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MY Precioussss set

Customer review by LegoRon

5.0 stars 7/3/2012 by LegoRon
by LegoRon

This is the awesomest set in the LOTR theme. First i'll reveiw the cave The cave really added a nice touch to the set. The flinging element works well, and Gollum flies far. This part was easy to build. I thought it was sort of funny how Shelob cannot fit through the opening to her home.=) Now for Shelob. I have the first lego aragog from Aragog in the Dark Forest. Shelop is bigger and better. The moving legs one of the best parts, although they are easy to knock off. her head features a small opening mouth, but isn't large enough for a minifigure. The best part is the web feature. This part was tricky to build, but once done, shelob can hang any where. That part is just sooo cool! The minifigs are sweet. Sam and Gollum are excusive to this set. Love gollum a lot. I think this will be a popular set just cause of gollum. This set is my precioussssss Oh don't know if this was a mistake, but in my one Shelob Attacks set, i got three rings and an extra sword(I gave it to Gollum, BIG MISTAKE)

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Then we come to....... a tunnel (Smeagol)

Customer review by Brocktree1234

4.0 stars 6/14/2012 by Brocktree1234
by Brocktree1234

This set is a nice buy if you've got $20 sitting around. It includes Smeagol, Frodo, Sam, a hiding place for Smeagol and Shelob. I will now give a description of each part listed above. Smeagol- He comes with a fish, cannot move his legs, has an angry face, is bald except for a few printed hairs, and is about half the size of Frodo. Frodo- He comes with two Stings, three Rings, a grey elven cape, brown hair, and a hobbiton jacket. Sam- He comes with a sword, the light of the Evenstar, a grey elven cape, sandy hair, and a traveling jacket. Smeagol's hiding place- It comes with a catapult for Smeagol and a small place for Smeagol to stand in. Shelob- Includes a poisonous stinger, a web, wheels on the bottom of her, a printed face, 8 flexible legs, a wheel that you turn to pull in or let out her web, and two teeth things. Overall- This set is GREAT if you want to go spend twenty bucks. Though, you might consider saving ten more and getting Uruk-Hai Army. Brocktree1234, hoping the review helped.

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Shelob was made perfectly!

Customer review by Hathem

4.0 stars 12/2/2012 by Hathem
by Hathem

This is definitely worth the $25-$30! Minifigures: With that price range, you get a lot of Minifigures, Sam, Frodo and Gollum obviously. Each one has been very well done, especially Gollum! However I somewhat wish they gave him articulation in is legs. Frodo and Sam come with two different faces including a venom induced Frodo exclusive to this set. Accessories: This set is also great for accessories. I got three rings, two stings, new short swords, two diamonds as well as a fish. Shelob: Shelob has been made fantastically, the articulation in her was very well done. You can create many poses realistic to that of an actual spider! The detail on her face is also gruesomely well done. She comes with a very neat web mechanic to her with a hook on the end that you can extend and retract. Also movable jaws. Scenery: With this set there is a segment of rock that you can use to launch Gollum. Other than that they are also good additions to scenery pieces such as vines.

Medicine Hat
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great set!

Customer review by YodaKYA

5.0 stars 8/18/2012 by YodaKYA
by YodaKYA

This set has so much in it for the price. You get Shelob the spider, the two hobbits and it is the only set so far that comes with Golum. Not to mention the One Ring, Sting the sword, and light of Earendil. Also, as most sets have extras of the smaller pieces, I ended up with three rings in mine, giving me extras if I loose one. Shelob holds together really well and the string crank works perfectly. All -in-all a great set!

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Big Ol' Spider

Customer review by SkordilWabramop

3.0 stars 11/4/2013 by SkordilWabramop
by SkordilWabramop

Shelob Attacks is not a bad set, but it isn't a particularly good one either. It has some flaws, some of which play on my lego pet peeves, but I wouldn't discourage LOTR fans from buying it. The minifigures in this set aren't really anything new; Frodo, Samwise and Gollum can all be found in other sets (except maybe Frodo's scared head) and usually for much cheaper. I've never been a fan of the Gollum minifig, although for such a unique character it is hard to make a suitable "break-the-norm" minifg for him. The main segment of this set is, of course, Shelob. I am glad that Shelob's face was indeed a printed brick and not Stickers. As far as looks, Shelob truly look fantastic. The repetitive build of legs is a little bit of a turn-off from this set, and I've never been a fan of string in lego sets. If someone asked me "What Lego Set should I Buy?" I would not recommend Shelob Attacks. On the other hand, it is a good set for LOTR fans and collectors.

