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Customer review by JahmP

5.0 stars 6/11/2012 by JahmP
by JahmP

This sound bar was exactly what I was looking for, great sound without the hassle of wires and annoying set up. It comes with a wall mount that is pretty easy to set up! Movies, T.V. even music sounds so much more awesome! I highly recommend this product!

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Jersey City, NJ
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:18 - 24
Ownership:2 - 3 months
Usage:Every day
great sound bar

Customer review by niksdad

5.0 stars 1/11/2013 by niksdad
by niksdad

This was a great buy, the sound is wonderful, the subwoofer packs a good punch for its size and set up was hassle free. The bluetooth is a great touch and because I have a samsung tv the two devices link up seamlessly. Even if you turn the woofer off it still sounds great so if you are budget minded get the one without the subwoofer. Also I am fairly hardcore gamer and my Xbox comes through great, so the pass through HDMI really is a great feature. And you still have an optical and RCA jack too.

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Detroit Mi
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
HW-E450C audio bar- buyer beware

Customer review by Cat2Call

3.0 stars 4/25/2012 by Cat2Call
by Cat2Call

The audio bar sound is ok, but not great. There are two issues that buyers should be aware of. First, there is no possibility of connecting HDMI cables in and out and also mount the unit on a wall. HDMI cables are too stiff to fit in space available after using the mounting bracket provided. This is unfortunate because the Samsung Blu-Ray player manual recommends the use of HDMI cables from the player to the sound bar and from the sound bar to the TV. Not possible. Only the audio cable supplied works. Second, the manual and promotional material say that MP3 players can be connected directly to the sound bar USB port and MP3 files played. This might be the case for some players, but it will not work with my iPod Touch even when the files on the player are saved as MP3 files. I guess there are the well known proprietary connection issues. I can get a cheap MP3 player anywhere. However the fact that I could not use the HDMI cable connections is very annoying. If you want to use HDMI cables do not plan on mounting the unit on a wall.

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by camarodude

5.0 stars 6/10/2012 by camarodude
by camarodude
Top 1000 contributor

This sound bar can fill your room with GREAT sound and has more bass then any tv speaker could produce.Im NOT using a Samsung tv,and it power on with the tv(via optical) and either power it off,just like a tv(with its own remote) or wait 20 minutes till no signal is detected.I liked it so much I got the E350 for my bedroom tv.Was the best by for a shelf(in front of the tv its only 2.8 inches tall) I could find in this price range!!

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Age:55 - 64
Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Every day
Top 1000 contributor

Customer review by PHIL51

3.0 stars 6/4/2012 by PHIL51
by PHIL51

This soundbar sounds very good, but controling it and wall mounting are big problems. If you use only the optical cable, you can only control the soundbar from its own remote. If you use the HDMI hookup, Samsung says you can control volume for all inputs with the Samsung TV remote, but you cannot. If you hookup both the HDMI AND OPTICABLE INPUTS, you can control the HDMI input and when you switch to anoter input, it switches to the optical cable, but now allows you to control the optical input too. If you switch back to the HDMI input, you must use the soundbar remote to switch back. If your cable remote has been programmed for the TV, then it also works, so you have like an 90% solution, BUT IF YOU WANT TO WALL MOUNT, THE BRACKET BLOCKS THE HDMI CABLES, SO YOU CANNOT MOUNT IT THIS WAY AND SAMSUNG KNOWS IT! ONE WORK AROUND WOULD BE TO USE TWO SHELF BRACKETS AND JUST SIT THE SOUNDBAR ON THE BRACKETS. NOW THE HDMI CABLES WOULD NOT BE BLOCKED. IN ANY CASE YOU WILL NEED TO USE BOTH HDMI AND OPTICAL CABLE TO GAIN CONTROL VIA TV OR CABLE (TIME WARNER IN MY CASE) REMOTE.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Not a good Product!

Customer review by buba1

2.0 stars 8/24/2012 by buba1
by buba1

I have a Samsung LED TV that came with this soundbar. It has been a problem child from the start! As others have sadi, the sound quality is very good, and can fill up our large living room with sound. However, the sound quality could be MUCH better. We hear tinny audio, and there are no adjustments like equalization, to make it better. It does have presets, but, they are not what I am looking for. Now for the really annoying part: When connecting the TV with HDMI/ARC out to this bar, I could turn volume up and down with the TV remote with Anynet+ activated on the TV . The soundbar will turn off when I turn the TV off, but, not ON with the TV, so I have to have both remotes in hand to get started, which I was hoping to avoid. It doesn't make any sense to me that this thing does not turn ON thruough the HDMI setup. I contacted Samsung, and they guided me through setup from scratch, but, I still cannot turn the unit back on with the TV remote. I called them again, and they basically told me that this should not do this, but, did not have a solution. I guess I will work with it some, and if I still cannot get it to work, return it for a different product. But, the whole idea behind having all of my products to be Samsung, was that they were ALL supposed to work together. Save your money, buy a different brand!

