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81 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

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1-20 of 80 reviews
6600 C4 put to a challenge

Customer review by Birch

4.0 stars 7/17/2012 by Birch
by Birch

Hey there, I personally own this product and a couple other similar ones to this one all from abu garcia and I recently happened to hook myself onto a 5'5" 75 pound alligator gar with my 6600 C4 and boy did it put up a nice fight! I thought the fish was about 50 pounds and since my line has an 80lb breaking strain, I did not give it much drag! after fighting it and landing in the boat, we saw that it was alot bigger than we thought! When we weighed it I found out that I had put my line through a lot of stress! Im just happy it made it! However, the next day I went onto the lake again and tried to fish it with it, when I clicked the button to cast, line would not come out, it basically didn't cast! Now I do not know if these reels are made for big alligator gars, or if it was my fault for not applying drag at all, but i was a little disappointed knowing that it broke down! Overall, the reel worked great and I really do like it its just that it broke down on me! I hope the same doesn't happen to all my other abu garcia reels!

south texs
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Customer review by An anonymous customer

3.0 stars 12/3/2011 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

Hi. I have caught many kings on this reel and love the retrieve ratio and how smooth it casts, but when dropping heavy weight...8-12 oz for trolling herring it slips. Not exactly sure how to describe it but here goes... when trolling herring you click to freespool out line until the weight hits the bottom, then you wait a 10-15 seconds to ensure your trolling speed and tidal current are not keeping your herring too far off the bottom. It is at this stage that you may have to freespool out some more line to keep your bait just off the bottom. In order to stop the freespool you gotta crank it till the drag sets in. Normally, it the drag will catch and stop the freespool at this point but with the heavier weight, it tends to keep freespooling for a bit resulting in an extra 3-10 feet of extra line out there. My c3 does not do this. They are the same age, 4 years old now. I like the reel but not sure if I would buy a different one. I am researching different reels now and thought I would give my 2 cents.

An anonymous customer
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Two Years, Two reels, Over 300 Catfish

Customer review by Rusty

4.0 stars 7/14/2012 by Rusty
by Rusty

I love catfishing the tidal waters of the James River in Virginia. For two years now I have been using two AG 6600 C4 reels with 15 lb test line. I have landed several 20 to 30 lb. fish and I like the great drag system on this reel. When you are fighting a big head-shaker that is 2x heavier than your line test, it gives you confidence to know that your reel will do it's part without fail. Two unrelated but important features of the 6600 C4's are ease of cleaning and bait clickers loud enough to wake you - between Midnight and 6:00 AM I get in a nod in now and then. The only thing that I have as a Con on these reels is that the bait clickers are hard to engage at times. When your hands are a bit slick it can be a pain. I have often sat there in the middle of the night thinking of how I could machine a better knob design or engagement mechanism. I plan to make some mods this winter and experiment when the big ones are biting.

Goode, VA
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Excellent Performance, Fit, & Finish - Top Notch Customer Service

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 8/11/2011 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I have the 5500 & the 6600c4 of this style. I have had the 6600c4 the longest, have absolutely tried my best to wear it out. I really like this reel for the higher gear ratio that it holds. The 6.3:1 ratio helps burnning the blade baits over weeds and structure that the muskie seem to like around here starting in the warmer months. When the Double Cowgirls and other #10 blades got so popular it began taking its toll on lesser reels. I have never had a failure of these reels, but I could tell that the gears were beginning to get a little wear. This is after several years of hard casting and fishing, so I consider this normal wear and tear. I also want to report on the customer service of Abu Garcia -- I mailed both reels back to their warranty service and asked for them to be rebuilt. Both were taken care of quickly and properly and I paid a fair price. Excellent customer service, considering I admitted up front that I had probably abused the reels over time throwing such heavy pulling baits. I like Abu Garcia's reputation so much that in January 2011 I bought the new Revo Toro Winch 60 reel -- another great product that is quickly living up to it's big brother's reputation.

An anonymous customer
Huntington, WV
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Great Musky/Pike/Bass Reel

Customer review by MuskyMan04

5.0 stars 12/6/2011 by MuskyMan04
by MuskyMan04

I originally purchased 2 of the Ambassadeur 6600 C4 reels in 2010 for 2 of my new Musky rods. Then, I put 80lb PowerPro Braided line on them. Next, it was too the lake... I was astonished with these reels! These are my "Go Too" reels for casting for Musky, Pike and Bass. I liked them so much, I purchased 2 more, then my father tried them and he went out and purchased 2 for himself. Then, a close friend used one of mine, loved it, then went out and bought one for himself. For the price, there is no competition for the 6600 C4. Weather fishing for Musky, Pike or even Bass, this is the reel for you. The large, full length release is easy to find and use without looking for it, the gears shift every so smoothly and the drag tension is perfect for all types of lures and fish.