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Shelob Set! :D

Customer review by Geekoz

4.0 stars 6/30/2012 by Geekoz
by Geekoz

I found this to be a wonderful set first of all. However, if you're not a fan of the Lord of the Rings than you probably wouldn't share my level of excitement. So let's get right to the Pros and Cons then. Pros: -very detailed and enjoyable figures, especially the Gollum, which is very unique as apposed to a normal figure -the weapons, apparel, and so on are very unique and it is clear plenty of work went into their design -the set has great functionality to it, especially on Shelob, being the bulk of the set -the set looks very good and everything works smoothly; I haven't had any trouble with pieces falling off Cons: -it's pretty small, there isn't much to it other than Shelob and the characters -the whole idea of putting the stinger and web together is rather inconvenient and mildly challenging to work properly at times, although I can't see how they could realistically do it any other way Overall, this is a good set to get, but If you're not a fan, it is not as good, although I would say it's still worth buying either way. :D

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Great Spider

Customer review by earl

4.0 stars 7/10/2013 by earl
by earl

I mainly bought this set as somewhat of a gag since my wife hates spiders. I thought the price was a bit high, but once I put it together, the spider is really cool and fun to play with. My daughter really loves it. My kids and I like positioning it in various scenarios, including attacking my custom space base and with Galaxy Squad sets. We are still not sure if the spider is an ally with the bugs or it prefers to eat them. When playing with the spider, you have to be a bit careful. The legs can break off if you torque them the wrong way. Therefore, if you plan on playing with the spider, be prepared to do some repairs on occasion unless you take care in how move the legs. Some reviews complain about the abdomen not staying up, but I do not have that problem (knock on wood). The connector piece is the same used in mechs, so it has a rachetting effect. Take care that the joint part of the piece is snapped in properly.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Loved this set!

Customer review by LegofanNY

5.0 stars 6/17/2012 by LegofanNY
by LegofanNY

The minifigures in this set (and all the LOTR sets) are so great. Spider is so cool with the retractable web. Definitely a must have for all lord of the rings fans!!!!

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Staten Island, NY
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Age:25 - 34
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Just like the scene

Customer review by stevesheriw

5.0 stars 9/3/2012 by stevesheriw
by stevesheriw

I bought this due to being a fan of the trilogy. Also, my 4 and 5 year olds are fascinated by the giant spider. Shelob is well designed. More the most part, it has held together very well. The details are good, and the moving parts imitate a spider's poses and movements really well. There are no stickers, which is nice. A hook is used as the stinger, and some string can serve its purpose of either wrapping up minifigures or possibly to hang the spider from something. For Halloween, we will probably hang Shelob from a front window. The minifigures are nicely detailed. Sam and Frodo have two facial expressions to choose from. There are three rings, three swords, a star glass, and a fish as props. Gollum is interesting, although only the arms move. One of the swords is Sting. I agree with some others that Lego should have made a blue version of this. Playability is good, although I suspect with my kids the capes could be a weakness. They look like they would tear easily with small children. Overall, this is a fun set, and I look forward to trying new LOTR sets.

Fort Worth
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I love this set a lot!

Customer review by JustOneMoreBrick

5.0 stars 9/23/2012 by JustOneMoreBrick
by JustOneMoreBrick

This is by far the best set in the lord of the rings set if you dont have the money for some of the bigger ones. This set gives you a lot for the price. Shelob is very cool and Golum is the best lego minifigure in the collection. It also comes with Sam and Frodo! Now to the pros and cons Pros: Spider is quite big Lots of joints you can move to pose the spider the web that shoots out the back interesting design Golum Frodo and Sam (with exlusive grey capes) you can launch Golum Cons: I would of paid a bit more if they made the cave bigger Launcher doesnt work the best Web for Shelob is a bit slow realing it in and pulling it out That is it overall great set. The spider is pretty much the whole set but it is awsome. (Make sure to put it on your parents pillow tonight). I now have collected all the lord of the rings sets and i am ready for the new hobbit ones in december. -JustOneMoreBrick

