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179 reviews | 4.1 out of 5

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179 reviews | 4.1 out of 5

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1-20 of 168 total reviews
1-20 of 168 reviews
Great Design...! Would like more color choices

Customer review by BenSko

5.0 stars 1/19/2009 by BenSko
by BenSko

I have searched far and wide for a bottle as versatile and durable as the chug bottle. I've tried every type of container ever made for my water and protein drinks, and this one by far is the best. The flip top is much more convenient than unscrewing a water bottle, plus you can remove the whole top piece to add ice, liquids, protein powders, etc. If yours is leaking than you did something wrong or just got a bad batch. Check to make sure the white sealing ring that fits up into the top piece has not slipped into your dishwasher... I have 4 of the 20 oz, have washed them dozens of times in my dishwasher (note: my hot water heater is turned to the hottest setting) and none of them have ever melted, or leaked. I was worried that the design of the snap top would wear, but am surprised that it holds as tight as it did on the first use. My only suggestion is to offer an alternate color rather than light blue that a bodybuilder could walk into the gym with and not feel embarrassed... :-)

Lake In The Hills, IL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Leaking problems !!

Customer review by Hadster

1.0 stars 11/22/2016 by Hadster
by Hadster

I had the large Chug bottle for years and it was great, until one day i dropped it and it broke. So naturally i rushed out and bought another one, unfortunately the new one leaked around the thread seal. So i returned it and got another one , this one is leaking as well. VERY DISAPPOINTING, why was the original one so great and these new ones leaky garbage ??? Has there been cost cutting measures lately that may have affected the quality ?? Can you send me one the actually WILL be leak free ??

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by EDGAR GIL

5.0 stars 11/24/2016 by EDGAR GIL


Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Clean Design and Easy to Keep Clean!

Customer review by Bzrbuzzy

5.0 stars 3/29/2012 by Bzrbuzzy
by Bzrbuzzy

I love this waterbottle becuase it is a design that is easy to clean and keep clean. The way that the top flips off is in a way that you never have to touch the part your mouth touches. If it falls on the ground, it will roll and again, the mouth piece will always stay clean. Easy to wash... simple design, no locks or straws or sippy squirt garbage to trap bacteria! I can't find any other waterbottle that will meet such simple requirements! Plus, they make it in BPA-free plastics! I have been through 5 of these bottles in 4 years, mostly because I misplace them every now and again. The only time one of them leaked was because the rubber washer fell out and was lost. My only recommendation is that more retailers carry them because right now I am trying to get another replacement (misplaced!) and am having trouble finding them. I love having my plastic waterbottle with me all the time :)

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great bottle!

Customer review by SilverMom

5.0 stars 8/28/2012 by SilverMom
by SilverMom

I now own 10 of these bottles. I started out with the straw sippers, but they seemed to break when dropped and the straws never seemed to stay put. These go with us to karate and scouts, and my boys drop them on a regular basis. You have to make sure you have the tops screwed on TIGHT, though, or they will leak. I've only had the lid pop open two or three times in over a year, as I'm guilty of throwing it in my loaded backpack or purse. The ease of washing it far outweighs that, though. With the open chug hole, I can put in juice, milk, lemons, smoothies or whatever, and it cleans up so easy. I would just love to see these in an 8 or 9 oz size so my dairy- allergic child could take rice milk to school. Pull tops and sipper spouts never come thoroughly clean with milk or milk alternatives This style would be the perfect solution at that size! Also a must for me- no plastic-y flavor!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Exactly What I Needed

Customer review by Wordel

5.0 stars 9/11/2010 by Wordel
by Wordel

For the longest time, I have been looking for a drink bottle that would not leak when it tipped over in my tote bag. I have bought many different kinds of plastic drink bottles, and, up until now, they have all leaked when not in the standard upright position. I found the Rubbermaid Premium Chug Bottle at a store in Pennsylvania ( I live in Texas). I bought only one because, as with all the other bottles, I had to test it to see if it would leak. I'm so happy with this product that I plan to buy a few more and give them as gifts to various friends and colleagues. It does not leak when it tips over. It does not leak when it is shaken (I drink tea from the bottle). It does not leak when it is upside-down and shaken when it is upside-down. It's PERFECT! I make my own "koozies" to keep the liquid cooler longer in plastic bottles. My 1st "koozie" was a bit too big for the Rubbermaid Premium Chug Bottle, so I made a new one just for this bottle. The slim design of the bottle is perfect for gripping, and it easily fit into the homemade "koozie." I highly recommend Rubbermaid's Premium Chug Bottle.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Leaks and spills!

