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Poor man's Porsche

Customer review by Nick

5.0 stars 10/3/2012 by Nick
by Nick

This is definitely the Vacuum cleaner many consumers are looking for, but it is not advertized (advertisements cost money, that is why the upscale vacuums can afford it), and buyers don't know that it exists. I was looking online for a month, and I couldn't find anything like this -except a couple of heavyweights. Then I stumbled on this by chance at a Walmart, and I couldn't believe my eyes! Walmart online doesn't list this, and I assume as a retired economist that its online list is for affluent clients, whereas in the store unadvertised products are for poor people that don't have computers, nor do online shopping! I bought it, and it is perfect for me. The reasons? Vacuum cleaners have become so grotesque and heavy to portray a "high tech, high price" image, but for me they are ugly behemoths. First thing when I bought this one, and tested at home, was to trash my still working wind tunnel heavyweight in the garbage. I wish I had discovered this unadvertised gem earlier.

Chicago, IL, USA
Blown away

Customer review by Diabeticdoode

5.0 stars 12/9/2012 by Diabeticdoode
by Diabeticdoode

AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! Okay, I know all caps is a turn off for some people, but this vacuum warrants them. This vacuum is powerful, very lightweight, built amazingly well, and get this, it's BAGGED! That may turn off some people at first, it certainly did me, but after 4 months of use now I can confirm that I'm never using a bagless vacuum again. It sucks up the dirt and keeps it sealed in. The HEPA filter on the side has no dust in or around it (visible at least). My old bagless unit's HEPA compartment would get all dusty after a couple weeks use, and you'd have to practically take apart the whole machine and clean it. Not this one! Also, I'd like to mention that the Febreeze bags are awesome. They actually have a nice scent, and they last! I change my bag about once a month, and the scent has always lasted through the bag change. What else... I think that's it for now. Don't let the low price fool you, it's amazing. I definitely recommend it!

Tulsa, Ok
Light and easy to push around

Customer review by Sandra

4.0 stars 8/24/2014 by Sandra
by Sandra

I have allergies to dust and dust mites and this vacuum has been helpful in controlling those allergies. It is easy to push around. The reason I did not give 5 stars is that the hose does pop off quite frequently as does the power cord from the groove above the slot for the hose. Otherwise, it is easy to fix if the belt comes off (I vacuum from tile to carpet. This has only happened once in 3 years). It does an EXCELLENT job vacuuming tile. My water after mopping is barely soiled. So much cleaner than when I would use a broom. Also, it is very easy to change the bags. For those reviewers that say dirt blows everywhere, I ask if you have checked the filters and ensured they are intact. Also, it has been my experience that if you have these problems so soon after purchasing it, the retailer will exchange it. In addition, the on board tools are handy and easy to quickly access when cleaning. I would recommend this vacuum.

Comment from Lisa - 8/28/2014

Thank you for your review. To secure the upholstery hose, make sure to pull the hose tightly to clip into the holder.

Ft. Myers, Florida, USA
Superior suction and filtration!

Customer review by TF2000

5.0 stars 3/31/2016 by TF2000
by TF2000

After using bagless for about 10 years and getting extremely frustrated when emptying them I finally decided to go back with a bagged machine. And I am glad that I made that choice. This vacuum has a HUGE dust capacity and the best filtration system I've ever used. Never once has this machine clogged and I accidentally vacuumed up a few fabric sheets by mistake. Now, as for the suction... AMAZING! This machine just eats hair, dust, fine powders and dirt. Even when the bag is near full I noticed no drop in suction. Plus this machine weighs about 10 lbs and you could easily lift it over your head! My only complaint is that when vacuuming hard floors it has trouble picking up (and sometimes kicks them back) larger pieces (ie cereal) and certain types of cumbs while dirt, dust, fine powders are sucked up perfectly. Other than that it's a highly recommend machine!