Burton, MI.
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First Reel

Customer review by FM18

4.0 stars 7/28/2012 by FM18
by FM18

Guess I am a rookie when it comes to fishing this would be my first full "season". I have used both Penn's and Shimano's but then I tried my father-in-laws 5000c wow I loved the feel of it. So then went out and purchased a 6600C4 and strapped to a medium heavy action ugly stick. Love the combo, lets me reel in most of the fish we go for. Thinking of buying another reel Abu of course still debating between the Alphamar and the 7000i C3. Want the added capacity looking for a strong and durable reel for the bigger fish (striped bass, etc). Welcoming suggestions... Casts a good distance and mostly accurate ( probably human error when it isn't). I have to say I love my Abu Garcia C4 and will be hard pressed to switch I love the feel and easy maintenance. Good Fishing FM

Long Island, NY
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Excellent local/island saltwater reel

Customer review by navyfish

5.0 stars 2/2/2011 by navyfish
by navyfish

I use the 4600 size loaded with 25lb power pro spectra and a 5ft topshot of 12lb floro on a 81/2' MH Penn rod for local island and coastal fishing. This reel has got the power and guts of a larger class with the castability of a low profile. So far the largest fish hooked and landed on this reel was a 12lb bonito on a 5/8oz krocodile. I've hooked and landed over 200 calico bass, numerous sandbass along with lots of shallow water rockfish and have yet to have the reel even give me a hint of a problem. It's been over 2yrs without service on the internal parts. I clean the spectra well after use, lube the reel after a good cleaning, dry it off and it's always been ready for the next trip. Great reel for the price. Sorry Shimano, I sold mine to get more Abu Garcias.

Torrance, CA.
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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 6600c4

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 2/2/2011 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I'm a first time musky fisher and this was my first purchase. After spending many hours researching reels I decided the C4 6600 series was the one I was looking for. The ease of use of this reel is great. It fit my hands real well and was easy to handle on long days. It has smooth casting and a quick retrieve which I like when fishing certain lures. Other than a few rookie mistakes ( backlashes ) I have had no problems at all. I think this may be the best reel out there for the price! The guys I fish with all have the expensive fancy reels but when problems arise they always go back to the good ol Abu that's on the other pole. I would highly recommend this reel to any one. G. Olson

An anonymous customer
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Garcia Baitcaster model c-4

Customer review by Sambo

5.0 stars 8/16/2011 by Sambo
by Sambo

I purchased one of these fine fishing reels about 6 months ago,Boy was i in for a surprize! i have had several garcia baitcasters,but none like this, top of the line performance! Catching 20lb channel cats was a breeze for the reel which handled them extremely well for the conditions i was fishing,the ease of casting is insurmountable,it holds an extensive amount of your favorite line,cleaning is very easy,and schematics very easy to understsnd,i hope everyone gets a chance to use this reel,its truly one of a kind the price is very affordable,you will get a life time of fishing with this awesome product! happy fishing!

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Customer review by BassBuster

1.0 stars 6/22/2011 by BassBuster
by BassBuster

I had recently bout the 6601C4 off of Abu Garcia's Website. I fish on the lake out of my boat for bass, catfish, and some pike and musky. The first time i got out there i went to throw it out and a couple of things popped out of it, and dropped in the lake. I have asked about to replace the parts and the certain parts that broke off cannot be replaced. I had high hopes for this reel cause i have heard great things about it. But as it turned out i am very upset and i wish Abu Garcia would refund me a reel because i still trust the Abu Garcia name. I also have a verdict and love it.

Would recommend to a friend? No
The Go to Reel.

Customer review by Cowboymike

5.0 stars 8/11/2011 by Cowboymike
by Cowboymike

After 4yrs use thus far, this reel has exceeded my expectations. From the fluted spool for less tangles, to the easy and forgiving break adjustments, it has made fishing easier and its use is alot of fun still. The ratio makes retreives smooth, and allows for great action in baits used. It's durability is outstanding, as I have a habit of being hard on equipment. The casting is superb as well. No matter what the use I've need it for, it holds up. I'll be using this reel for years to come.

