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MAC USERS BEWARE!!! Wifi features will not work

Customer review by LoveMyBigFam1ly

2.0 stars 5/15/2012 by LoveMyBigFam1ly
by LoveMyBigFam1ly

Although Samsung's website description for this camera gives you system requirements for a Mac, their software does not work on Macs (which they don't tell you anywhere). So you cannot use the wifi uploading feature to wirelessly upload your photos to your computer. Trying to even get the camera connected to any wifi is a task in itself. I did finally get a photo to email off of the camera, but it emails the photos through a Samsung email network, so it went into my Spam folder when I received it on my computer. This makes sending photos to others difficult since it goes into their Spam folders. Also, Samsung's Remote Viewfinder App that they have for the iPhone does not work at all. Even after it updated the App 4 or 5 times in only 4 weeks time, it never worked. I called and spent more than an hour on the phone with their techie who swore up and down that Samsung does not mention system requirements for Mac on their website and that they absolutely do not make an app for the iPhone and never would. When I proved her wrong by having her go to their own website and by having her open iTunes and see the App that says it is made by Samsung and says that it is supposed to work for this camera model, she said that she couldn't help me because although they have apps for other phones, they only guarantee their Samsung-based phone app to work. I admit that I got pretty decent quality pictures from the camera (although not in low light). The 18x zoom is also great on such a compact camera. So I gave it a 2 star rating instead of 1. But if you are a Mac / iPhone user and are purchasing the phone for the wifi capabilities, forget it. I will say that no matter why you are purchasing it, EVEN IF YOU ARE A PC USER, expect that if you have a problem with or question about the camera, you will likely know more than their techies do (no offense, but they were clueless about what Samsung even offered or stated... let alone about being able to give any actual help or answers). I actually returned the camera just before the 30 day mark since none of the wifi features worked and the low light photos were not good. A wifi camera is a great concept... if only it worked.

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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Fantastic Right Out of the Box

Customer review by Zaphod

5.0 stars 6/14/2012 by Zaphod
by Zaphod

I was looking for a WiFi enabled camera after purchasing a WiFi printer. After doing online research from two other manufacturers, it appeared the the Samsung WB150F was going to be the easiest to use and setup. After talking to a salesperson at my local store I made the purchase and headed home. I didn't even have to crack the manual open. Getting the camera set up and taking pictures, just as easy and intuitive as with any other camera. The picture quality and zoom are fantastic. Where this camera really stands out is the WiFi. Its to easy to email, upload to Facebook, or send pictures directly to my printer, no matter where I am as long as I have a WiFi connection. I even emailed pictures from my front yard on my home network, to my son overseas and he said the picture quality was great. Its easy to enter network passwords, enter email addresses, or upload to Facebook. Fast, easy. I highly recommend this camera.

Cleveland OH
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Nice camera, but the wi-fi is unimpressive.

Customer review by normmd

4.0 stars 4/20/2012 by normmd
by normmd

I recently bought this camera. I'm still discovering all it can do. So far, I've really liked it. I bought the camera for a vacation I'm taking next month. That will put it to the test! I am not impressed with the wi-fi capablilities. The MobileLink app doesn't work. I downloaded it to my iPhone, and it's in KOREAN!!!!! There's nothing else I can say, since I don't know Korean, other than, please publish a downloadable version in English. In general, I haven't been that impressed with the Wi-Fi capabilities. It doesn't connect to my iPhone or my Mac. It does connect to my Samsung DVD player and shows really high quality pictures/videos on my Samsung HDTV, but that is REALLY, REALLY SLOW. It works much better for me to plug the SD card & Reader directly into the DVD player, and I get the same high quality pictures. If I were shopping for a camera today, I would look for the same camera, only without the Wi-Fi which would be less expensive. I'm not going to return it. I just hope that Samsung will develop software that will allow me to enjoy all of the wi-fi features.

Ashburn, VA
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horrible focus

Customer review by ekeller

2.0 stars 11/10/2012 by ekeller
by ekeller

I like how it takes some pics,but the focus was the worst i have seen with any camera i have owned. I did many comparison pictures with this camera and my panasonic lumix sz8 camera that has dust or something under the lens and that camera focuses so well compared to the Samsung camera and it was REALLY frustrating. i held the shutter button down for awhile just to see a red or orange box instead of a green one and i just got so mad. taking it back and going to try the Nikon coolpix L810. so far i tried the Canon PowerShot SX40 which didn't work out of the box with a lens error message on the screen(lens cap was off), Samsung WB100 which i can't even remember the problem...hmmm, oh well, anyways I've never had bad luck with cameras before or not liked a camera i have bought,but this time around i am either expecting too much or just poor luck on my side. It does have some cool effects you can do,but not worth me keeping it. LOVE the wi-fi option so i can beam my pics to Facebook or my smartphone,but it is really annoying to have to plug the camera into an outlet to charge it and if you want a regular battery charger you have to buy it separately! ugh, no thank you.

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bellingham, WA
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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Camera Is Almost Perfect!

