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Marvel Sets > Avegners Sets

Customer review by TheLegoMan6445

5.0 stars 4/20/2012 by TheLegoMan6445
by TheLegoMan6445

Wonderful set. PROS: * Minifigures (Iron Man is my favorite) * Iron Man's mask flips up! * Good S.H.I.E.L.D. drone drop functionality * Cockpit chair is nice * Interior details (fire extinguisher, chairs for 2 Avengers, mission briefing station) * Loki's chariot * Massive! * Posable wing flaps and flick fire holders * Good price for # of pieces CONS: * Black Widow should have come with a weapon * Should have come with Nick Fury and other half of the Avengers * Fire extinguisher is hard to remove and even harder to put back * Thor's cape crumples when you seat him in the interior * Loki's chariot leans backward when you elevate Loki's part of the vehicle **The reason for the title is that except for the Superman set, all the DC sets are remakes (except for the Dynamic Duo Funhouse) of old Batman sets, so the minifigures are simply updated version of old characters, and the sets don't seem as unique as they did when they came out 5 years ago. Plus, all of the Marvel figures and sets are brand new.

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Loved it!

Customer review by TravelingKat

5.0 stars 6/14/2012 by TravelingKat
by TravelingKat

I have a Lego and Avenger fan... he loved it, and for once didn't have it built in 10 minutes or less!

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Cabot, AR
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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Awesome jet

Customer review by brickprince1

5.0 stars 4/12/2012 by brickprince1
by brickprince1

This set is amazing after a long build. The jet itself is amazing very neat and tidy. The cockpit were black widow is, is good. I love the other with seats for passengers and the screen with the stickers is awesome and makes the jet look very high - tech. THe only thing is would have been nice if it ad four seats so you could fit all avengers in. I love the design. THe back is good however would have been nice to fit captains america bike. Its not one of those set that falls and breaks its very strong. I love the 360 turn. Loki's mini chariot is awesome lovely design and like the foot soldier. Over all and incredible set. Well done lego. Mini figures are great except no iron man should have done the Samuel l. jackson as he comes in none of the sets which is such a shame, I don't know why you would not include him. There is one reason but not going to say. If the make avengers please lego include him. Good value for money :).

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great toy for a child ages 9 & up

Customer review by candysweet

5.0 stars 4/7/2013 by candysweet
by candysweet
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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My grandson enjoyed it. He was playing with it for hours.

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philadelphia, pa
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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
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Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
My son loves it

Customer review by celine666

5.0 stars 9/29/2012 by celine666
by celine666

My son Loved his gift for his birthday, it really worth the price.

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New York, NY
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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
there's only one God & He doesn't dress like thor

Customer review by Brickstacker

5.0 stars 6/14/2012 by Brickstacker
by Brickstacker

One word – AWESOME!!!!! This set is great because the design is genius. Nice thick structure, love the wings and how they rotate, and the door that opens on top. The cockpit is awesome!!! The boarding ramp is cool. The mini jet functions well, how it launches off of the main jet. I just love the room with the chairs, and the fire extinguisher is a nice touch. Loki’s chariot is cool. I only wish there was a gun on the bottom of the jet. The minifigures are awesome, my favorite being IRON MAN!! He has great detail and I love how his mask opens. THOR and LOKI are cool and detailed. I just wish there were guns for BLACK WIDOW, and she doesn’t look very realistic, with her face being different from the movie and her hair is the wrong color. Also, THOR’s hair is too yellow; it should be more blonde. …Not to be picky, ‘cuz I do absolutely love this set! Now for the pros and cons: PROS: *set is well-designed *IRON MAN is amazing!!! *great minifigures *lots of features *great price CONS: *no guns for BLACK WIDOW *wrong hair color for BLACK WIDOW *not a gun on jet LEGO, please make more AVENGERS sets next year! I saw the movie, and would like to see a set made of the aliens’ big ships on earth.

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Awesome Set!