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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Every few days
In the fence on this one!

Customer review by Catahoula01

3.0 stars 7/6/2012 by Catahoula01
by Catahoula01

Purchased this sound bar to complement my Sony Bravia 55 LED. @ the time of purchase it was the only soundbar I could afford (all the rest of the money went toward the tv!). Selected the Samsung Sound Bar due to price, since @ the store they did not have it available for display or sampling. The bar itself its easy to connect, the wireless woofer is fantastic (no wires!), and the options of the bar are top notch. Nonetheless, the fidelity of sound is just not there. The sound its definately better than my TV speakers, but for the price the fidelity of sound is muffled, and the wireless woofer's point of xover is too high. No real lows for the subs, it only serves as a midrange speaker. Im on the fence on this one. Having such an expensive Television with mediocre sound is just not my cup of tea. I will probably repackage and return.

Would recommend to a friend? No
You may or may not get sound, serious flaws!!

Customer review by kennf

1.0 stars 3/18/2013 by kennf
by kennf

First of all I love the Samsung brand having a 55" 3DTV LED and cell phones. But...a simple HDMI hook and no sound is a Samsung glitch. Switched to external speakers and still no sound. I hooked up the aux. audio cables and finally received sound....not very good. I researched extensively and wanted a unit with HDMI in and out which this unit has. I did not hear this system at one of the big box stores...wish I had because the sound is not that great, This was to replace a 5.1 surroud sound system that went bad...there is no comparision to the 2.1 channel. I have noticed several consumer on here complianed with the same HDMI problems and using two remotes!! Will box up and return tomorrow for refund. I did sample the Vizio 2.1 sound bar at a local Sams Club and sound was far better then the Samsung.

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Age:55 - 64
Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Every day

Customer review by Hozho

2.0 stars 6/29/2012 by Hozho
by Hozho

The sound from this unit is quite good and the installation is easy. The problem is that it cannot be controlled by my Dish remote and the supplied remote cannot control the Dish receiver. This means that when I change channels with my Dish remote I must scramble to adjust the volume with the sound bar remote. This has not been a problem with the previous system and I feel it is a major inconvience. I have tried all the codes provided by Dish network and nothing works. I have a Samsung TV and that remote also has no control over the sound bar so I am stuck with having to use 2 remotes to accomplish the most basic functions (volume and on/off). I cannot recommend this unit.

Sacramento, CA
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Rfun

5.0 stars 1/24/2013 by Rfun
by Rfun

It was very easy to install this product once I learned how to read the set up instructions..LOL! The Samsung chat line is a fantastic service if you have any questions. The output for this system is wonderful for our living room and most definitely surpasses the limited 20 watt speakers on the TV. We have an entertainment center nook and was able to place the subwoofer within for optimal sound. The subwoofer may appear to produce limited bass, however, it will yield enough sound to make a noticeable difference. I have it set at +1 and it works well! I talked my co-worker into buying one too and she loves it! She prefers the +3 subwoofer setting.

Anthem, AZ
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Sound - Could Use Better Instructions

Customer review by davenk

4.0 stars 4/30/2012 by davenk
by davenk

Just started using our new sound bar and the sound is amazing. Now, watching the 3D movies takes watching TV to a whole new level. My only to complaints are that the sub-woofer could use a slightly longer electrical cord and the set-up instructions could be better detailed. I have both a blu-ray player and game console hooked up to my TV and the instructions really don't tell you the best way to connect everything so that it all can be heard through the sound bar. This made teh set up take much longer than it should have while I figured out how to do it and then running to the store to get the necesary cables to do so.

Chicago, IL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Okay sound

Customer review by InTheMountains

4.0 stars 8/8/2012 by InTheMountains
by InTheMountains

I bought this sound bar to go along with my new Samsung 60" LED TV, assuming that the connectivity and system interaction would be simple. I was wrong. The subwoofer did not link automatically and the instructions to link it to the sound bar were inadequate. Also, I hooked up everything, including the TV via HDMI cables. I also connected the digital cable between the TV and sound bar, in accordance with the instructions, so the sound bar would turn off when the TV turns off. The manual doesn't state that this "Auto On/Off feature doesn't work if the HDMI cable is also connected.