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Shelob the giant spider

Customer review by lasermonkey454

5.0 stars 3/17/2013 by lasermonkey454
by lasermonkey454

this set is good for any lego lord of the rings fan. Im going to say all negatives first so we can end positive. first One negative is that the legs of the spider are not put in a specific place so they move around when you're holding it. one other negative is that the lair is kind of small. one last thing is that the set could be 30$ and have included a couple of Orcs that come and find Frodo wrapped in spider web.the positives are the Sam mini figure and the spider looks very realistic. another positive is that the gollum has a different mouth than the one in the riddles for the ring( I have that set along with the attack of the wargs,attack on weather-top, Gandalf arrives, the orc forge,escape from Mirkwood spiders, and of course Shelob attacks.) That's all I have to say about this set and look for me on some other lego sets including the ones i said along with star wars and ninjago!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Spawn of Ungoliant

Customer review by TemplePhoenix

5.0 stars 12/2/2012 by TemplePhoenix
by TemplePhoenix

This is a fantastic little set; it might be one of the cheaper sets in the Lord of the Rings line, but it is packed with value. The build is fairly easy, although younger Lego fans might take a while with Shelob's web mechanism, but it will still take you a little while. All three minfigures are great; Gollum's shape is nice and unique, and both Frodo and Sam are well detailed (I love Frodo's variant "poisoned" face). Lego have really outdone themselves with the accessories in this line, so you get Sting and the Ring for Frodo, and a normal short sword and the vial of starlight for Sam. Shelob herself is great, with plenty of articulation in the legs, and some fantastic detail in her 'stabbed-out' eye. The little rock outcrop, just right for Gollum to hide in or spring from, is a nice addition too. All in all, another great Lord of the Rings set! Highly recommended!

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Best Lego Spider Yet!

Customer review by GandalfKenobi

5.0 stars 7/1/2012 by GandalfKenobi
by GandalfKenobi

Before I purchased Shelob Attacks, all I was really interested in were the minifigs, ring, and weapons. But afterwards, I realized how awesome the entire set really was. I have bought some of Lego's earlier spiders, such as Aragog, from the Harry Potter theme, but none compare to Shelob. She has string attached to the abdomen that measures about 3 feet (36") which is enough to wrap up Frodo plenty of times. Her jaw is moveable and her pincers are too. Gollum is a very nice addition to the Lego world despite his craving of the ring. Both Frodo and Sam have miniature hobbit-size capes and Gollum can reside in a small cave entrance. Three rings come with the set along with an extra sting (Frodo's sword). Gollum's arms fall off occasionally due to rough play, but that is not a worry. The set is great and if you are pondering weather or not to buy it, you should get it.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Plight of the Arachnid

Customer review by DDude642

5.0 stars 5/18/2012 by DDude642
by DDude642

My brother actually bought this set, so this isn't going to be like my other product reviews, since I really only witnessed the making of it. Also, unlike the Marvel Superheroes sets, this one I didn't expect to be in stores yet. Pros: - Very detailed minifigures, Frodo, Sam, and Gollum look almost exactly like they do in the movies. - Like details in small parts of the set, like the cave where Gollum sits. - Shelob looks absolutely repulsive, much like she does in the movie, which is good if you're a perfectionist. She has a very intriquite head design. The overall design is phenomenal. - Clever use of minifigure accessories; Gollum's Fish, The Sting, The Phial, etc. - Shelob has quite a few features, like posable legs, and even a web shooter that comes out if you turn a crank on her abdomen. Cons: - No pinsers, only mandibles. New Pieces: - Shelob's piece attached to her web (red hook). - Shelob's face piece (decals attached). - Frodo's Hair - Sam's Hair - Frodo's Cape - Sam's Cape - Gollum's Body - Gollum's Arms This set gets a good 4.5/5. This is one of the best looking LoTR sets, it won't let you down.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My precious......

