,some boards and some panels from Samsung. ON corp long term strategy is to position RCA once again as a first tier brand time will tell. IMO LG, Panasonic ,Sammy, Vizeo , Sony ,Sharp and Toshiba are all definitely first tier brands . the Sansui brand is owned by Panasonic and reportedly pretty reliable In perspective the picture on the Toshiba is great for what it is within it's limitations . A good buy in my opinion . A steal at at $ 228.00/$250.00 or so at factory list $359.00 I would consider the Sony Bravia . I have owned 2 Sony's picture quality and longevity were never an issue same can be said of a Toshiba and anything Panasonic I owned also. IMO the Toshiba 32C120U beat the comparable Vizeo,LG,Insignias,W house. and others and it equaled the Sammy. IMO the Sony was out front over all in color ,detail and smoothness . Keep in mind these were at store settings however I did adjust some picture settings on a few of the sets when allowed YMMV. F.W.I.W. Television info .com web site measured post calibration on the nearly identical 2011 Toshiba 32C110 model Max peak white on the Toshiba was at 361.48 cd/m2 and black at 0.08 cd/m2 potentials arriving at static contrast measure of 4519 that makes it able to provide a very bright decent picture in daylight if needed. cnet gave this set a very favorable review after comparison, laboratory calibration and evaluation they also published their recommended calibration settings . head over to cnet go look Google cnet Toshiba 32C120U review other sites rate it a good very buy as well, here are cnet calibrated settings keep in mind they adjust for a dimly lit room so for a bright room . Using cnet settings to start I screwed my back light to 80 works well good color good detail. I prefer a bright picture YMMV. The c net settings are a good starting point. Cnet calibrated settings : Picture Menu: Picture mode: Preference -- Picture settings menu: Contrast: 80 Back light: 47 note: I set mine at 80 for bright room/daylight Dynalight: On note: turned mine off for net results in daylight. Brightness: 55 Color: 47 Tint: -10 Sharpness: 0 Advanced Picture Settings sub menu: Dynamic Contrast: Off Static Gamma: 3 Color Temperature: Warm -- B Drive: -12 note: set mine at -2 -- G Drive: -2 Cinema Mode: [grayed out] Noise reduction menu: DNR: Off MPEG Noise Reduction: Off Game Mode: Off Theater Settings menu: Picture Size: Native Picture Scroll: [grayed out] Auto Aspect Ratio: Off Picture settings credit : Cnet Tosiba 32C120U review

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sf bay area suburb
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Age:55 - 64
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Review and question

Customer review by Naej

3.0 stars 2/5/2013 by Naej
by Naej

I bought this tv 2 days ago but I think there's a problem to it. If I sit directly in front of the tv the picture looks very dark and I can't see details on dark scenes. If I change the angle, for example if I stand up and see it maybe in a 60 degree angle the picture gets clearer and I can see more details. The same happens if I watch it from the side, it looks clearer that way but not directly in front of it. Is this normal? I think it should be the opposite, that the picture looks better if I am directly in front of the tv. I also notice that the picture is too dark overall, I know about the auto brightness sensor but why they would make the picture so dark in the first place? It is just too dark and it is not normal. If someone know about this and thinks it is a defect in my tv please let me know. Thanks.

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Customer review by jitt

2.0 stars 9/11/2012 by jitt
by jitt

I'm disappointed in the picture quality, and I think the sound range could be much better. I also don't care for the menu options

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Very very Good

Customer review by Big80moe

5.0 stars 9/22/2012 by Big80moe
by Big80moe

I would do the same thing again

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Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
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I bought for pc hookup

Customer review by b4ur1ur0

5.0 stars 2/25/2013 by b4ur1ur0
by b4ur1ur0
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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Works great as my new pc monitor. great for games.very pleased

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north salt lake
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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 3 months
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Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
It's NOT too dark II !!!!

Customer review by D2Z

4.0 stars 2/20/2013 by D2Z
by D2Z

For you folks trying to get a brighter picture, here's the instructions: 1) Put the INCLUDED BATTERIES in the remote. 2) Plug in the TV. 3) Turn on the TV. 4) Press the 'MENU' button. 5) Use the right arrow button to scroll over to the 'Preferences' menu. 6) Scroll down to the 'Energy Savings Settings' menu. It's the 7th selection down. 7) Press the 'ENTER' button on the remote. This will open another menu. 8) Turn the 'Auto Brightness Sensor' OFF. You are DONE!! ...and your picture is BRIGHT! So....I suppose Toshiba could have done a better job with the instruction manual, but that is the ONLY flaw!! My TV is great!

North Jersey
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It's NOT too dark

Customer review by Fidellaty

5.0 stars 7/16/2012 by Fidellaty
by Fidellaty

I just found the Auto Brightness Sensor Setting and it solved the "dark" problem. It's VERY bright now. There are lots of features and settings. You just have to learn how to use them. My TV didn't come with a comprehensive owner's manual, but I searched online and found a .pdf. It explains all of the features very well. I especially like the Channel Browser. If your picture is too dark try going to the Preferences Menu and SCROLL DOWN down until you see Energy Saving Settings (its not readily visible). Choose Auto Brightness Sensor and turn it off. It makes a HUGE difference.