Customer review by mara21

1.0 stars 10/6/2016 by mara21
by mara21

Terrible bottle and terrible design! Do not reccomend at all! It leaks and spills so easily and it makes a huge mess! Save your money and don't buy this water bottle!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Love it

Customer review by JennaJenna

5.0 stars 9/2/2016 by JennaJenna
by JennaJenna

I was given one as a gift and used it for my everyday water bottle, but it also worked well when I went on a run because it was lightweight, and the perfect size to carry with me. I ended up losing that bottle, but replaced it with the exact same one again, and I love it just as much! The quality is something you just can't compare

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Beats throw-away water bottles...!

Customer review by Chabi

5.0 stars 10/15/2009 by Chabi
by Chabi

Buying water by the case is handy, but costly. The only reason we made drinking out of those bottles a regular habit, was that they fit into our car drink holders. Other than that, even when bought on sale, water can be expensive and a hit on anyone's budget, who's trying to watch their disposable cash. We had bought and used Rubbermaid's other water bottles, but they were never designed to fit into a cars drink holders. Too, the initial design did not provide for adequate water consumption, that is, the drinking holes were too small to drink out of and the lids either broke off, or were not a good fit and they leaked. So, we bought two of these newer chug bottles with the snap-down lids in 16 oz and one size up. They don't leak and fit well into the car drink holders. Leave it to you guys to stifle any competition and get it right. One case of bottled water covers the cost of each bottle and now we keep the backups in a Rubbermaid cooler. I know, I know, we have so many Rubbermaid products, it's scary! Competition is out there, but not really, this stuff is made to last!! I suppose there is other manufactures of products 'like' yours, but nothing quite as well made. Enjoy!

Copperopolis, Ca.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The Perfect Bottle

Customer review by JudiSD

5.0 stars 11/12/2010 by JudiSD
by JudiSD

My daughter has a medical condition and as a result needs to stay hydrated. She wanted a bottle that she could drink quickly from like a cup. This is the perfect bottle. The flip top stays attached so nothing gets lost. The wide top makes for being able to add ice and for easy cleaning. The fact that I got one in red (her favorite color) was an added bonus. I like using non-disposable bottles and I have a few Rubbermaid litterless juice boxes. By comparison, this bottle is ten times better as there is no gasket to clean or straw that can slip off. Rubbermaid, if you're listening, I love to see this bottle in a 10 ounce size. The smaller size would be perfect for sending milk or juice to school with my young sons. They are so much easier to clean than your bottles with the flip-up straw.

Suburban Philly
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great bottle!

Customer review by Sonomakids

5.0 stars 2/17/2011 by Sonomakids
by Sonomakids

I was grocery shopping when I spotted these bottles, and on impulse bought 3 of them. They have gone to school every day since then, and not a drop has been spilled. They go through the dishwasher every night and come out clean, no funky smell, even after having milk in them all day. I like that they only have 2 parts - nothing to get lost, and no straws or hinges, or what have you that feel like they never get completely clean. I logged on today to see if they were sold in a smaller size, because they are somewhat large for going to school, half the size would be perfect. I'd stock up on 6 of them and just rotate them to school and in the dishwasher and never buy another juice box again. Buy this bottle, you won't regret it.!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by coffeelover

5.0 stars 6/2/2010 by coffeelover
by coffeelover

I love these bottles. They are so easy to use. The wide mouth makes them easy to clean. It's very easy to snap the top closed after drinking...even while driving. I live in the desert and have used Rubbermaid bottles for years to carry my water and they just keep making them better and better. I noticed some of the reviews didn't like the fact that the seal comes out. You do have to keep an eye on it but I prefer it so that I can really get the lid clean. I have several different styles from over the years and I will fill them half way and freeze them. In the morning I add water and I'm off to work. I have cold water all day. I highly recommend Rubbermaid water bottles and certainly feel "greener" by using them.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Bang for the buck

Customer review by Lestat

4.0 stars 11/22/2011 by Lestat
by Lestat

I bought this months ago because it's a flip top chugger which makes it really easier vs. screw-ons, plus it's safe & BPA-free with no plastic-y taste. I wash it regularly and properly with good dishwashing liquid so I haven't encountered that "swampy" taste yet. It shakes around in my backpack while hurrying to go to work and it doesn't leak/spill at all. Dropped it a few times as well (off my desk; while on the stairs; etc.) with liquid in it and it just bounced & rolled with no cracks and the top stayed secure! Best of all, it's the cheapest compared to the others on the shelf. I just wish it can withstand hot water so I can dip tea bags in it, but hey, that's when my favorite mug comes into play...