Customer review by Ellis

5.0 stars 8/10/2013 by Ellis
by Ellis

When I first saw this set I didn't want it but after awhile of seeing it in stores I figured okay and I really liked building it alot First is Loki's chariot I like because you can fit Loki on the back to sit or stand on the back while the Alien Foot Soilder flies around the Quinjet itself I really like alot but I have to say the only challenging part of the whole build in this set was putting the cockpit section connectied I really like how you can also put alot of figures inside the plane or make the back a prison area for Loki I also like the Shield drone that flies out from underneath the plane which I thought was a good idea also I like the fact that you can move the wings someway to make give the effect that the plane is flying the figures in this set are all just great and you get Thor and Loki which I think are okay Black Widow I like but with her long hair see looks like the version that was in Iron Man 2 I really like Iron Man in his Mark 7 armor. This is really an awesome set for anyone who likes Lego Marvel Super Hero's and if this plane were real in real life it would make a great military plane so if anyone is looking for a great set I would get this trust me you won't be disappointed at all.

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Worthy of a Thunder God

Customer review by Alcyoneus

5.0 stars 12/7/2012 by Alcyoneus
by Alcyoneus

The Quinjet Aerial Battle is one of the most amazing Lego sets I have ever built. Every portion of the ship is filled with little details and unique block arrangements that were awesome to see. When you are complete, the Quinjet is large and well-crafted vessel that is great for play or display. I really like the wing action, and the tilt of the thrusters in the back. The cockpit areas are sleek and compact, with great looking canopy covers. Loki's vessel is a little underwhelming, but the set needed someone to chase, right? The included minifigures are great, especially Black Widow and Thor. I love the figures with capes, so Thor really stands out for me (his hammer doesn't hurt either). A fantastic set that captures the excitement of the movie very well.

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Really cool set !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Customer review by Jo571

5.0 stars 2/22/2014 by Jo571
by Jo571

This set is really awesome!!!!!!!I The plane is pretty big and fairly heavy although not too heavy. The main cockpit is cool and the seat is neat. The second cockpit has two seats inside of it and it has a cool dashboard .The cargo space (in the back of the plane) is pretty small but you can still put a few mini-figures in there. The tips of the wings move freely. The rocket boosters move up and down . You can also position the plane easily.Here's some cons. CONS: Doesn't come with all the Avengers Black Widow doesn't look anything like she rally does Doesn't have propellers like in the movie Overall this set is really cool! I would recommend getting it!

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Avengers!!! ASEMBLE!

Customer review by MINIFIGX

5.0 stars 11/21/2013 by MINIFIGX

This is a fabulous set! For any Lego fan or Marvel Fan this will delight their mind! Great as a christmas gift. I recently brought this set for a brickfilm. It is very detailed and amazingly well built. Pros: -The Quinjet is sturdy and strong - well built. -The cockpit is very detailed -Space for the rest of the team -Plenty of room in the cargo hold for any avenger (except Hulk - he's too large!!!) -Cool Drone, which is button activated! (Butonnssssssssssss! YAY) -Great Detailed Minifigures. Cons: -No Carry handle Nothing like Walkie talkie or weapons for Black widow :( All in all a good set, with detailed figures that are rare and also a great ship.

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Quinjet Ariel Battle - Review

Customer review by LisaisaReviewer

4.0 stars 7/12/2013 by LisaisaReviewer
by LisaisaReviewer

I have to be honest, originally I didn't want to buy this because I thought it looked good, I bought it because I needed it for a Brickfilm, but now... Well, now I have no idea why anyone wouldn't want this. So, I shall get to the actual review: This set is amazing! It is much larger than I assumed it would be, and for the price it is incredible. While play features are limited, I really don't mind considering I don't play with the Lego I buy, I display them on my shelves, but I expect if a parent is planning on buying this for a small child, they would be rather disappointed by its lack of any real functionality apart from a small bomb/drone thing that pops out of the bottom. Pros: Minifigures, all of them are simply amazing (Iron Man's head is still massive though) The size of the jet, looks great on my shelf next to the Sith Fury Class Interceptor. Loki's sled... flying... thing... Yeah, its great that they included this, although one more Chitari would've been good Cons: Lack of play ability, while not an issue for me personally I imagine that others will find this annoying. Verdict: Amazing, one of the best sets I have bought from Lego in a long time, if you guys keep making sets like this you will be guaranteed that I will keep purchasing them, good job guys! Lisaisanut, Brickfilmer and Lego Fan, over and out!