Pretty great for a carpet for a cheap vacuum

Customer review by petowner

4.0 stars 10/22/2013 by petowner
by petowner

I am on my third one of these. They do tend to break with heavy use after 2-3 years, but they are so economical and do a decent job. I like that it is lightweight and really great on carpets, even with pet hair, and I like the bag. I always hated emptying a dusty cartridge. My main trouble is that it's pretty useless on hard surface floors - it will definitely just blow around the dirt vs sucking it up, even on the lowest pile setting. I usually sweep and then suck it up with the crevice tool. The first thing to go is typically the plastic piece that locks the vacuum upright allowing it to stand on its own, then various other pieces of plastic. The vacuums tend to remain functional in spite of that, you just have to lean it against the wall. The cord length has become shorter with every newer model, which is a pain. Wasn't so bad in a smaller house, but now it gets on my nerves.

Florida, USA
Ease of use.

Customer review by Ladybug

5.0 stars 9/28/2013 by Ladybug
by Ladybug

I never like to vacuum so I keep buying cleaners but this one is the easiest for me to use and to store. I have paid 6 times this price for vacuums that were too difficult for me to use. I am 79 years old and dragging around a heavy canister or emptying a bag less one, proved too labor intensive. I went back to this Bissell because of it's ease of use, and convenient access to the tools. This is the second one that I have purchased . I had given the first to my daughter and she used it until it would no longer stand upright, so she donated it to Goodwill and lamented that she missed it and regretted that donation. I had given her the expensive canister and the bag less ones, that I no longer wanted. I guess I should buy her another Bissell. This is a great value at a very reasonable price. I don't need the bells and whistles that are promoted on the more expensive models.

North Carolina, USA
This Vacuum glides easily

Customer review by DeeDee

5.0 stars 7/29/2014 by DeeDee
by DeeDee

I had a minor stroke a year ago & our old vaccum became very hard for me to use. We bought the Bissell PowerForce at our local retailer & I'm so pleased with it. I have no problem pushing it on our carpets, it glides so easily. I'm able to put the attachments together and pull apart easily for along the baseboards in the rooms with hardwood floors, even on days that my muscles aren't cooperating. I was so thrilled with my vaccuum, we went and bought one for my mother who had knee replacement surgery and bought us another one for upstairs! We did however have to replace the roller in our first vaccuum, but it could be due to going from carpet to hardwood throughout our home. I would still highly recommend this sweeper! :) I also own a Bissell Carpet Cleaner and everyone borrows it! Guess that says how great it works too! Thank you Bissell!

Pennsylvania, USA

Customer review by Dee

1.0 stars 8/27/2016 by Dee
by Dee

This vacuum is a WASTE OF MONEY. It does not pick up any debris so you pretty much have to pick up things with your hands that the vacuum missed and the handle slides off consistently and there was no piece to make it stay attached. As soon as you tilt the vacuum and move it forward then back again the handle keeps sliding off so it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to vacuum without having to slide it back on every two seconds.

Scottsdale, AZ
Well Made, Performs very efficiently

Customer review by RR

4.0 stars 8/30/2016 by RR
by RR

Purchased Model 1398 two days ago for home use. Very happy with performance and use on various surfaces (bare floors, rugs, etc.). Hoping for good, quality usage over the next few months.

Princeton, NJ, USA
Great lightweight vacuum with a design flaw

Customer review by Bissell user

4.0 stars 9/15/2014 by Bissell user
by Bissell user

I've used this style vacuum for years now. My father has one also. It has great suction and is lightweight. I love that I don't have to make a mess emptying a dirt cup. The onboard hose with attachments is great for quick upholstery cleaning and getting in corners. The hose does stretch over time which makes it difficult to keep in it's clip, so it tends to pop out of the base easily. My only real issue with the design of this vacuum is the wheel assembly with axle. I have had to replace this multiple times on more than one machine due to the cheap plastic nubs used to hold it in place. They break off quickly with normal use. A simple metal pin through them could deter this. I have already contacted the company to fix this flaw, but apparently that has not been done. I am once again having to order this part which broke again recently. I have to buy a few to be sure I have a replacement for when the new one breaks...which it definitely will. I like this vacuum enough so that it's still worth the additional trouble and expense, but it's a shame that such a simple flaw that could be easily corrected keeps this from being a great product. It's not a high-end machine, but for the price, it's hard to beat.