Coarsegold, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great improvement

Customer review by murfisto

4.0 stars 10/3/2012 by murfisto
by murfisto

The Samsung Audio Bar is an enormous improvement in sound quality over the tinny sound coming from even the largest Samsung LED TV sets. My current battle regards the fact that when you turn off the TV/cable/sound bar with the one-touch system power button, the sound bar does NOT turn back on when you power up AND, when you turn the sound bar on, you must push more buttons to get the TV to recognize the input and then permit the sound to come on and still one must push a button to return to the sound quality one wants. this should all be done with one button push!

West coast of Florida
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great sound but little else

Customer review by coolascaliban

2.0 stars 7/12/2012 by coolascaliban
by coolascaliban

The wall mount is frustrating. If its wall mounted, its difficult to use the hdmi inputs because of their proximity to the bracket. Worked great for two weeks and then the sub stopped working. I took it back to the store and got another and that sub didn't work out of the box. It would never link to the soundbar despite numerous attempts. The features are fine, bluetooth worked good with my phone. Not much else to say. I like the size and look of it, the sound was good to, but I'm having trouble finding one that works consistently. Off to the store for number 3.

Canton, MI
Would recommend to a friend? No
Sound Bar

Customer review by painesk

4.0 stars 4/24/2012 by painesk
by painesk

I gave this 4 stars as it only has one HDMI input. works great with my new samsung TV and DVD player. The quick setup pamplet will get you going but will not explain all the features. Read the main instructions to learn all the features.This thing will pair with a blue tooth device and that is how the salesman sold me on this bar as he was easily able to pair it with his Iphone and play music off Pandora. I think the bar was a little expensive for the actual sound it puts out. Maybe I need to re-read the instructions :-)..

Bass? What Bass? This is not the Bass you're looking for!

Customer review by BavarianBarbarian

1.0 stars 4/12/2012 by BavarianBarbarian
by BavarianBarbarian

Bought one of these tonight, (wife wanted it to match our Samsung 46" TV) got it home, no matter what I tried, no bass. Got sound from the main bar, but no bass. The wireless sub shows as connected (nice steady blue light)and I tried reconnecting it several times as per the instructions, tried the FAQ, turned up the SW volume all the way, turned off any auto sound level and still nothing. I streamed the BT music from my phone to it, thinking it was my cable system, nothing. No Bass. It goes back for a refund tomorrow.

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by unhappycracker

1.0 stars 5/2/2012 by unhappycracker
by unhappycracker

I have problems with this product and I can't seem to find anyone that cares. When you turn the thing on it changes its source input; sometimes after you put it back on the correct source it changes back to it's perfered source. The manual says the samsung tv will turn it on when the tv is turned on. that doesn't work; it does turn off when the tv is turned off; which the manual says will take 20 min. it seems that hooking a samsung sound system to a samsung tv should be easier than this. have a nice day

Would recommend to a friend? No
Very Surprised

Customer review by BSpec

5.0 stars 5/18/2013 by BSpec
by BSpec

I was not expecting much to tell the truth. I have a 65" Panasonic Viera and wanted a little more sound than the stock speakers. Well after sticking in a Blu-ray and cranking up the volume I was amazed to say the least. The bass is incredible for such a small lightweight sub woofer and the sound has no distortion at all. This system is in no way equal to a full surround system but if you are looking for a great room filling sound for watching the occasional movie then this will more than fit the bill..

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Better than TV Speakers but:

Customer review by dinotracker

4.0 stars 9/5/2012 by dinotracker
by dinotracker

Being a Samsung it is not quite what I was looking for. I do not regret getting it, it is better than the tv speakers. I do have the bass disconnected most of the time and only use it during play back on my Bluray. I do plan on replacing it at some point in time but for my safety just not now. It goes great with my Samsung TV and the wife really likes the Sound. I agree with the others, Manual should/could be better. Had to go to AVS forum for the correct hook up.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Theater sound without the wires

Customer review by Lisa90540i

5.0 stars 5/29/2012 by Lisa90540i
by Lisa90540i

I am so happy to have disconnected the wires and wall mounted my sound system. You can turn the volume down for normal TV or let it rumble when watching a movie. Times you'd think you were in a theater. This sound bar is such a great value and I didn't configure it to use it to it's maximum potential since I purchased a SMART TV. The only part I'd improve is the TV remote doesn't power it off but walking by you can power it off very easy.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 62 total reviews
1-20 of 62 reviews