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This set is amazing

Customer review by Neddy

5.0 stars 8/4/2013 by Neddy
by Neddy

it is my favorite set out of the 120 sets i have built. i only really don't like the fact that the wing tips move. other than that you get half of the avengers, their main enemy (in the movie), and a Chitauri warrior and deluxe speeder. i say deluxe in the fact that this speeder has the back compartment as opposed to the speeder in the Captain America set Pros. -amazing detail and overall look of the quinjet. reminds me completely of the movie -Mark 7 iron man -Thor -loki -Black widow -amazing front cockpit -extra space in jet -seats in jet -scout droid cons -wing tips move but can be fixed with simple mod -fair amount of stickers

New york
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Best Set in a While, Yo!

Customer review by NoobusMcGoob

5.0 stars 5/20/2012 by NoobusMcGoob
by NoobusMcGoob

SET Well, I must say, this is one set that is SIR! I can't put it down! The detail is exquisit. However, the rainbow on the inside is rather distracting... The cockpit is probably the best LEGO has ever made (Nice Job Guys :D). Besides that rainbow area, the only flaw I can find on the vehicle itself is the wings. While it's cool that they can rotate, they hardly stay put. Nothing big though. MINIFIGS The most disappointing thing in this set is the Minifigs. The only exclusive ones to this set are hardly exclusive at all. Iron Man is essentially the same, besides the fact he's now Mk 7, and honestly, I prefer Mk 6. Black Widow is atrocious! She doesn't resemble her in the slightest, and no gun? Come on! It's just disgusting how little effort was put into her. Thor is amazing. "'Nuff Said". Loki. How much potential he had. Awesome prints (Body and Legs), cool, helmet, decent staff... His head. Look, he's not freaking Bruce Wayne! He's Loki, God of Mischief! He needs a double-sided head, one depicting his seriousness, one with his crazy smile! If you can put it in your commercial, you can put it on the real product! The Chitauri is fine, I don't really have anything to say about it. CONCLUSION Anyway, Amazing Set! Loved the set itself, not so much the figs... Buy it, especially now, BETWEEN THE SIXTEENTH UNTIL THE THIRTY-FIRST OF MAY, 2012. Nice Job, LEGO.

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Who can fly a jet?

Customer review by peto

4.0 stars 7/26/2013 by peto
by peto

Honestly this is a really cool set. I mean really cool however its a bit of a pain there are a lot of things cramped into this set including the minifigs making it really tough to play with in respect to them. On the outside though I don't think I've seen a more fun vehicle in recent lego history. Pros -really nice minifig variety(you basically have the avengers) -villain hero balance is nice -really cool build -snazzy drone function (it comes out at the press of a button {BUTTONS!!}) Cons -Wingtips fall off rather easily -engines fall off rather easily -hard to fit minifigs in such enclosed spaces

Would recommend to a friend? No
The Quinjet Battle

Customer review by Takeshi7013

4.0 stars 1/29/2013 by Takeshi7013
by Takeshi7013

I didn't think much of this set before I saw it, but when I saw the finished product in the LEGO store, I was amazed by the grandness of this set. Almost every detail, even the small chariot, is very well designed. So many parts of the plane announce to the viewer that a great deal of attention was paid to it. Granted, the seating is scarce, and the interior is rather small, but the cockpit, for instance, is so amazing. Even the headrest of the chair in the cockpit moves. If that isn't attention to detail, I don't know what is. PROS: The many details of the interior and exterior of the plane The mini scouting plane function works unforgettably well (I never get sick of ejecting that thing!) The jets at the back of the plane deserve a nod, as they are extremely large and heavy-duty-ish Thor is a very cool minifigure, and his hammer is resilient plastic, unlike Aqua Man's trident. (review to follow on that set) CONS: The lack of sitting room in the interior As mentioned by a previous reviewer, I would really like enough room for the Avenging Cycle in the back The price is too expensive. I would give this set a 8/10. It's significant complexity accounts for most of the problems, but its price is still a drawback. The minifigures (besides Thor!) aren't too impressive, but this set is still very satisfying. If you've got the money to plunk down, make sure to check out this set! God bless Takeshi7013

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Agent Romanoff, Did you miss me???