Bissell user
Maine, USA
An okay vacuum

Customer review by Kiley16

3.0 stars 4/4/2016 by Kiley16
by Kiley16

This vacuum worked perfectly until I changed the bag. I've had bagged vacuums before so I know I put it in there correctly but ever since I changed the bag it won't pick anything up and it started making a weird sound. I already made sure that the bags were to right size and that nothing was clogging the vacuum. So I don't know if this vacuum just sucks after you change the bag or what but I'm definitely wishing I had a baggless right now. I use my vacuum constantly for my house and when cleaning other people's houses so it's displeasing when you put money into vacuum that you can barely even use anymore.


Customer review by NO FLEA GAL

5.0 stars 5/22/2016 by NO FLEA GAL

Had a de-flea project 1700 sq ft. home. Rental with large carpeted living, dining and bedrooms was never de-flead from prior tenants with pets. This vacuum has awesome suction and a low setting to really scrub the carpet dirt up into the vacuum. Once over does the job! No repeat strokes, gets it first time. I have 3 furry shedding cats. Easy small product assembly, didn't even have to read the instructions. This is the only vacuum I will ever purchase. I hope they keep making them and never stop!

Weeki Wachee, FL, USA
Better than most high end vacuums!!

Customer review by melissa803

5.0 stars 8/31/2012 by melissa803
by melissa803

I have a cleaning business and bought the bissell for my own house. My clients vacuums would always do a terrible job and it always took longer for job to get done. started bringing my bissell to work and have not stopped since. Have purchased only the powerforce every time the vacuum breaks. Can always tell when it is starting to not work as well that its a clog due to the suction power, Its awesome!! Only issue i have is that i clean about 5 houses a day and needless to say there is a lot of vacuuming..the bissell always breaks in the same spot. the vacuum will eventually stop standing up by itself and the bottom part for the levels breaks eventually. maybe a manufacture problem?? but would not by any other besides the powerforce!!!

Comment from Joe - 9/6/2012

If you are interested in some of our high use commercial grade vacuums here is a link to purchase them. Their warranties cover non-residential use:

Newburgh, NY, USA
Great for mom

Customer review by Barbara82

4.0 stars 2/21/2016 by Barbara82
by Barbara82

My mother, in her 70's, needed a new vacuum to replace her 1970's upright with a cloth bag. I wanted something lightweight so she could handle it and with a bag so she didn't have to deal with the mess of dumping a dirt cup. It is getting harder to find bagged vacuums which, being a professional cleaning person for over 30 years, I prefer. This model fits the bill; it was so light I could get it off an upper shelf(above my head), it seems capable of cleaning the low nap carpets in her small apartment, the cord is long enough to vacuum the entire place without having to switch outlets and it has a dandy handle for the attachment hose!

Charlotte, MI
Fantastic Vacuum!

Customer review by TeresaQ

5.0 stars 12/17/2012 by TeresaQ
by TeresaQ

I've had this vacuum a little over 6 months now, and its worked great! I hadnt owned a Bissell before, and I was looking for a moderately priced bagged upright for less than $100, with cleaning attachments/tools. The Bissell Powerforce was the least expensive available. At less than $40 new, it was right in my preferred price range. I sprinkle carpet freshener on rugs before vacuuming, and the Bissell sucks it and any dust bunnies right up. It works great on both carpet and vinyl. Dont let its price fool you; this vacuum gets the job done, and does it well! Bag removal/replacement is easy. When not in use, the vacuum will fit into a closet or a corner, standing out of the way but ready for use - just plug in and go. The only additional features I could wish for are a headlight, and for the power cord to come out of the left side of the unit, but the lack of those don't affect the quality of the vacuum - they are just personal preferences. I lent it to my mom who had a really old metal canister vacuum, and she loved this Bissell so much, Im going to get her one. This vacuum is just what you want and need in a vacuum: quality, dependability, and ease of use, all in a well-priced vacuum that you don't need to take out a loan to buy! Thank you, Bissell! :)