Customer review by Sunshine612

5.0 stars 9/17/2012 by Sunshine612
by Sunshine612

The Samsung WB150F is a great camera with only a couple flaws. I have used this camera several times and have taken over 2,500 pics with it in a 5 month time frame. The zoom is incredible but at long distance the zoom sometimes will not lock onto the subject you want the pic of. But other wise I have captured several great pics using the zoom. The Panoramic option ROCKS! You just rotate the camera slowly to either side and the camera does the rest. The framing and scene options are cool too and I have enjoyed using them. The battery life could be better but it's do able. If I'm taking a lot of pics I have to remember to plug the camera in every day otherwise the next day I won't get the pics I want. I have been thrilled for the most part with the camera and it's ease of use. Definitely would recommend, it's a great buy!

West Virginia
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by maihmaih

5.0 stars 6/24/2012 by maihmaih
by maihmaih

I've been looking for such a long time where i can take, save excellent pictures from a camera which has excellent features with all in one great features to share immediately via social networking, emailing and archiving pictures. Finally, this high tech gadget came out from the market. A great innovation where i can highly recommend to my friends and relatives. The features are great and the price is very affordable and it's handly to use. Great buy and worth keeping during this time of crisis. It's also worth the wait to buy this new smart camera from Samsung- A Wifi camera i waited for long now it's here that camera lovers buy and enjoy using everyday to keep important memories alive!!! Am really having fun and emjoying this Smart Samsung camera!!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Semi-Great Camera

Customer review by Reviewtime

4.0 stars 10/25/2012 by Reviewtime
by Reviewtime

This camera is feature packed. It has the capacity to be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. It records video as well as takes picture and there are edit features built-in. You wirelessly connect the camera to any network to upload files or by usb. It records video in HD format and uses a CCD that is better then most camcorders. These are some of the good points. Until they either fix or update some of the features thru a firmware update, the camera has a bad side. Auto focus fails to work correctly at far distances. You have to zoom in and out again to refocus. Then there is the limit to recording a video. Using a 8gb sd card, I tried to record a video that I know would last over 30 minutes. My memory card has the capacity but the max record time is 20 minutes. The specs for memory is up to 64gb, so I expected record time to be limited to free space on memory card. I know this isn't a camcorder but neither is my smartphone which uses free space as the limit. Also the mic is on top of the camera instead of the front so watch your fingers when recording. Overall, this is a camera with great features and the features can be upgraded thru FW downloads if Samsung chooses, and I hope they will take the limits off video recording.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love it!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 9/25/2012 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

This camera is great! I am a photographer and videographer, but I like to have a small, quality point-and-shoot digital camera to carry around for day-to-day life activities (i.e. a Rangers game!, taking pictures of my new apartment etc.). Auto focus on this camera is great, and the 18x optical zoom--wow! Only cons I have experienced so far is that the "fully manual mode" actually does not allow a true manual control of the focus. You just use the screen to choose a focus area similar to how you focus on some smart phone cameras. But the ISO and shutter-speed control on the manual mode is good. The only other con is that the battery has to charge within the camera. You cannot take it out and let in charge it a separate dock.

An anonymous customer
Dallas, TX
Great Camera, but needs better documenation.

Customer review by MannyORL

4.0 stars 1/2/2013 by MannyORL
by MannyORL

Great product overall. Cons ------ Documentation was poor. No explanation for various things i had to hunt for such as : * When intelli-studio firmware update fails, you can download the firmware, format the memory card and put on the card and simply power on the camera. *Facebook and other wifi apps do save passwords, so just ignore the prompt to enter passwords every time. *Intelli studio will create auto-folders by group in date, just select the option for user folders and don't pick any from the List of values, it will create them all. Video was subpar. My Droid razr took better videos. PROS ------- Camera took ridiculous photos. Really the best i've taken on a Point and shoot camera.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by jrapr1973

5.0 stars 10/3/2012 by jrapr1973
by jrapr1973

first i would like to say that this product is awesome... so many features i cant name them all... but one thing that bugged me was the auto focus... it wont focus sharply in high zoom very well...but i will add that i was able to focus manually to obtain the focus that i desired so with that in mind ...could use some work in that department...other than that that i can take a picture and send it to my cell phone so my personal pics can stay with me everywhere i go....great thing though... i already dropped it and got a dent in the could be more dented...i was surprised.. i will say it takes a licking and keeps on ticking though . lol

phoenix, az
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Bang for the Buck

Customer review by Pic4you

5.0 stars 12/24/2012 by Pic4you
by Pic4you

I originally wanted a DSLR for Christmas pictures but limited on funds. Did a lot of research and went with this camera because of all the features that are between a point and shoot and a DSLR. This camera has an awesome zoom, can be used on manual settings or fully automatic. The WiFi feature is really great, and the lens is one of the best on the market. I really scored on the price also during a sale. I am more than pleased with this camera and if you want more than a point and shoot get this camera and take the time to learn how to use all the features and you will be surprised at the picture quality and all the options you will have taking pictures.