Springfield, MO
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Recommended product

Customer review by Falco

4.0 stars 3/16/2012 by Falco
by Falco

I bought this tv brand new about a year ago and i hav to say i love it! I has average features, but i have never had a problem with it like I have had with my Samsung 32 in. I mainly use it for my Xbox 360 and the game mode and HD graphics this tv is campable of is amazing. For this price it is definately worth a looking at.

Cape Girardeau, MO
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Perfect for my needs

Customer review by Ammoguy

5.0 stars 8/8/2012 by Ammoguy
by Ammoguy

Yes the TV comes set up way too dark but after reading "NOT TOO DARK" review this setting fixed the too dark problem. You just need to turn off the Auto Light sensor in the Energy savings settings under Preference all the way at the bottom. No bells and whistles like Top end TVs but nice picture at a budget price.

Alamogordo, NM
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Good value

Customer review by manny

4.0 stars 7/29/2012 by manny
by manny

For for a second tv, this a good tv and would recommend it. It needs a little adjusting but nothing out of the ordinary. It can used with the factory setting but I like the picture a little more vivid. The speakers are excellant and the options are features you would expect from a higher price set.

New York city
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Customer review by rd

4.0 stars 12/16/2012 by rd
by rd

I started having a problem that looked like a piece of wax paper about 5 inches across the bottom of the screen. I first reported this it took all most 6 weeks to get it repaired. This is way too long during college football season. I have several Toshiba products no problems.

Phenix City,Ala.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Bedroom TV

Customer review by Shawn

5.0 stars 6/3/2012 by Shawn
by Shawn

I bought this TV to replace my previous TV and I really enjoy it. It has good features like the favorite channels. I would like to have buttons that light up but that is about the only improvement I could ask for. It has a delay with the demands, but is is not important.

McAllen, Tx
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
27" tube has better picture

Customer review by jr

1.0 stars 3/27/2012 by jr
by jr

I have a 27" tube TV that the picture was starting to go out on due to being knocked over. I bought this Toshiba to replace it and the picture is so dark its difficult to see, even at night. The settings are as bright as possible. Its clear, but dark.

olathe, ks
Would recommend to a friend? No
Best TV Ever

Customer review by JerryRS

5.0 stars 11/24/2012 by JerryRS
by JerryRS

It has been the best TV ever and after reading the review from HarleyD , Winter Haven, FL. And doing what he said to do in his review. I couldn't be any happier with my new Toshiba TV. Thank you Harley for explaining how to do that.

Boise, ID
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great picture terrible sound

Customer review by Gerry

3.0 stars 7/17/2012 by Gerry
by Gerry

Bought a 32" for our RV loved it until we tried to watch something. The sound can't seem to be adjusted. We run it at 100 percent and still have trouble hearing it from 10 feet away.

Epping, NH
Would recommend to a friend? No
worst tv ever

Customer review by mimi

1.0 stars 7/10/2012 by mimi
by mimi

this tv is the worst i've ever owned. it's so dark you can't see anything!!!! no way to adjust anything on it. very disappointed!!!!!!!!

black creek nc
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worst t.v. ever

Customer review by got taken

1.0 stars 3/4/2012 by got taken
by got taken

I have a 32'' Toshiba that I won at a drawing and I have to say that it is the worse t.v. that I have ever owned.

got taken
dover N.H.
Would recommend to a friend? No
Too Dark

Customer review by Marty

2.0 stars 6/23/2012 by Marty
by Marty

Can't adjust anything like w/other sets - contrast, color, etc. Overall picture is too dark.

Gainesville, FL
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by CORVAIR

5.0 stars 9/8/2012 by CORVAIR


Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great balance of economy and quality

Customer review by HarleyD

5.0 stars 9/15/2012 by HarleyD
by HarleyD

I am extremetly happy with this set. I have had its' 40" companion model 40E220U in my living room for several months so I already had a pretty good idea what I was getting. I actually purchaed two of these. One for the master bedroom and one for a guest room. I have found this line of Toshiba sets to be affordable with a very good picture once set up properly. For those who have complained about the picture I think it is only fair to point out that the proper settings on ANY television make all the difference. First, as has been mentioned in other reviews, turn off the auto brightness sensor. Under the preferences menu scroll all the way to the bottom, past the Regza-Link control option to the Energy Savings Settings (this item is scrolled off the bottom of the screen initially below the Regza-Link option). Select that item and turn the auto brightness sensor off. You will immediately see the picture brighten. Next make sure the basic adjustments in the Picture menu are set well. Go into the Picture menu and try the following range of settings. Set the Picture Mode to 'PREFERENCE' (you probably set it to STANDARD in the initial quick setup) Go into the picture settings and try the following range of values play around with them since there are small varaiances beetween sets and between environments... CONTRAST 90 to 96 BACKLIGHT 90 to 96 BRIGHTNESS 55 to 58 COLOR 45 to 50 SHARPNESS 5 to 8 As I said, play around with it a bit to suit your room and your taste but I find these settings to be very satisfying and the calibration disk I use bears out that they are as they should be. One other note, you will need to repeat the picture settings for each input. Antenna, HDMI1, HDMI2, PC...they all have their own settings that the set "remembers". This is good if your cable or satellite box gives a "hotter" picture than your DVD, unless of course you are running all your switching through an AVR (which I do in the living room, however my DirecTV and my BluRay look equally good on the same setting on HDMI1)

Winter Haven, FL
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1-20 of 21 total reviews
1-20 of 21 reviews