Richmond, VA, USA
This is a tough vacuum

Customer review by Cynthia

5.0 stars 5/5/2012 by Cynthia
by Cynthia

I bought this product as my first vacuum when I moved out of my parents house. I knew nothing about vacuum maintenance so naturally the bristles were never cleaned, belts never replaced, and filters and bags were only changed/cleaned when it stopped working. Four years later I have my first clog. I bought this vacuum as my "starter vacuum" that I assumed would only last me a couple years. After clearing the clog and doing the maintenance that I should have been doing all along, I realize what a great product this really is. I'm sure many more expensive vacuums would be destroyed after the years of neglect I've put this one through. I highly recommend it and I will definitely be purchasing my steam cleaner from Bissell.

DeLand, FL, USA
More power than I expected for the price!

Customer review by Solo Angel

5.0 stars 3/21/2013 by Solo Angel
by Solo Angel

I needed a bagged vacuum because emptying my bag-less would put me in respiratory distress (dust sensitivity). After extensive research, I chose the Bissell PowerForce based on customer reviews. Being low income, I was also pleased that I could afford it right away without having to "save up" to make the purchase. I bought it today, read the manual, put it together (easy), and used it immediately. I was amazed at how swiftly it cleaned my neglected house, without causing me any breathing difficulties! I ordered the Universal Pet Tools set to compliment this fine machine, as I have 6 cats for roomies, and the "rubber teeth" pull embedded pet hair from upholstery better than standard attachments.

Solo Angel
Burleson, TX, USA
2nd Bissell I bought

Customer review by Darren H

4.0 stars 3/31/2015 by Darren H
by Darren H

I bought this because after 3 years of heavy use of my 12 Amp Power Force, I finally broke off a wheel. I wish the twelve amp version was still around, but this 8/10 amp version should do well for me over the next few years. Plus, it takes the same bags I already have. I hate the bagless vacs. Every time you open them up to empty them, all the dust just come flying out. What good is it to have a super allergen filter if you're just gong to release them all when you go to empty the vacuum? Not to mention that by the third use they look like they've been through World War III. Scratches and streaks all across the clear plastic case. Yuck. I'd recommend this bagged vac to anyone.

Darren H
Glendora, CA, USA
Piece of junk

Customer review by bissell sucks

1.0 stars 6/19/2016 by bissell sucks
by bissell sucks

The worst vacume I have ever bought. DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from Juan - 6/22/2016

Sorry to hear you're not happy with the vacuum. If you can tell us what's wrong or what you're not happy with, we can help! Give us a call at 1-800-237-7691.

bissell sucks
Physically looks great. Suction is poor.

Customer review by Sam

3.0 stars 8/12/2013 by Sam
by Sam

Physically I think the vacuum looks great. I like the new Febreeze bags that you can buy for it. I like the clear tube and small wand head. I feel the suction is great when using the wand but as far as vacuuming the floors I don't think it sucks well. I have had several of these Bissell uprights over the last 8 years or so and compared to them it just doesn't feel like the floor gets clean. I always go back to the Bissell uprights because of the price, style and accessories. Those qualities fit my needs great. This recent Bissell I've purchased doesn't compare to the Bissell vacuums I've had in the past in regards to overall cleaning power. For now, I guess it will have to do!

Comment from Lisa - 8/15/2013

Thank you for your review. Please check out the link below for easy tips to get your machine to suction better on your floors.

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1-20 of 621 reviews