Customer review by DARTHEPIC

5.0 stars 5/24/2012 by DARTHEPIC

this set has one of the coolest spiders ever made by lego. unlike some others (Hagrid's hut) Shelob actually has posable legs instead of skinny little Katana. She is the only large part of the set, and lego did a great job keeping her movie accurate and full of features like her cool web shooter. The three other minifigs are equally amazing. Frodo has a new mold for Sting (yes!) and the One Ring- wich is a very detailed peice. I was also impressed by sam. he has the phial of Galadriel in his hand and a very nice hair mold, simallar to the other hobbits. Smegol was pretty much the coolest minnifig in the set if he counts as one.his printing is once again movie accurate to a high degree and he can accually move his arms, which I had hoped to be able to do . this set is the most movie accurate of all the LOTR sets so far, and definitely one of the coolest.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great LEGO product

Customer review by penolopepitstop

5.0 stars 1/13/2013 by penolopepitstop
by penolopepitstop
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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This LEGO product is what you expect from LEGO. It functions well. It has a string with a hook that can be used to capture prey that winds up into the spider. My husband had to reconnect the legs because my son hadn't done it quite correctly and the legs kept falling off. Once put together properly, works fine. My son was happy to get Sam in this set!

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Reno, NV
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
Nicely Done

Customer review by beststarpilotinthegalaxy

5.0 stars 12/28/2012 by beststarpilotinthegalaxy
by beststarpilotinthegalaxy

This set is overall nicely done. I have not seen this LotR movie yet, nor read the book which contains this part, so my review will be rather short. First of all, what I am the most excited about in this set are the Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee minifigures. Sam is exclusive to this set, which makes it a must-buy for all those people who are trying to collect the whole LEGO Fellowship. Both Frodo and Sam have their Elven cloaks in this set as well. Gollum is good for a LEGO minifigure, but his little cave wall seems like a last-minute idea, and the launcher is not the best, but no doubt this can be fixed with some slight modification. Finally, Shelob the spider is great. She has great movement and lots of poseable joints which do not move that much by accident. The wheels on the bottom are a nice touch for those younger fans who will press down on her from the top during play. The legs move side to side, and the abdomen rotates and moves up and down. The string "web" is great, and is a good length with a hook on the end. It is easy to wind back up, easier than the STAR WARS snowspeeders. LEGO has done a good job on this set.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Almost Perfect!!!!!!

Customer review by GeneralVeers

5.0 stars 7/18/2012 by GeneralVeers
by GeneralVeers

I remember how I read this part of the book, and then The Two Towers suddenly ended. I was horrified! I still liked this part anyway, and Shelob is awesome. I couldn't wait to get this set. Shelob is incredibly detailed, the minifigures are cool, and the price is right. Some people have already said the cave is too small to fit Shelob, but Gollum needs to hide somewhere and a cave big enough to fit Shelob would be too expensive. I think the set could use a spider web piece somewhere and a skeleton. Because the One Ring is so easy to loose, the set comes with 2 spares! The feature on Shelob where she can create a web to entangle Frodo is perfect. The set has the largest possible amount of playability for a set with Shelob, Frodo, Sam, Gollum, and a cave, but if you want real fun you need a set like Uruk-Hai army. All in all, almost perfect.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good Value & Play Experience

Customer review by Spudvic1

4.0 stars 9/22/2013 by Spudvic1
by Spudvic1

I can say first off that this set is great value for money and you can play for hours using the sets many great features. The set is great for younger LEGO fans and adult collectors alike. Shelob looks really authentic, although her legs are a pain to build, as you have to repeat the process 8 times. Her abdomen sometimes fall back and so you have to click the piece back in quite regularly during play. The cave entrance is a little small, but it looks good and it can easily be expanded. The catapult function works well but i'm a little confused about what its for. The minifigures are really good and the accessories (sting, hobbit sword and the light of earlendil) are great as well. The minifigures capes are awesome and they both have double sided faces and doubles sided torsos. Overall this is a great set for all ages. Recommended.

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Is it one Ring to rule them all... or three?

Customer review by Brickydog13

5.0 stars 6/13/2012 by Brickydog13
by Brickydog13

Before I start this review I will say that I am NOT complaining. But when I opened the bags and started to build the minifigures, I noticed that I had three Rings and two Stings! Now to the set, Shelob is REALLY neat and well designed. Her web function works well if you tie the knot right. She can pose in lots of really cool positions too. Frodo looks a lot more realistic than he is on this site, Samwise is well done and looks almost exactly like he does in the movie. As for Gollum (a.k.a Smeagol) is really neat and cannot do any positions with his legs. The catapult works well and sometimes goes pretty far. Pros: Set! Cons: None! How about a Bag End? Rohan battle pack? Bridge of Khaza-dum, Harbor with boat. There are a lot more but I don't have enough time to list them all. Please if you like My ideas or my review Please vote Yes!

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1-20 of 125 total reviews
1-20 of 125 reviews