Manila, PH
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love my chug!

Customer review by kapapak

5.0 stars 2/6/2013 by kapapak
by kapapak

I have used these and previous "models" for years. I love them. Mostly use in car and when travel. They fit in car holders perfect. I have used them when walking trails and other stuff. I have never had one that leaked. And I have had many. I have at least five right now. I like my older ones because I like the color of lids on them. I have had the ring get dingy on my older ones in past, but that was because I was lazy and didn't wash them soon enough. Sometimes I put carbinated drinks in them and get a good scare unexpectedly. The carbination builds up and pops the top loudly after few minutes. Usually after I forget to let pressure out after I get in car. Definately would recommend!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
So far so good

Customer review by Coppertop

5.0 stars 10/17/2009 by Coppertop
by Coppertop

Picked this item up tonight in a combo pack of two. I've been wanting something to use for drinking out of instead of reusing an empty water bottle over and over. I was not even looking for these tonight, I was looking at garbage bags, but I turned around and there they were!! Two 20 oz chug bottles, clear base with a green top and a blue top. PERFECT!! My favorite color is green, my husbands is blue!! We could not be happier!! I love that the top flips open, I was worried about the spout being weird to drink from or not fit my lip right, but it's perfect!! I will only hand wash these to make sure we get years of use out of them!! Another great Rubbermaid product!!

Chesapeake, VA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Hard worker

Customer review by RichSr40

5.0 stars 2/7/2013 by RichSr40
by RichSr40

I have several of these Chug bottles the only problem I have is finding more of them. on the plus side they are the right size, EXTERMlY durable. I set it in the cup holer of my old back hoe and many times it has dropped 15 feet or more into a ditch. I just wipe off the outside and its good to go. The cap design protects the mouth piece from dirt and debree and have not had a problem with leaks. Gressy, oily, grimy hands don't seem to phase it either, you can still hold on to it. and it cleans up without a trace of the mess. My kids and grandkids Love them as well, probably the reason some disappear then reappear.

SouthPark, CO
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Chug bottles are awesome!

Customer review by Andra

5.0 stars 6/30/2009 by Andra
by Andra

The newer chug bottles are awesome! They stay closed and don't leak plus is easy to clean. I would like more lid colors to chose from (not just seasonal) so all my family members can have their "own' color. That way at a glance I can chose my own bottle when in a cooler filled with many chug bottles. My husband uses at least three or more bottles a day in his lunch. My daughter takes one to school every day. When my son or daughter are busy with sports we all take one to cool off. The Chug is number one in our house! Thanks for a high quality product that we can all count on!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Leaks terribly

Customer review by Your Mom

1.0 stars 3/20/2016 by Your Mom
by Your Mom

This bottle worked great for a couple weeks then the seal by the threads was already stretched out and it started leaking really bad. I had to throw it out before I even had it a month. I also wish it would've fit in cupholders.

Your Mom
Wisconsin, United States
Leaky bottle

Customer review by Laura82

1.0 stars 9/17/2014 by Laura82
by Laura82

I have the 32oz Chug and this bottle leaks very easily if it leans. Which is a pain because when I'm in my car, I have to make sure that sure that the bottle stays upright, it will leak out into my bag or on the car seat. I figured it was a fluke and that it may just be my bottle that is defective, but my co-worker has the 20oz and that also leaks. We bought ours a year ago. Then last week, my other friend showed up with the exact 32oz Chug and had same complaints about it leaking! Really don't recommend this particular product to anyone, in both 20oz OR 32oz.

Trinidad and Tobago
Would recommend to a friend? No
Leaking Bottles

Customer review by Zilli

5.0 stars 6/8/2009 by Zilli
by Zilli

Just to clarify...the reason most people are having leaks is because the rubber o-ring that is inside the lip of the lid is missing or damaged. If you dishwash the lid you may have lost it in the dishwasher. I have 12 of these bottles now and have had no leaks except when the ring is missing. The flip top bottles are excellent but the ones with the straw are not that great. Too hard to wash the straw and get it really clean and if the kids drink soda out of the straw type bottle you will have a mess since the carbonation makes the soda rise up out of the bottle.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 168 total reviews
1-20 of 168 reviews