Atlanta, GA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by JEREMIAS

5.0 stars 4/17/2012 by JEREMIAS

The biggest news of Samsung products this is the Wi-Fi technology that makes sharing photos and videos and storage. Images can be transmitted either directly to the computer, as well as by Internet servers for free from Samsung, dubbed "AllShare Play" as well as Microsoft servers "Sky Drive". With this, we can consider that these camera models digital are mostly for a younger audience who likes to share and display your photos on the internet, and families on the go who want to pass more easily their moments recorded images to relatives and friends. to do this, you can send the pictures by email, and social networks like Facebook and Picasa, and YouTube.

New York, NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excellent Camera at an excellent price

Customer review by Spiritsfyre

5.0 stars 5/13/2012 by Spiritsfyre
by Spiritsfyre

This is an excellent camera, if your looking for a nice small camera but that has more features and capabilities than some of the tiny super thin pocket cameras than this is for you.Loaded with features including the smart picture mode that auto detects what your taking a photo of(landscape, portrait, up close, etc) and selects the right setting for that type of photo giving you better color in your shots. My only con and its a small one is that while in smart photo mode it can take the zoom time to start zooming and sometimes you have to hit the zoom slider again to get it to zoom, but this is only in smart mode, works great in all other modes

Walla Walla, WA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by RhondaY

4.0 stars 9/20/2012 by RhondaY
by RhondaY

I absolutely LOVE this camera!! This camera replaced the Samsung NV10 (10mp) but has 14.2MP AND 18X zoom!! This was PERFECT during my trip to the Mediterranean, allowed me to zoom in closely to far off points. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the features -- panoramic shots, sketch, cartoon, etc. I LOVE being able to upload automatically. And, the fact that I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Tab, it certainly makes the integration of these devices more smoothly! A drawback -- the shutter is not as quick as I'd like. And, at times, the camera did stall while on some of the settings such as panoramic and sketch.

Philadelphia, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Loaded with Featues! Easy to use

Customer review by Shake

5.0 stars 8/23/2012 by Shake
by Shake

This phone has tons of features. It can be a point and shot if you prefer. This is one of the only cameras in the price range with a glass lense. Which really does provide better pictures. The zoom is great for distance shots. Wifi option is cool. Its easy to transfer photos to another device (computer, tablet, phone) way better than having to upload everything. Having the ability to upload to a social network site or email is very convenient. Overall this camera looks great, takes great photos, feels great in the hands and has enough features to keep you interested!

Chicago, IL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My 2nd Samsung Camera

Customer review by capricorn87

2.0 stars 7/24/2013 by capricorn87
by capricorn87

I got this camera for Christmas 2012. Since than the camera freezes all the time. I will not power on or off. When I take the picture and it freezes the am not able to review the picture of do anything. I have to manually power it off. Went on vacation and the zoom stopped working and this message popped up. "The zoom did not operate normally. Insert the battery again and turn the camera on. If the cameras does not operate normally, do not put excessive pressure on it and contact the service center" that is powers off and I can't use it.

Ottawa, Ontario
The best smart Camera

Customer review by Bmore1

5.0 stars 6/13/2012 by Bmore1
by Bmore1

I needed a small camera that I can easily carry everywhere for my daughter’s graduation. After some research, I came across this camera and let me tell you I am glad I bought it. The pictures were of high quality and split shot was what everyone wanted. The best of all, I was able to back up my picture wirelessly and with mobilelink, the people I was with were able to upload their pictures on their phones. they did not have to wait for me to get home and email the pictures to them. I love this camera and it is doing more than I expected.

Best Camera so far!!

Customer review by mjphx

5.0 stars 12/16/2012 by mjphx
by mjphx

After a break in at my home, i needed to replace all my camera,and tv's etc... I was waiting for a sales rep at Best Buy and happened to see this camera display.. I looked at it, read what was there on it and decided to buy it as we were leaving the country in a few days and needed something. I was shocked and thrilled by all that a digital camera can do today. All the pictures we took in Costa Rica were fantastic and we really loved the panoramic option. Plus being able to upload, email and post directly from the camera is great...

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Twice unhappy

Customer review by MommaNat

2.0 stars 7/24/2012 by MommaNat
by MommaNat

I bought this camera to take to Alaska. I thought it would be great with the WiFi so I could send pics back home. After a few days of use, the camera started freezing up and the only way to resolve this was to take the battery out. I was able to use the Mobile Link to send pics to my Ipad which was pretty cool. I exchanged the camera before the 30 day period because of the freezing problem. My new camera now is not working with the WiFi on my Iphone or Ipad. I'm very disappointed and will be returning this camera for another model!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Disappointing pictures

Customer review by qusersue

2.0 stars 3/31/2013 by qusersue
by qusersue

I was really excited to try this camera. I loved the features, especially the wi-fi stuff. But it just takes bad pictures and runs out of batteries quickly. The WB150F pictures turn out blurry and dark unless you are in bright outdoor light, and the Smart feature doesn't seem to get the right setting at the right time. It is always running out of battery at inopportune moments, even if I haven't been using it in awhile. So while on the surface it has everything I want in a camera, taking bad pictures is kind of a deal-breaker.

Would recommend to a friend? No
1-20 of 186 total reviews
1-20 of 186 reviews