Farmington Mo.
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Good Musky Reel

Customer review by Nort Woods

4.0 stars 8/16/2011 by Nort Woods
by Nort Woods

This is a solid musky reel. The C4 has plenty of speed for fast retrieves, but lacks in drag power. The drag does slip slightly, but I have not lost a fish due to this. While this reels handles most lures I throw, it dogs when throwing big double bladed bucktails. The best feature of the C4 is the casting performance. I can throw small bucktails with no problems and bigger topwaters a mile. Maintenance is a breeze. This is a simple design that will stand the test of time.

Nort Woods
Eagle River, WI
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C4 6600...Girlfriend got for me for my birthday

Customer review by junior

5.0 stars 11/1/2011 by junior
by junior

C4 6600 is such a versatile reel...i use it for casting for muskies and also for trolling....either application is perfect for this reel . I have it spooled with 65lb test braid, which makes casting simple and able to do all day long. My first musky with this reel was a 38in..and was no problem for the reel. Its an awesome reel i recommend all musky fisherman or women to have one of these in your arsenal. I have also asked for another for Christmas.

Bellaire OHIO
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bamf reel

Customer review by Caleb Clark

5.0 stars 8/16/2011 by Caleb Clark
by Caleb Clark

probley one of the best reels out their i have fished for everything with this reel, I evan took my older c4 to st. Augistine florida with me to catch king fish. for fresh water i mainly target big blues and flat heads with this real, and it holds up on the tennesse river with 50lb blues hooked up to it and it is just finaminal how fast u can reel somthing in. like i said ealier i have two of these reels cause ily them so much and you will too.

Caleb Clark
hixson tennesse
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Replacement for an older model.

Customer review by OldBassCatcher

4.0 stars 5/31/2012 by OldBassCatcher
by OldBassCatcher

I recently purchased a 6600 to replace a 6000 that is 30 years old. I have owned 2 5000's and a 6000 for more years than I care to relate. My Dad purchased me my first 5K 40 years ago and I still use it today. He liked it so much, he bought himself one as well. We caught a lot of fish with these reels over the years. I love my Garcia's and will always remember my Dad when I pull them out. Thanks for the memories and keep making great products!

Fort Worth, TX
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Great Bang for your Buck!!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 2/3/2011 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

This reel is great! It doesnt cost a lot of money, and the money it does cost is worth every dime! This thing casts a mile, handles heavy braid well, reels with ease, little or no backlash, great design, and good looking! Doing a lot of musky fishing, the only downfall is that throwing huge crankbaits and double 10 bucktails, it does get a little heavy after 8 hours of casting. But no doubt about it, one of the best round reels I've purchased.

An anonymous customer
chicago, il
A good Value

Customer review by Mr. KnowItAll

4.0 stars 2/5/2011 by Mr. KnowItAll
by Mr. KnowItAll

The first reel I bought when I returned to fishing 5 years ago. I have bought a left hand one, the best choice for a right handed fisher, recently. I have also recieved 2 from a friend who semi wore them out. I repaired them. They are easy to repair, just bend the post that re-engages the reel back to a right angle. We catch chinook, coho, and steelhead with them. They handle big fish well. Casting is OK, but you have to develop a smart thumb.

Mr. KnowItAll
Portland, OR
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Continuing the Tradition

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 2/8/2011 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

The 4600C4 continues the long tradition of Abu Garcia reels that I learned to fish with....Smoothness of gearing and bearings is beyond compare....Ruggedness is superior to most reels made today....Reel is comfortable to use for a long day on the water...With a boat full of 4600C and even a 5600C (first year offered model) the 4600C4 has some daunting competition but has so far, equalled every task...Thank You Abu Garcia for so many memories

An anonymous customer
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Factory defect

Customer review by RED

5.0 stars 5/9/2012 by RED
by RED

I bought two of these at the same time. I had never used a baitcaster before. The first trip out one reel was perfect and the other one "broke inside". Sent it off to repair and had it back in 5 days. Said a gear was not welded that should have been! The factory service center also changed to a power handle as I requested at no charge. I have now cought dozens of reds with these reel and they are all I use. Works just as advertised.

North East Fl
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Used Abu Garcia over 28 Years

Customer review by Steve

4.0 stars 2/26/2012 by Steve
by Steve

Started with five 521 baitcasters back in the early 80's. 30 years later traded up to 4 Revo's, a Skeet Reese Model but still like C4 models so bought 2 of them Sep 2010. Yesterday, upon retrieving a crankbait that I casted into the next county, a C4 model failed to engage & the thumb button remained down. I haven't dismantled it to see what the problem is but this was a first for me. Normally all my AG reels have been bullet proof.

Lake Harris Chain
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1-20 of 80 total reviews
1-20 of 80 reviews