Customer review by IamIronMan

5.0 stars 1/11/2014 by IamIronMan
by IamIronMan

I bought this set for myself with the gift cards and money that I received for Christmas and LOVED it. Although there are many cons, this was an overall great set. PROS: -It was larger than expected -drone drop is super fun -minifigs are GREAT (Black Widow and Iron Man Mk VII are tied for my favorites) -detailed inside CONS: -could use more minifigs (like Phil Coulson or Captain America) -cockpit is not accessible by the main body of the plane -S.H.I.E.L.D. drone drop mechanism takes up 1/3 of the cabin -Loki's chariot is not stable when you set it on the ground

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Avengers Assemble! (literally)

Customer review by dinoninja5

5.0 stars 5/5/2013 by dinoninja5
by dinoninja5

I have only had this set built for most of today, but it's epic! The best way to hear that is through this review... The minifigs: Loki: Sweet super villan, expresses himself as true magical leader of an evil army Foot soldier: Awesome, kind of movie accurate, looks like cool robot (In movie looks like cyborg), no laser rifle/spear (okay, because the general's laser in Captain America's Avenging Cycle isn't at all movie accurate) Black Widow (Natasha or Agent Romonoff in The Avengers): Epic minifig, with Navy SEAL legs, cool black jacket and blue stripes on torso, 2x the cool faces, and detailed reddish hair, no guns, but she doesn't really need them, hands work fine Thor: Sweet, Hammer small but sweet, cool hair, armor, legs and and very cool, detailed faces (sleeves on torso, not in movie, but hey, more armor for Thor) Iron Man (Tony Stark in the Avengers): Awesome faces, thruster flames, flipping up and down mask, details, torso, legs Chariot: Awesome way to really capture the design in the movie, fun to play with, not too big, not too small, fun to play with Quinjet: multiple movie accurate rooms (yeah :-D ) 6/5 star design, guns flip out (flick missiles, but I pretend they're giant chainguns) sweet size, secret hatch, eject function, build rocked... Too much to explain! Pros and cons now... Pros: Jet Play: 10/5 stars Challenging build (I loved it) Minifigs Quinjet Chariot Amount of pieces Pieces Cons: None :-D Overall: 25/10 :-) Dinoninja5 out!

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Customer review by MableTheHutt

5.0 stars 12/28/2012 by MableTheHutt
by MableTheHutt

This is one my new favorite sets, it comes with both heroes and villains and has plenty of room inside the jet for everyone. Although I was hoping Captain America's cycle (that I already had) might fit in the back, it doesn't. :( Overall I think this is a GREAT set, a little expensive, but well worth it. The jet has lots of little gadgets and moving parts and Loki's chariot is a cool part of the set also. This set would make any Avengers fan proud.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by joshk007

5.0 stars 8/12/2013 by joshk007
by joshk007

This is by far the best lego marvel superhero set and in my opinion, one of the best lego superhero sets that is available right now. Almost every aspect of this set is above average. Pros- It is really worth the price and more. There are alot of big pieces like the windshields, big gray curved slopes and the huge black bottom pieces in this set and yet it's still is less than $.10 per piece which is awesome. Also, you get not only get the quinjet, but loki's flyer too, which is nice because in some sets in this price range you only the "Main vehicle, plane, building,etc. ", and not something on the side to go with it. Great minifigs you get all the avengers except for two all with great movie accurate detail and printing ( this the only set that you can get black widow) and Loki and his foot soldier, which complete this scene perfectly in the movie where loki's army is attacking and the avengers are chasing him in the quinjet. Very well designed, it is a very sleek jet and it really looks like the quinjet in the movie. They captured the signature shield design perfectly too which the collectors will really like. Cons- The inside is a little bit cramped and could use some more space to put minifigures but that doesn't matter to me cause I only collect and display the sets. Other than I've got nothing So to sum it up, this is a great set with great value, awesome minifigs, a well designed quinjet w/movie accurate detail, and it is a necessary addition to any lego fan who likes planes and aircrafts and especially any marvel superhero collector's/fan's collection.

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Beautiful bird of prey

Customer review by SteveHB

5.0 stars 6/16/2012 by SteveHB
by SteveHB

Normally I'm a Star Wars man but I was attracted to this set because of the beautiful design of the Quinjet. The finished model is fabulous. Solid, stunningly shaped and sculpted and has a very accessible interior. The structure is solid and strong - no frustration with bits falling off - and even Loki's battle chariot is nicely crafted. This is a brilliant set - ideal for both play and display.

Leamington Spa
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1-20 of 52 total reviews
1-20 of 52 reviews